Will My Feet Change If I Wear Barefoot Shoes?

A bunion foot transformation using natural foot care, barefoot shoes, toe spacers, and foot exercises Justin

Once given space to spread out and move freely, feet can change in surprising ways. The most common visible changes are for the toes to spread out and the entire foot to widen and even lengthen. Very flat feet might actually shorten as the arch muscles become more active, and some people find they have a visible arch where none was before. Typically these changes happen slowly over time and in relation to how often you’re barefoot, in barefoot shoes, and/or doing foot exercises.

This can sometimes make buying shoes difficult and is one reason you may want to buy shoes wider than you think you need. But let’s celebrate the adaptability of the human body and that it can revert back to it’s natural shape! These changes are more than aesthetic – your feet are becoming more functional. And don’t forget that having a natural foot shape doesn’t mean you can’t rock the styles you love – that’s what Anya’s Reviews is all about, check out my barefoot shoe styling tips to get started.

A bunion foot transformation using natural foot care, barefoot shoes, toe spacers, and foot exercises @cyantheta

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