Crupon Barefoot Sandals, For The Perfect Vintage Look

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A row of 4 barefoot sandals from Crupon made of leather in bright colors

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It was 4 years ago that I ordered a pair of Trevi sandals from Crupon Sandals with a custom flat sole. I was immediately smitten – Stunning craftsmanship, perfect rustic look. The leather is chrome free and naturally dyed, a difference you can feel on your skin. Each pair is made to order using traditional shoe-making techniques. Like I said. SMITTEN. You can read my original Crupon Sandals review here.

But the shape of the toe box was narrow and as my feet got stronger and more capable I wasn’t able to wear them comfortably. So I was thrilled when Crupon Sandals wanted to work together on a new sole for their shoes. Together we designed a sole with a more natural foot shape, and now the majority of their shoes are in the Barefoot Collection!

A side by side comparison of a Barefoot Trevi Sandal from Crupon next to a standard Trevi sandal to show the difference in foot shape between the two

And if you’re wondering what barefoot shoes are, read this!

Crupon Barefoot Sandals Review

A arch of Crupon Sandals barefoot shoes in rainbow colors surrounding a pair of bare feet

Crupon Barefoot Sandals are all 6mm thick and extremely flexible. They come in sizes EU 35-41, and can be returned and exchanged. If you want a custom order they can accommodate some requests, such as a size EU 42, but in that case they are not returnable. Sandals range from $118-$148, but you can use code ANYA to get 10% off your order.

Every pair is 100% leather, hand stitched by Dimitar and Yana (owners and shoemakers) with cotton thread, and finished with a pure rubber outsole. Crupon’s standard sandals can be made in a totally flat sole that is also flexible, but they are 10mm thick.

I appreciate Crupon’s dedication to slow, ethical fashion – besides the earth-friendly materials, all shoes are made-to-order to prevent waste. When you hold a pair of Crupon Sandals you can see and feel immediately the blend of quality, beauty, and nature that they are.

A woman sitting on the pavement with her feet crossed wearing black leather Febo barefoot sandals from Crupon
Febo in Nero

The way they are sewn together also ensures Crupon Sandals can be repaired and resoled should you ever need to! But the leather and stitching don’t look like they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

Crupon Barefoot Sole Shape

A top down view of a pair of feet, the left one is wearing a pair of Crupon barefoot Sandals, Nomade model in Marsala pink leather
Nomade in Marsala

All models in the barefoot collection are made with a foot-shaped sole that provides space for the toes to lay flat. They have a Mountain shape to them, but that really only affects the Trevi model that has a covered toe box. I recommend Crupon for people with average to wide feet – extra wide toes might not have quite enough width.

Learn about the different foot types and shoes that work best for them here!

The straps on the Febo & Febo Cross styles go over the pinkie toes more than the others, and I noticed that they felt a little scrunchy there at first. I massaged the leather and stretched the strap a little to give myself more space. If you’re concerned about width, especially on the pinkie toe side, I would recommend the Nomade Style because it leaves the toes open. I also like the Nomade because it can be adjusted to fit a low volume foot (but if you have high volume feet I’d definitely ask for a longer strap over the ball of the foot!)

And if you have narrow feet, Crupon’s standard sandals are a good choice for that.

Front/Side angled view of Crupon Febo Barefoot Sandals in Black
Febo in Nero

Crupon Barefoot Fit Type

Crupon Sandals are open over the arch of the foot, so can fit a variety of arch heights. The Febo tends to work best for high volume feet, but the others seem to work for most foot types. It’s important to keep in mind that all of these are handmade, so there will be slight differences between each pair. If you have extra high/low volume feet and/or thick ankles you might want to discuss with Crupon if there’s any customization available that would make them more likely to fit your foot.

I have low volume feet, and the only sandal that feels too high volume for me is the Febo. I used some moleskin under the strap to fix that!

Styling Crupon Sandals

A collage of two photos of the same woman wearing a floral dress and Crupon Barefoot sandals trevi model in Ambra brown leather
Trevi in Ambra

Style is what drew me to Crupon in the first place. They’ve got a rustic, vintage, and bohemian aesthetic that is both unique and reminiscent. Looks like that never go out of style! I love Crupon Sandals to replace clogs, Saltwater sandals, Birkenstocks, and other timeless brands in my closet.

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing Crupon Barefoot Sandals in the Febo Cross Style and Avion teal leather, standing on a wood floor
Febo Cross in Avion

Ordering from Crupon Sandals

Crupon Sandals is based in Bulgaria and everything is made to order. They usually ship within a few days of ordering, and you can choose between standard shipping (4-10 days) and DHL Express (1-3 days). To the US, those costs are $16 and $26 respectively. Returns and exchanges are accepted on shoes from the barefoot and standard collection, but not on custom orders.


If you’ve been around here a while you know I love to combine foot health with my other passions: supporting small businesses, sustainable manufacturing, and good style. Crupon is a marriage of all of these things!

Dimitar and Yana are thrilled to be able to offer their craftsmanship to us in the barefoot show crowd, and we are thrilled to have them. We have plans to expand our collaboration, so watch out for more exciting news!

Find my most up to date Crupon Review that covers updates for 2023 here.

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35 thoughts on “Crupon Barefoot Sandals, For The Perfect Vintage Look”

  1. I can’t wait for them to make their Paesante – Aubergine into a barefoot shape! Maybe you can pull some muscle there? πŸ™‚

    1. Be wary to buy from this company. I purchased a pair of barefoot shoes through Crupon because of Anya’s Reviews. The left shoe is great, the right shoe is defective and unwearable. I have reached out to Crupon now a handful of times with zero response. Unfortunate, because the shoes look so cute and I love to support small companies. $150 down the drain.

  2. Can you speak about sizing. I’m about 24cm so a 7 seems too perfect but an 8 may be way too long. I’m a 7.5 in Earthrunners.

    1. If you got a sandal with an open toe then you have a little extra space to work with, so a 7 should work. I would print out their templates to be sure!

    2. Hi Anya,
      I’ve printed out the templates and my feet go over the edge of the sides on a 39, but a 40 are about a centimetre too long. Do you find that these fit true to the template? Do you think it’s worth a try, or not wide enough for my feet? Thanks!

  3. Can you compare width and foot shape with the β€˜wide width’ Zeazoo sandals that are a similar style? For instance, the Febo Cross compared to the Zeazoo Symphony. Would you say they are about the same? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jacy!! Sure. Just a note about the Zeazoo, the difference between regular, narrow, and wide is just the strap length – the sole does not change. So the front strap on regular is .5cm longer than narrow, and wide is .5cm longer than regular. I’ve just held the Symphony sole to sole with the Febo Cross in the same size and the sandals are about the same width through the heel and midfoot, but the Febo Cross is a couple millimeters wider at the ball of the foot and over a cm wider at the toes. The Zeazoo sandals taper in slightly at the big toe and the Crupon sandals keep widening at the big toe.

  4. I was so excited about the crupons but I guess I must have extra wide feet! They are a little too snug. I ordered the Febo. They are so beautiful though!

    1. Oh dang it! The good news is Dimitar and I are working on an extra wide option for the future – maybe you can circle back around to them some day!

      1. Oh! This is lovely to hear! Maybe I’ll hold off on ordering… unless it’ll be years? any hints? πŸ™‚

        1. I don’t think it’ll be years, it should be this season. But it’s out of my hands at the moment – we developed the shape already but they’ve been so busy this spring that they haven’t had the time to move forward with it.

  5. Hi Anya!
    I have kept an eye on Crupon for years, I really love their style! I have low volume feet on the narrow side: would you suggest trying their regular model or going for the barefoot model of Trevi?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hard to say for sure, your best bet would be to print out the template for the barefoot version and see how your foot fits inside. Since narrow and wide can mean different things to different people.

  6. Hi Anya,
    I discovered your website recently, and I am so impressed with your wealth of knowledge on feet. I think I have a plateau shape foot with a high arch, and mostly wide at the ball of my foot, which is 4 inches across. My foot length is 9.64 inches, and I usually wear an 8.5(39) size. I am interested in the Crupon Febo style, in the barefoot. I’m nervous about ordering such an expensive shoe, so wanted your advice on what you recommend.
    Thanks, Catherine

    1. It’s always hard to say for sure since everyone has different fit preferences. I would print off the template and stand on it before ordering, that would be the most accurate way to see!

  7. Some of the colors looks different on every picture. What colour is the “standard shaped” sandal in your second picture? Bunker?

  8. …and what size do you use in Febo? I’ve previously had good experience in using your size as a reference. πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Anya. Could you help me to choose the size ? I am really interested in the Crupon Febo but I don’t know if I have to take size 36 or 37. My feet are 23.7 cm. I don’t really like having to much extra length in sandals. (I can’t find the template…) (I have the zeazoo siren in size 36 and the size is perfect for me) Thank you Anya for your website and all your advice.

    1. The template is under the Description dropdown, the link is called Sole Shape. I would try to print that off if you can. My inclination would be to go with a size 37, but the toe of the Febo is open so you can a little extra space beyond the stitching.

  10. Hi Anya!
    I just got some Trevis and want to love them but my foot makes a suction/fart noise against the leather when walking. Any tips to prevent this?

    1. I haven’t done this myself, but I’ve heard you can take sandpaper and gently rough up the leather on the insole so it’s less smooth. Otherwise whenever I’ve had that farting noise in shoes it’s gone away once the leather broke in.

  11. Hi Anya, I just bought a Crupon Trevi sandal. They are such beautiful shoes! I know from reading some of your articles that my foot is just a fraction of a centimeter shorter than yours (and mine is a slope shape). I was unsure because I often find myself in between sizes, but I got the 36. Unfortunately I can’t wear my toe spacers comfortably, and there’s less than a centimeter in front of my big toe. I’ve gone back and forth on whether they are okay without the toe spacers on. Crupon no longer offers free shipping for an exchange. I’m loath to pay for shipping three times. Maybe this is impossible to answer, but do you think I could give myself sufficient space with the sock and hair dryer technique?

    1. Yes, that’s a tough one! Always a bit of a risk to decide to keep and stretch the shoe in case it doesn’t work out. When it’s on the snug side but the overall shape and width is roughly right then I would say it’s worth trying to stretch. The leather is thick and I found that the Trevi in particular takes a little breaking in (because it covers your foot), so I wouldn’t despair if they feel a bit small when brand new.

  12. Do you know what the difference between the Trevi Barefoot Sandal and the Trevi Light Barefoot Sandal? I’m not seeing a difference in the description…

  13. Hi Anya! I am new to this world of barefoot shoes, but have stumbled upon Crupon per your suggestion. So cute! Only issue is I have very small feet, usually size 5 or 5.5. Any suggestions for brands for such petite-sized feet? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Elle! You have many options, actually. There are several brands that span the whole size range from toddler to adult like Mukishoes, Wildling, PaperKrane, and Vivobarefoot. You can use the filter feature on the Barefoot Shoe Finder tool to find brands that have you size.

  14. Hi Anya! I see you’re a size EU36 for the open toed sandals, which is my size. I’m looking at getting the closed toe Iris. Would you recommend going up to a EU37?

    1. I still have a 36 in the closed toe sandals, but they fit a little snug at first. I prefer it over the 37, because I’m able to stretch them enough and they fit securely.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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