How to Wear Barefoot Shoes to a Wedding

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Updated 5/20

Unshoes Saffron in Platinum

Wedding season is upon us! When there’s a wedding to attend many of us barefoot shoe wearers don our one pair of heels and stumble through the night, because we don’t have anything else to wear. Culturally, “dressing up” for women has long meant squeezing our bodies into uncomfortable (not to mention unhealthy!) positions, and it can feel impossible to look nice enough for these occasions without heels.

But thankfully style has fewer boundaries these days. It is 100% possible to look sleek, feminine, and statuesque while being comfortable and aligned. Everything on this list is zero drop, flexible, and with a wide toe box. And not only will they not look out of place underneath your ball gown, they’ll also look stunning all on their own.

I fully believe that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. So get out there on the dance floor and flaunt those healthy feet!

Barefoot Wedding Flats

Flats are having an extended style moment (thanks Tory Burch!), and are completely appropriate for black tie events. Go for white, metallic or a color that matches your dress

For more information, check out my Guide to Barefoot Ballet Flats!

The Drifter Leather flats ($100+) – These beautiful shoes are custom made and will take a long while to get to you, but the styles they have are completely unmatched. Learn more about ordering from the Drifter here and here.

Softstar Ballerines ($170) – The Ballerinas are a basic flat that can be customized to match your dress. They have a regular and wide width option and are some of the best barefoot flats around. The biggest drawback (besides the cost) is that there is a canvas trim around the edge that doesn’t perfectly match the leather color. For me this makes them look more casual, but in some color options you can hardly see the trim. Use code ANYA for 15% off your first shoe purchase.

Zlatush Shoes ($150) – Zlatica handmakes all her shoes and has a variety of metallic and colorful leather options. These are some of the most foot friendly dressy shoes around (unless you go custom) and I highly recommend her shop. You can see my initial thoughts on Zlatush Shoes here.

Zaqq Handmade Ballerina Flats – ($130) Zaqq has a good number of flats options, more variety than you’re going to find anywhere else. And, bonus, they are ready to ship right away, so you should receive them shortly after ordering. I reviewed Zaqq boots and sneakers here, and then later tested out a pair of flats. The flats are quite a bit narrower and might not work for some people. You can see my mini review of the flats here.

The Storehouse Oakdale flats ($60)- The Storehouse Flats come in a lot of metallics and colors and conform to your foot shape after several wears (see my review here). This small shop will require planning ahead as they take preorders once a month and then fulfill those orders over a 6 week period. But for the price point and minimalist qualities are a great option. I recommend following them on Facebook and Insta to stay up to date.

Gea Soles Tarian II Flat or Yrsa Flat ($80) – This won’t work for everyone’s formal wear, but these flats are nice and wide and you can customize the color to match the wedding party.

Magical Shoes Ballerina ($109) – These nude flats are very wide and the neutral color will go well under a dress if it complements your skin tone. See my review here.

Dextra Perspective ( $75) – These fabric flats can be custom made in a color of your choosing. There’s a lot of potential here in getting a wide, comfy fit, but the ones I tried didn’t work out for me. See my experience here.

Botky Mechovky – ($100) This shoemaker does custom shoes based on your measurements. I haven’t tried them myself, but she seems talented and ships to the US.

Yosi Samra Samara 2.0 flats ($89) – These are your best bet if you are in a time crunch since they are available on Amazon (some colors are $50!), but they have the narrowest toe box of all the shoes listed here. I’ve worn these for a few years and am just starting to grow out of them because of my toe spread. You can buy them directly from Yosi Samra or on Zappos as well, Just keep in mind that not all their shoes are minimalist friendly (the ones I link to are the best option).

Cinderollies ($14) By far the cheapest formal flat out there, Cinderollies are also very minimal. The toe box is pretty small, but for the price they may be just right for a one-time fancy occasion. My review here.

Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Increasingly, sandals have become more appropriate for fancy occasions. As long as you select white, metallic, or a matching color these sandals will look flawless with a gown.

Unshoes Saffron ($80) – My personal favorite! These are great sandals and look amazing. See my full review of them here and check my Insta for lots of photos! Get 10% off with code ANYA

Zaqq Handmade Sandals – Zaqq has many beautiful sandals that would look stunning with formal wear. The styles are unique and not found in other barefoot brands.

Softstar Solstice Sandal ($100) – These sandals can be customized to match the color of your dress or in a fancy metallic leather. A little bit more bulky than the above option, but still great for either a wedding guest or party member. Use code ANYA for 15% off your first shoe purchase.

Lonnies ($175) – These custom sandals can be bedazzled with Swarovski crystal and are handmade for each customer. They have thin, flexible soles that are secure enough to the foot you can run in them.

Savopoulos ($65) – This Etsy shop uses Vibram soles and can make their sandals heel-less by request. They have gorgeous metallic leather and lots of beautiful designs. Be prepared for a long wait time.

Greek Sandals Penelope ($60) – Etsy – This shop will custom make the sole shape based on your foot measurement! She uses rubber soles and you must request no heel, but she can make them in a few different sole thicknesses.

Grecian Sandals ($40) – Etsy – Must request to be heel-less. This is the most affordable option out there. The sole is going to be stiffer/lower quality than the above options, but these are still lovely. See my review of this shop here.

There are quite a few other Etsy shops that make lovely, dress sandals. You can see my full list here.

Unshoes Saffron, Yosi Samra in taupe, and The Storehouse Flats in gold

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    1. The toe box is unlined and the leather is soft and stretchy. So my toes touch the leather inside, but it doesn’t feel too tight or painful.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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