Trending Spring Fashion, But Make It Barefoot Shoes

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a collage of 5 different stylish barefoot shoes for spring 2024 that have a wide toe box and can replace other popular styles in your closer

Find here your happy feet shoe swaps for Spring 2024! Because I believe that comfort starts with free toes, and you don’t have to sacrifice style to get it. These are wide toe box alternatives to the stylish shoes you’ve been wishing for – because no, it’s not just you having trouble finding cute shoes that fit!

Part 2 of Spring 2024 But Make it Barefoot can be found here, because there are more gorgeous spring shoes coming that I know you’re going to want to hear about! And if you like this idea of having comfortable feet no matter the occasion, check out the rest of my Fashion, But Make it Barefoot series.

a side by side comparison of two mexican huaraches in natural leather. the left shoe is the Origo Huarache by Anya with a wide toe box and natural shape. On the right is a standard huarache with a pointy toe box
That extra toe space in the Origo Huaraches on the left makes a huge difference in comfort!

In the meantime, here are 5 new stylish barefoot shoe models that perfectly replace the classic looks you haven’t been able to let go of.

Be Lenka Loafers

Two black loafers with metal hardware side by side on a person's foot - on the left if a barefoot wide toe box foot shaped loafer with the text "Wear this" above it, and on the right is a point narrow black loafer with the text "not that" above it

Sizes EU 36-43 | Leather | Ships from EU

You can also shop directly with Be Lenka in the EU and use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.

As you may know, I am a sucker for loafers. Ballet flats can be tricky to get a good fit in, but loafers cover more of the foot so stay on better. They also are sophisticated and versatile, so thank goodness we can get this classic style with a wide toe box. I have a distinct memory of wearing pointy loafers just like the above right to get an MRI of my big toe. It’s hard to believe that I was not making the connection between my chronic big toe pain and the pinchy narrow shoes I was wearing!

The Be Lenka Viva is similar to my well-loved Dalia loafers but with a horsebit for an extra touch of glam. I think they are gorgeous, but I highly recommend putting a bit of moleskin or a cushion in the heel because the edge is a bit sharp and gave me blisters.

The Viva fit is on the lower volume and slimmer side (built on the same sole as their ballet flats), so if you have wide feet or want a lot of toe space you will do better in the Be Lenka Buena loafer shown below.

Top down view of a person with extra wide feet wearing 1 Be Lenka Buena barefoot loafers while the other foot is bare to show the shape match.
Samantha wearing the Be Lenka Buena loafer

The Buena loafer (already available and ready to ship) is made on their Active sole and fits wide and extra wide feet better. They are a little more casual than the Viva, but still pretty and I know that many will appreciate the extra space in them. Both models come with a removable insole for more versatility in the volume, and don’t forget that low volume feet can use these fit hacks so they don’t flop around.

Lems Laguna

Annotated Image of a person's feet wearing Lems Laguna tan suede slip-on barefoot shoes next to Toms tapered slip-ons. "Wear This" text with an arrow is pointing to the foot shaped Lems Laguna and "Not That" with an arrow is pointing at the Toms

Sizes US Women’s 6-12 | Suede or Canvas | Ships from USA

This is another style I had in my closet pre-barefoot shoe days and I am very happy to replace them now with the Lems Laguna. I love the neutral color palette and the combination of a sneaker sole with a leather upper – it makes for a sophisticated but casual vibe that matches most things. And who doesn’t love an easy slip-on?

The fit of the Laguna is on their wide last, not their widest. Which means that if you already know and love the Chelsea, Telluride, Primal 3, or Primal Zen you’ll notice that these Lagunas are a little slimmer. They still fit wide, but not extra wide. And also noticeable is that these are more cushioned than most barefoot shoes.

A front angled close up of a woman's feet wearing Lems Laguna suede slip-on sneakers in tan

Sizing ran a little small for me, I have a women’s 7.5 but often wear a 7 in slip-ons (I wear a half size up in all my Lems!). However they fit well and are only a little too high volume for me. That means they’ll fit medium volume feet well.

You can remove the insole for more volume, but they aren’t meant to be worn without it so the inside isn’t finished. And if you’re low volume like me you can add a tongue pad to the upper or try a foot Snugg.

Lems already has a nice men’s slip-on called the Drifter, but I was really happy to see this new model in women’s sizes.

Peerko Origin

Annotated image of a person wearing barefoot Peerko Origin sneakers with a wide toe box. Wear this text with an arrow points to the Peerko sneakers and a Wear That text with an arrow is pointing is traditional Converse shoe with a pointy toe box

Sizes EU 37-45 | Leather or Vegan | Ships from EU or USA

You can also shop directly with Peerko in the EU and use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off – just note that they don’t accept returns outside the EU.

I remember several years ago when Peerko first released this model as the first toe cap barefoot shoe. But back then I didn’t have a barefoot shoe shop so couldn’t make them available to yooouuuuu! Peerko is now relaunching the Origin, and I’m very happy to be able to bring them to the US for easier shopping.

It is so exciting to have such an iconic style without the seriously pointy toe box. My feet hurt just looking at Converse nowadays!

a pair of feet resting on a wood floor wearing Denim Peerko Origin barefoot sneakers with a white toe cap, that look like Converse but have a wide toe box

The Peerko Origin is very soft, light and flexible. If you like a true barefoot feel you’ll be happy with these. I added the extra insole that came in the box because I have very low volume feet, and they fit me perfectly now.

Peerko is a good match for my foot type, because they have a wide toe box and a slim heel – essentially they are more fan-shaped than a brand like Bohempia for example (I do adore my Bohempia Velik slip-ons though).

I prefer the Denim colorway, but in true Peerko spirit the Origin is also available in several bright and fun colors. We have Denim, Turquoise, and Silver in the shop and you can find a few more options in Peerko’s shop.

Origo Huarache by Anya

A person's feet close up wearing one traditional woven huarache sandal on the right foot and an Origo Huarache by Anya on the left to shoe the different in toe box shape. The Origo Huarache has a wide toe box and the traditional huarache sandal is pointy leaving no space for toes.

Sizes US Women’s 6 – Men’s 13 | 2 Widths | Leather | Ships from USA

Use code ANYA for 10% off

The Mexican woven flat is very much in vogue right now, but modern iterations of it have a very pointy toe box! I developed this foot-friendly version with Origo shoes to honor my heritage and fill the style void. I absolutely adore the final outcome – I wear mine as much as possible and they feel so lovely. Not to mention that they look great too!

two straight lines of Origo Huaraches by Anya barefoot sandals and slip ons in leather in 4 colors - white, black, brown, and tan

The biggest news about these huaraches is that they now come in wide and a springy white. Origo and I are continuing to expand the line with more sizes in wide and more colors, so definitely stay tuned.

And please note that inventory levels change frequently, as we restock multiple times a month.

Top down view of a person with extra wide feet wearing Origo Wide Huarache by Anya to show that it has a wide toe box and natural fit
Samantha wearing Huaraches in wide

Read the full Huarache by Anya review for more details on fit and sizing.

Shapen Re:wind

Annotated image of a person wearing Shapen Barefoot Re:Wind sneakers with a wide toe box next to a traditional pair of New Balance sneakers in a similar style. "Wear This" text with an arrow is pointing to the Shapen barefoot Re:Wind sneakers and "Not That" text with an arrow is pointing to the New Balance sneakers

Sizes EU 35-47 | Leather | Ships from EU or USA

You can also shop Shapen in the EU you can use code ANYA5 for 5% off – but note that they don’t accept returns outside the EU.

Oh the retro sneaker! This classic color block style translates to a wide toe box quite easily – so easy in fact that I genuinely wonder why it’s so hard to find among mainstream shoe brands!

You all have been loving on Shapen barefoot shoes along with me for a while – their casual line is soft, light, and with an extra wide fit for superior comfort. Many people who have trouble getting enough width in other barefoot shoe brands have been enjoying Shapen, and the Re:wind is no different.

In fact, I would say they are even softer than their other Feelin sneakers. Both Samantha (wide, high volume foot model here at Anya’s Reviews) and I are loving them. Sizing is true, but on the roomier side overall.

We have black and grey at Anya’s Shop, but you can find the peach colorway shown on Samantha with Shapen directly.

What if I only want a wide toe box?

If you’re here for the toe space only and not interested in the full barefoot shoe package, don’t worry. One of the things I love about barefoot shoes is that they can be used in many different ways. I love to add insoles to mine for days when I need more cushion, and I even have used an orthotic in my barefoot shoes back when I was recovering from a foot injury!

So feel free to modify what you see here according to your needs (and note that the Lems Laguna is a more cushioned option). You can also check out my list of wide toe box, but not barefoot shoes list for more options.

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11 thoughts on “Trending Spring Fashion, But Make It Barefoot Shoes”

  1. I’ve been curious as to whether the discount codes work in all regions. I live in Canada and have tried some unsuccessfully. I just tried your code for the Peerko Origins sneakers, which look great! But the site advises that the code is only good for their leather shoes. I am new to barefoot shoes, so thank you for this informative site. I will explore more brands and more of the discount codes as my family and I branch out!

    1. Thanks for the heads up on this! We just investigated and you are right, for some reason it excludes canvas shoes. I will check in with them to see if that was a mistake. Otherwise codes should be available no matter where you are ordering from. One exception is Vivobarefoot Canada, which is a franchise and not actually run by the Vivobarefoot company. They do not accept my Vivobarefoot coupon code.

  2. Love your platform and promotions of barefoot shoes! Make sure you have Minnemals on your radar!! Awesome new barefoot shoe out there!

      1. The Buena looks so great for my extra wide feet. Been really wanting more conventional business shoes for warmer weather. But I may need to wait til it comes in a color way I would wear. Prefer darker colors for work wear.

        Barefoot shoes are great for toebox space but difficult when you have extra wide feet that are low volume and narrow heels.

  3. Hi Anya,
    Wich size do you wear in the Shapen Re:Wind? My feet are similar to yours and I tend to balance between 37-38 and sometimes 36 in sandals. Thank you in advance for your answer!

  4. Hi Anya,
    Do you know if FeetSutra is going out of business? I reached out to them directly but never heard back. Thank you, and thanks for your great blog and shop.

    1. I don’t know, it seems like they might be. Almost a year ago we asked and they said they were rebranding and relaunching soon but then nothing.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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