The Complete List of Vegan Barefoot Shoes – Updated 2024

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a top down view of a row of vegan barefoot shoes, with a person wearing the middle pair. Show are yellow Mukishoes, Feelgrounds Original, Red Ahinsa boots, Belenka eazy sneakers, and Oesh townie flats

Are you committed to wearing only vegan barefoot shoes? It’s hard enough to find barefoot shoes for every occasion, but if you add in a vegan requirement you have to dig a little deeper. Fortunately most barefoot shoe brands offer at least a few vegan options and they are constantly adding more.

I wear nothing but barefoot shoes and have been testing and reviewing them for years. This list is born of my personal experience with almost every single barefoot shoe brand here! Check my vegan reviews section for tons of vegan barefoot shoe reviews, and then be sure to head to my Sales & Discounts page for all the best deals on vegan barefoot shoes.

Now let’s talk shoes! Below you’ll find a full list of vegan barefoot shoes for every occasion and age group.

100% Vegan Barefoot Shoe Brands

The following barefoot shoe brands make ONLY vegan friendly shoes and sandals!

If you’d like to learn more about vegan materials and which ones are the most eco-friendly, check out this article from Puratium on What Is Vegan Leather?

Vegan Barefoot Casual Shoes

Casual vegan barefoot shoes are where it’s at! Tons of stylish options that meet all the barefoot shoe requirements. My personal favorites are the Unshoes Terra Vida, the Bohempia Kolda, and the Feelgrounds Droptop (find reviews of all 3 on this site!).

Vegan Barefoot Winter Boots

Vegan Barefoot Women’s Dress Shoes

Vegan Barefoot Men’s Dress Shoes

Vegan Barefoot Sandals

I have tried and reviewed many of these vegan barefoot sandals! Read this post for the deets.

Vegan Barefoot Shoes for Kids

For more detailed reviews on several of these vegan barefoot kids shoes, check out my post that is all about barefoot shoes for kids!

For Vegan Barefoot Winter Boots for Kids Check out This Post


Barefoot shoes are taking off, but up until recently there weren’t many vegan options. Fortunately vegan barefoot shoes are becoming more popular, and this list will only grow! Barefoot shoe brands are also making it easier by doing vegan versions alongside leather versions, and clearly labeling this in their descriptions. Raising your voice and giving feedback where you’d like to see more vegan options is powerful, so don’t hesitate to reach out to brands that could be doing more!

As always, be sure to let me know of any new finds that should be on this list!

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A woman wearing vegan barefoot shoes from mukishoes - canvas Sol sneaker

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40 thoughts on “The Complete List of Vegan Barefoot Shoes – Updated 2024”

  1. Thank you for this, it’s a really helpful idea, but also consider looking deeper into a company before you tell others it is 100% vegan, for example the parent company of barebarics uses leather and earth runners uses wool from animals in their socks.

    1. Considering this is not a vegan site and the methodology for ascertaining whether the products are vegan, or not, does not appear to be shown, I would take the list with a grain of salt and check the companies website, and/or contact the company directly if interested in their product.
      Obvious materials are just the tip of the iceberg with footwear; dyes and bonding materials also need to be considered, but are often overlooked. Customer service representatives are not always correct/do not always even care. Ideally the companies website should clearly state they are vegan.

  2. Hello Anya. Thank you SO much for this list as I begin my vegan barefoot journey! I also saw your barefoot approved slippers list. I’m wondering if you happen to know of any vegan barefoot approved house shoes and or slippers? Pudus has vegan slipper socks. Would their vegan ballerina slippers be barefoot approved? Any information about Pudus or other companies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a good day! 🙂

    1. Hi! Pudus are a good option as are similar slipper sock type shoes. You should be able to find them other places, but would want to look at wool content. If you know Pudus are vegan, I think they will work well.

  3. I am curious why Saguaro are on this vegan list, but only in the children’s section?
    Your review for the brand makes no mention of them being vegan, and there does not appear to be any mention of it on their own website.

    Thank you

    1. When I first wrote this article Saguaro didn’t have any adult barefoot models we recommended, so when I emailed in I only inquired about the kids shoes. They communicated to me that they were vegan. It would be worth following up with them if you want to know the specifics of all their materials.

  4. I am loooking for a wide vegan sandal, preferably with a big toe anchor. I saw that croupon was suposed to have a sandal, however, nothing but purses comes up in their search for vegan. So far from the vegan sandals list here, Tikki seems most likely? I have a pair of earth runners, but they aren’t quite wide enough. Thanks for any suggestions!

    1. Oh, it looks like Crupon removed the vegan option from their website! I’ll follow up with them to see what the deal is there. I also really like the Xero Jessie for a vegan sandal with big toe anchor. And of course, Tikki is wonderful.

  5. Hi Anya! Thank you for this list (and your whole blog). I’m wondering if you have any experience with Bioworld shoes? I recently purchased a pair in size 39 and they are a little too loose, even after adding an insole and tightening the buckle all the way. I’m not sure if they just run large, or if my foot is on the narrow side? The first time I measured my longer foot, I did the outline method, not realizing it is less accurate. It said my longer foot was 24.1 cm. When I did the more accurate method, however, I got 23.8 cm. My feet are low volume. I always struggle with finding the perfect fit! My best fitting shoe I have right now is a sneaker by Astral in size 7, which run large. I usually wear a US 7.5 or 8. It used to be that EU 38 = US 8 so it was easy for me to choose a size in European shoes, but it seems that has changed in recent years. I’m wanting to try Wildlings and/or Mukishoes too, but am stuck between 38 and 39. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

    1. I have not yet tried Bioworld but it is on my list to try this year! It sounds to me like you are indeed right between a 38 and 39 depending on the style and brand. Are your feet wide? If not, then I would guess that a 38 in Wildling would be a safe bet. For Mukishoes, I have low volume feet but they are wide and I wear a 38 in a lot of my Mukishoes for some extra width – they are long on my 23.3cm long feet though. Basically, you could be a 38 in Mukishoes as well if you have slimmer, low volume feet but might be able to go either way. Your Bioworld shoes – you could also try adding a tongue pad in the top. If it’s the clog style I’ve seen those are quite difficult to get a good fit because of the design. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you ordered too large of a size.

  6. How about Suavs? Maybe they weren’t out when you wrote this list. “100% vegan, even down to the glue” is listed on their site.

  7. Many thanks for your efforts – this is a great list! Unfortunately it looks like Green Shoes no longer offers a vegan option due to supply issues (check their FAQ).

    Thanks so much again – there really is no other resource out there like this one!

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