Hi! I’m Anya, and I am a barefoot shoe wearer who loves personal style.

I believe style is an expression of self. As a creative person, I’ve always loved the way an outfit can be a work of art, highlighting natural beauty and letting your personality show.

So when I first became a barefoot believer, I lamented my amazing shoe wardrobe and felt like I would never feel chic again. I’ve always been a shoe person (and always had foot problems), so it was a pretty mixed bag of emotions.

But it wasn’t long before I realized that with some extra research (and a whole new set of standards) I could curate shoes that made me feel amazing and didn’t require any compromises.

I soon realized a lot of people were out looking for the same thing, so I decided to use my hours of research to create something that didn’t exist yet. This blog is the result of my efforts to share with the world the many ways a woman can be true to herself, both in body and spirit.

To read more about how I began my journey click here and here

Oh, and I do children’s and men’s reviews as well! If you are interested in a collaboration please e-mail me at anyasreviews@gmail.com

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