Vivobarefoot Geo Court Review – The Perfect Leather Sneaker

Vivobarefoot Geo Court
$135 (after coupon) | Leather | Free Returns

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The Vivobarefoot Geo Court is a smart leather sneaker for everyday wear. They are one of the best-looking shoes Vivo has produced and check all the boxes: Minimal, Stylish, Functional, and Durable. Read on for my full review of the Geo Court.

Review Contents

  1. Meet the Court
  2. Sizing
  3. Barefoot Qualities
  4. Materials
  5. Video – The Court in Action
  6. Style
  7. Conclusion

1. Meet The Geo Court

Sneakers have really taken over the fashion scene in the last few years, which is just too good for those of us who want to be comfortable all the time. I love the little edge a sneaker can give, and I love that they’re easy to wear for an entire day. But even though most sneakers are far better for your feet than a pair of heels, I still can’t comfortably wear most sneakers without my toes getting pinched. That’s where barefoot shoes come in (see What Exactly Is A Barefoot Shoe?).

Vivobarefoot’s flat and flexible shoes are good to my feet, and with the release of the new Geo Court they’re good for my style too. The Vivobarefoot Geo Court is the PERFECT leather sneaker. They’re that exact blend of sporty and simple that makes it possible to pair them with everything, but without compromising on foot health.

The Vivobarefoot Geo Court is a simple tennis shoe for men and women. With a sleek design and subtle detailing, the Geo Court is an every day shoe that Vivobarefoot plans to make in many colors and fabrics. Currently, only smooth leather options are available, but a vegan version will be released this summer.

*Update: Vegan options have been released! Find the women’s here and the men’s here.*

2. Sizing

I got a size 37 (US size 7) in these and they are just the right fit. I wear a 37 in all my Vivobarefoot shoes, and they’re comfortably wide with about a thumbs width of space in front. 36-37 is my normal size, and Vivobarefoot is known for running a little bit small. So if you’re in between, I’d size up. The US website shows US sizes, but European sizes are what’s printed on the shoes. So I recommend checking out their size chart to be sure.

There is a removable insole in these that gives you more space if you need, but because I have low volume feet I use it.

3. Barefoot Qualities

Vivobarefoot shoes are all completely flat, thin, flexible, and with a wide toe box. The width of the Court sneaker is consistent with the other Vivobarefoot shoes I’ve tried recently (see my other reviews here) which is just right for my wide feet, but I need to wear them without socks to have enough space. The stack height is 3mm thick without the insole, and about 5mm with it.

At first these sneakers felt very tight around my ankles and rubbed the bone. Overall the shoe was on the stiff side, but after a few weeks this softened considerably. Now that I’ve had mine for several months they feel very comfortable.

4. Materials

The shoe uppers are made of leather, which makes them so easy to keep bright and clean. Most of the time all you need to do is wipe them down and if they get scuffed you can use a rubber to erase marks. The interior is partially lined with leather and partially fabric.

The removable insole is made from algea and helps get air circulating around your foot, which can help with sweating. I like the feeling of it and can tell my feet stay cool while wearing them, but I still got sweaty in these shoes after a while. I think you’d have to wear socks to eliminate that completely. These no-show toe socks would go well with these!

Vivo developed a new sole for these shoes that is extra grippy. In comparison to their everyday soles, I can definitely tell the difference.

5. The Geo Court in Action

Check out the how the geo court moves and looks in real life in this video.

6. Style

My feeling is that you really can wear the Geo Court with almost anything. Of course, you’re not going to step into a boardroom meeting in white sneaks. But thanks to current fashion trends, this type of shoe can look very put together.

The lacing and stitching do a great job of disguising the width of the toe box and they look like a stylish shoe by any standard. The subtle sheen of the leather gives them a little class, but they’re simple enough to work for just about any style, whether feminine or masculine.

I like the new branding they’ve been using on the tongue of their shoes, and can even get behind the V on the sides. I think they’re going for an Adidas or Nike style where the brand symbol becomes a fashion statement in itself. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with the versatility of the shoe, and I like it. Wouldn’t it be cool if a barefoot brand got so big it’s symbol was recognizable to the masses?

I like the new branding they’ve been using on the tongue of their shoes, and can even get behind the V on the sides. I think they’re going for an Adidas or Nike style where the brand symbol becomes a fashion statement in itself. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with the versatility of the shoe, and I like it. Wouldn’t it be cool if a barefoot brand got so big it’s symbol was recognizable to the masses?

7. Conclusion

I have to say, this is my favorite adult Vivobarefoot shoe by a long shot (2nd being the Gobi Hi Top). The cost of these is in keeping with other major barefoot brands, and you can get 10% off with my code ANYAVIVO. Since Vivobarefoot has worn so well for our family I expect them to last forever, and with such a classic design, they’ll be in style forever too. So if you want one sneaker that can do it all for you, the Vivobarefoot Geo Court is it.

What are your thoughts on the new Court sneaker?

Vivobarefoot Geo Court minimalist sneaker review
Vivobarefoot Geo Court Sneaker Minimalist Shoe Review

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23 thoughts on “Vivobarefoot Geo Court Review – The Perfect Leather Sneaker”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just bought a pair of these and have the same concern about the high (And hard) heel collar part.
    I thought I’d ask how yours have broken in before deciding whether to keep these shoes or return them.

    1. Mine have softened up a bit and I’m not having trouble with that spot anymore! I started wearing mine a little looser around the opening and that helped too.

  2. Hi Anya! Thanks for the awesome review. I plan to buy these in the canvas version when they come out, but I’m so unsure of what size to get. My feet are 24cm (9.5in) which makes me a size 8 but the vivobarefoot size chart isn’t consistent with that. I emailed vivo to ask about it but in the meantime would you mind telling me your foot length so I can compare? I just want to be super prepared because I know they’ll sell out. Thanks so much ^_^

    1. Actually a 9 sounds about right for you, unless you want a snug fit you could go with 8. My feet measure 23 cm long from a foot tracing, 22.5 cm long using the wall method, and I wear a size 37 in Vivobarefoot. Based on the chart I could fit into a size 36, but t36 in Vivobarefoot is usually too snug for me. The 37 has some extra length out front but are the right width.

  3. Thank you for your review and great photos too. Please, do you think these sneakers could fit foot with very low instep and very narrow ankles but wider toes? Vivo Primus Mesh fit me well. Thank you.

    1. Hey there! It’s so hard to know because all feet are different, but that sounds similar to the way my feet are. These shoes are good for low instep and low ankles, but it will depend on how wide your toes are. I consider mine to be wide and I have to wear these without socks to fit comfortably. I am still loving my Court sneakers and wear them very frequently!

      1. Thank you for your review and your photos with different outfits was really helpful. I still can’t decide between black or white !!! (My wardrobe would suit both!) can I ask, what colour do you wear the most? Also I have two young kids so they’re bound to get dirty, are the white easy to clean and did you put any leather protectant on it?
        Thanks in advance!

        1. I definitely wear the white most often, they are still one of my all time favorites! It suits my wardrobe well, and they do wipe off really easily. I have young kids too and haven’t had issues. I didn’t put any leather protectant on them, but I should. It would make them last longer and look cleaner.

          1. Big thanks for your prompt reply!!! It’s great to know the white geo courts clean up well ??
            Again I really appreciate your fast reply as I would like to order a pair ASAP.
            Kind Regards!

  4. What insert did you use for the shoe to help with the heel problem? I had that happen the other day with mine.

  5. These weren’t first barefoot shoe but they squeak!! Walking on either hot or cold pavement first where the Two rubber bits on the heel meet and then at the ball of the foot, it sounds like I’m walking on a nest of mice! I was a bit gutted. If anyone has this problem get in touch with the company, when they didn’t soften up by the 100-day guarantee they offered an exchange, which is great! Apparently it’s not a common problem so I hope the next pair will be keepers!

    Thanks for the review Anya!

    1. Mine squeaked at first too! But that stopped really quickly. I’m glad they were able to sort it out for you, I hope your next pair is perfect!

      1. Hi there! What site are you using? I’ve been hearing from my European readers that it’s not working on those sites. I have an e-mail in to Vivo to get it fixed. Hopefully soon!

  6. Thanks for the great review and information! I’m looking for a minimalist shoe to actually play tennis in, do you think these would hold up for tennis? Or is it named “Court” just for the style, and more of just a casual shoe?

    1. As far as I know it was actually made for tennis playing. The outsole is specifically made to be sticky and grippy. But I don’t have any firsthand experience playing tennis, so don’t really know what to look for in a tennis shoe.

  7. Thanks for the great info!! What makes the GeoCourts better than the Gobi Hi tops? It is because they are more versatile. I am trying to decide between the GeoCourts and the Scott ii eco. I prefer the Scott’s but I am afraid they will be too warm.

    1. I haven’t ever seen the Scott Eco, I’m not sure if it’s lined for warmth or would be lighter than the leather Scott. Both are great styles, but the Court is more casual with an athletic vibe.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I got the Geo Courts and the Scott ii leather. The Scott’s are winter lined and are awesome! I only wore them yesterday to walk my dog but my feet didn’t hurt because I had a big enough toe box. Plus, I’m 5’10” so it was nice to have shoes that cover my ankles since pants don’t lol. They look great with joggers! Got men’s because they said the width is 1cm bigger than women’s. Thanks for all your reviews! Takes a little bit of the headache of trying to understand barefoot shoe sizing. Bohempia were too tight on me and they ran out of the size I needed in wide. Thanks to your reviews, I knew not to try feelgrounds as they would be too narrow for my feet. The geo courts (men’s) seem to fit right in between a bohempia normal width and wide. (In case anyone was wondering.) The Scott ii leathers feel slightly bigger than the geo courts in the toe box but I am the same size in both. Excited to see how these treat me in the cold weather. Thanks again Anya!!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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