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Fit Hacks For Narrow Heels?

A Fit Hacks For Narrow Heels? Heels slipping out of your barefoot shoes? This can affect your gait and should be addressed for maximum comfort.

Fit Hacks For Low Volume Feet?

A Fit Hacks For Low Volume Feet? If you have low volume feet and the shoe is floppy but fits your length and width, here

Fit Hacks For High Volume Feet?

A Fit Hacks For High Volume Feet? If you have high volume feet and your shoes are too tight over the top of your foot

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on grass with one barefoot foot shaped shoe on and one foot bare. With the text "Do these fit me? A Guide to Barefoot Shoe Fit, Anya's Reviews" written over it

How Do I Know If My Shoes Fit?

I review barefoot shoes for a living. So how do I determine if they fit well? Especially If you’re new to naturally shaped shoes, you might be unsure about this. Here are my 3 checkpoints.

a collage of a woman wearing stylish barefoot shoes to wear instead of popular shoe trends that damage your feet

Fashion, But Make it Barefoot – December 2021

Helping you find healthy alternatives to stylish (but hurty) shoe trends is what I do best – If you’re thinking shoes that don’t hurt your feet can’t be stylish, check out these looks I’ve recreated with barefoot shoes!

What Is Foot Volume?

A What Is Foot Volume? Foot volume is the amount of vertical space your foot takes up. This can be at any point along the

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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