Barefoot Sandals Review – A Comparison of 6 Brands

After months and years of testing, I am ready to share my thoughts on the best minimalist sandal brands! In this post I am covering 6 barefoot brands, from the most well-known to a few hidden gems.

One of the things I love about reviewing barefoot shoes is that virtually every single brand I talk about is a small business. When we choose minimalist over conventional shoes not only are we doing a huge favor to our bodies, but we’re also helping out real people and usually the environment. I call that a win-win!

Each of the 6 brands I am talking about here hand makes their products in-house. And they all offer some type of servicing to extend the life of their shoes, so they are less likely to end up in a landfill. Read on for the full review!

1. Earth Runners

close up of feet standing on gravel with earth runners elemental sandals in tribal strap on.

Earth Runners are my current favorite sandals that do it all. They are very secure and durable for hiking and water activities, plus they are cute and simple for every day wear. They’re vegan, affordable, and have a lifetime warranty on the straps. Get 10% off any Earth Runners purchase with my code ANYASREVIEWSER and read my full review here.

2. Luna Sandals

Luna has a wide variety of options, including my favorite lifestyle sandals. They are hard wearing and secure, and there is something for everyone. I love my Rooted leather sandals for every day wear, but I don’t like to exercise in them. The athletic sandals from Luna, such as the Mono, are waterproof but require more buckles and straps to be secure. They have good traction, last forever and mold to your feet over time. Luna has a 30 day guarantee (you can return even worn sandals if you don’t like them) and a 1 year warranty. Get 10% off your Luna purchase with code ANYASREVIEWS10

3. Shamma Sandals

The black Shamma Barefoot Running Warrior Sandals close up on feet top down view in nature, with rocks

Shamma Sandals stand out because all their sandals are really flexible and the velcro straps can be adjusted while you’re wearing them. Most barefoot sandals you have to take off to adjust, so that is a point for Shamma. They also have one of the most minimal sandals out there, the Warrior, that is extremely lightweight and flexible. Shamma also offers customizations on their sandals. Get 10% off your purchase with code ANYA10PERCENT and read my full review here.

4. Deliberate Life Designs (DLD)

Deliberate Life sandals are custom made according to each person’s foot tracing using repurposed climbing slings. These are durable, high quality sandals that help keep trash out of the landfill, and they are made to fit your unique foot. Adam, owner of DLD, makes each pair in the school bus he and his family call home. His sandals have a 1-year warranty and he can help you replace/repair if any issues come up. Get 10% off your order with code ANYASREVIEWS and read my full review here.

5. Paisley Running Sandals

Matt Paisley is the man behind Paisley Running Sandals. His shoes are also fully customized and he has tons of fun strap and design options. They are very durable and long-lasting, and you can request pretty much anything you want from him. Matt stands by his sandals and will make any adjustments necessary to get them working for you. The downside to these sandals is that they are heavier than I prefer in a shoe, and it bothers my feet after a while. But you aren’t going to find barefoot sandals with rainbow tie dye straps anywhere else! Read my full review of them here.

6. Running Pads

Running Pads are definitely the most minimal sandal I’ve ever worn. They weigh next to nothing and are so thin and supple, it feels just like being barefoot. They can be custom cut to the shape of your foot, or you can order a preset sizing. These are more expensive than the others I talk about here, but if you want a real barefoot feel these sandals are for you. Read my in-depth review here.

7. Other Brands I’ve Tried

Xero Shoes – Z Treks

The Xero Z-Treks are the first minimal sandals I ever bought for myself! And I would probably have them still today if I hadn’t lost them (boo!). But I’ve discovered I prefer sandals that don’t cross over my toes and am happy enough with my Earth Runners that I didn’t come back to them.

Unshoes – Uinta & Keota

Unshoes sandals are more affordable than most options, but I didn’t have great luck with the Uinta and Keotas. They seem to work better on fuller feet (mine are shallow and bony). In the future I’d like to try their Wokova and Pah Tempe. Get free shipping on any purchase in the US with code ANYA

Bedrocks – Cairn

Bedrocks are great sandals, but the sole is narrower than all the other brands I talk about here. I have wide forefeet and my pinkies were hanging off the edge, so I returned before using them. This is a good brand if you are transitioning and need a thicker sole to start.

8. The Full List

For a complete list of barefoot sandals, check out the post below!

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2 thoughts on “Barefoot Sandals Review – A Comparison of 6 Brands”

  1. Hi Anya,
    Thanks for the reviews. Just a question, which was the widest sandal?
    I’ve bought Earth Runners which I’m thinking I’d returning as I had a wide foot which hangs over the outer part of the sandals. The length and toe splay/space area is perfect just not wide enough in midfoot area for these sandals which is a shame.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered “barefoot shoes” after a long bout of foot issues. I realized that with some extra research (and a whole new set of standards), I could curate shoes that made me feel amazing and didn’t require any compromises. I started my blog Anya’s Reviews to share what I learned with others.

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