The Complete List of Vegan Barefoot Shoes

a top down view of a row of vegan barefoot shoes, with a person wearing the middle pair. Show are yellow Mukishoes, Feelgrounds Original, Red Ahinsa boots, Belenka eazy sneakers, and Oesh townie flats

Are you committed to wearing shoes that are minimalist AND vegan? It’s hard enough to find barefoot shoes for every occasion, but if you add in a non-animal requirement you have to dig a little deeper. Fortunately most barefoot brands offer at least a few vegan options and they are constantly adding more.

The majority of these brands have a mix of vegan and non-vegan shoes, so you will still need to look. But each one on this list offers reliable vegan options year round. Ahinsa, Bohempia, Feelgrounds, Oesh and Earth Runners are a few brands where every product they offer is vegan.

A woman wearing vegan barefoot shoes from mukishoes - canvas Sol sneaker

Awesomely, many of these brands have extended coupon codes to my readers! I’m including them next to each brand below, but be sure to bookmark my Discounts Page to stay up to date on any changes. I’ve also done full reviews on many of these brands, so be sure to also spend some time in the Reviews section. Now let’s talk vegan barefoot shoes! Below you’ll find a full list of minimalist shoes for every occasion and age group separated into categories.

Close Toed Shoes


Women’s Dress Shoes

Men’s Dress Shoes


I have tried and reviewed many of these sandals! See a video review and links to them all in one place links to all of them in one place.

Vegan Shoes for Kids

For more detailed reviews on several of these shoes, check out my post that is all about barefoot shoes for kids!


Minimalist footwear is taking off, but up until recently there weren’t many vegan options. Fortunately vegan shoes are becoming more popular. and this list will only grow! Brands are also making it easier by doing vegan versions alongside leather versions, and clearly labeling this in their descriptions. Raising your voice and giving feedback where you’d like to see more vegan options is powerful, so don’t hesitate to reach out to brands that could be doing more!

As always, be sure to let me know of any new finds that should be on this list!

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