How Do I Measure My Feet To Pick A Shoe Size?

Because barefoot shoes are not often sold in physical stores, be prepared to order online. The first step is to measure your feet! Here are my best practices for accurately measuring your feet in order to pick a barefoot shoe size:

  • If you plan to wear socks in the shoes you’re purchasing you should have them on.
  • Measure at the end of the day when your feet are biggest.
  • If you are new to barefoot shoes, keep in mind that they may feel too big the first time you put them on. If they stay securely on your foot when you walk and don’t slosh around, that space around your toes is good and you probably picked the correct size!
  • The general recommendation is to wear shoes that are 1 – 1.2cm longer than your foot, but it can vary significantly depending on your preference and the style of shoe. In slip on shoes I sometimes have only .5cm extra length so that they fit close and securely on my foot. In lace up boots that are highly adjustable, I am comfortable with as much as 2cm extra length. If the shoe matches your foot shape perfectly, less extra length is required (they’re foot gloves!). And all of this can be impacted by the design of the upper, the materials used, and your particular foot type and preferences.

Despite the inevitable variations, getting an accurate measurement and understanding a size chart can reduce the chance of sizing mistakes. There are two main ways to measure at home: A foot tracing and the wall method. Or you can skip both and purchase a measuring device!

In any case, for expensive/risky shoe purchases I always measure multiple ways TWICE in the evening. It’s ok if your measurements are slightly different every time, just use the average.

Foot Tracing

how to measure kid's barefoot shoes

A foot tracing is the most common way to measure. You simply trace an outline of your foot and measure. But it’s important to know that it adds about .5 cm to your actual foot size.

So if you use a foot tracing to figure out what size shoe you need, take your measurement and add only .5 – 1cm (so the total shoe length you are looking for would then be 1 – 1.2cm longer than your actual foot size), and find the nearest corresponding size on the size chart. My feet measure 23.2 from a foot tracing, so I look for shoes with an internal length of 23.7-24.2.

Some people get confused about their foot width when they use a tracing, because they aren’t taking into account the extra mm the tracing added. My foot measures 9.2cm wide from a tracing but I can comfortably wear shoes that have an internal measurement of 8.8cm (without socks). This is because my actual foot width is .5cm less than the 9.2 I get from a tracing.

Wall Method

A foot with the heel linedup against the wall and a book up against the toes to show How To Measure Your Feet To Pick A Barefoot Shoe Size via the Wall Method

The wall method yields the most accurate length and width of your foot. You measure foot length by placing your heel lightly against the wall (don’t push it in) and putting a heavy book where your longest toe ends. Then mark where the book is and measure that distance. You get your foot width by lining up the outside edge of your foot against the wall and placing the book on the other side. Then mark with a pencil and measure.

You can find a video demonstration of how to measure your feet both ways here.

And if you’re now ready to learn how to interpret a size chart, head on over to that FAQ here.

*For the entire searchable FAQ list, visit Barefoot Shoes FAQ

*Disclosure – Anya’s Reviews is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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7 thoughts on “How Do I Measure My Feet To Pick A Shoe Size?”

  1. Hi! You mention on this post that your measurements are 23.2 cm after tracing. This is the same for me, but on your review of the Jing Jing II you mentioned you ordered a 6 (36) and had to exchange for a 5.5 (35) that was still loose. Using this but considering any potential differences in foot shape, I ordered a 6 also and it was very snug! Is there a way I could be measuring incorrectly if I followed these instructions? Also do you think the leather Jing Jing II’s could be stretched a half size to fit or should I accept the loss and re order up?

    1. I have heard that the Jing Jings with the perforated leather runs smaller than the black smooth leather. But because the Jing Jing IIs were pulled from their main lineup and only ever produced once my information on them is limited. They could potentially stretch, it would depend on how small they are right now.

  2. Hi Anya, what’s the actual range of number should I add to my actual foot measurement? You said to only add 0.5-1cm but then the shoe length should be longer by 1-1.2cm? I’m really confused. Shouldn’t the value be the same? My feet measure 22.8cm, should I be looking for shoes with internal length of 23.3-23.8cm or 23.8-24?

    1. Hey Amira, shoe fit really ends up being highly personal. The ranges we give are an average of what we’ve found most people are happy with (around 12mm). If you are TRACING your foot that already adds about .5 cm, so you’ll want to add a bit less to that measurement than if you’re measuring via the “wall method”. The type of footwear you are shopping for needs to be taken into account also. Sandals and ballet flats need less extra space, while winter boots will need more. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am new to the barefoot shoe world, and I have been struggling to figure out my size for a particular brand that’s pricey and doesn’t do returns, so I appreciate the help with choosing a size.

  4. Hi! Both with tracing and the wall method I get 26 cm as a result. So, while purchasing barbarics I don’t know if I should go for a 41 (26, 6/9,8) or a 42 (27,3/10). Thanks in advance for the reply.

    1. If you’re getting the same from both then I would consider 26cm to be your true length (maybe you are doing a careful job of not letting the pencil add width to your measurement).

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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