Etsy Barefoot Shoe Finds

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Etsy is my FAVORITE place to buy gifts for myself and others. So many fabulous handmade items and talented creators. A lot of minimalist shoe makers started out on Etsy (Unshoes, Softstar, The Drifter Leather, Gea Soles), and I anticipate some on the following list will become big names in the Barefoot Shoe world.

I try to #StandWithSmall businesses all the time (I am a small business owner myself!), but it’s been especially on my mind during these times of financial distress.

The list below is a compilation of Etsy shops that make minimalist friendly shoes. Most of the sandals on this list are normally made with a small heel and you must request them made completely flat, so reaching out to shop owners before purchasing is always a good idea. I personally have only tried a handful of these, so just be sure to do your research and ask any questions you have before purchasing.

As always, these lists are a joint effort. Let me know of other Etsy shops you’ve found and loved!

Adult Sandals

  • Laboo Leather – $90 Botond the owner is very responsive and can make any of his sandals with a barefoot sole. They are a good price for such a high quality barefoot sandal. I love them so much that we now carry them at Anya’s Shop!
  • Afoot – $174 Beautiful handmade leather sandals
  • Tread Light Gear – $90 This shop has some really great barefoot sandals with a wide toe box. They also have some really fancy handmade moccasins that are beautiful.
  • Crupon $100 – Women’s shoes only, closed toe flats and sandals. They have a barefoot line as well as a standard line – both can be made zero drop but the barefoot sandals have a more anatomical foot shape to them. You can read my Crupon reviews here.
  • Grecian Sandals $60-$80 – Love what you get for the price, but the sole is a little stiff if you don’t choose the Vibram outsole (not all sandal models can be made with Vibram). See my review here.
  • Savopoulos greek sandals – $60 The owner of this shop is willing to make these heel-less and widen the straps for you. The soles are made of Vibram and you can request no heel in the notes section at checkout. Due to their popularity it takes a looong time before they ship during the warmer months (like 2 months). I love mine because they are very unique, but they are thicker and stiffer than I’m accustomed to. I have some pics and info here, here, and here.
  • Greek Sandals Penelope – $60 She will customize the sole of these sandals based on a foot tracing and measurements. Her soles are made of rubber and can be between .5-1cm thick. You also can simply request no heel at checkout if you don’t want to send her a foot tracing. She has a lot of styles that give complete toe freedom and are adorable and unique. I’m looking forward to trying a few different ones this year that don’t cross the toes at all. You can see the style I got last year here.
  • Nikos Shoes Sandals – $60 Shop owner replied that some styles could be made without a heel, but not all, so you’d need to message before purchasing.
  • Holy Cow Chic – $100 Some options are already flat, and the ones that aren’t can’t be modified. You’ll have to look closely at the listings and ask the shop owner about specific shoes.
  • Kionas Sandals $50 Have not tried these, but owner says you can request no heel at checkout.
  • Calpas Sandals – $75 The owner of this shop is willing to make these heel-less by request and they have several styles that are foot friendly.
  • Cinderollies – $14 These are flats, not sandals. I did a short review of them here

Adult Shoes

  • Gaucho Ninja Leather UK $1000 – These are handmade barefoot leather shoes for men and women and seem to be really high quality! They look truly amazing, but holy $$$$.
  • YoungsMoccs $72 -Simple leather moccasions, but they look oh so comfy and high quality.

Yemeni Shoes

close up view of a pair of feet standing on pavement from the side wearing black leather barefoot oxfords by FeelBarefoot Aintap shoes

Yemeni shoes are traditional Turkish shoes, made entirely of leather, hand stitched, and zero drop. There are many Yemeni shoe sellers on Etsy, but most of the designs are fairly tapered. Some of the shops make the shoes based off your measurements, but unless you specify, they will only use the width and length of your feet. The only true barefoot Yemeni shoe maker on etsy that I’ve found is FeelBarefoot.


  • Soft Walker shoes – $25 These are really affordably leather shoes and boots, and look awesome! Can be made up to preschool age sizes.

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14 thoughts on “Etsy Barefoot Shoe Finds”

  1. Hi Anya! What are your fave leather sandals– except for drifter, I know you love them, but I need sandals now. I am looking at Crupon, they are so pretty. I have watched your IG story which was helpful.

  2. Hi Anya, which sandals are in the main photo, the very left one with buckles with the buckles? I’m just getting started in my barefoot journey. Thank you for your website. It’s a wonderful resource!

  3. Hey Anya, thanks for your reviews! I just ordered from Kionas on Etsy and I’m super disappointed – I would not recommend these at all. The footbed (with no heel) is thick and entirely inflexible. I ordered my normal size 41 and the footbed length is accurate, but all the straps are very loose – I can’t even imagine what kind of foot these sandals could fit because my feet are average density and width, and I’m swimming in these! They are literally unwearable. Also, the buckle is very cheap, does not close fully or lay flat. 🙁
    I’m happy to share photos if you’d like to see what I’m talking about. Just wanted to let you know because I ordered from them based on your list here. <3

  4. Hi Anya,
    I started to wear barefoot shoes just a few months ago and your reviews have been super helpful.
    I would like to add GreekChicHandmades to the list. You have to specify that you want them without the heel. As it’s currently a customized feature, there’s no option for returns. The craftswoman, Eleftheria, was super kind and replied to all my queries very quickly. Also, the sandals are gorgeous, beautifully made with good quality leather.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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