Are There Non-Slip Barefoot Shoes for the Food Service Industry, Nursing, or Boating?

Here are the best non-slip options for people working in restaurants, nursing, or boating.

The following weren’t designed for industry workers, but still might work.

  • Be Lenka Glide – Be Lenka Barefoot released a new slip-resistant outsole in 2021.
  • Groundies Original Sole – Groundies Barefootwear has 3 different outsoles. Anything made with the original TrueSense sole is slip-resistant (but not non-slip).
  • Bohempia – These are popular among skateboarders, and the slip-resistant outsole can also work for nursing/ food service.
  • Xero Shoes 360 – These are meant to be grippy for quick lateral movement, but can also work in other situations!

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8 thoughts on “Are There Non-Slip Barefoot Shoes for the Food Service Industry, Nursing, or Boating?”

  1. Hi! I was just wondering how you know the Barebarics Zoom is non-slip because I checked through the shoe details on the Barebarics website and Be Lenka website, and couldn’t find anything about restaurants, nursing, boating, or non-slip. The only description of the sole is “soft synthetic rubber with high wear-and-tear resistance.”

    1. They aren’t marketing them for the service industry, but they’ve confirmed that the soles are indeed non-slip. Whether it is non-slip enough for an individual’s needs I can’t say for sure, but when I tested them out for my review they were quite grippy.

      1. I don’t like the look of those but I’m seeing that the barebarics Zing that look way better to my taste has the same sole design and specifications, do you think those are going to work too?

        1. Yes, they have the same sole so both have good slip resistance. I like the Zoom because it is wipe-able in case of spills. The all leather Zing would also be wipe-able, but the others wouldn’t be.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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