Realfoot Review – My Toes Have Never Been More Free

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by Samantha

Collage of Realfoot barefoot shoe outsole with extra wide toe box, Farmer winter boots, and Trekker low, all with a lightweight construction and zero drop outsole

Realfoot makes barefoot shoes with an unapologetically wide toe box. They are more than just foot shaped; they are full range of motion SPLAY shaped. Keep reading to find out if Realfoot is the right brand for you!

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Meet Realfoot

Based in the Czech Republic, Realfoot was co-founded by Matyas Kozma, a leading Czech natural movement instructor and Oldrich Antos, a creative entrepreneur and Aikido enthusiast. Together they spent several years studying feet, testing footwear, and developing a unique barefoot shoe. All Realfoot shoes are all handmade by world-class shoemakers from Zlín.

Their style offers are limited since they are a fledgling business, but I have been loving the Farmer Boots this winter and the City Jungle sneaker is a great addition to my spring barefoot shoe collection. First things first, let’s get to know the Realfoot fit type!

Sizing & Fit

Realfoot shoes are shaped just like the name suggests – like real feet! You might already know, that feet come in many different shapes/types so knowing yours can be really helpful when picking out barefoot shoes. Realfoot fit type is:

  • Extra wide fan shape, narrower through the midfoot and heel
  • Square shaped toe box (lots of space for your pinky toes)
  • Ample vertical height in the toe box
  • High volume
  • True to size

Farmer Boots Review

Leather + Fleece | Water resistant | Sizes EU 36-47 |

The Farmer Boots are surprisingly lightweight, and very flexible. A single boot (size 39) is less than 300 grams! They are lined with a soft, warm fleece that makes these appropriate for mild to moderate winters. One great thing about these barefoot boots is that the upper leather is soft and flexible right out of the box – no break in time required! The integrated membrane has kept my feet dry on slushy winter walks, but the tongue is not gusseted so you will get wet in a total downpour or deep puddle.

The insole is removable and if you want more cushion, you can find 6mm cork backed insoles here!

The tread on the outsoles are flexible in all directions and are excellent ground feel. Not great on ice, but really nothing but ice spikes are suitable for that! I like the little detail of the sole coming up the back of the heel a bit to protect the leather. The laces have D-ring eyelets (in place of the usual grommets) and 2 speed hooks at the top making these a cinch to lace and unlace! The laces “snap” into the plastic speed hooks to really lock your adjustments into place so there’s no risk of them loosening on you. 

I really like wearing these boots. While most wide barefoot shoes fit my resting feet just fine, they don’t offer much additional splay space for my extra wide feet. These do! They’re even roomy enough in the toes for thick toe socks. I’ve been reaching for them over and over all winter, and they’ll carry me right through spring as well.

Realfoot City Jungle Review

Leather + Fabric | Sizes EU 36-47

The City Jungle sneaker from Realfoot has the same extra wide toe box as the Farmer boots, but in a super soft low cut year-round barefoot sneaker. Since I planned on wearing these with thin socks or barefoot, I went with my usual EU size 38 and they fit as expected. The upper is suede, lined with a silky smooth fabric and they are comfortable right from the first wear. I love a pair of shoes that doesn’t need breaking in!

One thing I especially like about the City Jungle is the very low cut areas on both sides of the ankle. In addition to preventing any ankle bone rubbing, this allows for me to actually slip them on without untying! I cannot usually do this in sneakers, so that was so exciting. I tried them without socks the first few wears, but found my feet got too sweaty, so I’ve been wearing them with thin toe socks instead. If you want something more breathable, I’d opt for the mesh Natural Runner model Realfoot also carries.

Trekker Low Review

Top down view of Realfoot Trekker Low extra wide barefoot hiking shoes with waterproof membrane and gusseted tongue

Leather | Waterproof Membrane | Sizes EU 36-47

The Trekker Low is a brand new model designed for wet weather. With a gusseted tongue and waterproof Tepor membrane, these can handle quite a bit! I took them through some really swampy ground and rain and was impressed with their functionality. 

The clever Tepor membrane is not only waterproof, but it is also very breathable so your feet can sweat but it won’t get trapped inside. These are a great choice for year-round wet climates or light-moderate hiking.


Realfoot ships most places worldwide utilizing several different shipping carriers. After completing your order, you’ll be redirected to another site to complete payment and will also receive an email with payment instructions (this is common for businesses in Europe). For US customers, shipping is now only 19 EUR via FedEx! Shipping options for other countries can be found here. Don’t forget to use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off your order!


Realfoot is committed to making a new level of barefoot shoes that will protect your feet, but also give you the ultimate amount of toe space. They’re comfortable straight away and have been a total delight to wear with so much toe space.

2 photo collage of the same woman wearing a baby in cold weather and RealFoot Farmer Boots, extra wide toe box super flexible boots for fan shaped feet

Samantha is a writer, researcher, and executive assistant for Anya’s Reviews and stay-at-home mom to 5 littles. In addition to shopping online for footwear for her family, she spends her time homeschooling, reading, weaving, and doing home improvement projects with her husband.

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21 thoughts on “Realfoot Review – My Toes Have Never Been More Free”

  1. Thank you so much for this review! I thought they were only shipping to the EU. I went ahead and got my own pair…ordered on a Saturday, and got them on Friday. I never did get a shipping notice, so I was surprised. They are the first pair of winter boots I can wear toe socks and CorrectToes in- so pleased!

  2. I and my extra-wide feet appreciate this detailed review! I will probably not order them now because we’re heading into warmer weather, but I will keep my eye on the brand and return to this review later in the year.

  3. Hi, thanks for the review. Looking forward to updates about the City Jungle. Which model did you pick, the light-brown as well?

    You mention ice, but how slip resistant is the sole on wet rocks, paved sidewalks and metal like grating? Do they behave like average minimalist shoes like the Zelen or more like the Prio SR in Anyas review:

    1. Hi Jesse! I got the purple color in the City. They arrived a few days and I’ve begun testing them. I think the soles on Realfoot are a little better than your average minimalist shoe – but I can’t say I’ve tried them on any metal grating. Wet pavement, rocks, etc – no issues.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the review!
    How does the toebox width and height of the realfoot shoes compare to the new groundies barefoot plus shoes? Also, will you be reviewing the realfoot natural runner model anytime soon?


    1. Hi Jamie,

      They are both quite wide in the toe box with Realfoot having just a little more pinky toe space than Groundies Barefoot+. Realfoot is narrow in the midfoot and heel than Groundies Barefoot+ also. Both have ample space above my toes – no squishing at all!

      No plans currently to test out the runner model from Realfoot, but I am testing the City model right now. I believe the fit will be very similar 🙂

    1. Very similar! You get a little more vertical toe space in Realfoot shoes, but the shape and width is very similar to Softstar Primals in wide.

  5. Hi,
    I am quite interested in these shoes mainly as good trekking/ hiking shoe. In your opinion, how good to you think they are suited for this? Is the tread on the sole good enough for solid grip on rocks and in the backcountry?
    Do you suggest this shoe mainly in the winter or do you think it would work well as a good hiking boot in the summer too?
    In regard to sizing what is your experience? Generally I’ve found I like my barefoot shoes generally a little bigger but since these are so wide I’m wondering if a little more snug would ne better because I certainly don’t want too much room in the front. My feet are about 298-300mm and I’m not sure if I should go for 46 or 47.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks a lot 😊

    1. Hi Jan! I would not suggest these for summer wear. They are lined with fleece and are best suited for fall, mild winter, or early spring. They don’t have very deep lugs, so I would only recommend them for mild hikes, nothing extreme. A 47 sounds like the right size with about 11mm extra space.

      1. Great review! Do you happen to have an idea of whether the Farmer boots’ interior dimensions match those listed on their size chart? Wondering since it has a membrane and fleece lining… My feet are 28 cm long without socks and I’m trying to decide between the 44 (listed as 29 cm) or sizing up to accommodate thick socks. Not sure how much that’s necessary with such a wide forefoot area.

        1. The size chart has been completely accurate for us so far, so my initial reaction is that 29 cm wouldn’t be enough for your foot length (provided you got an accurate measurement). If you want to be able to wear socks I would suggest one size up.

          1. Thanks! Do you think the same would be true of the Farmer Spring version, if they rerelease that? Wondering how much space is taken up by the lining in the Winter model…

    1. Hi! Yes, I wear my usual size in the sneakers (EU 38), and I sized up in the boots to a 39 so I could wear socks like I do with all my boots. Hope that helps!

  6. I have a question about barefoot shoes. I have been buying shoes in a wide width to accommodate my toes. If I buy barefoot style shoes do I still need the wide width?

    1. If you’ve never tried barefoot shoes before, you may not need to! Lots of people with very average feet think their feet are so wide, but it’s really just the shoes that were too narrow. Of course I can’t say for sure, since wide width “regular” shoes are a different ballgame than wide barefoot shoes. I would recommend trying an easily accessible barefoot shoe to start and that can help you determine whether you still need the extra wide barefoot shoe options. I have a guide to picking your first pair here:

  7. I bought a pair of Realfoot farmer boots from a store in Finland, natural movement.
    This is the review I wrote there:

    “I bought a pair of Realfoot’s farmer winter boots size 42. Yes, they are wide enough, but extremely flat. As if a human being has duck feet. Please! Wide feet does not necessarily mean flat thin feet. There is no way I can use the inner sole, and even without it there is a problem. Big toe is firmly pressed against the upper of the shoe. Some product modification is needed to cater to people with large (high volume) feet, or at least toes. They are long enough, just not high/voluminous enough. I have returned these.”

    Other than that, seems to be nice shoes, materials seemed nice, soft leather, nice fleece lining.

    I read above that the Softstar Switchback are as flat as these? (vertically narrow/challenged in the toe box, or how to say.)

  8. I’ve been curious about part of this review of the City Jungle shoe. Where you wrote “the very low cut areas on both sides of the ankle…allows for me to actually slip them on without untying”, that has me curious. Are you able to wear this shoe properly, and, tie the laces in a manner which prevents the shoe from being removed without untying?

    I also want to say that I’ve been interested in the Natural Runner shoe by Realfoot, and would like to see a review of it as well.

    1. Hi! The City Jungle is plenty secure when tied normally. It doesn’t slip off my heel when worn, only if I want it to pull them off intentionally. This is because the uppers are slightly stretchy and the low cut sides of the ankle allow for more movement of the heel portion of the shoe. I have higher volume feet and this is usually not possible with sneakers for me.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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