A Guide to Barefoot Ballet Flats – Updated 2023

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A pair of feet with two pairs of barefoot ballet flats on either side of them

For women, barefoot ballet flats are an incredibly versatile shoe. They are classy enough to wear with a professional outfit, simple enough to wear with jeans, and somehow dressy enough to wear with a formal gown. In the world of barefoot & minimalist shoes, which doesn’t usually cater to women, that’s a tough find.

But ballet flats present some problems to a person who prioritizes their foot health. The lack of straps, laces, and shoe upper give you little wiggle room (literally) for fit. They have to be just right or they will either not be secure, or the material will be so tight that it scrunches your toes. Understanding your feet and your options is more important than ever when picking out barefoot flats. Read on for my personal favorite barefoot ballet flats and the complete list of minimalist ballet flats for women.

For a complete guide to all Women’s Barefoot Dress Shoes, check out my All Time Best round up here!

Two women standing in a road wearing dress clothes smiling at the camera. Groundies Lily ballet flats in two widths for wide and extra wide feet with anatomical toe box and zero drop outsole

What Are Barefoot/Minimalist Ballet Flats?

“Regular” ballet flat (left), Barefoot ballet flat (right)

First off, a quick reminder for what we are talking about here. A flat is a flat, right? Once you start paying attention to the shape of your footwear (and how conventional footwear may be shaping your foot in unhealthy ways), you’ll notice that plenty of “flats” have raised heels or have a pointy toe box that squishes your toes. As far as I’m concerned, barefoot or minimalist ballet flats (I’m using the terms interchangeably here) must have the following essential qualities:

  • Zero drop (i.e., actually flat). No heel whatsoever.
  • Shaped like a foot. No squishing of the toes into unnaturally pointy, symmetrical shaped toe boxes.
  • Secure to the foot. If it’s not secure, your gait will be affected.
A side by side comparison of two black ballet flats being held up by a hand. On the left is a flat with a small heel (annotated with a red line) and a red X underneath. On the right is a shoe that is completely flat the whole length of the shoe with no heel whatsoever. This is annotated with a straight line and a green check mark underneath.
Most flats actually have a small heel! I look specifically for zero drop flats.

For more on why I care so much about the “barefoot qualities” of footwear, see What Are the Benefits of Barefoot Shoes?

How to Style Barefoot Ballet Flats

Because I want my ballet flats to be super versatile, I pay a lot of attention to how they are made. In general, the smoother the shoe the classier the look, so learning to notice those details can ensure you’re happy with your choices. There are 3 main ways a ballet flat can be finished:

A closeup of invisible stitching on the Zaqq barefoot ballet flat.

Invisible Stitching – This is my favorite and what I usually look for in flats. It is the cleanest look and easiest to cross over into all categories of life. Sometimes these flats are simply glued together, but high quality ones have an interior stitch for more durability.

A closeup of top stich on Gea Soles barefoot ballet flats.

Top stitch with finished edges – This will add a little bulk to your flats, but still has the potential to be smooth and classy. Examples of brands that do this well are Gea Soles, Drifter Leather, and Luks Shoes

A closeup of a top stitch with raw edge on Botky Mechovky barefoot ballet flat.

Top stitch with raw edge – This is the most casual finish and can sometimes look bulky. I have seen it done well (in Crupon Sandals’ work, for example), but I generally avoid this type of finish in anything I want to be dressy. The flats I have with raw edges are for casual occasions.

Understanding your feet is super important when choosing barefoot ballet flats! Make sure you check out this post on The Best Barefoot Shoes for Your Foot Type to learn your volume, width, and shape!

My Favorite Barefoot Ballet Flats

Below is a collection of my personal favorite barefoot ballet flats! Keep in mind that here I am covering only simple ballet flat styles without straps or details. Check this article if you’d like to see more women’s barefoot dress shoe options in different styles.


Groundies barefoot ballet flats have in my opinion the all around best fit and style. They are sleek and stay secure around my narrow heels, while still being light and spacious for comfort. The outsoles are very thin and flexible, with real barefoot feet.

Groundies also plans to launch theirs their flats in Barefoot+ width! That means even people with extra wide feet will be able to enjoy the good style and quality of Groundies barefoot flats. The fit has been true to size for me.

Groundies Lily flats shown top down unworn. On the left is Lily Brown in Barefoot Plus extra wide width, and on the right is regular barefoot width is a pretty pale pink. Both feature anatomical shapes and a super flexible outsole
Groundies Barefoot+ (wide) next to Groundies Barefoot.

Learn more about the fit and feel of these in my Groundies Dress Shoes Review.

Softstar Ballerines

Softstar Ballerines are a close second and one of the best barefoot ballet flats around. They are soft and unstructured but not wrinkly; spacious but not bulky. You can order it in tons of different colors and it has a very mainstream look (calling all Tieks fans!). Softstar hand makes all their shoes in Oregon and they are high quality.

I was pleased to find that the insole is a little bit cushioned, which makes these more practical for all-day wear or pavement walking (they’re a favorite among teachers). And these also come in two widths!

Top down view of Softstar Shoes Updated Ballerine in Regular and Wide width. The wide version is truly wide.
Ballerine in regular width (left), and Wide (right). Wide fit is best for extra wide feet.

The heel does slip a little more in these than in my Groundies, so I added a heel grip once the leather broke in. You can also get a sport strap if you’re concerned about slipping and they also come in a wide version. I have one pair in a 5u/women’s 6, and another in a 6u/women’s 7. The fit is true to size.

Read my detailed review of the regular and wide Softstar Ballerine here!

Be Lenka

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off your Be Lenka EU purchase.

Be Lenka ballet flats are well made and durable, with a removable insole. I especially love the Bellissima flat that has a cut out detail for just a little bit of interest – it gives them a professional edge.

Because these have a bit more structure to them than the others we’ve talked about so far, I found that they felt a little tight when brand new and needed some breaking in. But after a few wears they were comfortable without slipping.

Full body photo of a woman in a black dress walking to the left wearing Be Lenka Bellissima flats outside in the sunshine on a gravel road

Xero Phoenix

The Xero Phoenix is one of the most affordable cute barefoot ballet flats, and I find them perfect as a simple dress shoe. They are knitted, which makes them look a bit more casual, but the cut is really nice and they feel good to wear.

These also come with a removable insole, and they can be a bit loose on narrow heels. They’re also frequently out of stock because they are so popular! If you can snag a pair, they are worth it.

A woman's feet close up wearing a pair of Xero Shoes black knit rothy's dupe barefoot flats.

Read my detailed Xero Phoenix review here!

The Full Minimalist Ballet Flats List

Here is a full list of ALL the barefoot ballet flats out there, in alphabetical order!

Side view highlighting the cutout sling back style feature of Be Lenka Bellissima black leather ballet flats.

Be Lenka – Sophie, Harmony, & Bellissima are 3 new ballet flats styles for 2022! Read more about them in my Be Lenka 2022 Review. Use code for 5% off (returns only accepted within the EU and USA)

You can shop select Be Lenka styles at Anya’s Shop

Cinderollies – Very cheap, a little bit narrow.

The Drifter Leather – A few ready-to-ship styles, with custom options available. My Drifter Leather reviews here.

Ela Faustus – Custom

Gea Soles – Custom. Thyra, Yrsa, and Tarian. My Gea Soles review here.

A woman wearing Groundies Lily soft pink barefoot ballet flats and standing on the balls of her feet to show their flexibility

Groundies – Soft, lightweight, and super flexible. They’re so good! And they now come in two widths! Extra wide is called Barefoot+. Read this review for all the details

You can find select Groundies styles available at Anya’s Shop

Close up front angled view of Jenon Leather J. Joplin Pumps in embossed leather with criss cross elastic laces up the front.

Jenon Leather – Custom options. Only available for shipping within Europe & USA.

Read my Jenon Leather Review here

Leguano Ballerina in black

Leguano – Handmade in Germany with a stretchy upper

Lisbeth JoeANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. Currently out of stock, but a restock is expected in Summer 2023.

Stock photo of a pair of blue green d'orsay style leather barefoot flats with anatomic toe box from Luks Barefoot

Luks Barefoot – Super soft, narrower than their other models. Lots of color options! Check out my Mini Review on IG here

Magical Shoes – Use code ANYA for 10% off. See my review here.

Shapen Tulip barefoot red flats in red. Top Down view shoes the foot shaped toe box.

Shapen Tulip – Regular and Wide width. Use code ANYA5 for 5% off

A top down view of a woman with wide feet and narrow heels wearing Softstar Ballerine flats in aged acorn on her right foot. Her left is bare to show her foot shape

Softstar Shoes – Handmade in the USA available in 2 widths and a the ability to customize your colors!

Read my detailed review of the regular and wide Ballerine here!

The Storehouse FlatsANYA for $5 off + free bag

Unshoes PrimroseANYA for 10% off

Ursanina (€36) – Custom

Vivobarefoot – Opanka Ballerina. My code VBANYA10 will get you 10% off

A close up angled side view of a woman's feet in Xero Phoenix black knit dress flats

Xero Phoenix – Knit or leather. Perfect Rothy’s dupe! Read my Phoenix review here

Zaqq – A ton of unique style option

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing stylish women's barefoot dress shoes from Zlatush

Zlatush – Custom options

Best Brands for Wide Feet

Have extra wide feet? Here are all the barefoot ballet flat brands that cater to wide feet, with many custom options to get your exact shape and size.

Top Down view of Duchess and Fox Womens Leather handmade Flays in Navy. Wide, Flexible, and zero drop

Duchess and Fox – Use codeANYA for 10% off. Read the full review here

Ela Faustus – Custom

The Drifter Leather – Custom. My Drifter Leather reviews here.

Gea Soles – Custom. Review here.

Magical Shoes – Use code ANYA for 10% off. Read my review here

Tadeevo – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. Read my review here!

Unshoes PrimroseANYA for 10% off

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing stylish women's barefoot dress shoes from Zlatush

Zlatush – Custom options

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Vegan Barefoot Ballet Flats

If you wear vegan shoes, here is a list of all the vegan barefoot ballet flat options. Check out this post for more on vegan barefoot shoes.

AhinsaANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Cinderollies – Very cheap, a little bit narrow.

Tadeevo Velvet or Mesh Pumps – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. Read my review here!

Ursanina – Custom

A close up angled side view of a woman's feet in Xero Phoenix black knit dress flats

Xero Phoenix – Super comfortable and cute knit flats! Read my Phoenix review here

Barefoot Mary Jane Flats – with a Strap

These barefoot ballet flats all have a mary jane strap, which can make them fit more securely.

Ahinsa – Vegan. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Angles Fashion barefoot mary Janes

Angles Fashion – Use code ANYA for 5% off. Read my Angles Fashion review here!

Conker Shoes – Custom

The Drifter Leather customer barefoot mary janes

The Drifter Leather – Custom and ready-to-ship options. My Drifter Leather reviews here

Top Down view of Duchess and Fox Womens Leather handmade Flays in Navy. Wide, Flexible, and zero drop

Duchess and Fox – Use codeANYA for 10% off. Read the full review here

Ela Faustus – Custom

Gea Soles – Beautiful handmade leather flats! My Gea Soles Yrsa review here.

Lisbeth Joe Paris Mary Janes minimalist suede dressy shoes for women in grey blue color

Lisbeth Joe – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

Magical Shoes – Use code ANYA for 10% off.

Posh Panda – Read my mocc review here!

Tadeevo – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. Read my review here!

Xero Shoes Cassie hemp barefoot sporty mary jane in purple

Xero Cassie – Hemp sporty mary jane in several solid colors.

Zeazoo – My review here. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing stylish women's barefoot dress shoes from Zlatush

Zlatush – Custom options

And that’s a wrap on the best barefoot ballet flats in the industry! You can see that there is a wide variety

A photo collage of barefoot ballet flats for women - Zaqq Marq, Lisbeth Joe Harare, Storehouse Flats, Softstar Ballerines, Zlatush shoes, and Vivobarefoot Jing Jing

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38 thoughts on “A Guide to Barefoot Ballet Flats – Updated 2023”

  1. I’ve often looked at Softstar Ballerines, but from their pictures it looks like they curve in and come up high at the back, which would not work for me, would rub and cause blister. I need a more vertical, straight up/down around the heel, if that makes sense (Like the back on the Vivobarefoot Jing Jing Lace shoe). (Sorry, I don’t know all the proper shoe terminology ?)
    Thoughts? Thanks, love love your blog.

    1. The Ballerines do have a big curvy heel cup, but it is not stiff at all. I have a Halgund’s deformity on my heel and haven’t had any irritation from the Ballerines, but my heel does want to slip a little so I put a heel grip in there. Otherwise, the Zlatush shoes would be a good option for you. It’s a lower cut heel with a straight cut.

  2. Brilliant job! I can’t be the only person who loves barefoot but has to wear clothes that Just don’t go with sports type shoes. This guide is the first sensible list I’ve seen. SO much appreciated! (Now I’m going to have a nice cup of tea and drool over The list 😉

  3. You forgot about crupon! I love my crupon shoes and I bought them based upon your recommendation. Thanks for all that you do 🙂

    1. I never made a selection about sole thickness because the T strap flat is a ready made style, not custom. I think it says how thick it is on her website, but I’d guess it to be about 4mm.

    1. Hi!I have looked at those and link to them in the post, but haven’t tried them yet. I actually came really close to ordering them! They seem like a really good toe box shape, but I don’t have any knowledge on sizing, fit, or quality of the brand.

  4. Hi Anya!

    I too have the Lisbeth Joe flats, and I’m curious how you stretched out the elastic? I love the shoes, but I’ve never been able to wear them for very long because the elastic at the back pushes my foot forward and jams my toes in the front toe box and its so uncomfortable! They would be perfect if they didn’t have the elastic.

    Thank you for all the amazing reviewing you do!! 🙂

    1. Hey there! I stuffed the toebox with socks and devised a sort of contraption with a pen where one end was pressing into the socks and the other pushing out the heel. I also just pulled on it with my hands for a minute or so at a time.

  5. Was looking for advice. I have been in the minimilist shoe game for 8 years now. Vivobarefoot and New Balance were my go-to. I have found groundings now because of your site and I appreciate it. May grab a pair of Liverpool and the Japanese style minimalist boots look great too. My question is about my wife. She uses zero drop for the opposite reason of you and me I think. She has CMT which is a disease that has has to do with high insteap and arch, from lack of muscle around the arch and instep and ankle making her gate hard to lift her toe box, making it easy for her to trip over her toes. Getting a mimimalist shoe for her is just trying to get something lightweight with zero drop to help her lift her foot easier during walking. She has not been able to wear a mary jane or ballerina style because her instep is so high she just slips out of them when walking. I see some of your reviews here looks like the instep can get held in the shoe with good straps. Just wonder if they will be uncomfortable straps that dig in if cinched too much. Anyway thanks for all the shoes and reviews. -Dan

    1. Hi Dan! Great to hear from you, and I’m glad you’ve found some use out of the site. For your wife, she might like the options with an ankle strap. Those won’t go over her instep but will still keep the shoe secure so she isn’t tripping. Some examples of those are the Lisbeth Joe Harare or the Magical Shoes Ballerina. She can also get some custom mary janes with an extra long strap over the instep. Dextra Perspective might be a good option, or the Softstar Ballerines have an elastic strap option she could request to be extra long.

  6. Hi! Wonderful collection indeed! I am in love with botky mechovky ballet flats but I am still undecided about the style. Is the closing of your pair comfortable? Thank you!

  7. Great, thank you! Last question: as I live in a colder climate and I lean towards minimalism,I would invest in a ballet flat (or Mary Jane) that could give that dressy feeling but that could also be wore with tights during autumn and spring and without in summer. Which model or brand you would suggest, as you also have chilly mid-seasons (I guess)? 🙂
    Thank you very much!


    1. Really any of them! Tights are so thin that they shouldn’t affect the fit (You might consider 5 toe tights so your toes don’t get squished!), unless you want thicker tights in which case a flat with a strap would be helpful so that they still fit well without tights. I do have cold mid seasons, but I usually switch to dress boots and tights instead of flats when I need to dress up and it’s chilly.
      Here are some 5 toe tights I’ve found (but haven’t tried): https://toetoesocks.com/plain-nylon-toe-tights-black.html

  8. Hi, I love the Softstar flats and have purchased them before. Are yours in Shiny Pewter? I’m trying to get out of my all black comfort zone, haha. Your reviews are great!

  9. Wow! This is an amazing resource! Thank you. Do you have any recommendations for a brand that has more cushion? So many Barefoot shoes are so HARD, a little squish would be nice on my transitioning journey. Even as stack height increases, it’s often just more of the same hard material. I have put Northsole insoles into some of the boots and shoes from Lems and Vivo, and Bedrock sandals got more cushiony after a break in period. But I haven’t had much luck with dressier sandals and flats. Any suggestions?

    1. You should check out Oesh Shoes! They have a ballet flat with a thicker cushioned sole, but they still have toe space, are zero drop, and no arch support.

  10. Your wooden decking looks so slippery when wet, be careful in those shoes. I’ve gone over in flats a few times even with really rubbery sticky soles it can get surprisingly slick under your feet real fast.

  11. Can you recommend a flat that’s transition? Just started barefoot journey with Altra Paradigm and need that cushion.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi Anya. Your website is so amazingly helpful! Thank you! I have similar feet to yours and am looking for a wide toe box but I have very narrow ankles and backs of my feet so am prone to shoes slipping. Also, I may need to slip in an orthotic if need be due to my hypermobility initially so would be better with completely closed sides. Are there any that you found to stay up better on thinner ankles and heels? Thanks so much 😊

    1. Really the only true fix for that is a style with an ankle strap. Otherwise I pretty much always need a heel grip once the shoe is broken in. The Softstar Ballerine might be the best traditional ballet flat I’ve tried for narrow heels, but I use a heel grip in the back of those as well.

  13. Do you happen to know whether the Cassies tend to stretch out a little bit as they break in?

    I got an 8 and an 8 1/2 in the mail today but I’m having a really hard time deciding which pair to keep (I ordered them both at the same time a week ago because I needed black zero drop dress shoes that wouldn’t break the bank for a concert this Sunday) – the 8s with the insole taken out (with it in was way too tight, tight like the women’s Xcursions) are about the right toebox width and height for the socks I’ll be wearing and the perfect length for me, but the 8 1/2s fit width-wise just fine with the insole in but they’re a bit too long (I’m finding my feet sliding forward in the shoe, causing my heel to lift up, even with the strap uncomfortably tight – any tighter and I’ll be cutting off circulation to my feet). Unfortunately, if it’s really close, I can’t truly know whether shoes/boots are the right size for me without wearing them all day for a couple days, which means wearing them outside, but wearing outside voids the return policy for almost all sellers that carry Xeros (the only one I know of that it doesn’t void it for is REI – that’s how I figured out what size Prios to keep, but they don’t carry the Cassies, otherwise that’s what I would have done; it may or may not void it for Amazon, though, which is where I got them – tried to figure it out, but it wasn’t clear). So I’m trying to decide whether the 8s will stretch out just enough for the width to work (preferably with the insole in, but without if necessary) or not. I feel like on the one hand, the length difference should be enough to decide (that’s what decided me on the Prios), but on the other hand, I feel like it’s more complicated than that.

    1. Hi Rachel, unfortunately I’ve never owned my own pair of Cassies. But after seeing and handling them, and knowing what they are made of, my guess if they will stretch a little but not a lot. Based off your description, the 8s seem right… you don’t want your foot sliding and have an uncomfortably tight strap…

      1. Thanks – that helps a bunch. That was my guess, just wanted to make sure, since this is my first pair of barefoot dress shoes (have sneakers, sandals, and hiking boots). I figure I’ll return the 8 1/2s, then I can take insoles of the 8s in and out as needed depending on what socks I’m wearing. I’m kind of glad I decided to just go with the Cassies rather than the Phoenix knit (I have a feeling it would be really hard to get the Phoenix’s to stay on without being too tight in the toebox, even though the Phoenix’s are technically dressier); and it makes sense – my Prios are also size 8. And the Cassies are still dressy enough to wear to my best friend’s wedding in February (can’t exactly wear sneakers or hiking boots under my dress as maid of honor, at least not for the wedding itself – dancing at the reception is a different story) but hopefully also still padded just enough to be able to dance in as well (I’m thinking about getting the thinner NorthSoles for either these or my sneakers, since I have a bit less tolerance for the pounding due to EDS – not sure how that would affect the fit at all, though).

  14. Hi, Anya –
    I appreciate all that you do! These reviews are so helpful.
    I am looking for vegan ballet flats that run wide. I have Xeros in black in US 8.5, which I like, but I need a lighter neutral color, too. It looks like Teedevo and Ahinsa are my best bets, but the size is throwing me. It looks like 40 in the Teedevo and 41 in Ahinsa, but that seems off. For reference, my absolute favorite shoes are Feelgrounds in size 39. They fit like a glove, and I have four pairs. Do you have any idea what is equivalent? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi! Those brands do sound like your best bet for finding a lighter colored vegan flat. Ahinsa tends to run smaller than other brands, and I found the Tadeevo to run a little bigger. So it’s entirely possible you’d need different sizes in both.

  15. As a budget friendly alternative for a special occasion I can recommend the foldable minimalist ballet flats that can be found on Shein for only $15. The toebox isn’t wide enough to be considered barefoot, but the sole is thin, flexible, a little bit cushioned and 0 drop. They are cute and come in many colours. Linking seems difficult but you can search for “Minimalist Slip-On Suedette Ballet Flats” and look for the foldable ones. They are available in shiny PU-leather as well, but the suede ones are softer and a little bit stretchy.

  16. Thank you Anya for all the work you do to help us purchase healthy footwear. We’d be lost without you. I don’t want to be a ‘negative Nellie’, however, with all of these brands making ballet shoe styles I still cannot find one in a lighter neutral beige color. If I go to Pinterest and see all the people wearing ‘conventional’ ballet shoes for Spring, a vast majority are wearing them in a neutral , light beige/ ‘nude’ color. I have searched and searched and waited and waited (4 years and counting) for a light beige color in a classic style. The Angles are too ‘white’/ yellowish ( not beige) and maybe too stiff leather? ,the Shapen and many others are too ‘pink’, many are too dark/ camel brown color, Be Lenkas are too ‘old lady’ looking with two toned beige/pink and white sole. The closest I have seen are the SoftStar in latte color , however, they are much too sloped for my wide, plateau feet. Luks beige are close but I was wanting a more classic style not their side ‘cut out’ style and I have heard they are not wide in the toe box like their moccasins are. I find it so frustrating and disappointing that there are so many options and yet no one is providing the most classic, neutral , basic, ‘mainstream’ option STILL!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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