The 10 Best Stylish Barefoot Sandals for Women

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A circle of pretty women's barefoot sandals from different brands

Forget the heels, stylish barefoot sandals make me feel like a million bucks – I get to look cute AND feel comfortable. What more could I want??

This article is all about my 10 favorite stylish barefoot sandals for women, with prices and materials listed so you can find YOUR favorite pair! Discover the best of the barefoot shoe world with me.

Healthy Feet Doesn’t Mean Ugly Shoes!

a woman holding up two similar style sandals, but she is shunning the Birkenstocks in favor of the Feelgrounds Seaside flexible, wide zero drop vegan .

When I first decided to stop wearing sandals that hurt my feet I thought I would also have to stop wearing cute sandals. But fortunately, there are tons of stylish barefoot sandals out there so you can look and feel your best during spring and summer – you’ll even find some fancy barefoot sandals for weddings here!

This post covers stylish women’s barefoot sandals. If you’d like more information on barefoot sandals for kids or athletic use, see below two additional resources I have. And don’t forget all the individual barefoot sandal reviews I’ve written!

What About Slides & Flip Flops?

A side by side image of a woman wearing two different kinds of shoes. On the left is a flip flop that is falling off her heels. Arrows show that the shoe is not secure to her foot and there is a red cross underneath. On the right is a sandal with an ankle strap that keeps the shoe secure to her foot. An arrow shows that it is not falling off and there is a green check mark underneath.

Before we get to my picks for the best stylish barefoot sandals, I want to talk for a quick sec about slides and flip flops. Those shoes are aptly named, because they SLIDE and they FLOP. There’s nothing to keep them secure to your foot, causing you to grip your toes or walk funny to keep the shoe on. That is why everything on this list has a back strap.

Still want barefoot-friendly slides for quick jaunts outside, beach trips, public showers, etc? I cover these styles as well in my Complete Barefoot Sandals List.

I look to barefoot sandals to feel cute and stylish while treating my feet right. After trying out hundreds of different barefoot sandals from brands all over the world, below are my picks for the 10 Best Stylish Barefoot Sandals of all time!

The 10 Best Stylish Barefoot Sandals

These are ranked in order of my favorites, but keep in mind that what works for me might not be right for you. To that end I’ve included relevant sizing/fit information, materials used, and brand location. Since I can’t help but be exhaustive, I’ve also included a few runner ups, my favorite affordable barefoot sandals, and vegan barefoot sandals!

Everything on this list I personally own and wear, so you are getting firsthand experience here!

Laboo Leather

Laboo Leather strappy barefoot sandals

Leather | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 35-45 | Ships from EU or USA

What I Love About Them: My favorite and most worn stylish barefoot sandals are from Laboo Leather. I take these with me every time I travel because they are so reliably cute, comfortable, and lightweight. You can keep the strap long and wrap it around the ankle, or you can cut it and wear them as slip ons (see the video in this post to show how to tie). They’re seriously the best.

I loved this Etsy shop so much that last summer I worked with the owner to develop a new barefoot sole, which you can now find from the Laboo Leather Etsy shop and my own barefoot shoe store, Anya’s Shop. *If ordering from Etsy, make sure you specify “barefoot shape” in the personalization field, or they will come in their default shape that is more tapered.

Fit Type/Sizing: Laboo Leather barefoot sandals fit a wide foot. The laces are fully adjustable at any point, and so can easily accommodate both low and high volume feet. Some people with narrow heels have had trouble getting the ankle straps secure enough, but most people can get a good fit after adjusting. A few others report that the leather straps feel rough at first, but then break in nicely with wear. Laboo sandals do run a little bit short in my experience, and I wear one size bigger in Laboo than I normally do in sandals (an EU 37, instead of 36). There is a size chart available at the links below with exact measurements.

Crupon Sandals

A row of 4 barefoot sandals from Crupon made of leather in bright colors

Leather | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 36-41 | Ships from EU

Code ANYA gets you 10% off!

What I Love About Them: Crupon sandals are timelessly beautiful and you can immediately feel the quality of the leather on your skin (they also have a vegan option here). The barefoot line from Crupon has a very thin flexible sole, but the stitching and leather are sturdy so you don’t feel like you’re going to walk through them in one summer. I love Crupon Sandals as a replacement for popular sandal brands that no longer serve me after switching to barefoot shoes.

Read my Crupon Barefoot Sandals review here for more details.

Sizing & Fit Type: Crupon has a printable size template and chart with measurements so you can find the right size. I personally find them to run a teensy bit longer than other barefoot sandal brands in the same size. I wear a size 36 in all of mine.

Their standard barefoot shoes fit average to wide width feet, so might not be suitable for extra wide feet. If you have an EXTRA wide foot, check out their Extra Wide Barefoot Line, which should fit even the widest of feet.

Be Lenka Barefoot

A side view of a pair of feet standing on wood plans outside wearing Be Lenka barefoot Grace sandals in gold leather

Leather | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 36-43 | Ships from EU & US

What I Love About Them: Be Lenka barefoot sandals are stylish and come in tons of colors and options. They have a low profile outsole that makes them easy to dress up and they’re just dang cute! Every year Be Lenka adds additional colors and styles, so you really have lots to choose from.

The sole is flexible and thin, but a little heavier than the Tikki and Laboo sandals (or any sandal on this list that uses the Vibram Cherry outsole). The quality is really apparent, and these barefoot sandals are a favorite for weddings and other fancy occasions.

Sizing & Fit Type: Be Lenka barefoot sandals have an average width sole, but many people with wide or even narrow feet are comfortable in them because they all have adjustable straps or open toes.

Samantha is our extra wide, high volume foot model here at Anya’s Reviews and she wears the Be Lenka Grace with the strap loosened so she’s comfortable (I on the other hand tighten it). The Grace, Summer, and Flexi all work for both high and low volume feet. The Promenade (shown below, right) fits a low to medium volume foot best. I find the sizing to run a little bit long in Be Lenka sandals.

Note that the two models that have a ball strap, Summer and Grace, have extra stitching so that you can cut off the excess strap if you have shallow feet.

Tikki Sandals

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing black vegan Tikki Shoes barefoot sandals - Vibe model

Leather & Vegan Options | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 36-43 | Ships from EU

What I Love About Them: Tikki Sandals, like my other favorite barefoot sandals, are extremely light and flexible with a nice wide forefoot. And, of course, they’re stylish and versatile. Each year Tikki comes out with different color options, but I am always drawn to the neutrals. They are simple in design, and I can wear them with everything while still being comfortable. Tikki has two barefoot sandal styles: the Vibe and the Soul. The Vibe has a velcro strap over the ball of the foot, and the Soul is a toe ring sandal. And you can get both in a vegan option!

The only downside to them is that shipping is fairly expensive if you are outside the EU. We sell them at Anya’s Shop when we can, but aren’t always able to.

Sizing & Fit Type: Tikki Sandals are a favorite for people with wide to extra wide feet. The velcro makes them easy to adjust for a secure fit (even if you don’t have extra wide feet), and the length is true to size. They work best for a medium to high volume foot, but my feet are low volume and I am comfortable in both models with the velcro adjusted.

Feelgrounds Seaside

Feelgrounds Barefoot Seaside vegan sandals in pink

Vegan | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 35-48 | Ships from EU

What I Love About Them: Feelgrounds are made of a cotton upper and a cork insole, so they feel breathable and soft on foot. The back closure is velcro, so they go on easily, and they have a really clean look to them that can be both casual and dressed up.

The rubber outsole on these is a little heavier/stiffer than the above options, but still a solid barefoot sandal. The cork gets dirty easily, but the nice thing is you can scrub it clean just as easily and the dirt comes out! You can also wash the fabric strap if it gets stained. I took these on some long walking days and they were really comfortable!

Sizing & Fit Type: The Feelgrounds Seaside also has an extra wide fit, and the design leaves your toes completely free to do their thing. The strap fits medium volume with a little bit of elastic, so people with extra low or high volume feet might not get a good fit. I have a pair in both EU 36 and 37 and I prefer the 36 because the straps fit my low volume feet better.


Leather & Vegan Options | 4.5mm Thick | Sizes EU 34-48 | Ships from EU

We carry these in black at Anya’s Shop!

What I Love About Them: Oh these sandals are pretty! They are delicate, feminine, and sexy – a perfect alternative to strappy heels. They can be dressed up, but still leave your toes free to splay out. And they are ridiculously comfortable for how beautiful they are.

I love that you can get different colored ribbons and tie them in many different ways. It’s not hard to do, simply follow their “how to tie” tutorials.

They have a vegan or leather outsole option, and the ties come in mostly fabric options, but leather too. They come in two different lengths depending on how you’d like to tie them and the width and volume of your feet and ankles. My black ones below are the longer length and I can wrap them multiple times, the above photos are of the shorter length (which works for my small, shallow feet and thin ankles).

Sizing & Fit Type: Juuri has a wide forefoot shape which matches my toes perfectly, and will probably work for extra wide feet too. I got both a size 36 and a 37, both of which fit but the 36 is maybe a touch short. I would call this brand true to size.

Because you can tie these many ways, they should work for all foot volumes. I have low volume feet and did need to tie them fairly tight to be secure, but it was still comfortable.


Leather | 6mm Thick | Sizes EU 35-46 | Ships from EU & US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off the EU shop

What I Love About Them: Zeazoo Sandals are another ultra light stylish option (can you tell I like lightweight sandals?). They offer a really classic single strap sandal (the Siren, shown above) as well as more unique options such as they Freya, and the Olymp. We carry several Zeazoo sandal models at Anya’s Shop, but if you want to have fun with colors and more options, check out all the options they have on the main EU website!

Sizing & Fit Type: Zeazoo sandals come in a narrow, regular and wide, but all are built on the same sole. The only difference between them is the strap length. The ball strap on regular is .5cm longer than narrow, and wide is .5cm longer than regular. So even though you get more strap length in certain widths, this adjusts the volume more than it does the width. I still consider Zeazoo sandals to be on the narrow side, and they run long.

I wear a size 36 Wide in them (and every model we carry at Anya’s Shop is wide), and you can see that they are barely wide enough for my feet and at the same time almost too long. Fortunately they are so lightweight that I don’t find the excess length bothersome (I couldn’t size down, they would be too narrow).

The staps are also so soft and flexible that many people with wide feet are still comfortable in them. These shoes fit average width, high volume feet best.

Shapen Barefoot

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing Shapen Barefoot Calla Sandals in Rose gold

Leather | 5mm Thick | Sizes EU 36-43 | Ships from EU

Use code ANYA5 for 5% off.

We carry the Calla in Rose Gold at Anya’s Shop as well!

What I Love About Them: Shapen barefoot has some really dressy feminine styles that also fit wide feet – wonderful if you’ve had trouble finding pretty shoes that fit. My favorite is the Calla, shown above.

Sizing & Fit Type: Shapen sandals fit wide to extra wide, and are not idea for narrow feet. They fit medium volume best, but seem to work well for even high and low volume feet because the adjustments. True to size mostly, but always check the size chart.

Xero Jessie

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing the Xero Shoes Jessie barefoot summer sandal in Cashmere grey

Vegan | 6mm Thick | Sizes US women’s 5-11 | Ships from US & EU

What I Love About Them: That main thing I love about the Jessie’s is they’re really cheap for being a cute sandal! They’re just that perfect amount of simple + style that makes them really versatile. You can bling them out with some Swarovski crystal, or wear them as is. I do wish the sole was a little lighter – when there’s not much holding your foot to the sole you feel every bit of weight there. But I am still able to wear them comfortably. I just won’t be hiking or running in them.

Sizing & Fit Type: In an open design like this I almost always err on the smaller side, so the sandals actually stay on my feet. So I went with a size 6, even though the description states they run a half size small. I am really glad I did this, because the 6 fits well all around and they would probably have been too big otherwise. The sole is wide throughout the entire length of the shoe (that means they’re good for people with a wide midfoot!), and the arch strap fits securely even on my low volume feet. I think that if you have high arches the straps might not be long enough.

Huaraches by Anya

One person standing in a line up of 3 pairs of shoes, wearing the middle pair. The wide legs are showing off the Reddish Brown leather Sandal Huaraches by Anya. The black sandals are on the left, and the tan are on the right. All pairs have adjustable ankle straps and anatomical toe boxes

Vegetable Tanned Leather | 8mm Thick |US women’s 6-11.5 | Ships from US

Code ANYA for 10% off

What I Love About Them: Origo Shoes and I teamed up to bring you a new take on an old tradition. Our huaraches are made in the traditional way in Michoacán, Mexico – but with a few upgrades! Instead of a pointy, narrow toe they have a natural shape to them with space for the feet to spread out. Plus, a lighter and more flexible sole than is typically used. All the leather is vegetable tanned and chrome free so you can safely wear them on bare feet.

Read the full Huarache review here!

Sizing & Fit Type: These are true to size; I am able to wear a size 7 and a 6.5 in these, which is my usual US shoe size for this style of shoe. If you have low volume feet and/or narrow heels I would consider erring on the smaller side so they feel secure. I wear mine on the tightest buckle and I expect them to work for most volumes since they’re adjustable and an open weave. They’ll fit medium and wide feet best.

Runner Ups

What? I like barefoot sandals!! 😀 While these didn’t make it into my top 10, here are a few more excellent stylish barefoot sandal options you might want to consider.

Grecian Sandals

A close up of a foot wearing a metallic silver dressy barefoot sandal

Grecian Sandals is a prolific Etsy shop with tons of designs, all of which can be made on a zero drop Vibram outsole. You have to be careful about selecting a style that doesn’t pinch the toes and is on a plain natural leather outsole – the outsoles that are either black or have stitching around the perimeter have a narrower, more tapered shape. I find these fabulous for weddings because they are beautiful but still affordable.

Vivobarefoot Opanka

top down view of vivobarefoot Kuru II brown leather sandals

Vivobarefoot has a limited selection of barefoot sandals each year (these are sometimes only available in summer). But if they’re instock and fit your foot type I adore these Opanka sandals. The toe loop required breaking in (it hurt the first few times I wore them), and there are no buckles or velcro so won’t work for all foot types. I recommend them for medium to low volume feet.

Code VBANYA10 gets you 10% off.

Mukishoes Solstice

The Mukishoes Solstice sandals takes this classic style up a notch with sustainable production and materials. They have a cork footbed, and a lightweight grippy outsole. With 3 adjustable straps, they can fit a wide variety of feet. They are availably seasonally, and tend to sell out quick due to their popularity.

Use code ANYAMUKI for 10% off

Earth Runners

close up of feet dangling in front of rock with earth runners vegan elemental sandals in tribal strap on

Earth Runners are in my opinion the only athletic barefoot sandal that is also stylish enough to wear with dresses and cute outfits. They’re really a do-it-all shoe! They are definitely more casual than some on this list, but for everyday wearing with stylish outfits they are perfect. Read my full review here.

Code ANYASREVIEWSER10 gets you 10% off

Jenon Leather

Top Down view of a woman with wide toe splay wearing handmade gold leather sandals from Jenon Leather, a barefoot shoe brand in the Czech Republic

Jenon Leather has lots of sandal options in standard choices, with an option to have them custom made (sole thickness, leather colors, or shape/size). They’re pretty, and well made, and we love them! Everything is handmade to order, so expect to wait 4-5 weeks for production.

Read the full Jenon Leather Review here

Luna Brujita

a close up of a pair of feet wearing Luna Sandal rooted brujita venado multi wrap sandals in tree bark grey with a leather footbed

I’ve worn and loved my simple Luna Brujitas for years now – they were comfortable for me when I was new to barefoot shoes and needed just little bit more cushion, and they have just gotten softer over time. The one trouble I and other readers have had with them is that the strap doesn’t want to stay put. I have to tighten it every couple of wears.

Get 10% off with code ANYA

Drifter Leather Cut Here

the drifter leather safita & cut here sandals review close up

I adore my Drifter Leather Cut Here sandals. In fact, the only reason they are a runner up and not in the #1 spot is because they’re custom and difficult to order. They were my very first stylish barefoot sandals years ago and continue to be my all time favorite. If you are considering ordering from The Drifter Leather, read my detailed How To Order Guide.

Chala Antique Sandals

Close up of Chala Antique sandals being worn by a woman with extra wide feet

These simple Chala Antique leather sandals are fully adjustable, soft, and match everything. They’re like an upgraded flip flop! You can read my full Chala review here.

Code 93D5B5E9 gets you 5% off your order

Softstar Solstice

Softstar Solstice affordable barefoot sandals for girls

The Softstar Solstice is a beautiful sandal that can be customized in tons of different colors. They are also super soft with a slightly more cushioned sole than you usually find in barefoot sandals. I have them as a runner-up and not as a top pick because the sole shape in the adult line has a tapered big toe that I wish they would redesign.

These run big and most people go down one size and up one width.

Luks Verano

Luks barefoot sandals

Luks Verano sandals are simple, go with everything, and really generous in width (they even come in an extra wide width) They run long – I wear a size 35, and even still I found the ankle strap to be so long I had to poke extra holes in. Be aware that the front strap fits really tight at first but breaks in – don’t be alarmed if it feels too small at first.

Unshoes Saffron

Unshoes Saffron metallic leather dressy sandals

The Unshoes Saffron is a delicate sandal with a thin leather strap and cork footbed. I think they look lovely, but they can be hard to tighten enough to be secure – they work best for high volume feet and the sole isn’t very flexible at first but does break in. They are available in 2 widths – slim (shown here) and standard.

Use code ANYA for 10% off.

Stylish Vegan Barefoot Sandals

Affordable Stylish Barefoot Sandals

In Summary

You really have so many cute barefoot sandals to choose from! I hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect stylish barefoot sandal for summer, so you can look great and feel great too.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what stylish barefoot sandals do you love to wear?

A photo collage of the sme woman in 6 different outfits and stylish barefoot sandals for women - softstar solstice, grecian sandals, vivobarefoot kuru, zeazoo symphony, luna brujita, and Crupon Febo Barefoot - with the text "Stylish Barefoot Sandals -" underneath

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52 thoughts on “The 10 Best Stylish Barefoot Sandals for Women”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could offer advice: I have pretty severe bunions on both feet and am trying to transition to barefoot shoes. (I do walk around barefoot quite a bit, both in my house and outside, and have been trying to build up my foot strength for a while, but the bunions are still pronounced.) I am looking for a barefoot sandal that could work for my bunions, but really dislike the feel of toe straps (that go in between the big toe and others). Are there any of the ones you’ve tried with straps that go around the toes (like the zeazoo or crupon) that you would recommend as higher volume/could potentially work without aggravating bunions?

    1. The Zeazoo Freya would be a good option because they fit high volume, but are very soft and gentle on the bunions. The thick strap also spreads out the pressure. The Zeazoo Sahara and Tikki Vibe are two options that have a velcro front strap, so you can adjust it to what is comfortable for you. Luks Invierno sandals can also be good for bunions because they have two straps that separate and can go around the bunion, but they fit lower volume and would definitely need to be stretched to be comfortable. Hope that gives you a little direction!

  2. Monique Sullivan

    Anya, I am new to barefoot shoes and have been scouring your posts! I have purchased 2 zero shoes the trail sandal and love it and the prio sneaker. I am looking for a more dressy sandal I am trying to decide between the Lonnie Sol and the Belenka promenade.
    Is there one more comfortable than the other. I know you said the Lonnie is narrower.
    Or is there one sandal any other brand you always reach for that could be dressy?
    Thanks, I love your web-site and shop!!

    1. Between those two I tend to pick the Lonnie sandals more often, they’re lighter and I love that. Thanks so much for the kind words, glad you are enjoying the content!

  3. Hi! I just found your IG/blog and am so appreciative of it— especially the sandal reviews! What are the tan sandals are you wearing in the photo with the floral maxi dress & denim jacket? Thanks

  4. Hi. Do you have any recommendations for slip on sandals? Sometimes, I’m in a rush to get out the door and slip ons are always the best for that.

      1. Perfect! The ollie’s were exactly something I was looking for but missed it because it was under the custom options. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Anya,
    I’m new to your posts but very happy to find them. I have fallen arches and did have plantar fasciitis that got better after I began to wear custom orthotics and New Balance trainers 24/7. I would love to find a pair of barefoot sandals that would work for my feet. They are the mountain shape, of medium width with low arches and I typically wear a women’s size 8 or an EU size 39. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Lori! Starting with a thicker soled option would probably be good, considering your history with orthotics and foot pain. Shamma Trailstars are a great cushioned sandal that is cute and practical. But it would also definitely be good to start with foot strengthening exercises and maybe experimenting with barefoot walking to see how you feel.

  6. Hi Anya,
    Can you explain more about the moleskin hack, “My one issue with them was that I sometimes caught the front of the sandal on things because it hung down from my foot a bit. I tried fixing this by adding a layer of adhesive moleskin underneath the thong strap, but I probably need to add a second layer.”

    Are you talking about adding a layer from the fat pads to the ball of your foot? And adding a second layer…wouldn’t the fuzziness of the first layer prevent the second layer from sticking?

    Thank you, I love all your reviews and frequently go back to them.

    1. Yes, so I have a roll of adhesive moleskin and I cut a diamond shape and stuck it on the understand of the strap that goes up the foot. So it’s right over the top of my foot. I still haven’t done this, but I would like to cut another piece the exact same size and stick it over the moleskin that’s already there so it’s double thickness. I’ve done this several other times before, the moleskin stick just fine over the top of more moleskin and it makes it a little thicker. The adhesive moleskin is thin, not like the tongue pads. Another option would be to cut up a tongue pad so that it fit the dimensions of the strap, but for me that would have been too much.

  7. Hi!
    I am desperately looking for a pair of very classic sandals. It’s the same style as them at the second picture above where it says “Subscribe For Weekly Updates”. The first pair (shown as one and a half sandal) at that picture is the ones I’m looking for. Do you know where to buy them?
    Most thankful!

  8. I used the link to try and order from Lonnies but everything is in German and it would seem they don’t ship to the US? Any tips?

    1. I use Google Chrome to translate the entire webpage. About the shipping, I went to check and also saw that they don’t have the US as a shipping option. I sent them a message and will research options (there are retailers that carry Lonnies) and then update the article once I figure it out!

  9. Hi There!
    I have fairly severe bunions and have been wearing barefoot shoes with correct toes for many years. I am looking for a pair of stylish sandals but because of the bunions I can’t keep my toes in the proper position without toe spacers, and I don’t want to wear them with sandals. I am wondering if any of the sandals with a toe loop might at least help keep my big toe straight(er)? Do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks so much!

    1. I don’t have much experience/knowledge about this. I have heard from some people with bunions who like toe loop sandals best, and others who hate them. I would think that something like the Nomade from Crupon Sandals would be safer than the Jessie from Xero (just because there’s more strap to help keep your foot secure), but if your big toe hurt then pressure from the strap can be really bothersome.

      1. Hi there! For the Shapen CALLA sandal, did you stay TTS or size down? I’m a US 7.5 but based on their size chart it says I’d be a 7. Their recommendation was to stay at 7.5 but it would be wider. I do have a small bunion, not pronounced, but narrow heels, low volume. I hate the hassle of returns from the US. Suggestions?My length is 24.13 cm and width is 9.52 cm

        1. I have mine in a 36 and they are plenty big, so I wouldn’t think you need to go big. With your foot type it seems like going size 7 would be enough… I wonder why they recommended a 7.5 when their size chart suggested a size 7… And they don’t accept returns outside the EU, so you might want to wait until we get them in stock at Anya’s Shop. We just received a shipment of them in Rose Gold and plan to have them up for sale by the end of the week.

  10. Hi,

    What’s your take on the durability of the sandals? I’m a tour guide and walk in cities on asphalt for hours a day and looking for a sole that would last fot at least a season and won’t be eroded easily.

    1. Earth Runners is good for that, also Xero Shoes (they have a 5,000 mile sole warranty, I think it applies to the Jessie sandal in this article). After those two, Be Lenka and Crupon are probably next on durability.

  11. Wow! You REALLY delivered on this post. Thank you for all your amazing research and great info!! (PS. I never usually bother to write comments, but I had to this time!)

  12. Hi,

    I was wondering if you can recommend which is the most durable (will last more than a season) for city walks (on concrete), many hours a day, as I am a tour guide.

  13. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for all of your research and testing, and for showing all of the style options. I’m trying to transition my shoes to barefoot as I’ve had a left bunion for years and now my right is trying to join the party. I’m definitely leaning toward all the barefoot options that still “look” like traditional shoes… I’m loving the far left silver sandals with the braided part shown in your first cover photo a the top of the page… would you be able to share the brand those are or if they are an option anymore?

      1. Hello

        After much research I brought myself a pair of Juuri sandals.

        When my foot is correctly placed, the length is great

        But no matter what lacing style I seem to try, my foot slides back and hangs off at the heel.
        Thoughts and lacing recommendations please?

  14. Hey Anya,
    I’m wondering if you know anywhere in Canada to get barefoot shoes? Seems like there are so few options for us over here:)

  15. Hello!
    Which sandals are in the last collage photo; second image from the right (black sun hat, teal tank, black skirt)? I find it hard to find sandals with thin straps for my small foot / frame. Thanks!

  16. Katrina Livingood

    Just FYI, the unshoes Saffron no longer has a cord foot bed. They just have not updated the pictures for a couple of them on their website. It is now a darker/camelish color footbed. Though it is totally flexible now, they have a much more casual look to them now and the color of the footbed will not look as good on all skin colors like the cork did. They also use elastic instead of leather for the buckle attachment to the foot. the changes have made the straps MUCH shorter. So I LOVE my cork ones, but tried the new ones and literally cried as basically a totally different shoe. And the straps would not even REACH each other with my high volume. They did offer to make them with longer strap for me.

    1. Katrina Livingood

      I meant “cork” not “Cord” footbed. And the new one is darker/camelish color LEATHER footbed.

  17. (Possibly posting twice, oops) I love the look of the Calla sandals by Shapen. Do they hold up well for everyday use? Are they durable? Thanks for all your recommendations!!

    1. Hi Hannah! I think the Calla would hold up OK to everyday casual use, but not a ton of walking or rough use. They are made with high quality leather and a rubber sole so they will not wear out super quickly.

  18. Hi Anya! I really love the dark wine red/brown sandals in the first photo (that you are wearing). Could you let me know which model/brand it is? Thank You!

  19. I tried the Xero cloud sandals, they were way too thing and hurt the ball of my foot really bad. Any suggestions on something a little thicker to work into transitioning to something so thin?

  20. Hello! So I have very delicate skin that blisters easily… do Crupons require a lot of breaking in or are they fairly comfortable from the start? Thanks!

    1. They are made of a thick sturdy leather that does take some breaking in. The sandals have never given me a blister, but once I wore the Trevi flats on a long walk when they were new and it rubbed my skin a bit. Ultimately they might be a little rough when brand new on very delicate skin.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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