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Thursday, February 15th, 8:30pm EST

Still dragging your feet on making the shift to barefoot shoes, even though you’ve heard all about the benefits associated with them?

Dipped a toe into the world of minimal shoes, but style, price, or an uncomfortable fit quickly stopped you in your tracks?

Feeling stuck in your barefoot shoe transition – like you’ve been at it for a while, but you’re still not seeing or feeling the results you’d hoped for?

Worried you’re destined to deal with chronic foot, knee, hip, and back pain for the rest of your life?

Making the simple shift to barefoot shoes can literally change your life.

But, sometimes the transition doesn’t feel so…simple. Which is why my barefoot shoe bestie Petra and I are inviting you to join us for an exclusive workshop designed to help you make the transition to barefoot shoes with greater success so you can take back your life.

Thursday, February 15th, 8:30pm EST

Find Your Footing: How To Transition to Barefoot Shoes Safely, Affordably, & Stylishly

Hosted in partnership with Petra of Petra Fisher Movement

Thursday, February 15th, 8:30pm EST

You’ve already heard about the many amazing benefits of adopting a barefoot shoe lifestyle.

For example…

  • Less foot, knee, and hip pain
  • Improved foot strength, flexibility, and mobility
  • Better alignment, stability, and balance
  • Increased confidence and body awareness
  • And, even a stronger pelvic floor and happier spine

And, you’re sold! 

In fact, you can already picture getting back to the things you miss most – like hiking, dancing with your kids or grandkids, or making it to the end of a 12-hour shift without foot, hip, or back pain (yes, it’s possible!).

But, you’re still being held back by unhappy feet…

Maybe you’ve been told that you need to be in a life-long relationship with orthotics and that shoes without a ton of support will make you hurt more – so you haven’t really, truly given barefoot shoes a full go yet.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience shelling out money on new shoes without ever being able to try them on – and, you don’t want to go through that again.

Or, worse, you’ve tried wearing minimal shoes and stopped – becoming sidelined by more pain, limited sizing options, or high price tags.

The reality is that navigating the world of minimal footwear can be challenging.

And, those challenges can be enough to keep you from living your best barefoot life.

Are the following concerns holding you back from barefoot shoes and healthier, happier feet?

You’re lost in an endless scroll of options, unsure of which brand, style, and size is “best”.

Everyone you ask has a different recommendation and you’re not sure which one is right for you.

And, you can’t find a brick and mortar store to try on the shoes before you shell out money on them.

You’ve tried barefoot-style shoes and your pain got worse, instead of better.

Or, maybe you didn’t have any pain before starting barefoot shoes, but now you’re suffering from sore soles and cranky knees.

You thought that by transitioning to barefoot shoes you’d enjoy happier feet – not grumpier feet. This is not what you signed up for.

You want so badly to invest in your health and in your future. But, the cost of many barefoot shoes you see make you pause.

And, while you can’t afford to live life on the sidelines anymore, you also can’t afford to fill your closet or your credit card with barefoot shoes that don’t fit or feel uncomfortable.

These are common concerns we’ve heard from folks who are fed up with foot pain, but aren’t sure how to make the switch from traditional therapies to a more natural and functional form of footwear.

But, once they get get access to our tried and true tips to regain foot strength, restore foot function and find their perfect pair of barefoot shoes, they always wish they’d made the transition sooner.

Now, what if you had direct access to barefoot shoe specialists who could teach you everything you need to know in a single evening?

And, they were able to answer all the big, burning questions that are standing between you and strong, happy feet?

How much more confident would you be making the transition if you knew exactly what to look for in a barefoot shoe?

How would it feel to cut through all the noise and get clear, informed guidance on what to do (and what not to do) when transitioning to minimal shoes?

How much time and money would you save?

How different would your life be if you finally took the leap and learned that you can trust your feet to support life’s greatest adventures again?

The good news is that this is all possible for you. And, on February 15th, we’re showing you exactly how.

Hi, I’m Anya!

I’m a barefoot-shoe lover who values function, affordability, and – just as important – style. So does my friend Petra, a movement coach and fellow barefoot shoe convert whose future-proof-your-body framework always starts with the feet.

We’ve both been there, done that on our minimal shoe journey and want to share everything we’ve learned along the way to help you save time, money, and overwhelm.

From figuring out what brands, styles, and sizes work for us to helping tens of thousands of individuals make their own successful shoe shifts, we’re super passionate about helping people build healthier, happier feet so they can lead healthier, happier lives.

And, we want to help you, too. Join us on February 15th, 8:30PM EST for an exclusive workshop dedicated to helping you transition to barefoot shoes and *finally* achieve the foot freedom you’ve been seeking.

Live Workshop

Find Your Footing: How To Transition to Barefoot Shoes Safely, Affordably, & Stylishly

Thursday, February 15th, 8:30pm EST

Inside this live event, Petra and I will share everything you need to make the transition to barefoot shoes easier and more successful, including:

  • What exactly makes a minimal shoe…well, minimal. And, what characteristics to look out for when shopping for minimal shoes

  • How to find the right shoe for YOU – one that fits your unique foot anatomy and supports your foot health goals (no more guesswork!)

  • Practical tips on where to find barefoot shoes that are both stylish and affordable

  • Simple foot strengthening exercises to support your transition and long-term foot health

  • Printable tools and resources to help you enjoy optimal foot strength and mobility, now and for years to come

  • PLUS, you’ll have direct access to me and Petra during the live workshop so you can get your own personal questions answered!

By the end of the workshop, you’ll:

Understand the different paths you can take to pursue a barefoot shoe lifestyle, including which one is the right fit for you based on your own personal goals and where to find the most stylish and affordable options

Be armed with simple, straightforward solutions to the problems stopping you from exploring (or, fully transitioning to) healthier footwear options

Have access to a program of healthy foot exercises designed to help support your transition, minimizing the risk of discomfort and maximizing your results

You’ll also get a recording of the workshop to keep forever and support you throughout your barefoot shoe transition.

Seats are limited to the first 1,000 registrants, so be sure to save your spot now.

Live Workshop

Find Your Footing: How To Transition to Barefoot Shoes Safely, Affordably, & Stylishly

Thursday, February 15th, 8:30pm EST

“I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I just recently started wearing barefoot shoes about 5 months ago after I came across your social media/website [Anya’s Reviews]. I have suffered through debilitating back pain and arch pain for over two decades and couldn’t do intense exercise without some type of pain… My arch pain has now completely gone away and my back pain has also been receding. My back hasn’t felt this healthy in years. And I haven’t even been going to the chiropractor recently which I have relied on to feel normal in the past. Thank you for putting this information out there, because I NEVER would have known. I thought it was just genetics and bad luck! Turns out there is nothing wrong with me and the solution was actually so much simpler than I ever thought!”

– Lauren

“I went from wearing orthotics and hugely supportive shoes, living in horrible pain because of high arches, a Morton’s neuroma and being overweight. Then I took Petra’s foot course in Toronto and it CHANGED MY LIFE. I learned to love and appreciate and care for my beautiful feet. I now wear only barefoot or natural shoes, do foot stretches and exercises regularly, and can walk for hours now that I understand how to actually walk.” – Bettina

“Thank you Anya for all you have done to make it easier for families to transition to the barefoot world! I have learned so much.” – Linda

This workshop is for you if:

“Thanks Petra for giving me tools to heal and improve my body. I feel blessed to have found you and your programs as they definitely are making a change in my life.” – Teresa

“Barefoot shoes are for me a non-going back journey… I’ve seen my feet growing stronger, my posture improving, my muscles coming back to a healthy balance, a more conscious, mindful approach to the ground, and above all, caring for myself in a deep, non-superficial way.” – Mathilde

Life’s too short for sore feet

Stop struggling to find shoes that support the life you want to lead. Start building healthier feet to support a happier you.

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