Barefoot Loafers – 16 Stylish Loafers That Don’t Pinch Your Toes

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A woman holding up two pairs of black loafers, She is looking at the pair on the left, Lisbeth Joe London zero drop minimalist loafers, The text reads, Wear This Not That anyas reviews dot com

Loafers have long been one of my favorite styles of shoes. They’re fashionable, practical, dressy and casual. But most are really pinchy in the toes, so loafers and I never got along well because of my big toe issues. Until I discovered barefoot shoes that is. Now I don’t need those tapered loafers anymore! I’m in a long term relationship with NATURAL footwear, and regular shoes and I are never getting back together. 😉

Welcome to Episode 6 of Wear This, Not That!

If you’re interested in getting the loafer style without the bunions, check out this list of completely flat, foot-shaped barefoot loafers.

Why Most Loafers are Bad For Your Feet

I have some strong opinions about what makes a healthy shoe (read this post for more on that). But the two biggest beefs I have with the loafers you’re most likely to see are they have a pointy toe box and a heel.

  1. Pointy Toe Box: Most shoes no longer look like feet at all. The pointed tips on your shoes prevent your toes from spreading out which can lead to the formation of bunions AND prevent your body from moving well (did you know we use our big toe to balance?)
  2. Heel: No, they’re not stilettos, but even that small heel on traditional loafers throws your center of gravity forward and forces your body to compensate in awkward ways. When you wear heels (even small ones) the effects are cumulative: back pain, knee pain, even headaches can result. Completely flat shoes are such an easy solution to some of our most common ailments.

And the crazy thing is, you find these unhealthy features even on brands considered “comfort” brands, such as the Naturalizer flats you see in the photos above. I purchase the WIDE width of their shoe, and yet it still pinches my toes painfully.

That’s what makes barefoot shoes so amazing (and such a no brainer when you think about) – they are not only good for your feet in ways that most shoes aren’t, but also don’t look like nursing home orthopedic shoes! Ready to dig into some fashionable healthy barefoot loafers? Read on for my top picks.

My Favorite Barefoot Loafers

Vivobarefoot Opanka

Vivobarefoot Opanka | $130 after code VBANYA10 | Leather | Sizes US W 5.5-11.5/EU 35-43

The Vivobarefoot Opanka is a barefoot loafer style that fits a low to medium volume foot! So if you think the first two options will be loose on you, this one is worth a gander. It is 3mm thick, made of a super soft leather, and has a thin flexible sole: this is the first loafer we’re looking at that has excellent ground feel. It looks like a loafer, but it feels like a slipper. I have worn these on long travel days with no regrets whatsoever.

For more, check out my full review of the Vivobarefoot Opanka. And don’t forget, the code VBANYA10 get you 10% off any Vivobarefoot purchase.


Zaqq Loafers | $180 | Leather | Sizes UK 4.5-12.5/EU 37-48 | Ships from Germany

Zaqq loafers come in a couple styles with either lacing details around the edges or a braided metallic band across the top like the photo above. Choose from classic black, light pink, or a striking bright blue! I got a size 37 (I often get a 36 in flats) and they are pretty roomy, so I would say they run true to size. And make sure you read my review linked below for all the info on the Zaqq barefoot shoe brand.

Zaqq also has this new gold Qosmo loafer that is quite pretty!

Zeazoo Cheetah

Close up angled view of Zeazoo Cheetah barefoot moccasin style loafers in navy. They are very lightweight and flexible.

Zeazoo Cheetah | $150 after code ANYASREVIEWS | Leather | Sizes EU 35-42 | Ships from Bulgaria

The Zeazoo Kids Cheetah loafer comes in a bunch of different colors, some with a draw string and others without. They can be dressed up for more formal outfits or casually with denim. The blue suede color I have has a Sperry’s boat shoe vibe.

They are super comfortable for me, I wear them on morning walks and for quick errands and always feel good. Usually slip on shoes slide around on my feet, but these do not! They suit a low to medium volume foot best, I don’t recommend them for high arches. Zeazoo also does custom sizes and color combos by request!

You can also get certain colors of the Cheetah from 100 Barefoot Soles in the UK, and the code ANYASREVIEWS will give you a discount there too!

Lisbeth Joe London

Front/Side view of Lisbeth Joe London Loafers in Navy with metallic trim.

Lisbeth Joe London | $114 after code ANYASREVIEWS | Leather | Sizes US W 5-12/EU 35-44

The Lisbeth Joe London loafer has a classy design that works with all my favorite outfits, but still fits my wide toes comfortably.

It does fits high volume feet best, check all that space above the toes in the photo above! They also have a straight cut for people who need width through the middle of the foot. This is the opposite of my foot type, but once I added in a tongue pad for my low arches I have had no issues. Check out my full review of the Lisbeth Joe London for all the details on fit, sizing, and styling.

Anya’s Shop Yasemins

A row of Yasemin barefoot loafers with a natural foot shape from Anya's Shop in different colors leaning against a white wall

Anya’s Shop Yasemins | $125 | Leather | Sizes EU 34-45 | Ships from US

I designed the Yasemin barefoot loafers myself! I wanted a simple shoe that was sophisticated and elegant, without unnecessary doo dads and that came in a variety of neutrals. So I just developed my own 😀 They are fully leather shoes with a thin layer of rubber on the bottom, so they take a little bit of break in time to form to your foot. They are best suited for average to wide feet, not ideal for narrow or extra wide.

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on pavement wearing cuffed jeans and leopard print calf hair barefoot loafers in a natural foot shape from Anya's Shop - The Yasemin

FeetSutra Khussa

FeetSutra Khussa | $116 after code ANYASREVIEWS | Leather | Sizes US W 6 – M 13/EU 36-47

The FeetSutra Khussa loafer is made of a rich, shiny leather and has a simple sleek design. It comes in black and brown, and in 2 widths (women’s and men’s). I’ve been waiting for this barefoot loafer for a long time! For some reason not many barefoot shoe brands use shiny brown leather, so I’ve had my eye out for something with this level of richness to it. The rubber outsole is 3.5mm thick with decent ground feel, and good flexibility.

This shoe fits VERY high volume and loose around the ankle. I have to add in an extra insole, a tongue pad, and a heel grip and even then they are not as secure as I would like. I also have some reservations about the rubber wearing away and the leather scuffing.

*I’ve also learned that their customer service leaves something to be desired, so be aware that you might not get much support with your order. I’ll update as I learn more!*

Read my full FeetSutra Khussa review for all the details

Raum Goods

A close up of a pair of feet leaning against a tree trunk wearing Raum goods barefoot slip-on loafers in natural leather

$160 | Leather | Sizes US Women’s 6 – Men’s 14 | Ships from USA

Raum Goods slip ons are made of buttery soft leather and have a nice wide shape to them. They come in several lovely neutral colors year round, and can be dressed up or down. They fit high volume and loose around the heel, so be ware if you are low volume and narrow in the back.

Be aware that the soles are fully leather and feel stiff and a little slippery at first. Once they get scuffed up they no longer are slippery, and the soles break in after a few wears. They are high quality shoes and feel great on. You can also have them repaired at a local cobbler if needed. Oh, and they have a grounding copper plug in the bottom!

I have a pair of their limited edition Mudcloth loafers and I love them! They run a little bit small, I am usually a 6.5 in flats/loafers and sized up to a 7.

Magical Shoes Cameron

Magical Shoes mens barefoot lace up loafers in soft leather with zero drop sole and comfortable toe box

Magical Shoes Cameron | $125 after code ANYA | Leather | Sizes EU 37-47

Magical Shoes Cameron promises to be super lightweight and flexible, like everything from Magical Shoes! This unisex style comes in 5 shades of soft leather and can easily take you from casual to dressy.

Tadeevo Boat Shoes

Tadeevo Minimalist boat shoe style loafer in brown leather with ultra flexible zero drop outsole

Tadeevo Boat Shoes | $122 after code ANYASREVIEWS | Leather | Sizes EU 40-47

Tadeevo boat shoes give you all the classic style of a conventional boat shoe, without the cramped toe box and stiff soles! They’re available in 5 colors so you’re sure to find something to suit your wardrobe.

Gaucho Ninja

Gaucho Ninja Moccasin | $538
Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off your Gaucho Ninja purchase.
Leather | Sizes EU 36-45 | Handmade in the UK

Gaucho Ninja shoes are exquisitely handcrafted in the UK by a small team of dedicated shoemakers using the finest materials. I don’t have these particular models, but love my Gaucho Ninja boots! The price is a bit ouchy, but Lisandro is a wonderful shoemaker dedicated to not leaving a harmful footprint on the earth.

If you want to try your hand at shoe making, check out the DIY Moccasin kit.

Groundz Slip-Ons

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing Groundx barefoot slip on shoes in clay suede

$157 after code ANYASREVIEWS | Leather | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from US

Groundz slip-ons are similar to Raum Goods with a full leather sole and grounding plug, but Groundz have an extra wide forefoot shape to them and the leather is bit thicker. They fit high volume, so I went with the style shown above that fits more securely than the ones with cut outs on the sides.

In this brand I sized down to a 6 – they were a bit short but break in!

Drifter Leather Slip On

The Drifter Leather Slip On | $175 | Leather | Sizes EU 34-49 | Custom Options | Handmade in Greece

The Drifter Leather slip on sneakers are simple, but able to be made according to your foot tracing and measurements! You can also customize your leather choice for a shoe that’s truly made for you. It’s a process, but I love all my Drifter Leather shoes.

Posh Panda

A close up angled view of a pair of Posh Panda leopard barefoot moccasins.

Posh Panda | $101 | Leather | Sizes infant to US W 11 | Handmade in Canada

Posh Panda moccasins are all handmade in Canada and come in leopard, metallic, and a whole lot of other color options! Of course leopard is what I have (obviously) and I love these shoes! Choose from rubber or suede soles for these funky flexible moccasins.

Unshoes Footwear

Left: Unshoes Forager | $80 | Sizes US W5-M13
Right: Unshoes Primrose | $100 | Sizes US W 6.5-12
Use code ANYA for 10% off | Leather | Handmade in USA

Unshoes Forager is available in black, gray, navy, and brown and features moccasin style stitching around the toe box. The Primrose is a moccasin/ballet flat hybrid and comes in brown, black, gunmetal, and rose gold. Another model great for extra wide feet! But they can be loose around the ankles.


Manitobah Moccasins | $100 | Leather | Sizes US W 5 – M 13 | Ships from Canada

Manitobah makes traditional moccasins in a variety of leather colors and finishes. Available lined or unlined, these moccasins should stretch and form to your foot shape for a glove-like fit. Be aware, they can actually stretch quite a lot! And in general fit a higher volume foot best.

Luks Moccasins

Stine from @barefootsaga modeling the Luks Fuego for us

Luks Fuego | $107-$132 | Leather | Sizes EU 36-42 | Handmade in Czech Republic

Luks has 2 moccasin styles made from buttery soft leather – Fuego and Cordelia. The Fuego moccasin comes in 8 colors and 1 limited edition print. The Cordelia is available in tan and brown and has a lace tie detail around the opening. Luks is a great brand if you have extra wide toes.


And there you have it! 16 barefoot loafer alternatives to the cute, trendy shoes that smash your toes. I’d still like to see a few more options in this vein, maybe some metal buckles and definitely more smooth leather options. But boy am I glad we have so many stylish barefoot loafers that still let our feet be feet!

For lots more barefoot style, check out below my other “Wear This, Not That” posts and the popular “Fashion, But Make it Barefoot” series!

Loafers but make it barefoot

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28 thoughts on “Barefoot Loafers – 16 Stylish Loafers That Don’t Pinch Your Toes”

    1. Yes! I have a pair! They are fairly tapered in the toe box and not very comfortable for me. But they’re really soft and nice otherwise. The owner is planning on releasing a more barefoot friendly version in the future.

      1. I just got a pair or Raums but will have to return them to size up.

        Did you get to wear yours enough to get to know how well they wear. They are very beautiful and the leather is soft but there is a “grounding” copper plate hammered into the sole, which has a leather exterior. I’m afraid the leather sole will not last very long. What is your experience?

        1. I have a few shoes with an all leather sole and have never had trouble with them wearing out. Leather is surprisingly durable for how thin it is, especially the type of leather used in outsoles. I never wore my Raums enough to really test that, but based on the quality of it and how my other leather soles have fared, I don’t think it will be an issue.

  1. Hi Anya! I really love your blog and I’m especially glad that you write a lot about women’s shoes and consider fashion too, unlike lots of others. I have a question, do you know where I could get a barefoot version of penny loafers? My dress code is pretty strict and while I think I’d be ok with getting shoes that are less stiff with no heels, it still has to look like a penny loafer. Meaning, it needs the little rectangle with the slit. Are there any options for me to make the switch? I’m looking for one in black and in a US women’s size 6 or 6.5. Thanks again for your great blog!

        1. These are all sooooo casual. I wish at least one brand would make a proper shoe. I need formal footwear for work and none of these work. 😞

  2. Great list! The Opanka loafers look so nice. I wish Vivobarefoot would make larger women’s sizes. I’m a 44, but have low volume feet. Finding shoes that fit well, are large enough and look nice is still a challenge – especially when it comes to loafers and flats.

    1. Yes, I can imagine! Softstar Ballerine might be a good place to check, they do larger sizes. We recently stocked a sandal that comes in a 44 and is goof for low volume feet as well, the Laboo Leather sandal.

  3. I have researched various barefoot shoes for months. I’ve worn Altra running shoes since last year and I love them. I ordered a pair of the new Lisbeth Joe London loafers since it’s not always appropriate to wear sneakers at work. I love them. Fit is perfect. My toes have so much room and the sole is the perfect amount of cushion. HOWEVER, I cannot take the stretchy heel. Tell me they stretch out and can be worn for a full day. At this point, since I’ve worn them out of the house I don’t think I can return them. I am only 44 minutes into my workday, my Achilles is aching and my toes are tingling.

    1. Are they brand new? Because they definitely do stretch out! You can put a heel cushion or moleskin in the mean time. I also manually stretched the heel and massaged the leather to soften it.

      1. Where are the barefoot shoes in the bottom picture on the right side from?
        I thought I found a link for them a couple months ago, but now I can’t find anything!

  4. Marta Gradilone Rodriguez

    Hi Anya,
    You have been so helpful and you advised me on my winter boot purchase last year (BeLenka’s, I love them!). Now I’m looking for a work shoe – have you tried the Groundies Budapest gs1? I read one review on their site that complained about the sole, but I love how they look. Any feedback/advice? Thank you!

    1. Hi Marta! I don’t have them myself, but I’ve seen a few people post about them in my Barefoot Style Facebook group and they seemed to love them. Groundies shoes all follow the same sole shape, and I have another pair of Groundies shoes with the GS1. I do prefer their original sole, the GS1 isn’t as flexible and it fits higher volume but it’s still good.

  5. Hi I need some wide toe box shoes but with a 3mm drop, I am not at the point where I can go with zero drop. I have very high arches and therefore need a little more padding and support. I need some shoes I can wear with skirts and capris in the summer.
    Any recommendations?

  6. Hi Anya—I’m looking for a Sperry look-alike in a kids size (Size 13). My daughter has been begging me for Sperrys to go with her uniform and I haven’t found any good minimalist lookalikes….

    1. I believe you can request the Cheetah from Zeazoo to be made in kid sizes as a custom order. Otherwise I don’t know of any kids shoes that look like Sperrys.

  7. Hi Anya, I just found this blog and AM SO GLAD! Great reviews! I now have Bunions and need to wear a WIDE toe box. And I also have Flat Feet so have to wear an orthotic. Thankfully, I buy “Superfeet” on-line which was recommended by my Podiatrist and love them. Will any of these shoes work with them?

    1. Hi! I would go for the loafer options that fit medium or high volume, and that have good coverage of the heel and midfoot. If they are low volume and/or low in the heel then you might have fit problems adding an insole.

  8. Great post! Which ones above, that are also grounding, would you recommend if you had to pick one? With the best for box, and most comfortable?

    Also, what do you mean by “high volume?” I have a quite high arch but small instep, so I think that means I’d be low volume?

    1. Probably Raum Goods, but Groundz is pretty similar, also has a grounding plug, and is wider toe box than Raum. But I like the full leather soles on Raum for grounding. If you are low volume then I would recommend the Groundz shoes that are cut straight across (not with the loafer cut).

      Usually if you have a high arch you also have a high instep, but it’s possible you have a lot of space under the arch of your foot and still have a low instep. Here is an explanation of foot volume:

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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