Jenon Leather Review – Customizable Barefoot Shoes for Any Foot Type

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Jenon Leather Review Collage featuring various photos of zero drop custom handmade barefoot shoes from the Czech Republic by Anya's Reviews

by Samantha

Jenon Leather is a small barefoot shoe brand in the Czech Republic that I’ve had my eye on for several years. They specialize in custom, handmade leather shoes for all seasons.

Barefoot snow boots, sandals, sneakers, and even a stylish dress flat can all be made in standard sizes and colors, or customized to your measurements and preferences. Read on for the low down on this brand that’s excellent for wide or hard to fit feet.

Meet Jenon Leather

Jenon Leather is located in the Czech Republic, a country with a long shoe making history and a modern positive attitude toward barefoot shoes. Their small team of dedicated craftspeople are striving to ensure the tradition continues by making high quality barefoot shoes using locally sourced materials.

The family-owned business was founded in 2019 and started out with only custom footwear, but later developed the standard sole shape you see in this review. About half their business is still custom orders, because people love getting a tailored fit.

Jenon Leather is a fabulous choice if you have a unique foot shape, or an extra wide toe splay. Jenon is also a great choice for people who want foot shaped shoes but aren’t looking for the full barefoot experience, because you can customize the sole thickness and even add a heel cushion.

Sizing & Fit

Jenon Leather offers standard sizes from EU 36 to 48, or you can have any style custom made to your measurements. You also have the option of customizing just the leather and sole materials. The standard shaped shoes from Jenon have the following fit type:

  • Extra wide toe box
  • Sloped toe box
  • Fan shaped
  • Ample vertical toe space

Learn more about the different foot types here!

Ordering from Jenon Leather

Jenon Leather ships to countries within the EU for 6-15 € , and a handful of countries outside the EU for 25 € . For those of us in the USA, shipping is 30 € .

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Czech Republic near the Jenon Leather Shop, you can actually visit in person to browse products, check out leather samples, or get your feet measured for custom shoes!

Returns on standard shoes are accepted within 14 days on unworn items (buyer pays return shipping). Custom orders are not eligible for return.

Customizing Your Jenon Leather

Our friend Stine has put together a guide to customizing your Jenon Leather shoes. Check that out to explore possibilities and get tips on measuring and describing your feet so you get the best results. Customizing the color combination costs 20€, while a custom shape starts at 30€ and increases depending on what kind of changes are needed. After placing your custom order, just email Jenon with your ideas to start the process.

You can also head to the Jenon Leather Instagram page for color combination inspiration – they share photos of all their custom projects in stories and you can browse them in the highlight bubbles at the top!

J. Joplin Pumps Review

105€ | Leather | 4mm Outsole + 3.5mm Insole | Sizes EU 36-48

These are BEAUTIFUL shoes. I love them dearly and would happily have an entire collection of them in every color and pattern possible. The embossed floral leather (custom option) is stunning.

The high-top/lace-up ballet flat style is named for rock legend Janis Joplin, and they add a fun element to any casual outfit, but also work seamlessly as a feminine dress shoe. The elastic laces across the top make these really easy to put on and also more secure than an open ballet flat. I was concerned the elastic would make the Joplin look too casual, but they don’t (the metal eyelets help). I have been reaching for them every time I need to dress up, and even on casual days.

Sizing & Fit:

  • True to size
  • Medium to high volume

I chose my regular size 38 for closed-toe shoes, and the length is perfect (my feet are 24cm long from a tracing). I have extra wide feet that are also high volume. While the standard shape fits surprisingly well, I know a custom fit would be better for my high arches because I had to remove the insole to get a good fit.

While I don’t think they’re intended to be worn without the insole, it hasn’t caused any issues. The insole is actually made to be removable and replaceable.

The ankle portion was pretty stiff at first, but after I spent the better part of an hour-long drive (as passenger!) massaging and working the leather in that area with my hands – they broke in wonderfully and continued to get softer with wear. They have quickly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

J. Joplin Custom Production

105€ + | Leather | 4mm Outsole + 3.5mm Insole | Sizes EU 36-48

For this pair of customized J. Joplins (aren’t they dazzling?!), the team at Jenon added height to the shoe last so I didn’t need to remove the insole for them to fit – yay! While it seems like a very simple thing to do, it actually requires many steps and hours of extra work! Not only does the last need to be modified with a layer of cork attached to the bottom, but the pattern for the upper materials needs to be adjusted as well.

Custom shoes are a labor of love, but when they’re done well they’re always worth it if you have not-so-standard feet. Many thanks to Jan from Jenon Leather for sending photos of the process for these floral Joplins!

Snowflake Winter Boots Review

by Anya

157€ | Leather & Sheepskin | 6mm Outsole + Sheepskin Topped Insole | Sizes EU 36-48

Anya here, I’ve been testing the Snowflake boots for the past few weeks once the weather turned cold. I have to say, they exceeded my expectations! They are warm, cozy, and fit my fan-shaped foot really well.

The sheepskin lining is thick and full, meanwhile the outer leather feels thin and a little plasticky. But it does seem durable and is very flexible. I’ve scuffed them quite a few times already and they’ve taken some marks, but the leather itself isn’t scratched.

The thicker sole helps to keep the cold out, but is still moderately flexible. In my extreme winters I really appreciate a little more between me and the ground.

Overall, if I had to make do with only one pair of barefoot winter boots these would be an excellent choice for my foot type.

Sizing & Fit:

  • Runs small
  • Medium to low volume

For this model I would recommend sizing up because of the plush sheepskin lining. They fit medium to low volume over the toes and arch, but the laces can be loosened fully. However, because the tongue isn’t gusseted if you have a high arch/thick ankle you might find that the tongue isn’t quite wide enough.

My feet are 23.3 cm long and I chose a size 38. They felt a little snug at first and I was worried it would be uncomfortable, but I have had no problems with the fit once I actually started wearing them. The toe box is plenty wide for my foot and they don’t rub my ankle or heel at all. They’re like a warm hug on my feet!

Lilly Sandals Review

by Anya

87€ | Leather | 4mm Outsole + 2mm Leather Footbed | Sizes EU 35-48

I chose the Lilly Gold sandals because I love a pretty sandal that can be worn with anything. They are beautifully made and have a flexible, thin sole. You can also customize this model with all kinds of different colors, sole thicknesses, and even a custom shape made to your measurements.

Mine are a standard size, which will work well for your average foot, but I would love to try out a custom pair one day. They’re really beautiful sandals, I am quite impressed with them. Like the Snowflake, if I could only have one pair of summer sandals to wear with everything, dressed up or down, these would be perfect.

Sizing & Fit:

  • True to size
  • Low Volume

I am often in between a 36 and 37 in barefoot sandals. I went with the 36 on these and they are on the small side for me. I really am right in between the two, but I would still call them true to size.

The straps fit low volume over the foot, which is great for me. I often have to wear sandals on the tightest setting and then they still want to flop. But the strap over the ball of the foot might feel restrictive on wide toes and thick feet. Stretching that strap should do the trick, but I would consider a custom made sandal if you have extra high volume feet.

Close up of a hand holding a rolled up Jenon Leather sandal to show flexibility. The sandal easily rolled into a tight spiral with a flexible zero drop outsole


Jenon Leather is a superb choice for fashionable barefoot shoes that can be tailored to your tastes. They carry a little bit of everything, and they do it well. I am looking forward to creating some custom sandals next year, and maybe another pair of J Joplin pumps!

A white woman with curly brown hair standing in front of a front door smiling

Samantha is a writer/researcher for Anya’s Reviews and stay-at-home mom to 5 littles. In addition to shopping online for footwear for her family, she spends her time homeschooling, reading, weaving, and doing home improvement projects with her husband.

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4 thoughts on “Jenon Leather Review – Customizable Barefoot Shoes for Any Foot Type”

  1. I was wondering what your experience was with their customer service? I placed an order last week and haven’t heard anything since payment. Am really looking forward to getting a pair of their shoes.

    1. Hi there! Everything is made-to-order and can take several weeks. If you ordered a standard size, I expect you will not hear anything until your order ships. If you order something with a fit customization, I would reach out to their customer service email if you don’t hear from them soon.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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