Women’s Winter Boot Roundup

If you’re looking for a cold weather barefoot boot, look no further! Here is a pretty extensive list of what is available. I have not tried every one of these, so be sure to do your own research about them! Also, I’d love any feedback about boots I’ve left off, boots that in fact don’t meet barefoot standards, or boots on this list you’ve tried and loved!

Chelsea boots

HerHis Ankle Boot
Vivobarefoot Fulham – See my review here
Vivobarefoot Sharpei
Xero Vienna
The Drifter Leather Chelsea (I am planning on trying these soon!)
Luk Shoes Ankle High Boots
Otz Paso  РWith insoles removed
Camper Peu Cami – Mentioned in this review, – with insoles removed

Lace up boots

Vivobarefoot Gobi Hi Top
Camper Peu Cami – With insoles removed
Camper Peu Cami – there are several different iterations of this style from different seasons – With insoles removed
Lems Boulder Boot
Leguano Chester Boot
Magical Shoes Alaskan
Drifter Leather Foris
Gaucho Ninja Leather UK
Unshoes Traverse
Tadeevo Winter Shoe – I tried these! Will review
Baer Melinda Boots

Desert Boots

VIvobarefoot Gobi lo top
VIvobareafoot Porto rocker
Soft Star Chukka
HerHis Lace up
HerHis lace up
Drifter Leather Leona
Crupon Desert Boot – Must request vibram zero drop sole

Hiking Boots

Xero Daylight Hiker
Vivobarefoot Tracker
Feelmax Kuuva
Columbia Minx – With insoles removed

Lined winter boots

The Drifter Leather Kayuh
Soft Star Phoenix
The Drifter Leather Wren
Camper Peu Cami Boot – With insoles removed
Camper Peu Cami Boot – With insoles removed
Manitoba MukLuks
Vibram Furoshiki Mid Boot
Vibram Furoshiki Shearling
Joe NImble Combitoes
LL Bean Wicked Good Lodge Boots
Steger Mukluks
Tikki Nanook Boots

Riding Boots

Drifter Leather Vera Riding Boot – See Review Here
Vivobarefoot Ryder – Currently sold out everywhere!
Vibram Furoshiki Neoprene – They have several different kinds


Vivobarefoot Kanna Hi
Drifter Leather Slouchy Boots
Minnetonka Moccasin boots – There are a handful of styles and I don’t believe they are all zero drop, though some of them definitely are.
Semnotic Storm – More like a hi top sneaker, but they’re lined and look warm!

2 thoughts on “Women’s Winter Boot Roundup

  1. Sam Reply

    Keep up the great blog! I’m really enjoying your varied styles and reviews. I feel like our feet and preferences seem similar so I’ll let you review before I buy haha!

    I have the Xeroshoes Vienna and I like a lot of things about them but your Vivo Fulham is definitely sleeker! The Vienna is very comfortable but made of canvas (as opposed to leather) and the medial area of the canvas next to my arch puffs out way more than necessary. It really plays up the ‘clown shoe’ look and makes the rear end of the shoe too wide. I love them but part of me wishes I’d tried the Vivos as I’m a leather gal and prefer a sleek look. That said the elastic opening is A+, the toe box is great, they added a toe cap, and I love how much ankle freedom I have.

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Thanks so much for this info! I am also a leather girl and always go for sleek. BUT, you can’t beat comfort. I’m sure this info will be helpful to other readers, so thanks again!

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