Bohempia Review – Time To Throw Away Your Converse & Vans!

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a semicircle of bohempia barefoot sneakers in different colors and styles surrounding a pair of feet - one foot is bare and the other is wearing a Bohempia sneaker in grey to show that it has a natural foot shape. Above is the text "Bohempia Sneaker Review, Anya's Reviews"

Bohempia barefoot shoes are the perfect replacement for stylish but narrow sneakers. You can look just as cool but without the squished toes! In this article I test and review all Bohempia barefoot sneaker models, so read on for the full scoop.

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Getting to Know Bohempia

A pair of legs standing in Bohempia sneakers with 2 pairs of unworn Bohempia sneakers one each side. They all feature a wide toe box and converse and vans look.

$110-$140 | 100% vegan | Sizes EU 36-48 | Ships from EU, AU, US, or JP

Bohempia is a Czech brand that makes unisex vegan shoes and accessories from hemp. They’ve built their brand on sustainability – hemp is a renewable resource that is naturally strong, breathable, and antimicrobial. So the shoes are not harmful to the environment, or to your body!

But there’s something else about Bohempia that has made them one of my favorite brands. They carry some of the coolest looking barefoot sneakers that perfectly replace cult classics like Converse, Vans, and Keds! I have long been searching for barefoot alternatives to those brand names and Bohempia does it like no other. I bought my first pair of Bohempia shoes 3 1/2 years ago, and the brand has only gotten better since then.

Bohempia Compared to Popular Sneaker Brands

Toe to Toe photo collage comparing Bohempia barefoot hemp sneakers with Converse pointy toe. Arrows pointing to the converse shoe say "Bunion Shaped". The arrow pointing to the Bohempia sneakers say "Foot Shaped"

Here are the main reasons I choose Bohempia barefoot shoes over other sneaker brands.

Bohempia is:

  • Foot shaped, allowing your toes to spread out naturally instead of being pinched together
  • Totally flat – yes, even Vans and Converse are not actually zero drop. They have some cushioning under the heel in the insole, which can be detrimental to your alignment.
  • Thin & Flexible – the thick padding on other sneakers prevents your foot from sensing the ground and moving with its environment. While Bohempia shoes are not paper thin, the sole is much thinner than it looks and they allow for a more natural experience when walking and standing.

While Bohempia shoes are not paper thin, the sole is much thinner than it looks and they allow for a more natural experience when walking and standing.

Check out this article for more info on the benefits of barefoot shoes.

A close up of a hand holding a rolled up Bohempia barefoot sneaker to show its flexibility

Ordering Bohempia Shoes is the main hub for all Bohempia styles that can be shipped worldwide. There you can use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off at any time. Returns are accepted on unworn shoes within 14 days, at buyers’ expense.

But there are a few other places you can order from around the world, which might be more convenient for you:

A woman sitting on her front steps in a black dress and jean jacket. She has her arms on her knees and she is smiling at the camera because her feet are happy in her Bohempia Herlik 2.0 hemp barefoot converse dupe sneakers

Sizing & Fit Type

Another one of the most appealing things about Bohempia is that they offer two widths. That means that even people with extra wide feet can get in on the fun. Both widths are:

  • True to size for length
  • Medium to high volume (They fit extra high volume if you take out the removable insole)
  • Straight/Fan hybrid
  • Plateau toe box shape

Don’t know what any of that means? Read this article on foot shape, volume, and how to measure your feet to pick a size.

Regular Vs Wide

a close up of the outsoles of bohempia regular versus wide width

Regular Bohempia barefoot shoes fit an average to wide foot. I comfortably wear Regular width in my usual size 37 even with my wide forefoot. Wide Bohempia shoes are perfect for extra wide feet or for lots of splay room to wear toe spacers.

Same Shoe, Different Foot

On the left you can see me wearing Bohempia regular width. I have a wide fan-shaped foot with a low arch and skinny ankles. On the right is Samantha wearing Bohempia in Wide width. Samantha has an extra wide, high volume foot.

Bohempia Sneakers Review

a collage of a woman with brown hair wearing 5 different outfits and 5 different styles of Bohempia barefoot sneakers

All Bohempia barefoot shoes come with a removable insole and are 3.5mm thick without it and 6mm thick with it. Despite being thin, the rubber has yet to show any signs of wear for me. I’ve even heard from several readers who skateboard in Bohempia with good sucess!

They are also all made from the same type of hemp upper that is sturdy but not super soft when brand new. I have never had any trouble with it rubbing or giving me blisters, but it’s not a plush fabric. The outsoles are made of natural rubber that is slip resistant and has worn well for me.

You can find some fall/winter shoes with a microfiber lining from Bohempia too, but I personally am only drawn to the sneakers. However if you want to wear your hemp vegan barefoot shoes into the cold season they are a good option!

Now let’s dig into specifics for each sneaker model from Bohempia.

Velik – Slip On

My personal favorite is the Velik – a Vans slip-on alternative. They are just perfect, down to the outsole details and padded collar. I have a fan shaped foot that is wide at the toes and narrow at the heels, so they feel loose around my ankle, but I solved that by putting a tongue pad in the upper (it keeps my foot down).

Because I have low volume feet I wear mine with the insole that comes with, but they are still comfortable without it if you need more space. Of all my Bohempia shoes, I wear these the most. They style just like my old Vans but feel a million times more comfortable. J’adore.

Bohempia also sells the Vikla, which is the same sneaker but in different color combos and a smooth rubber outsole (no black strip or texture toe guard)

Herlik – Low Top

The Herlik is the ultimate Converse dupe, because Converse are very squishy on the toes! After the slip-ons reviewed above, I like Herlik the most of all Bohempia sneakers. The textured outsole and brass eyelets add just the right amount of pizazz, Bohempia really nailed it with the details.

The fit type is similar to the Velik, but because they have laces I can cinch them over my foot and don’t need to make any modifications. One other big difference between the two is that this model does not have padding around the ankle. I found that the heel area cut into my skin and I needed to add a heel grip for comfort.

Orik – High Top

The Orik is reminiscent of a high top Converse or the like. The high volume in these is a little more apparent than in the low cut shoes, and they bag around my skinny ankles a little bit if I’m wearing them without socks. I think they look better on me when I’m wearing them with socks. Otherwise they’re excellent! No break in time and no discomfort wearing them.

Kolda – Low Top

The Kolda is the first pair of Bohempia shoes I bought over 3 years ago because I wanted a Keds alternative. They are a simple sneaker that can be paired with a dress, skirt, or pretty blouse as well as jeans, sweats, cutoffs, you name it. They do exactly what I hoped they would – finish my outfit with a bit of neutral style while still leaving my toes free.

Hoska – Low Top

a close up side view of a pair of feet wearing jeans and black Bohempia Hoska barefoot sneakers standing on concrete

The Hoska is like the Kolda but has more lace eyelets for a sportier look. They are a good classic Vans replacement, which my husband used to wear and bust through regularly (his toes just wanted to be freeeeee). Simple, and they get the job done. 10/10 recommend if you want a better Vans alternative.


Bohempia is the place to look if you want a barefoot shoe that looks like a classic sneaker. You get to look good, feel good, and have a clean conscious thanks to their sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing.

You can explore more options in my 15 Stylish Barefoot Sneakers article!

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46 thoughts on “Bohempia Review – Time To Throw Away Your Converse & Vans!”

  1. Magdalena Ciolek

    Hi, how do you manage the slightly too wide at the ankle Kolda – Low Top? I have just purchased them and not sure if I should go size down (which would be exactly the length of my bigger foot) to have fit a bit better? (Ive got narrow feet but need space at mid and front section due to arthritis in one foot). Atm they feel a bit loose. Thanks!

    1. I used a tongue pad in the upper of my Kolda’s which prevents my foot from slipping around, but there is still some space around the sides. However, it’s just an aesthetic thing now because my foot is secure and the shoe feels good. You could also try a heel grip in the back, or both. If they fit your length and toe width, IMO it’s better to use those hacks then to order a smaller size.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your reviews! I was just wondering if you plan to carry the Veliks in your store? How do these compare to the Xero Aptos? I tried the Xero but the ankle padding was a little too thick for me. Thanks for any help.

    Thinking about trying the Herlik but hmm, no ankle padding does not seem like the solution either. Does the ankle break in?

    1. Yes, we actually just restocked the Velik! The Aptos has almost a sausage shape – they are cut pretty straight and high volume. The Velik fits wider and isn’t so high volume, so I have more toe space and I don’t walk right out of them. The ankle opening is softer on the Velik as well. The Herlik does break in, but I have kept my heel grip in them and just wear them with it since I didn’t want to break them in on my skin.

  3. Hi Anya! How do you find the Oriks to hold up with wear? And how does the sole feel, I notice it has some strange roll on the outside edges, is that something you feel when first worn?
    I honestly would be super curious to see more reviews over time for barefoot shoes, how they hold up, where problem areas might be in terms of wearing down/ things coming apart especially per brand based on their construction/materials, and even if there’s preventative things to do for them. I know that because there’s so much more bend in barefoot shoes, wear is inevitable of course, especially compared to many traditional shoes, but I still struggle on knowing what is truly worth it, at least in terms of time for the money we spend.
    I loved my True Stars, a literal every day shoe, but eventually the sole at the toes pulled away, might have been about a year, maybe a little less, and shoe goo only made it last about another few weeks before it pulled away again. Otherwise, the rest of the shoe still looks essentially flawless, even the sole shows almost no wear.

    1. Hi Jill! I have not noticed anything feeling strange around the edge in any of my Bohempia’s. Of all the Bohempia models I wear the Velik the most (in fact they’re one of my most worn period) so that is my best reference for durability. They still look great. The upper has a few wrinkles where they bend, but there is no fading or wear evident on the material. The outsole is a little scuffed around the edges, but again no wear is evident besides cosmetic marks.
      You’re right about the creasing being a unique high-wear area for barefoot shoes because they bend so much. It’s hard for me to say for certain, but based on my own experience and that of other readers who use Bohempia for skateboarding I would say they’re a little more durable than Groundies.

  4. Hi Anya, My older kids have recently told me how much they like converse high top sneakers and really want some. But these don’t come in kids sizes. It seems like most barefoot shoes in kids sizes from other brands only come with velcro, not normal laces. Or they come in childish colors and my kids want solid colors with laces. Have you found anything in sizes 13-big kid 3? They’re just too small to use women sizes still.

  5. Hi Anya,
    Thanks for all your reviews, they’ve helped me a lot! (You made me realize that the manufacturer’s width and length measurements aren’t always the whole truth…I’d never have tried Be Lenka if not for your info on width, as I have a very wide foot).
    I have a question concerning the wide Bohempia shoes. I have the Orik in wide, and while the forefoot fits nicely, the heel space is so huge I’m slipping around constantly, even when using heel pads and a tongue pad. I thought about trying the Herlik instead, but I’m afraid I won’t be comfortable with that one, either.
    Would the new converse style Peerko Origin be a better choice for me? (I have some shoes by Be Lenka and Freet that fit me well, but have never tried Peerko)
    Thank you! 😊

    1. Hey Katrin – I just got the Peerko Origin the other day, and after comparing them to the Bohempia Orik can say that they are indeed narrower in the heels that Bohempia Wide. They have more of that fan shape than Bohempia does. But the toe box is slightly narrower than Bohempia in Wide.

      1. Thank you! That’s exactly the info I needed. I do have some space left in my Orik, so a little bit narrower should be fine (I’m fine with Freet shoes, for example. And I can wear the mesh Feelgrounds, but only with very thin socks or barefoot.).
        Thank you for your reply 😊

      2. Hey Anya,
        I just wanted to thank you for your helpful info! My Peerko Origins arrived yesterday, and they fit like a glove (I’ll probably prefer wearing them without socks though, and will not use the insole), and the width at the heel is perfect! I’ll have to break them in a bit, of course. But I’m already happier with them than with the wide Bohempias.

  6. Hello Anya! Thank you for your helpful articles 🙂
    Did you have the problem with black stains from Bohempia branding on the insole and under it? I have ruined several socks since they got all marked with black paint from the writings 🙁 Any advice?
    Have already tried rubbing it with alcohol cloth, didn’t help much. And it was in KOLDA and FELIX models in white. I also have ORIK 2.0 grey, which is all black inside and it leaves even bigger marks on socks.
    Do not know what to do.

    1. Hi Marina! I’m so sorry to hear about this. We haven’t had this problem. Did you ask Bohempia customer service about it? I would think they would want to know about this issue.

      1. Hello Samantha! Yes, I asked told them it twice, because I twice bought the shoes and every time it was the same — impossible to wear with white or light-colored socks. They said they didn’t have this problem and, according to support, noone else said about it. So I doubt they will change something.
        However now I see that mostly people have black socks on when they are wearing these shoes. (I do not have black socks and don’t want to wear them just for this brand and think about it every time I go out, especially if shoes are white or beige :))
        Didn’t have this problem with other brands though

  7. Hey Anya, thanks for the review. Nice to see popular builds being built “properly” 😉
    I’ve asked before over time and I’m gonna ask again for an update: have you heard of any Canadian companies jumping in on the barefoot wagon?

  8. I got the new Felix shoes and they fit well and look good but the soles are not grippy. The soles are fine if it’s dry but they are super slippery on wet surfaces. I am not sure if there’s anything that can help with the grip but I am open to suggestions from anyone. Would just like to put this out for everyone, thanks.

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