Barefoot & Minimalist Summer Sandals – The Complete 2021 List

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a collage of Barefoot and minimalist summer sandals - Shamma sandals, paisley running sandals, Luna sandals, softstar shoes solstice, tikki sandals, unshoes saffron, be lenka, luks barefoot sandals, and the drifter leather.

Summertime is when barefoot sandals really shine. There are loads of zero drop, minimalist sandals for casual, athletic, or dressy purposes: you can have your pick! Whether you’re a barefoot runner or just want to maintain healthy feet, choosing barefoot sandals over flip flops and heels will pay dividends back to your body.

Below you’ll find a complete list of barefoot sandals that are zero drop, flexible, and secure to your foot for adults and kids!

Athletic Barefoot Sandals

a collage of different barefoot running sandals from the brands Unshoes, bedrock, earth runners, luna, shamma, and xero

One of the great things about barefoot sandals is you can comfortably exercise in them! I personally love to be in running sandals over sneakers, and I find that barefoot sandals allow me to comfortably do so. The sandals in this section are all great for hiking, walking, and running, but also double as lifestyle shoes for everyday wear.

For an in-depth comparison of major barefoot sandal brands, make sure you check out this post!

Aborigen Sandals (EU) – $50-$100 – Sizes EU 36-46

AVO (EU) – $120-$140 – Sizes EU 36-45

Bedrock Sandals (US) – $105 – Very secure and great for low volume feet, but narrow in width and a thick sole, unless you do the custom sandals.

Chala Evo barefoot sandals for kids

Chala Sandals (EU) – $55-$110 – Sizes EU 36-49. This German company does ship to the US. Their sandals are ultra minimal and look pretty nice. Use code 93D5B5E9 for 5% off

Deliberate Life Designs Sandals (US) – $65-$90 – These are custom made sandals based on your foot tracings using recycled climbing slings. Full review here and get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS

a top down view of a pair of elemental Earth Runners sandals with a tribal strap, over a wood floor

Earth Runners (US) – $85 – Sizes US 6-15. Love mine! Super comfortable. ANYASREVIEWSER for 10% off. Full review here

Enix Sandals (EU only) – $40-$80 – Unique sizes T4-T13

GAIA Grounding Sandals (US) – $95 – US Mens sizes 4-14

Geniale sandals (EU) – $55 – EU Sizes 35-49. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

Hommo Sandals (EU) – $60-$90 – UK Sizes 4-13

Luna Sandals Lunacitos for big kids

Luna Sandals (US)- $110 – Sizes US M4/W6-M13/W15I have the Rooted Brujita and it is excellent! Get 10% off Luna Sandals with my link.

Magical Shoes (EU) – $55 – EU Sizes 36-47. Use code ANYA for 10% off.

Monk Sandals (EU) – $50 – Sizes EU 37-46

Nallu Shoes (EU) – $65 – EU Sizes 35-47

Paisley Running Sandals (US) – $90 – Custom sizes from a foot tracing. My review here.

Panta barefoot big kid sandals

Panta Sandals (EU) – $90 – EU Sizes 37-47

Pathik Shoes (EU) – $40-$60 – EU Sizes 36-50

Pies Sucios (EU) – $50-$80 – EU Sizes 38-47

Running Pads (EU) – $120 – Custom sizes. Another ultra minimal sandal with the option of a custom sole.

The black Shamma Warrior Sandals shown on feet with the Power Straps on, top down on view on asphalt

Shamma Sandals (US) – $70-$100 – Unique sizes 4-14, check the size chart here. Read my full review here, and get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS10

Tara Soles (EU only) – $80 – Custom sizes

Toetem Sandals (US) – $85 – Womens US 6-12 & Mens 6-13. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

a top down view of a pair of feet with one foot in an Unshoes Uinta sandals (black) and the other in an Unshoes Keota Sandal (black).

Unshoes Sandals (US) – $50-$99 – Sizes US 5-12 Uinta + Keota review here. Get 10% off with code ANYA

Top down view of a pair of feet out in nature wearing Xero Z Treks in black

Xero Shoes Sandals (US) – $40-$100 – Men’s US Sizes 6.5-15. Women’s US Sizes 5-11. Read my Z Trek review here

ZaUri (EU) – $70. Sizes EU 36-47

Barefoot Sandals Without a Toe Post

Many of the barefoot running and hiking sandals have a toe post or thong strap. If you’re someone who doesn’t tolerate that, check out these options of barefoot sandals that do not go between the toes!

Bosky (Czech Republic & Slovakia only) – $75-$100 – Sizes EU 35-49

Deliberate Life Designs Sandals (US) – $65-$90 – These are custom made sandals based on your foot tracings using recycled climbing slings. Full review of a different model here and get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS

Monk Sandals (EU) – $50 – Sizes EU 37-46

Saltic Trek (EU only) – $60 – Sizes EU 34-47

Unshoes Pah Tempe (US) – $74-$101 – Sizes US 5-12. The Uinta can also be worn without the toe loop – review here. Use code ANYA for 10% off

Top down view of a pair of feet out in nature wearing Xero Z Treks in black

Xero Shoes (US) – $60-$100 – Sizes US Womens 5-12, Mens 6-14. Read my Z-Trek review!

Casual & Dressy Barefoot Sandals

A collage of a woman wearing 5 different pairs of barefoot and minimalist summer sandals, Tikki sandals, shamma barefoot running sandals, unshoes saffron, luks barefoot sandals, and softstar solstice sandals

The majority of these dressy barefoot sandals cater to female sizes, but certainly not all. The barefoot sandals in the above athletic section fill the category of casual sandals for a lot of men.

For fancy feminine barefoot sandals, see my Barefoot Wedding Shoes List!

Angles Fashion (Europe) – $95 – Sizes EU 37-43. Use code ANYA for 5% off

a top down image of a pair of feet wearing be lenka barefoot grace sandals in gold to show women's dress shoe options

Be Lenka barefoot sandals (EU) – $77 – Sizes EU 36-43. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off (returns are not accepted outside the EU).

US/Canadian customers can find Be Lenka sandals at Anya’s Shop!

Conker Shoes (UK) – $170 – Custom sizes

Crupon Sandals (Europe)- EU 35-41. My review of them here. Use code ANYA for 10% off

Curious Red (US/Lebanon/China) – $95 – EU Sizes 35-46. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for $5 off

the drifter leather safita sandals review close up

The Drifter Leather (Europe) – $125 – Sizes EU 34-49 with customization optional. I own the Cut Here sandals and Safita sandals (review here). They only take orders sometimes and are closed the rest of the time, so can be difficult to purchase.

Elafaustus Shoes (formerly BotkyMechovky) (EU) – $95 – Custom made and she ships internationally! Click here for my review of her ballet flats.

Everleigh Meadow (US) – $70 – Sizes US 6-11. Leather closed-toe sandals in several different colors all handmade in the USA!

Feelgrounds (EU) – $89 – Sizes EU 35-49. The seaside sandal is vegan and available in 6 different colors! Read all my Feelgrounds reviews here.

Gea Soles (Europe) – $120 – Custom sizes

Good Earth Sandals (US) – $75 – Sizes US 5-12.5. Simple leather sandals, handmade in Hawai’i

High Feels (EU) – $145 – Vegan. Sizes EU 35-43. High Feels now ships to the US!

Jenon Leather (EU only) – Custom EU Sizes 36-48

Laboo Leather (EU) – $90 EU 35-43 or custom. Request no heel and thinnest sole for a barefoot sandal.

Lonnie Sandals (EU) – $175 – Sizes EU 36-43. Use Chrome to translate the page! But they do ship to the US and will correspond with you in English.

Luks Barefoot Sandals (EU) – $100 – Sizes EU 37-42. Extra wide options available here. Read my Luks Sandals review here.

Luna Brujita (US) -$85 – Sizes US M4/W6-M13/W15. Read my review here. Code ANYALUNA_10for 10% off your first order

Paisley Running Sandals (US) – $90 – Custom sizes from a foot tracing. I’m obsessed with the Mediterranean!

Rachell (EU only) – $45-$70 – Custom sizes. Shipping only available for Czech Republic & Slovakia.

Ruth Emily Davey (UK) – $300 and up – Custom UK Sizes 2-12

Shapen Barefoot (EU) – $120 – EU Sizes 36-43. Use code ANYA10 for 15% off. US/Canadian customers can purchase the Poppy flat at Anya’s Shop!

softstar shoes solstice sandal aged walnut close up

Softstar Solstice (US) – $90-$110 – Sizes US 5U-12U and 3 width options. Mini review here. Use code ANYA for 15% off your first shoe purchase

Sole Runner Dione (EU) – $124 – Sizes EU 36-42

Tikki sandals (EU) – $80 – Sizes EU 35-46. My review here. They are released each spring and have options for men, women, and big kids. US/Canadians can find Tikki at Anya’s Shop!

Unshoes Saffron (US) – $80 – Sizes US 5-12 with regular and slim width options. Reviewed here. Currently only available in black and brown. Get 10% off with code ANYA

Vivobarefoot Kuru II (Use this post to find the nearest Vivobarefoot e-shop) – $120 -Sizes US 5.5-11.5. Get 10% off with code ANYAVB

*Limited stock left until next season, but you can check Revivo.

Vivobarefoot San Dal (Use this post to find the nearest Vivobarefoot e-shop) – $125 -Sizes US 5.5-11.5. Get 10% off with code ANYAVB

Wildling Feather (EU) – Sizes EU 36-48

Xero Jessie (US) – $45 – Sizes US 5-11. Vegan

Zaqq Sandals (EU) – $145 – Sizes UK 3.5-12.5

Zeazoo Sandals (EU) – $75 – Sizes EU 35-46. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.

US/Canadians can find Zeazoo Sandals at Anya’s Shop!

UK residents can find Zeazoo Sandals at 100 Barefoot Soles and use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

US residents can find Zeazoo Sandals at PedTerra and use code for 10% off your first purchase

Zkama Shoes (EU) – Sandals are all custom made and she ships to the US! You can see the sandals she makes here.

Etsy has a number of shoemakers that will make their sandals with no heel, which opens up a lot of affordable and stylish options! See my Etsy Finds post for the full list.

Kids Barefoot Sandals

a collage of different barefoot summer sandals for kids

Our personal favorite barefoot sandals for kids are the Vivobarefoot Ultra. My kids wear them all summer and even into the fall with socks! See this post for more of our favorite barefoot shoes for kids.

And if you’d like to see kids sandals organized by price, check out my Affordable Barefoot Shoes for Kids post!

Anatomic (EU) – Sizes EU 24-33
US Customers can find Anatomic at PedTerra and use code for 10% off your first purchase

Bobux quality zero drop sandals for kids

Bobux (US) – Sizes EU 0-33

Chala Evo barefoot sandals for kids

Chala (Europe) – Sizes EU 22-35. Use code 93D5B5E9 for 5% off

Duchess and Fox leather barefoot sandals for little kids

Duchess and Fox (US) – Sizes infant to US 2 Youth. Use code ANYAJENSEN for 10% off

Earth Runners affordable barefoot sandals for big kids

Earth Runners (US) – $43 – Sizes US 12-3. Use code ANYASREVIEWSER 10% off

Fare Bare european barefoot sandals for kids

Fare Bare (Europe) – $65 – Sizes EU 19-40. Only ships to CZ & Slovakia.

Ginger shoes yellow barefoot leather sandals for kids

Ginger Shoes (Europe) – $40 – Sizes EU 20-25. Use code BAREFOOTANYA12 for 12% off

Little Love Bug Company handmade leather sandals for kids

Little Love Bug Company (US) – US 2-12

Luna Sandals Lunacitos for big kids

Luna Sandals (US) – $60 – Sizes US 12-3. Use code ANYALUNA_10 for 10% off

Magical Shoes Coco orange leather sandals flexible zero drop for kids

Magical Shoes COCO (Europe)- EU 20-28. Use code ANYA for 10% off

Merrell Bare Steps sandals

Merrell Bare Steps Sandal (US) – Size 4-10

Panta barefoot big kid sandals

Panta Sandals (Europe) – $60 – Sizes EU 32-36

Plae Wes Sandals

Plae Wes Sandals (US) – Sizes US 8-4

Shamma barefoot big kids affordable sandals

Shamma Sandals (US) – Sizes US 1-6. Use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off

Softstar laguna sandals affordable for little kids

Softstar Laguna Sandal (US) – Sizes US 6-12. Use code ANYA 15% off first shoe purchase

Softstar Solstice affordable barefoot sandals for girls

Softstar Solstice Sandal (US) – Youth sizes 1-4. Use code ANYA 15% off first shoe purchase

Tara Soles (Europe) – $50 – Custom Sizes

Ten Little (US only) – Sizes US 4-13. See Samantha’s high-top review here.

Tikki sandals zero drop for kids

Tikki Morro (Europe) – Sizes EU 29-35

Tikki Nido sandal kid's barefoot

Tikki Nido & Aranya (Europe) – Sizes EU 19-32

Unshoes Keota Kids barefoot shoes

Unshoes Keota (US) – EU 21-35. Use code ANYA for 10% off

Wildling Feather barefoot sandals for kids of all ages

Wildling Feather (Europe) – Sizes EU 23-35

Vivobarefoot Ultra water shoe for kids

Vivobarefoot Ultra (Use this post to find the nearest Vivobarefoot e-shop) – Sizes EU 25-32/US 9-1. Use code ANYAVB for 10%

Xero DIY Sandal kit for any size foot

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit (US) – All Sizes

Zero z trail sandals for big kids

Xero Shoes Z-Trail (US) – Sizes US 12-4

Zapato Feroz barefoot sandals for little and big kids

Zapato Feroz (Europe) – Sizes EU 24-31.

Zeazoo blue indoor shoes for kids

Zeazoo Kids (Europe) – $50-$70 – Sizes EU 16-34. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.

UK residents can find Zeazoo at 100 Barefoot Soles. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

US residents can find Zeazoo Sandals at PedTerra and use code for 10% off your first purchase

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44 thoughts on “Barefoot & Minimalist Summer Sandals – The Complete 2021 List”

  1. Bedrock does custom sandals as well: where you trace your foot and send them a scan. They aren’t as thick as the Cairns. My husband has size 18 feet, and they are his go-to sandals in the summer. 🙂

  2. Love this list! Would it be possible to do an update to this post with each photo labeled? It is taking me some serious sleuthing to track down my favorites in the list…

    1. Good idea! It’s true, this post needs some TLC, I’ll be working on updating it in 2021 🙂 If you have any questions about a specific shoe you see in the photo let me know!

  3. Hi! Are you going to be offering the zeazoo adult sirens in your shop this spring/summer? I want to try them this year and I’d like to order from you if possible instead of dealing with the overseas shipping. Thanks!

    1. Hi! We will likely carry one style of sandals from Zeazoo this year, but I don’t think it’s going to be the Siren. I wish we could carry them all!

  4. I’m someone who usually wears Chacos or just goes barefoot all summer and I’ve been transitioning to barefoot shoes. My feet are very sensitive and I usually can’t stand toe posts, so I’ve got some Xero Z-trails to start with. I’m looking for one more sport sandal to add to my rotation and since most of them have toe posts, I’m wondering if you can recommend which models have the thinnest or least obtrusive toe posts, so I can try to get used to them and greatly expand my sandal options. Thank you!

    Love your blog and find your content so valuable!

    1. Hey Josie! Deliberate Life Designs are pretty unobtrusive between the toes, as are Shamma. Deliberate Life Designs is also working on a style without a toe post, it might be worth checking in with him to see how it’s coming along. Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully it’ll be an easy transition for you because you already spend a lot of time barefoot.

  5. Just an FYI for anyone looking at the Softstar Solstice. It appears from Softstar’s website photos that the adult version has tapered toes (pushes the big toes of the model inward), but the youth version allows the big toesto be straight(er). So it may be lucky that you were able to fit into the youth version ;).

    1. The Youth models are all the equivalent of wide width for adults, so as long as you choose wide in adult sizes you should still be getting the same shape! The regular width is rather narrow.

    1. I found some flaws with the design and am working with the owner to fix them. So I’m waiting for an updated pair to test and review!

  6. JIASUQI Barefoot Sandals (Amazon) have been a good option for my wide barefoot loving feet and inexpensive ($27 at last check 🙂

  7. I can’t wait for an update this. What I reallllllly need is a hiking sandal- with some cushion. Like a Teva but flat and no toe post. My Eartherunners aren’t up for all day in the city walking or hiking about and neither are my Crupons.

    1. Did you see the new section on sandals without a toe post? Deliberate Life Designs are great hiking sandals, and now can be made in a Teva style. You have the option of several thickness and traction levels for the soles.

  8. Hello Anya,
    I think you should change “Saltic Trek” to “Saltic Trek Light”, since there seems to bee a non-barefoot version as well, so if you just look for “Saltic Trek” on the internet you usually get that one. It looks very similar, but with a shaped and thicker sole.

  9. Great overview!
    What’s your favorite sandal for hiking and long walks that’s ready-made (the customizations overwhelm me) and can be washed easily – with and without toe post?

  10. This is such a helpful list, thank you so much for putting it together! The soles of my feet tend to get sweaty and slip on a lot of sandal surfaces. Are there any particular brands you would recommend that have grippier footbeds? This will be my first pair (transition pair) of barefoot sandals and I’m hoping to use them primarily for walking and possibly dance/cardio workouts and running. Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Hi! Thanks for saying so! The Shamma Warriors or another thin style with a leather footbed would be good. They are very secure on the foot, but still flexible and move with you. They are probably what I would choose if I was going to dance in sandals.

  11. Hi Anya! Have you made a review on any of the Pies Sucios? I’m thinking about going to something like a Shamma or Earth Runners (the thicker versions since I’m still transitioning) and noticed the Pies Sucios look like an nice option too. Would love to know your experience if you’ve reviewed them. Thanks!

  12. I keep coming back to this review because it’s so helpful. If you had to choose one, what’s your favorite go-to sandal for walking and hiking that’s comfy, secure and easy to clean?

  13. Thanks for this awesome review. I am looking for a sandal that is more of a “slide” style. No ankle straps, nothing to do up. Just slip in and out with ease. Only one of the above is like that, but is the most expensive (Ruth Emily Davey). Are their any other barefoot sandals like that?

    1. So technically barefoot sandals always have some sort of a securing strap so they don’t slide while you walk. But you can custom order several of these sandals without a back strap. Grecian Sandals on Etsy, ZlaTush, and Ela Faustus all can do that for you.

  14. Hi Anya,
    Do any other the other barefoot runner sandals have as soft as a sole as the Xeros? I like the softer sole over the hard vibram sole. Thanks

    1. Do you mean like the thicker sole on the Z Treks? Some Vibram soles are quite soft, it just depends on the type. Shamma Sandals uses really light and soft Vibram outsoles, and if you want some cushion Paisley Running Sandals also offers that as an option.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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