Be Lenka Barefoot Review – New Models for 2022!

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A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete with on bare and the other wearing a white Brooklyn sneaker from Be Lenka Barefoot, with a circle of more barefoot shoes from Be Lenka in light spring colors surrounding the feet

Be Lenka Barefoot is one of the most diverse barefoot shoe brands. They carry hundreds of different style and color combinations starting at toddler sizes and going all the way to adult men’s. They’ve been extra busy this year with over 10 completely new styles and some key updates.

Get the low down on the new models and changes for 2022 in this Be Lenka Barefoot shoes review!

Be Lenka Barefoot Review

A collage of the same woman wearing 5 different stylish outfits and 5 different styles of Be Lenka barefoot shoes from the spring 2022 line - the Entice 2.0, Grace sandal, Brooklyn sneaker, Bellisima flat, and Flair sneaker

Be Lenka is a Slovakian brand that focuses on lifestyle barefoot shoes for the whole family. They’ve really shaken up the game when it comes to wide toe box shoes that are stylish, and they have no plans to stop here. Their efforts are making natural footwear a more accepted option in the world!

Previously, Be Lenka did not accept returns outside the EU, but this week Be Lenka has announced that returns are now possible on US orders, woot woot! That means that if you place an order with and have it shipped to the US, you can easily return it to a US address – and that just so happens to be my shop!

We’ve always been about improving access to barefoot shoes, we hope this makes it just a tad easier for my US readers. Note that these orders will still be arriving from Europe, AND anyone can use my code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off your Be Lenka order.

Unfortunately, Be Lenka still doesn’t accept returns from other countries outside the EU (and shipping can be expensive), so you might want to check out the following Be Lenka retailers around the world. Many ship worldwide and accept returns.

On to the Be Lenka Barefoot shoes review!

Be Lenka Sole Types

A collage showing the 4 different outsole types available from Be Lenka Barefoot - Bean, Square, Flat, and Sandal

As of now, Be Lenka has 4 different sole types available for adult shoes (Kids Be Lenka review to come soon!). All are zero drop and flexible, but have different thicknesses and feels. They are as follows:

Bean Shape – Be Lenka’s original styles are made on a thin 4mm sole that skews toward the big toe. These have a leaf design on the bottom and can be found on the Icon, City, Prime, Eazy, Champ, Ace, Stellar, Sierra & Nord. They’re uber wide.

Square Shape – This is a new shape for 2022 that distributes the width more evenly across the toe box, and is a few millimeters narrower at the ball of the foot. This is good for people who need more pinkie toe space! This sole is also 4mm not counting the tread, but with tread and insoles these are a fair bit thicker and a little heavier than the bean shaped soles. They have better grip and durability, and you can remove the insole to get closer to the ground.

You can find this sole on the Brooklyn, Flair, Glide, and Entice 2.0. The Trailwalker has a similar shape, but the sole material is different and thinner (they’re amazing trail shoes!).

*Last fall Be Lenka released several winter boots on a different (wider) square shaped sole with even deeper tread. Those boots are still available currently, but they will be replaced by this newer square shape in time.*

A close up of a hand holding a rolled up Be Lenka barefoot sneaker showing how flexible it is

Ballet Flat Sole – Be Lenka has added 3 flat styles this spring, all of which are made on a sole similar to the square shape above, but quite a bit narrower. Even still, it is a moderately wide fitting mold. They all come with an insole that adds a good amount of cushion, and makes for a better fit if you have low volume feet. Otherwise, you can remove it. They are on the heavier side for a barefoot ballet flat.

Sandal Sole – And finally, the sandal sole. These are the narrowest soles Be Lenka offers, but with open sandals you don’t need as much width. They are flexible but slightly heavy compared to other barefoot sandals like Zeazoo or Tikki. The material holds up to wear well, and they look dressy. The shape is sloped, similar to the bean shape.

Want to dig deeper into foot shapes and the shoes that work best for them? Check out this guide to the best barefoot shoes for your foot type!

Now that we’ve covered the different soles available from Be Lenka let’s discuss the new spring 2022 models. And if you have questions about an older style, check out my previous Be Lenka reviews.


Leather | $129 | Sizes EU 36-46

The Brooklyn, made on the square shaped sole, is the perfect Adidas dupe for wide toes. They’re a simple white leather sneaker with black detailing – classic, casual, versatile. I’ve been wearing mine in yucky spring weather and they wipe down very easily (a must for a white shoe IMO). I’ve also been pleased at how soft the sole has become, they’re a lot more flexible now that I’ve worn them several miles!

The sole has performed well for me on slick floors and is definitely grippier than the bean shaped sole. I think they’re a great sneaker for lots of city walking, but I miss my ultra thin options after a while.

Sizing & Fit: I am wearing a size 37 in my Brooklyns, my usual Be Lenka sneaker size. They fit perfectly, no need to size up or down. I am using the insole that comes with them, and they fit my low volume feet well with no adjustments (high volume feet will need to remove the insole). Compared to a Be Lenka sneaker like the Prime, which is high volume and wide through the heel and ankle, the Brooklyn is significantly better for thin feet and narrow heels. And of course, they have an extra wide toe box.


Leather | $129 | Sizes EU 36-43

The Flair is a simple sneaker, similar to the City, but made on the square shaped sole. The upper is the softest nubuck (seriously, so soft!), and they have a feminine flair to them. They also come in a peach and rose color. I scuffed mine the first time I wore them and was worried they were stained, but it brushed out well and then I treated them with Carbon Pro before wearing them again. I would definitely recommend doing so to keep the leather nice.

Sizing & Fit: The Flair is true to size and extra wide, but they fit a teensy bit higher volume than the Brooklyn. With the insole in and the laces tightened they work fine for my shallow feet, but have a little more space above the toes. Medium and high volume feet (without insole) should do alright in them too.

Entice 2.0

Leather | $179 | Sizes EU 36-43

The Entice is a beautiful, wide fitting chelsea boot that made some waves when it was first released last fall. It was re-released this spring on the updated square sole and in my opinion it’s an improvement. The current sole is a better match for the style, and they still fit really wide. I love the suede, and of course the ease of a pull on chelsea boot. They’re a great versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down – the kind of thing that a lot of people with extra wide feet are hankering for!

They are lined with fleece, so don’t work well for warm weather. But for spring, fall, and winter they will be a great staple. I did need to break them in a tad – at first they felt stiff around my heel. If you want them to be your closet workhorse, I would treat the suede to keep it looking nice!

Sizing & Fit: The Entice fits slightly smaller than the other square shaped Be Lenka shoes because of the fleece lining. I sized up to a 38 in them and they are perfect for wearing with medium weight socks. The original Entice fit even shorter than the current 2.0, but I am still happiest in one size up.

The Entice is also available at Anya’s Shop in the US!


Leather | $139 | Sizes EU 36-43

I love these simple Be Lenka flats!! They remind me of a slingback, but have a little more security with the heel piece. It’s just enough detail to keep them from being basic. They are a fabulous work or fancy occasion shoe. I prefer them in black, the peachy “nude” color isn’t my favorite because you’d have to have just the right skin tone for them to look good. I think taupe is far more versatile for different skin colors while still being neutral (hint hint, nudge nudge), but if the peach color is right for you, then great!

Otherwise, quality is top notch and I’m really happy with them.

Sizing & Fit: I chose a size 37, even though I often wear a size 36 in flats. The heel is a little loose on me, but I’m glad I didn’t choose the smaller size because they would be too short and too narrow. I don’t think they’ll be a good choice for extra wide feet, but should be great for average to slightly wide. I am using the insole in them, but if you have high volume toes and/or thick feet you could remove it.


Leather | $129 | Sizes EU 36-43

The Sophie is a more classic ballet flat style with no straps or embellishments. They’re simple and elegant, but still feel durable. I like them as a transition shoe, or for people who are on their feet a lot and want some cushion. One thing I don’t love is that the logo on the insole is rubbing off on my foot…

Sizing & Fit: The Sophie fits like the Bellissima, but I found the gold leather to be a little bit stiffer. This helps keep them on my heel better than the Bellissima, but they felt tight on my toes the first couple hours of wear. They don’t seem like they’ll loosen up a ton, but if they do they might end up being too big. Flats are so hard when you have narrow heels! Don’t forget to check out these fit hacks if you also get heel slippage.

Eazy Sand ’22

Canvas or Leather | $119-$139 | EU Sizes 36-47

Restock coming soon!

The Be Lenka Eazy has been a favorite barefoot sneaker of mine for a few years now, I often take them traveling because they’re easy (ha!) and cute. There have been subtle changes to them over the years, but for the most part they have stayed the same. The color is a sandy beige, and they have a padded heel cup to keep them from slipping. I find that the color disguises dirt well, but after a while I need to clean the front of the shoe. With this canvas material I use soap and water and either scrub with my fingers or a toothbrush (gently). The Eazy also comes in leather which can be wiped down.

Sizing & Fit: The Eazy’s are the only slip on barefoot shoe I’ve tried that fits a low volume foot. I wear them with the insole that is included and don’t have to do anything extra to get a good fit. This is so rare for me, having really shallow feet, and I love it. But they are not likely to work for people with high arches. You can remove the insole to get a little more space though. They are otherwise true to size and have the extra wide bean shaped sole.

Close up of a pair of feet in Be Lenka Eazy slip on barefoot sneakers, showing the front and side ankle areas on low volume feet
You can see they gape a tad around my ankles, but still sit low over the arch.

Icon Cappuccino

Leather | $129 | EU Sizes 36-47

The Icon is a high top shoe that crosses between a sneaker and a dress shoe. This is Be Lenka’s oldest style, and for good reason! They’re basic, but in a good way. They come in a handful of neutral colors, and Cappuccino is new for spring. I love taupe, it’s such a great neutral that looks good on most people. Another nice thing about the Icon is it can really go both ways – dressy or casual, feminine or masculine. I have 3 pairs of Icons, and all of them needed a little breaking in – the leather rubbed my ankle bone and heel the first few wears. After that, they fit like a dream and seem to be really durable.

Sizing & Fit: The Icons fit medium to high volume, but I’m able to tighten the laces enough for my feet. I prefer wearing them with an insole (this model doesn’t come with one) or a tongue pad. True to size, made on the bean shaped sole.

Be Lenka Sandals

A side view of a pair of feet standing on wood plans outside wearing Be Lenka barefoot Grace sandals in gold leather

Leather or Textile | $99 | EU Sizes 36-43

While there are no new sandal models from Be Lenka (so far) this year, they are adding some new fun colors. I love my Be Lenka sandals because they look really nice, even after lots of wear. If you want to hear more about how they fit, check out my Stylish Summer Sandals review!


Vegan | $149-$179 | EU Sizes 36-47

Barebarics is actually a separate brand, but it is owned by Be Lenka and you can order Barebarics from the Be Lenka website if you’re already getting some other stuff. They are designed for urban dwellers with a highly abrasion-resistant outsole, a little more cushion than Be Lenka shoes, and an entirely vegan lineup. They really level up the style game AND the quality game. Because they have a thicker outsole and a more cushioned insole I consider these to be a good transition barefoot shoe.

Sizing & Fit: I first tried a size 38 because that is what they had in stock, but I really need a 37 (my usual Be Lenka size). They fit similar to the Be Lenka square shaped models, but are built on a unique mold so have a slightly different shape. They are true to size and wide in the toe box. I wear mine with the insole because I have low volume feet, but you could remove it if you need more vertical space.

Read my in-depth Barebarics review here.

Be Lenka Barefoot Review In Summary

Be Lenka Barefoot is a standout barefoot shoe brand with high quality shoes in a huge range of styles and sizes. The newer models (square shaped sneakers and ballet flats) are catering toward people who spend a lot of time on hard surfaces and don’t have the same barefoot feel you get in brands like Mukishoes and Wildling. This makes them great if you’re new to barefoot shoes or want a little more cush. It also makes them great for durability!

While it’s slightly confusing to have such a variety of shapes and soles, once you get familiar with them it’s nice to have the options!

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44 thoughts on “Be Lenka Barefoot Review – New Models for 2022!”

      1. Hey Anya,

        I have a pair of Be Lenka Sierra boots. Is there anyway to stretch them out at the calf? If not— is there a way to sell them to you? They aren’t fitting comfortably at all.


        1. Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to buy those from you. You could probably stretch the leather a little bit, but you also might try a Boot Band which zips in and expands the boot. I’ve also heard good things from people who’ve taken them to a cobbler to have an additional panel added in.

  1. Very excited for the new square shape! Do you have more details on how US returns work (carrier, pre-paid label, cost)? There’s not much info on the Be Lenka site right now, probably because it’s so new!

    1. They will provide you with the address (last I heard they’ll be including it as a packing slip in US orders) and you organize your own shipping to the address with a carrier of your choice.

      1. Just leaving this here in case anyone is thinking of ordering from them- I had a horrible experience with their customer service. Do not follow the sizing guidelines on their website – I ended up with shoes that were the wrong size (wayyyy too large) and gave me horrible blisters after wearing them. When I reached out for help I was told that they wouldn’t do anything because the return period had passed, nevermind that it was their website’s size information that had caused the issue or that even if the period hadn’t passed they don’t do anything to help if the shoes have been worn. Basically be 100% sure you’re willing to spend money that you won’t get back. If you’re looking for barefoot sneakers try ZAQQ, Groundies or FeelGrounds. Much better options whose customer service teams won’t leave you with shoes you can’t wear!

  2. Do you think they will ever make the City in the square shape? I know you said the Flairs are similar but I love the City colors! I want to get them anyway lol but I’m one of those people that really needs the pinky space :p

    1. I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure. They’re always innovating! Maybe they’ll release more colorful sneaker options in the square shape this summer or fall.

  3. So helpful! Just placed an order – free shipping right now and being able to return to you if needed makes it no risk! Thank you!

  4. The Be Lenka Brooklyn sneakers: ??? I know it may be obvious but I have to ask, because on their website it does not show “an overview” of this particular model; it shows most profiles, From different stepping angles but” the actual” thing that I identify with, is a direct “overview”. like you show on your website, (looking straight directly down at the shoe )this is how I determine whether it’s sufficiently; anatomically-Oblique-Biomechanically-ergonomic:) for the big toe and the baby toe. (that’s how I Knew how to purchase the be lenka Nevada in Wheat color, and the Sofstar primal switchback hiking boot, By you’re “very analytical direct” line of sight photographs that you present with the actual information Which present are 3-D-information. There are a lot of barefoot companies out there but there’s only 2 or 3 that I really consider good for me(some would call it extreme wide) I call it foot shape with the room – additional something I could wear a Thick pair of wool socks with a thin pair of cotton socks underneath and still have room to move my toes,(wide socks of course) No restrictions in the Toebox, no turnt-up spring toe know elevated Heels.

  5. You mentioned in your May 2020 youtube video about Be Lenka shoes that you got the Eazy style in a size 36 instead of 37. Did you stick with the size 36 for the 2022 model or go back to your usual Be Lenka size of 37?

    1. Now I’m wearing a size 37! The 36s don’t fit me anymore. They were close at the time and now 2 years later my feet have gotten just enough longer that they’re not comfortable.

  6. Hi! Do you think the Be Lenka Entice 2.0 is warm enough for winters where the lowest temps are in the 20s F? The Be Lenka Entice 2.0 is my favorite, but wondering if I need to go with something warmer like the Winter 2.0. Looking for an everyday winterboot!

    1. Positive 20? I would say yet if those are the lowest. I don’t have a high cold tolerance, and I would wear the Entice in those temps with wool socks.

      1. Thank you so much!! (I was wondering because of the lining – sounds like it’s synthetic, but I don’t know what “PAD & PU” actually are?)

  7. Do you have a post comparing the original entice and the new 2.0 version? The size charts on the website are the same but I keep reading that they fit so different. Trying to decide what version to get as I love the toffee color.

    1. I sell the Prime 2.0 at Anya’s Shop, so even though I haven’t officially reviewed it I can tell you a bit about it! The white is more of a true white now without the greyish undertone. The uppers hold their shape better so you don’t get that line at the toe box like I mention in this review. The ankle opening is now padded so they hold to your heel better. Otherwise, they are the same! Subtle improvements, overall same shoe.

  8. Disappointed that Belenka shaved the width off of their square sole shape. I have the older square winter/fall boots (2021) with the wider shape and it was a GLORIOUS shape. Seems to be the case with most barefoot/foot-shaped brands: they start wide, but increasingly shave off width to increase profit margins and appeal to those who prefer “conventional” shoes. They still have the widest toe-boxes around, but shaving off ANY width is a cardinal sin. Pretty frustrating. Though the 2022 square shape is still miles better than their “bean” shape.

    1. No, neither of those stretch much for me. I’ve had Sand Eazy’s for years now and I don’t think they’ve changed much at all. Just a little softer and more flexible, but not wider or looser.

      1. I’m in love with the way the Eazy’s grip nearer to my ankles/heels and feel secure but leave me lots of toe-box room. I have one toe that is longer on one foot and it’s making me think I will need to size up in the future. Also, hammer toes I’ve had for decades are resolving very quickly now that I’m in minimalist shoes! Amazing!

  9. Hey Anya, big fan of the website. I had incredible difficulty finding wide toe box shoes. I did many hours worth of research over the months looking for anything that would fit me and quite a bit of money was lost in the process as well. Here are some measurements.

    Birkenstock QO 700: EU 42, length 27 cm and width 10.2 cm

    Softstar: Adult PRIMAL RunAmoc length 27.3 cm and width 11.3 cm

    Realfootcz:  EU 42, length 27.6 cm and width 12 cm

    Ahinsa Shoes: xWide Sundara Ankle boots. EU size 43, length 27.2 cm and width 12.4 cm

    If you could help me find anything in the 11-12 cm width range that would be appreciated. Most barefoot shoes are in the 10 cm range from what I have seen.

    1. Hi Alan! Are those all ones you found success with? Softstar Primal, RealFoot, and Ahinsa XW? If so, I would say you definitely found the widest/most primal shaped shoes out there. A few others you might try if you haven’t would be Be Lenka, Bohempia Wide, and Luks.

  10. Love this overview of new Belenka shoes! I was going to order the Barebarics zing from your shop, but after reading all the info here I think I’ll go for the Belenka Brooklyn. Sounds like they are much more comfortable, easier to clean and get water resistent, and still work great for low volume and people who like slightly thicker soles!

    1. I usually reapply at the beginning of the season (usually in the fall on my boots). Occasionally if I have a shoe I really want to take care of and/or I have to wipe it down then I will reapply multiple times a year. It’s so easy to do, I just step out onto the porch with the shoes and the Carbon Pro, spray ’em down, and then let them sit out for a little while to dry.

  11. Hello. I am a little confused at the sizing charts for be lenka. For one, I have a 26 cm long and 11cm wide foot, both feet are about identical. Typically, I wear soft star primals. No other shoe has fit – xeros, Vivo addis, vivo primals, and even lems primals were a little too snug as well as all the other non-primal soft star shoes. I have tried be lenka primes in a size 42 eu and they felt too stiff and cramped on my little toe.

    Now, I hear from so many people that Be Lenka makes the widest barefoot shoes(maybe aside from soft star). Like, all over the place people are saying this. But, when I look at the sizing chart it says like a 10.3 cm width for most of their size 42/43s.. That might be wide, but not “extra wide”. Also, a size 8/42 eu is 27.2 cm long? Thats the ideal length, 1.2 cm extra for space. But i never wear size 8s, always 9s. I should be going for a size 42 / 27.2 cm long shoe, yes?

    Now my real question. How do I know these shoes are wide enough? Surely they must be wider than the chart indicates, bc so many people swear by be lenka. Specifcally, I am interested in the trail walkers. Would they fit my wide feet? Or the brooklyn? I do have moderately high volume feet. Thank you for being such a great hub for obscure bare foot shoe information. You are truly a god send.

    1. Hi Matt! Be Lenka is definitely one of the widest brands. Anya has a whole collage of around 40 brands from narrow to wide based on her own personal experience with them in this post on foot type here . The size chart typically lists the insole width, and in reality there’s more space available than that. They aren’t as wide as Softstar Primals, but on the scale of narrow to extra wide they are on the extra wide end. Will they be wide enough for you, personally? I can’t tell you for sure but there’s a good chance you can find a good fit in Be Lenka, especially the newer squarer sole shape! I would avoid the original bean shape outsole, however, if you tried the primes and they squished your pinky toe. Trail Walkers are a little different shape – and much much softer than everything else. So, my vote is for you to try the Trail Walkers and report back! Another brand to look at, that’s similar in shape to Primals, is the newer brand RealFoot (they’re in the Czech Republic).

  12. You mentioned that the Sophie fits a bit tight on your toes. Do you advise sizing up in the Sophie? I’m not sure how true to their measurements it will fit. I have medium-volume feet and my toe box width is in between sizes.

    1. Sizing up in the Sophie only works if your foot is thick enough. Thin, low volume feet will probably slide around in a size bigger in the Sophie, because there is nothing to attach it to your foot. For me it just took breaking them in a bit. But in general ballet flats are a hard style to get a perfect fit in – if you want that secure feeling around your heel and plenty of toe space your safest bet is a mary jane style or a flat with some kind of ankle strap.

  13. Tressa Aulenbach

    I’m a 39.5 in European sizes. If I want a shoe/boot that I know I’ll wear with thick socks I go with a 40. Thin or no socks is a 39. My US size is a 9.5. I was excited to order two pairs of Be Lenkas. Boots (size 40) and flats (size 39). When they arrived the package said the 39 was a US 7 and the 40 was a US 7.5!! I don’t want to pay for shipping to send them back. I can wear the boots with the insert removed and with thin socks. But I am just so confused as to their sizing. I haven’t seen a chart that says a European 40 is a U.S. 7.5. What am I missing?? The company said I should have measured my feet in centimeters. Ugh!

    1. A 40 is a US men’s 7.5 and a US women’s 9, and 39 is a US men’s 7 and a US Women’s 8.5. So it sounds like a 41 (US women’s 9.5) is probably the right size for you and the US sizes they have printed on the shoe boxes are the men’s size. Measuring in centimeters is indeed the best way to go about it, since there isn’t a set standard for each shoe size.

      1. Tressa Aulenbach

        Thank you! That makes sense, it is a men’s size. I was so confused since all my US sized shoes say EU 40.

  14. I am also confused about the sizing. I am usually an EU size 38, rarely a 39. Going off the size chart on their website, I would be a size 42 or 42. That seems crazy! My foot size is 25.4 cm. Add 1.2cm = 26.6 cm. Size 41 is listed as 26.4 cm. Sizing up three EU sizes seems risky, but I don’t know whether to get 39 or 40. Help?

    1. I would maybe double check your measurement. If you’re used to wearing a size 38, it seems unlikely your foot is actually 25.4 cm long. My feet are about 23cm long and I wear a 37 or 38 in close toed Be Lenka shoes. I go for size 37 in the shoes on the leaf sole (Eazy, Champ) and a 38 in the Royale which is on their newer sole.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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