Barefoot Shoe Brands In Your Region Of The World

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The barefoot lifestyle is a global movement with brands all over the world! And most barefoot shoe brands ship internationally, which means lots of options. But if you would like to order from a store that is close to home check this list of barefoot shoe brands by region.

For lots more barefoot shoe lists by category be sure to check out my Shoe Lists page! And then head on over to the Reviews section for in-depth reviews of over 100 different models and brands.


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9 thoughts on “Barefoot Shoe Brands In Your Region Of The World”

  1. I’d love recommendations for footwear for a European trip (several weeks, LOTS of walking and cobblestones etc) I feel my Vivo Geo racers just won’t give me enough cushioning for those long walking days. I’m in Australia so very limited options, not many places to try-on, usually have to order online then return if fit no good $$! And they’ll need to be dual purpose, go with most outfits in any settings (not too utilitarian looking!)😊

    1. Hmmmmmm I was going to say Lems, because those are available from a few different Australian retailers but they are quite casual. After Lems I would say any Be Lenka winter boots – those models are built on a fairly thick sole for a barefoot shoe and offer more cushion. The Entice for example is a good multipurpose style. Assuming your trip is during the coming cooler months and the fleece won’t be too hot.

  2. Hi Anya,
    I’m looking for barefoot slides for home. Can’t go barefoot on a bare floor during the winter.
    Any recommendations for slides?

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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