Summer Sandals

Summertime is when minimalist footwear really shines! Fortunately for us, barefoot brands are doing a great job expanding beyond athletic footwear to include everyday shoes, so now there are quite a few to choose from that look and feel amaze! Even the running sandals are looking good these days. If you’ve tried any of these and have information to share, please comment below! For info on the sandals I wear most, check out this post.

The Fashion Sandals are all women’s, however the Athletic Sandals are all both men’s and women’s

Fashion Sandals

Crupon Sandals (Etsy), Greek Sandals Penelope (Etsy), Grecian Sandals (Etsy), The Drifter Leather, Unshoes Saffron, Unshoes Uinta
Same order as above.

Etsy has a number of shoemakers that will make their sandals with no heel, which opens up a lot of affordable and stylish options! See my Etsy Finds post for the full list. I’ve tried out a number of them!

Athletic Sandals

Xero Z Treks, Bedrock Cairn, Unshoes Keota, Earth Runners Lifestyle
Same order as above
Bedrocks in burgundy
Earth Runners in charcoal

4 thoughts on “Summer Sandals

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  3. Heather Reply

    Bedrock does custom sandals as well: where you trace your foot and send them a scan. They aren’t as thick as the Cairns. My husband has size 18 feet, and they are his go-to sandals in the summer. 🙂

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Oh, good to know! Their classic huarache style sandals look good too, thanks for the heads up.

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