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Last updated 8/3/20

A close up of a pair of bare feet sitting on the grass with only the bottoms visible, wearing Correct Toes spacers

Correct ToesANYASREVIEWS for $5 off until Aug. 9th

VivobarefootANYAVB 10% off

BelenkaANYASREVIEWS 5% off

a top down view of a pair of elemental Earth Runners sandals with a tribal strap, over a wood floor

Earth RunnersANYASREVIEWSER 10% off


MukishoesANYASREVIEWS 10% off

Deliberate Life DesignsANYASREVIEWS 10% off

BohempiaANYASREVIEWS – 10% off

Luna Sandals ANYA10 10% off

DaVinci FootwearANYASREVIEWS 20% off

Zeazoo ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

The black Shamma Warrior Sandals shown on feet with the Power Straps on, top down on view on asphalt

Shamma SandalsANYASREVIEWS 10% off until 8/31

the storehouse flats wine suede close up

The Storehouse FlatsANYA for $5 off + a free bag

Unshoes footwear Uinta and Keota side by side

UnshoesANYA for free shipping on US orders.

feet feet vegan Mudee tan

Freet FeetANYASREVIEWS for 15% off

lisbeth joe ballet flats close up

Lisbeth JoeANYALJ for 10% off

Current Sales

Updated 8/5/20

Injinji Socks – 20% off until end of August 9th with code SUMMER20

Softstar Shoes – Back to school sale 15% off certain kids’ styles

Wildling – All their models 20% off until Aug. 9 during their End-of-Summer sale. Read my Crane review here

Zuzii Oxfords – 25% off before they temporarily close.

Vivobarefoot Clearance – Good discounts on select styles! This is updated regularly, so if you’re hoping to snag something check back. You can see all my Vivobarefoot reviews here.

Lems – They’ve got some Boulder boots on clearance for $50 (limited sizes at this point).

Young Sole Shoes – 20% off all shoes with code SUMMER

Magical Shoes – 10% off everything with code MAGICALSUMMER. My review here.

Leguano Shoes – Select items on clearance

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A close up of a pair of bare feet sitting on the grass with only the bottoms visible, wearing Correct Toes spacers

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6 thoughts on “Barefoot Shoe Discounts – All the Codes in One Place!”

  1. Hello Anya,
    I just wanted to share my appreciation for your very informative blog. In Japan where I live, there’s little to none info on barefoot shoes.. and usually shipping and return for Asian countries is very expensive, so gathering as many reviews as possible before purchasing a pair is crucial to me. Your blog has helped so much. I’ll be looking forward to your new posts!

  2. Thank you for your reviews! I have been looking for pretty minimalist shoes for a few years now, and didn’t think there were any good quality ones out there until I found your blog. I thought that I could be comfortable OR stylish, but not both. I’m so happy to find your thoughtful and transparent reviews. You are a lifesaver (footsaver!)

  3. Your reviews are so helpful! Would it be possible to review the women’s version of the Softstar Hawthorne? Your styling has been the most helpful part of the reviews because I want comfy shoes that I can wear with normal things. I’m wondering how I can use the hawthornes with thick socks when it is really cold.

    1. Hey there! I’m glad you’re getting useful info here. I don’t currently have plans to review the Softstar Hawthorne, but I may in the future! Each of my reviews takes lots of time, and I’m slowly working away at as many reviews as I can 🙂 I think they have some good styling photos on their Instagram feed though.

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