Barefoot Shoe Discounts – All the Coupons in One Place!

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Barefoot shoes aren’t exactly known for being cheap. If you’re looking to save a little, look no further! All the coupon codes, sales, and discounts for every barefoot shoe brand are here in one place! This post is continuously updated so you’ll always have the latest deals. Bookmark it and check back before you make a purchase.

Looking for Black Friday Barefoot Shoe Sales? Check out this detailed roundup.

Current Sales

Updated December 1, 2021

Below you’ll find the clearance sales barefoot shoe brands are running. But for all holiday sales (some of which are already begun), use the Black Friday Barefoot Shoe Sales post linked above.

  • Affenzahn (Does not ship to US): Select styles on sale
  • ANI Brand Going out of business – 70% off remaining stock with code FINAL.
  • Anya’s Shop – Select styles on clearance 40% off!
  • Be LenkaUp to 20% off select styles while supplies last. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off everything else
  • Bebbo11/15-12/5 – Going out of business -50% off remaining shoes & 75% off extras
  • Bobux40% off last chance styles
  • Bohempia USA OutletUp to 45% off
  • CaretsAurelius Boot pre-order, use code PRE25 to get a total of $85 off retail price.
  • Drifter LeatherDiscounted ready-to-ship shoes
  • Earth RunnersUp to 30% off
  • Feelgrounds30% off all remaining original-style sneakers.
  • FreetWarehouse Sale. Use code ARV10 for 15% off everything else. Free delivery on UK orders until 12/7.
  • Gait Happens3 months for the price of 1 month! Valid on Foot Function and Gait Guru memberships with code GAITFRIDAYGURU
  • Gracious May50% off select mocc boots
  • Groundies Amazon – Quite a few styles available on Amazon at a discount
  • Groundies Outlet50-70% off discontinued models
  • Happy Little Soles20% off select styles
  • Jack and Lily (Baby & Toddler) – Up to 75% off outlet styles, and 50% off Flash Sale
  • Knitido10% off select styles
  • Knitido USA – 30% off with code BLACK30
  • Lems: Until 12/325% off (excludes Primal Pursuits, Chillum Blackjacks, and non-Lems products)
  • Luks20% off Autumn and Winter models
  • Manitobah MukluksUp to 50% off
  • No(N)s Up to 15% off select in-stock styles
  • Nutritious Movement: 50% off the virtual studio membership until March 2022
  • Shamma Sandals20% off Adult Elite LE Sandals
  • Shapen BarefootSecond Chance shoes 30% off. Use code ANYA10 for an extra 5% off!
  • Skinners – 20% off + free shipping
  • Sole-RunnerUp to 45% off select styles
  • The Storehouse Flats$39 mystery scratch & dent
  • Tikki ShoesUp to 20% off select styles
  • Vibram50% off select styles.
  • Zami (EU retailer): Select styles on sale!
  • 100 Barefoot Soles (UK retailer): Up to 30% off select styles and 50% off end of line styles while supplies last. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for an extra 10% off

Codes – Don’t Expire

Updated November 18, 2021

discount code for barefoot shoes at Ahinsa vegan shoes

Ahinsa Vegan Barefoot ShoesANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Front angled view of Angles Fashion Artemis warm winter chelsea boots

Angles FashionANYA for 5% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Anya's Shop

Anya’s Shop – Subscribe to the shop e-mail list for 10% off code for your first purchase

Bearfoot ShoesANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Be Lenka


discount code for barefoot shoes at bohempia USA vegan

BohempiaANYASREVIEWS 10% off

Chala Evo barefoot sandals for kids

Chala93D5B5E9 for 5% off

Crupon Sandals ANYA for 10% off

Curious Red barefoot sandals

Curious RedANYASREVIEWS for $5 off

discount code for barefoot shoes at deliberate life designs handmade

Deliberate Life DesignsANYASREVIEWS 10% off

Duchess and FoxANYAJENSEN 10% off

Discount code for barefoot shoes at Earth Runners - a top down view of a pair of elemental Earth Runners sandals with a tribal strap, over a wood floor

Earth RunnersANYASREVIEWSER 10% off

FeetSutraANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Freet feet vegan Mudee tan

Freet FeetARV10 for 10% off

close up of the Gaucho ninja chukka barefoot handmade boot side view

Gaucho NinjaANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Geniale Sandals

Geniale SandalsANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

Ginger Shoes leather barefoot shoes for little kids

Ginger ShoesBAREFOOTANYA12 for 12% off

Groundz Handmade Leather sole Grounding loafers in light pink

GroundzANYASREVIEWS for free expedited shipping

a close up of a pair of feet wearing the Joe Nimble wandertoes in black leather for the best barefoot minimalist hiking boots review

Joe Nimble IntAFFANY10 for 10% off first purchase

Joe Nimble USANYASREVIEWS for $10 off

discount code for barefoot shoes at lisbeth joe ballet flats - close up

Lisbeth JoeANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

discount code for barefoot running shoes at Luna sandals

Luna Sandals – Use code ANYALUNA_10 to get 10% off Luna Sandals

Close up side view of the Magical Alaskan side zipper barefoot flexible winter boots.

Magical ShoesANYA 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Mukishoes

MukishoesANYASREVIEWS 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Naboso insoles

Naboso InsolesANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Origo Shoes – Use this link or code ANYAORIGO15 for 15% off + free shipping

discount code for barefoot shoes at Paperkrane australian brand

PaperKraneANYASREVIEWS 10% off

Pedterra Logo

PedTerraANYASREVIEWS 10% off first order

discount code for barefoot shoes at the black Shamma Warrior Sandals shown on feet with the Power Straps on, top down on view on asphalt

Shamma SandalsANYASREVIEWS10 10% off

A pair of woman's legs wearing cut off jeans and beige dress flats in beige, Shapen Poppy barefoot flats

Shapen BarefootANYA10 for 5% off shoes and accessories

SockwaANYAREWARD for 20% off

A top down image of a pair of elderberry primal merry janes softstar flats sitting on grass side view

Softstar ShoesANYA 15% off first shoe purchase *Must be logged into an account to use*

discount code for barefoot shoes at Splay Athletics kids

Splay ShoesANYASREVIEWS 10% off

STonz west Boots, zero drop warm waterproof kids boots

StonzANYAREVIEWS10 for 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at the storehouse flats - wine suede close up

The Storehouse FlatsANYA for $5 off + a free bag

Tadeevo vegan winter boots

TadeevoANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

The Toe Spacer brand recovery products including toe spacer and rock mat.

The Toe SpacerANYA10 for 10% off

Toetem sandals made in the USA

Toetem SandalsANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Unshoes footwear - Uinta and Keota side by side

UnshoesANYA for 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at Vivobarefoot

VivobarefootANYAVB 10% off

discount code for barefoot shoes at zeazoo kids

Zeazoo ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. *This code is only for ordering directly from Zeazoo’s website.

Zeazoo Kids Dingo barefoot sheepskin boot Anya's Shop review coupon code

100 Barefoot Soles (UK retailer of Zeazoo) – ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

A woman's feet standing on the ActiveLife Kone X mat

Active Life USAANYASREVIEWS20 for 20% off sensory mats and movement tools (shoes are not barefoot friendly)

Other Affiliate Links

If my reviews have helped you, consider using my links for your purchases! I will receive a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

Do you know of more sales or discount codes that are missing from this list? Shoot me a comment and I’ll get it updated! And then be sure to subscribe below so you hear about all future posts on the blog.

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40 thoughts on “Barefoot Shoe Discounts – All the Coupons in One Place!”

  1. Hello Anya,
    I just wanted to share my appreciation for your very informative blog. In Japan where I live, there’s little to none info on barefoot shoes.. and usually shipping and return for Asian countries is very expensive, so gathering as many reviews as possible before purchasing a pair is crucial to me. Your blog has helped so much. I’ll be looking forward to your new posts!

  2. Thank you for your reviews! I have been looking for pretty minimalist shoes for a few years now, and didn’t think there were any good quality ones out there until I found your blog. I thought that I could be comfortable OR stylish, but not both. I’m so happy to find your thoughtful and transparent reviews. You are a lifesaver (footsaver!)

  3. Your reviews are so helpful! Would it be possible to review the women’s version of the Softstar Hawthorne? Your styling has been the most helpful part of the reviews because I want comfy shoes that I can wear with normal things. I’m wondering how I can use the hawthornes with thick socks when it is really cold.

    1. Hey there! I’m glad you’re getting useful info here. I don’t currently have plans to review the Softstar Hawthorne, but I may in the future! Each of my reviews takes lots of time, and I’m slowly working away at as many reviews as I can 🙂 I think they have some good styling photos on their Instagram feed though.

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for your reviews and codes of course! This is such helpful info. I’m diving it and have bought so many shoes ? to help with my healthy toes transition. I’m currently looking for minimalist and wide toe box slip-ons and having the darnedest time. Part of my challenge is of course a personal bias – I dislike white soles on shoes in general, but especially for what I use slip-ons for – like errands and just no worries/quick use. Anywho… if you have insight on your fav slip-ons (those be lenkas are great), I’d love to hear it! ✨

    1. Hey there! I do love my Be Lenka slip ons and they are quite wide. If you don’t like the white rubber outsole my other favorites are the Terra Vidas from Unshoes. I have a review of them that is pretty old, but they are legitimately still some of my favorite shoes. There is also the Fuego from Luks. I’ve reviewed a few Luks styles but not that particular one. All of the ones mentioned are going to be wider than average. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi!
    Very good page! Thanks for so much info!
    I wonder, what happened to Groundies? On half day the code doesn’t work anymore.
    So sad, because I am new in barefoot world and was trying to order winter boots.

  6. Thanks so much for this blog! Since trying barefoot shoes ~10 years ago I can’t wear anything else without being super-uncomfortable. And I’m vegan with VERY wide feet, so finding shoes is difficult. This information has been very helpful.

    The discount code for Bohempia isn’t working at the moment. They’ve been very helpful this week working out sizing for me, so I’ll also inquire about this with them, but thought you should know.

  7. I agree with Melissa about being vegan and having very wide feet! Your blog and reviews have been a life-saver, I usually have several tabs open at once when I’m trying to decide what particular brand/shoe to check out next, I feel like a student studying for an exam!
    I also am having trouble with the Ahinsa code saying it is disabled at this time, just wanted to let you know!

    1. Thank you for saying so! It is quite dizzying ordering the right shoes! Ahinsa let me know that the codes won’t be working during their end of season sale right now, but will be back up once it ends. 🙂

  8. Hi! The Shapen code does not work 🙁 Tried it today and yesterday. It says: “The coupon you entered is invalid.”

  9. Hello Anya! Just want to say thank you, as I’m on your website constantly for inspiration to keep my two little ones in minimalist shoes as they grow!
    I also want to offer a suggestion, and couldn’t find any other place to contact you. If you ever have the time and (wo)manpower, it would be awesome to set up all the links on your site to open in a new tab. As is, clicking on something takes me away from your site. Often I get lost looking through page after page on the site I’m redirected to, but ultimately I like to come back to your site to continue with whatever article or list I’m viewing. It’s a lot of back-clicking!
    Anywho… just an idea, for those of us who love your site and want to stay on it even while perusing 50 different shoe options because we have an obsession with minimalist shoes. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Shakti! Thanks for the kind words and for the feedback. We’ve considered that option but haven’t switched over to it for a few reasons. For now, maybe you could tap and hold and then click open in new tab? I know it’s a little annoying on mobile. We’re still figuring what the best solution would be!

  10. Hi Anya – Thanks for keeping this page updated. Does the discount code for Joe Nimble only work for the international site and not the UK site?

  11. Hi Anya,
    I am a new to barefoot shoes. Fell in love with my widlings and have used your website frequently. I’m interested in a pair of the tracker vivos but neither of the codes for vivobarefoot seem to be working. I wanted to check to see if it was me who was making a goof when I entered it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve email Vivobarefoot to have them reset it, since it does seem to not be working. They’re usually pretty fast about fixing it, should be back up in a day or two!

  12. Hi! I just got 10% off on Crupon with the code ANYA (took a shot and it worked!) so you can add that to the list 🙂

    1. It might be because the item in your cart is already on sale. I just tried it and it is working on full price shoes (including the barefoot models) at But I can see that many other models are on sale already.

  13. Hi, thank you for good reviews. The discount for “Joe Nimble Int – AFFANY 10 for 10% off first purchase” doesn’t seem to work.

  14. Caroline Terzaghi

    Semnotic has some shoes on sale until the 10th of October. Love their Punk boots and I think I’m going to get myself a pair. Was really hoping to find some info and feedback first but looked everywhere and havent been lucky. They got a good return policy so I think I’ll go for it anyway! Best regards from Italy

  15. Anya, thanks for inspiring me to re-commit to barefoot shoes! It looks like ANYAVB is not accepted at Vivobarefoot right now.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I just e-mailed them, it needs to be reset occasionally. They’re usually pretty good about getting it up and running again, so try it again soon!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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