Fancy Barefoot Shoes You Can Wear To A Wedding

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Two women visible from the legs down wearing pleated flowing skirts and dressy barefoot shoes you can wear to a wedding or fancy occasion from Shapen Barefoot - the Orchid and Poppy
Barefoot wedding shoes have a wide toe box and flat sole

Wedding season is upon us! When there’s a fancy event to to attend many of us don our pinchy heels and stumble through the night, because that’s just what dressing up means! But I am tired of this painful status quo and believe that you can be both comfortable and elegant.

Here you’ll find my top dressy barefoot wedding shoe picks – for the bride, the wedding party, and the guests! Replace your high heels with these and thank me later.

Wide, Comfy Shoes Fancy Enough for a Wedding!

A collage of a woman wearing different fancy dresses with different dressy barefoot shoes - Shapen Poppy, Grecian Sandals, Origo Huaraches

What better way to enjoy a meaningful occasion than in shoes that let you move freely? I fully believe that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. So get out there on the dance floor and flaunt those healthy feet!

Practically, the barefoot shoes that will be fancy enough to wear to a wedding are ballet flats and sandals. They are streamlined, and excellent replacements for high heels. But be ware, most flats and sandals are not shaped like a human foot. That’s why this list should be your first stop when looking for fancy barefoot shoes!

And if you’d like to have the foot shape but want a little bit of cushion or support, you can play around with insoles to modify the foot-shaped options here to your needs.

P.S. Looking for fancy barefoot dress shoes for other members of the family or other dressy occasions? See my other articles here:

Now let’s check out my top barefoot shoe picks for weddings.

Top down flat lay photo of multiple neutral, white, and metallic dress flats and sandals. A woman is putting her feet in Grecian sandals and also shown are Origo Shoes, Shapen, Softstar, Groundies, and Zeazoo

Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Increasingly, sandals have become more appropriate for fancy occasions. As long as you select white, metallic, or a matching color these barefoot sandals will look flawless with a gown.

Close up side view of Grecian Sandals barefoot dressy sandals being worn by a woman wearing a long green floral dress. The straps are metallic gold and the sandals close with a buckle

Grecian Sandals – Etsy -This is the most affordable option out there, and they now offer a Vibram sole on several models. Lots of pretty options! Just watch for straps that let the toes be free, and note that if you don’t get the Vibram outsole it’s not as flexible. You can read more info in my Grecian Sandals review here.

A front close up view of a woman's feet in Be Lenka Grace metallic barefoot sandals being worn outside in the grass

Be Lenka Grace – US/Canadians can order the Grace sandal from Anya’s Shop! The rest of the world can find these directly from Be Lenka and save 5% with code ANYASREVIEWS (returns are only accepted from within the EU and USA).

A top down view of a person putting their foot inside of a pair of pretty Shapen Petal barefoot sandals in nude color

Shapen Sandals – Shapen has several styles of dressy sandals in metallic and neutral colors. You can also add decorative clips and ankle straps. Use code ANYA5 for 5% off shoes and accessories!

We carry many Shapen models at Anya’s Shop!

Top down close up of Zeazoo Freya in shiny fancy gold leather barefoot sandals for wide feet

Zeazoo – Zeazoo has lots of sandal options in metallic or glittery leather perfect for special occasions! Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.

We carry several Zeazoo Sandals at Anya’s Shop in the US with worldwide shipping available!

A pair of feet wearing stylish teal Juuri Barefoot sandals for women

Juuri Sandals – These beauties can be mixed and matched with ties of many different colors – find one that matches your dress and have fun tying them! They are very soft and comfortable.

Also available at Anya’s Shop!

Unshoes saffron stock photo in platinum

Unshoes Saffron – These are great sandals and look amazing. See my full review of them here but note the footbed material is no longer cork. Get 10% off with code ANYA

Zaqq Barefoot Sandals

Zaqq Handmade Sandals – Zaqq has many beautiful sandals that would look stunning with formal wear. The styles are unique and not found in other barefoot brands. See my Zaqq brand review here.

softstar shoes solstice sandal aged walnut close up

Softstar Solstice Sandal – These sandals can be customized to match the color of your dress or in a fancy metallic leather. A little bit more bulky than the above option, but still great for either a wedding guest or party member.

Savopoulos – This Etsy shop uses Vibram soles and can make their sandals heel-less by request. They have gorgeous metallic leather and lots of beautiful designs. Be prepared for a long wait time. They are a narrower option and the sole is thick, but they are some of the prettiest sandals around.

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing silver metallic Lonnies - stylish barefoot sandals for women

Lonnies Sandals – These vegan sandals can be bedazzled with Swarovski crystal. They have thin, flexible soles that are secure enough to the foot you can run in them. Only ships to the EU.

There are quite a few other Etsy shops that make lovely, dress sandals. You can see my full list in my Etsy Finds post!

Barefoot Wedding Flats

Flats are having an extended style moment (thanks Tory Burch!), and are completely appropriate for black tie events. The options shown here are all barefoot friendly. Go for white, metallic or a color that matches your outfit.

For more information, check out my Guide to Barefoot Ballet Flats!

A pair of woman's legs wearing cut off jeans and beige dress flats in beige, Shapen Poppy barefoot flats

Shapen Poppy – The Poppy is a truly dressy barefoot flat. Toe box detailing helps to disguise the width and an open design elongates the legs. They are some of the most fashionable women’s barefoot shoes in existence. Read my Shapen review here for all the details about the Poppy and other styles from Shapen.

You can find the Poppy at Anya’s Shop or directly from Shapen and use code ANYA5 for 5% off shoes and accessories.

Close up top down view of Softstar Ballerine metallic handmade sustainable barefoot ballet flats. A pleated green dress is visible near the legs

Softstar Ballerines – The Ballerinas are a basic flat that can be customized to match your dress. They have a regular and wide width option and are some of the best barefoot flats around. The biggest drawback (besides the cost) is that there is a canvas trim around the edge that doesn’t always perfectly match the leather color. For me this makes them look more casual. Read my Softstar reviews here.

A top down view of a woman's legs from the knee down. A purple floral dress visible at the top of the image and Groundies neutral barefoot ballet flats are on her feet. They feature a wide toe box and matching neutral bow

Groundies Ballet Flats – Groundies makes ballet flats in several colors, including a variety of lovely neutrals! They are delightfully soft to wear, and look very sophisticated.

You can find select Groundies styles available at Anya’s Shop

Top Down view of Be Lenka Sophie gold Ballet flats with zero drop sole and anatomical foot shape.

Be Lenka – Several dressy flat options including a vegan option. Save 5% with code ANYASREVIEWS (returns are only accepted from within the EU and USA). Read more about these flats in my Be Lenka 2022 Review

You can also find Be Lenka flats at Anya’s Shop!

Top down view of Medium width hideaway lace ups in saddle weave with ankle ties. Anatomical shaped comfortable shoes for women handmade in the usa

Everleigh Meadow – These handmade leather soles are available in 3 widths! Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off.

Read our full Everleigh Meadow review here

Magical Shoes Ballerina – These flats are very wide and the neutral color will go well under a dress if it complements your skin tone. See my review here. Use code ANYA 10% off.

A close up of a bride's feet wearing Ahinsa Shoes barefoot wide toe box ballet flats in white

AhinsaVegan brand. The ballet flats available in silver and gold metallic as well as other solid colors and a few prints. Get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS.

barefoot minimalist ballet flats

The Drifter Leather flats – These beautiful shoes are custom made and will take a long while to get to you, but the styles they have are completely unmatched. Learn more about ordering from the Drifter here and here.

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing stylish women's barefoot dress shoes from Zlatush

Zlatush Shoes – Zlatica handmakes all her shoes and has a variety of metallic and colorful leather options. You can see my initial thoughts on Zlatush Shoes here.

A close up angled side view of a woman's feet in Xero Phoenix black knit dress flats

Xero Shoes Phoenix – The Phoenix knit comes in a 6 colors. The gray, red, and green tend to look more casual because of the color variations in the knit, but the black, rose, and cream could pair well with wedding attire. The Phoenix also comes in black, brown, raspberry, and teal leather here. Read my Xero Shoes Phoenix review!

Shop Xero Shoes EU here

zaqq barefoot shoes black stud minimalist ballet flats close up

Zaqq Handmade Ballerina Flats – Zaqq has a good number of flats options, more variety than you’re going to find anywhere else. And, bonus, they are ready to ship right away, so you should receive them shortly after ordering. I reviewed Zaqq boots and sneakers here, and then later tested out a pair of flats. The flats are quite a bit narrower and might not work for some people. You can see my mini review of the flats here.

the storehouse minimalist flats wine suede close up

The Storehouse Flats – The Storehouse Flats come in a lot of metallics and colors and conform to your foot shape after several wears (see my review here). This small shop will require planning ahead as they take preorders once a month and then fulfill those orders over a 6 week period. But for the price point and minimalist qualities are a great option. I recommend following them on Facebook and Insta to stay up to date. Use code ANYA for $5 off & a free bag

So there’s really no need to torture your body with high heels for weddings or other fancy occasions! For more ways to swap out unhealthy, foot-deforming shoes for barefoot shoes, check out my Wear This, Not That series.

Crystal, owner of Everleigh Meadow, wore her handmade flats for her own wedding. Photo by Philip Siciliano

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  1. What are the tan flats pictured with the black poppies? I don’t see them listed. And what volume would they work for? Thank you!

    1. Those are the Shapen Orchid, launching next week! I will be writing about them in my newsletter and doing a giveaway of them next week, so more details will come.

  2. A big upvote for The Drifter Leather’s ballet flats – two ankle straps. I will be wearing them this fall to my daughter’s wedding.

  3. Margreet Rienks

    I have low volume, narrow feet. It’s very difficult to find ballerinas. Which ones would be the best for me?

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