Fit Hacks For High Volume Feet?

If you have high volume feet and your shoes are too tight over the top of your foot but fit everywhere else you can try a few things:

  • Size up – Depending on the shoe you may be able to size up for more vertical space and still get a good fit. This is most likely to work if your foot volume is predominantly in the instep.
  • Stretch the shoe by strategically stuffing it and waving a hairdryer to warm up the material.
  • Stretch the shoe with a wooden stretcher.

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8 thoughts on “Fit Hacks For High Volume Feet?”

  1. If your shoes have laces your foot is high volume in the arch/midfoot, you can also skip the lacing in that section or run the laces on the same side (instead of crossing the laces over the foot) for the section that’s tight. Youtube has some good videos for this.

  2. I’m not sure if my son has high volume or super wide or both. I can’t find any shoes to fit him. Any suggestions? small size needed. about size 12. age 5.

    1. Hm, Foot Buddy would be a good one to check out. They stop at size 12, so won’t fit him much longer. Also Mukishoes would be a good one and Magical shoes.

  3. OMG! I didnt know there were actual ‘terms’ for my feet! I have struggled looking for shoes my entire life (I am 68). My feet are described by you as ‘square’ although I have always called them ‘duck feet’ & ‘high volume’. I also have a very high arch.
    I have changed mostly to cloth shoes. as i have sensitive feet & neuropathy due to diabetes. I have purchased sandals with straps that can be loosened for the front of my feet & adjusted for my ankles, so they stay on my feet. I also wear oxford type shoes with laces or velcro straps. If i wear a slip on ‘mary jane’ type shoe, I either have the straps lengthened or added by a cobbler. I have also used elastic straps & have had them sewn on.
    In the 1970s, they sold a type of shoe called ‘earth shoe’ with a wide front &
    negative heel, which fit well & was comfortable.
    For so many years, women’s shoes are narrower in the toes or pointed. (Whoever thought of that, human feet are not pointed.)
    At my age, I have maybe 10 pair of shoes, because so few fit me, which is kind of sad. As I am on a fixed income, my budget does not cover designer shoes & prices.
    I am going to take some time looking through the brands you suggested.
    Thank you for writing the article.

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