Shamma TrailStars Mini Review

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A photo collage of a pair of feet wear Shamma Sandals Trail Stars from different anges with the text "Shamma Trail Stars Mini Review, by Anya's Reviews"
Shamma Trail Stars Reviews

Update July 2022: Since writing this review Shamma released the TrailStar Maximus that has a 9mm sole. I tested the prototype for a few months before they came out and I really love them! They have just enough of a thinner sole than the Alpha & Omega Trailstars for me to feel the ground more. The Maximus is definitely my preference.

Shamma Sandals is a long time favorite barefoot sandal brand of mine – I take them with me almost every time I travel because they never give me blisters and are so comfortable and light. They just released a brand new sandal for preorder, the Trail Stars, and I was lucky to get one of the first ever pairs! And it was also lucky I had a trip planned to a warm place and got to give them a real test in January.

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The Shamma Trail Stars cost $110-$135 depending on the sole type you get. They have a forefoot strap and toe loop, and velcro closures over the arch and heel. This makes them fully adjustable and they fit securely even on my low arches and skinny ankles (one thing I love about Shamma). You do have to pull pretty hard to adjust the toe and forefoot straps, so it’s a good idea to have them off your foot when adjusting.

Shamma Trail Star Specs

The Trail Stars come in a few different versions – mine are the Alpha and they are 12mm thick and vegan. From Shamma’s website, here is a description of the different Trail Star options:

“- The TrailStars Alpha have a 5mm Vibram Newflex+ 6mm Vibram Morflex+ 1mm UltraGrip footbed for a total stack height of 12mm.
The TrailStars Omega have an 8mm Vibram Newflex+ 6mm Vibram Morflex+ 1mm UltraGrip footbed for a total stack height of 15mm.
TrailStars Alpha LE and Omega LE have the same corresponding soles as above, but with a beautiful and soft brown American Aniline Leather footbed. “

A hand holding up a single Shamma Sandals Trail Star with the Vibram outsole visible

Another thing I love about Shamma Sandals is that all of their soles are very flexible, even these thick Trail Stars. This makes them a great transitional shoe if you’re not comfortable in extra thin soles. Still, I would really love to see Shamma release a version of the Trail Star in a thinner sole in the future (they told me there were technical difficulties with making this style thinner and still strong enough to hold the straps, but they were looking into ways around it).

A hand holding a rolled up Shamma Sandals Trail Stars to show the flexibility

For general fit and sizing information, check out my in-depth Shamma Sandals Review.

Shamma Trail Star Styling

The only complaint I’ve had previously about Shamma Sandals is that they look very strappy with bulky velcro pieces. But the Trail Star has a cleaner look than previous Shamma sandals, and a more trendy style. They fit the “chunky sandal” trend perfectly and can easily be worn with every day outfits.

a woman standing and smiling at the camera wearing black vegan Shamma barefoot sandals Trail Stars

Shamma Trail Star Comfort Level

The Trail Stars are easy on and off with the velcro, fit securely, and can be adjusted easily. But when it comes down to it I prefer the other toe post sandals from Shamma instead of the toe loop on the Trail Stars. They are still comfortable and I can make the loop big enough to not tug on my big toe, but I have complete toe freedom in the other styles. Ultimately, I’ll still reach for my Shamma Warriors for summer adventures and keep the Trail Star for when I want comfort plus a little style.

A pair of feet wearing Shamma barefoot sandals, left foot is wearing the Trail Stars and right foot is wear the Warriors
Trail Stars (left) with a toe loop, and Warriors (right) with a toe post

And there you have my first ever mini review! My attempt at getting barefoot shoe information out to you in a more timely manner (since I typically take several weeks to test and thoroughly review shoes). How do you feel about this format?

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22 thoughts on “Shamma TrailStars Mini Review”

  1. Just purchased! Thank you for the review.
    [FYI your code “10ANYASREVIEWS” did not work as of today (4/14/22). I asked Shamma if they would still honor the discount but have not received a response yet.]

    1. Hi Anya,
      Love your reviews, they’ve been incredibly helpful and lead me to make much better choices for my feet. You mention you prefer having greater freedom for your toes, but Shamma claims the toe loop provides more overall stability on rough terrain. Is that your experience? Do you think that sandals with a strap that crosses the foot, such as with the Xero Z trail or these Trailstars would cause a lot of irritation for someone with a bunion? In my case I only notice the bunion if I try to squeeze into boots that are too small, but I haven’t tried this type of strap style in a long time.

      1. Since I wrote this review last year I really grew to love the TrailStar and wore them a lot last summer. I still feel like the Warrior with the power strap is the most secure while still allowing for full toe freedom, but I know that some people really prefer the TrailStar for more lateral security. If you have a bunion that gets sensitive, I would choose either the TrailStar or one of their thong strap sandals over the Xero Z Trail. All of Shamma’s sandals provide more stability and have less strap rubbing on the big toe than the Z Trail. I like the Z Trail, but they don’t have the same lateral stability.

        1. David Roseman

          Thanks for the encouragement Anya – I ended up buying a pair and really love them. They are infinitely and easily adjustable, provide great comfort, ground feel and stability all at once. I will be living in them this summer.

  2. What size do you wear in these? I’ve printed out the templates and am trying to decide between a Shamma 5 and 5.5. Thanks for all the effort you put into these product reviews!

  3. Hi! Do the Trail Stars keep your big toe pointing forward when walking? (Thinking this might be helpful for bunion/big toe tracking..)

    1. The strap does have an outward angle to it. I keep it pretty loose so it doesn’t bind my toe, but theoretically it should help keep your big toe aligned.

  4. Thank you for the review! A few questions:
    1. I love the look of the leather footbed but I’d like to wear these on hikes and i’m worried they will become slippery. Have you tried the leather footbed in water?
    2. I can’t find any sizing reference to what a wide foot would be. I am wondering if I need the long straps because I have wide feet but I don’t know if I have wide feet or not!

    1. I’ve gotten my leather ones wet quite a few times. I don’t remember them being especially slippery… But I don’t intentionally take them in water. I wear my non-leather ones if I know I’m going to be in water. For strap length, I would check with them!

  5. I didn’t really like the toe loop, and Shamma made me a custom pair without it! Just contact them, Hailey at Shamma has been a big help. They can do other customizations too! I’ve been wearing the new Maximus and the lower 9mm stack height is nice.

  6. Hi, I’m very desappointed about TrailStars.
    My top of thé foot is so low that velcro don’t scratch.
    So I’Ve payed big shipping and taxes for France and I can’t wear my sandals.

    You can say it in this review : this sandal isn’t for low feet.

  7. How would you compare the Shamma TrailStars to Unshoe Uintas? I know there are some strap issues with Uintas, but I am interested in both of these designs for style purposes but also functionality (socks/no socks, security, etc.). I’m also wondering how the footbed grip was on these, especially when wet? The Uintas seem to have a lot of grip in the design itself for that purpose. Thanks!!

    1. The TrailStars work a lot better for low volume feet (in fact, if you have high volume feet you should let them know and request a longer strap) and I really like that the toe loop on the TrailStars can be isolated, so adjusting the tension on the rest doesn’t automatically adjust the toe loop. That makes it possible to keep the toe loop a little looser and the rest very secure. So that’s a big win for the TrailStars. I really like the leather topper TrailStar, but if you compare the grip top TrailStar with the Uintas I would say they function about the same in terms of slipperiness. Both do not feel slippery when wet. Lastly, the soles in the Uintas are pretty firm whereas the TrailStar soles (in any thickness) are softer. Some people prefer hard, some soft.

  8. Hey Anya! I’m pregnant and due in August, so I am definitely expecting my feet to swell this summer. I was thinking about getting the trailstars because of their stack height and how cute they look.

    It sounded like they were a little bit of an effort to adjust. Do you think a different model would be better for feet size fluctuations? I’m worried about having to adjust too often throughout the day. I am also considering their Numa Mountain Goats as well since it is a bit simpler in style with less straps.

    Thanks! Love your reviews!

    1. Hi Sami! I would go with the Numa over the Trailstar for easy adjustability for swollen feet. The Trailstars can be adjusted, but I wouldn’t want to do it a few times a day.

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