Shapen Review – The Best Barefoot Dress Shoes for Women

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A collage of stylish women's barefoot dress shoes from the brand Shapen with the text "Shapen Barefoot, Anya's Reviews" written on it

Shapen Barefoot is making the best dressy barefoot shoes for women. They are zero drop, flexible, wide, and yet classy. If you’ve struggled to find elegant minimalist shoes for work or other fancy occasions, Shapen is the answer.

I have been following this small business for years, so it delights me that I can now bring them to North America at Anya’s Shop! Read on for my review of Shapen’s women’s barefoot shoes and how to order.

Meet Shapen

Shapen Barefoot is a Slovakian brand begun by Mia, a fashionista with a passion for foot health, just like myself! Since 2016 she and her husband have built a barefoot shoe brand that boasts a wide range of ballet flats, sandals, boots, oxfords, and even sneakers for both men and women.

I am reviewing Shapen Barefoot’s women’s models in this post. To learn more about their coming boot collection, keep an eye on my All Time Best Barefoot Boots article (we’ll be updating it once their full collection launches).

Two images side by side of the same woman. In one she is wearing the Shapen Barefoot Ivy boot in Bordeaux, a minimalist ankle boot. And in the other she is wearing the dressy Shapen Poppy barefoot ballet flat in nude, a dressy barefoot shoe for women.
Me modeling the Shapen Ivy Boot and Poppy flat.

Shapen Sizing & Fit

Shapen’s women’s barefoot shoes come in sizes EU 35-44 and generally fits as follows:

  • Wide and roomy – usually works for even extra wide feet
  • True to size
  • Medium to high volume

Shapen is one of the only women’s barefoot dress shoe options that works for extra wide feet! The Poppy and Tulip ballet flat models come in two widths: a regular and wide. All other models fit wide by default.

How To Order

Customers all over the world can order any of her shoes and accessories from Shapen. Currently, Mia has extended the coupon code ANYA5 to readers here for 5% off anything.

But please note that Shapen doesn’t accept returns outside the EU. That is why we carry Shapen at Anya’s Shop in the US. Shipping will be cheaper for local residents and we accept returns from anywhere. But if I don’t carry something you have your heart set on, you can always order directly from Shapen Barefoot.

Now let’s get to know these Shapen Barefoot shoes a little more.

Ivy Boot

Leather | Extra Wide

The Shapen Ivy is a leather zip-up ankle boot with an ultra wide toe box. It is perfect for people who have trouble finding dressy shoes that are wide enough, even in barefoot brands. It has a smart, simple design and a stylish mainstream look. The sole is 5.5 mm thick and flexible enough to roll into a ball.

Close up of a hand holding a Shapen Ivy barefoot dress boot showing the flexibility of the zero drop outsole.

Fit Type: The Ivy has a square toe box shape, so works well for people with all foot shapes, even the most difficult to fit square shaped foot. They are high volume, so people with low volume feet should plan to use insoles and/or shoe tongue pads.

Note: The leather around the ankle opening is stiff at first. People with sensitive Achilles’ will want to use moleskin until the leather breaks in.

Poppy Flat

Leather or Vegan | Two Widths

The Shapen Poppy is a truly dressy barefoot flat. Toe box detailing helps to disguise the width and an open design elongates the legs. They are some of the most fashionable women’s barefoot shoes in existence!

The Poppy is 3mm thick with a leather insole and rubber outsole. The structured design keeps it looking classy, despite being a fully barefoot shoe! Just be aware that the leather is thick and a little stiff when brand new. This helps them look classy, but for some people it rubs. It’s also available in a vegan version!

Fit Type: The Poppy runs long, and after carrying these for a few years at Anya’s Shop we recommend sizing down (most people who didn’t size down ended up exchanging).

They have a square toe box shape, so will fit a wide range of foot types. It fits medium volume feet (but is so open that it doesn’t come into play much) and comes in two widths.

Read this post if you need guidance on measuring your feet.

Shown on me in this post is the regular width. I have slightly wider than average feet (23.3cm long and 9.3cm wide from a foot tracing) and my foot fills up the whole toe box. The leather was snug at first, but has softened so I feel comfortable in them. You can see in the photo below that the Wide is just a little too much space for me. But extra wide-footed friends will want to choose wide width.

The styling possibilities are endless and they continue to be one of my most favorite fashionable barefoot shoe choices. In the last few years I’ve worn them to funerals, weddings, cocktail parties, and more.

Lily 2.0 Sandal

The Shapen lily 2.0 is a dressy peep toe barefoot sandal, meant to be an alternative to high heels. They come in one width which is extra wide. I got a size 36, Even still, I find them to be lovely sandals and would happily wear them as wedding shoes.

The pair shown above is “light beige” which is more white than not, but they also come in patent black. They have a bean shaped sole and my foot wants to sit sideways in them, so they aren’t the best fit for me. The front strap is low-medium volume and not adjustable. These would make lovely special occasion/formal/bridal shoes if you have the right foot type!

Fleur 2.0 Oxford

Another style of shoe Shapen carries is the Fleur, a barefoot Derby or Oxford shoe. This shoe is made in the same wide width as the Ivy, so it is great for extra wide, high volume feet. It’s available in all black with a patent accent, or rose which is a light pink. They don’t run long the way the Poppy does, so stick with your regular size. They work fine with thin or no socks, and expect the leather to take a few wears to break in. They’re a great option for a professional work environment!

Calla Sandal

The Shapen Calla is a really lovely feminine sandal that can replace the high heels in your closet. They are softer than the flats and feel immediately comfortable without any pinching or rubbing. I love the rose gold color as a soft neutral, but they also come in black and white. Like all of Shapen’s sandals, they fit wide and roomy.

Jasmine Sandal

A top down of a foot wearing a Shapen Barefoot Jasmin stylish women's sandal in white,

The Shapen Jasmine is an elevated sandal with scallop detail on the front strap for a little extra interest. They look dressy and more interesting than your basic sandal, but still are soft, wide, and comfortable.

Tulip Ballet Flat

The Shapen Tulip is another barefoot ballet flat style that comes in several lovely colors and can easily be dressed up for fancy occasions. I got a size 36, regular width in this style as well, but the sole curves and that pushes my foot forward. The heel piece also digs into my achilles.

I have since tried a larger size and we’ve even sold them at Anya’s Shop. But the truth is that I find the Tulip to be a little bit fussy and greatly prefer the Poppy or other softer barefoot ballet flats.

They have provided a detailed size chart so you can get the length and width measurements for each size, but keep in mind the curvature of the sole.

Mai Sandal

A top down view of two different people wearing a single Shapen Mai dressy barefoot women's sandal extra wide
The Shapen Mai on me (left) and Samantha (right)

The Shapen Mai is a fun sandal with heart detail that feels soft and flexible immediately. I have wide, shallow feet and they were wide enough but also a bit floppy around the heel and over the arch. They fit Samantha much better, who has a beefier high volume foot. I got my usual sandal size of EU 36.

Daisy Sandal

The Shapen Daisy is another extra wide sandal, with a velcro ball strap to make them even more adjustable. This sandal was unfortunately not a good fit for me at all, they were very floppy with tons of extra space around my feet.

They are best suited for really wide feet, and high volume would be best. Personally, I also don’t like the metallic material on the ball strap, I think it looks plasticky. They are also very flexible like the Mai, but I love Shapen’s other sandals a lot more.

Barefoot Dress Shoes Can Make Your Life Better!

If you want to get max foot health benefits from barefoot shoes, then you’ll wear to wear them every time you need shoes – even on fancy occasions! But even if all you want is to be comfortable, brands like Shapen Barefoot make that possible. It is a fulfillment of my dreams to be able to bring healthy footwear to more people, so make sure you are watching Anya’s Shop for lots more to come!

And don’t forget to subscribe below so you hear about new barefoot shoe reviews!

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46 thoughts on “Shapen Review – The Best Barefoot Dress Shoes for Women”

  1. Hey Anya,
    Thank you for your review on the Ivy! For sizing, my feet are 23.6cm and I wear a 38 in Vivobarefoot and Belenka with thicker socks. The size chart indicates that I should get a 37, but it fits you so should I get a 38? The insole length for the 38 is 25.2 which would be too long, and I don’t plan on wearing thick socks with the Ivy. What would you recommend? Thank you!

    1. What Be Lenka style do you wear with thicker socks? Do you think you could wear a 37 in Vivo or Be Lenka brands if you wore thin socks? If you got your 23.6cm measurement from a foot tracing and you want your Ivy to fit closer to your foot than the Be Lenka and Vivos you have I would go 37. I could wear a 36 in the Ivy myself, but then I wouldn’t have much space for socks and my toes would be slightly closer to the front than I prefer. However, they would look a little dressier for being slimmer around my ankle.

      1. I wear the Belenka Icon with thicker socks, and the Vivo Addis 37 is slightly too short for my left foot w/o socks so I wear thicker socks with the 38. My feet measurement is against the wall so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I’ve been consistently one size bigger than you so may just go with the 38. Thank you for your input, and all that you do in the name of zero drop!


    Hi Anya,
    Wow! Such lovely shoes! I am new at barefoot shoes. I just love the Poppy and am wanting to order a pair from your site. My foot measures 25.4 cm so I thinking to order a size 9. Thoughts?

    1. A measurement of 25.4 would actually put you at a size EU 39 or women’s 8 (I am using the size chart that is on the product page). A size EU 40 or US 9 would be quite long on you.

  3. Thanks a lot for the review, I am in love with the Poppy, they look very nice. πŸ™‚ I am still not sure what would be the best size because the recommend taking shoes that are just a few mm longer than the feet. My feet are 25,1 and I wanted to buy size 39. How much space do you have in front?:)

    1. Hi Diana! My Poppys are 8mm longer than my toes and they are almost too long. Because of the open design they feel insecure if they are too long. After selling lots of these at Anya’s Shop I recommend you follow the Shapen size chart with only 3-8mm in front of the toes, even though it doesn’t seem like a lot. Quite a lot of people ordered up and then returned them for the size down.

  4. Hi Anya, I’m thinking of buying the Shapen Ivy boots. My foot is 25cm long and my ankle is 25 cm in circumference. Using the Shapen size guide, I think I would be a 39 based on my foot length, but the ankle circuit would be 1cm too small. Do you think I should size up to the 40, or is there some leeway with the ankle? I would be wearing them with thick socks, most likely. Or maybe they are just not the right boots for me? Thanks

      1. Yes, I’m using the the wall method. I’m a 40 in my other barefoot shoes – Peerko, Groundies. I’m fairly new to barefoot shoes, so I’m still getting used to the idea of space at the end of the shoe. Thanks.

        1. Yes, they can feel too big at first! But as long as they are secure on your foot and not sliding around then you are probably in the right size. Hope you love them!

  5. Hi! Question on the Shapen Poppy. My feet are 25 cm or 24.5 cm with the wall method. I have a pair of Be Lenka sandals in size 40 that are a bit too long, so I was thinking of getting the Shapen in size 39. But should I size down even further in Shapen Poppy to 38? Thanks for your help!

    1. Be Lenka sandals also run a little long, so a 39 likely would be good. But I would defer to the size chart, which recommend 3-8mm extra length (so that they aren’t floppy).

  6. Hi Anya!
    My feet are 25 cm long, and 10 cm across. I read from some of your other comments that a size 39/size 8 would be best, but am curious if I should go for the regular or the wide?

  7. Teodora Bozhankova

    Hi Anya,
    I am planning to get Tulip ballerinas. My feet are 25 cm and 25,2cm long and 10 cm wide across. Is it ok if I get EU39 wide, because I think that EU40 would be to long for my shorter foot. I tried Groundies Bella and size 40 was to long, but 39(25,5cm) to short. Thank you for your help!

    1. Because the sole of the Tulip curves I found that they felt shorter than the size chart indicated. My inclination would be to go up one, but since fit is so personal I can’t say for sure.

  8. Thanks so much for all the info on your site. Super helpful. I just had to return a size 41 in Be Lenka Polars. They were a little too snug on me as far as foot volume and ankle size. Length and width were very close. Any tips on sizing the Shapen Ivy boot to try instead? My foot tracing comes out as 24cm long and 10cm wide. Thank you!

    1. The Ivy’s fit roomier than the Polar’s because they are unlined. They also fit higher volume than the Polars. My guess is you’d be a 41 in the Ivy if that size was a little too snug in the Polar.

  9. Hi Anya,

    I am interested in buying one pair of Tulip and one Poppy. My feet measures are 23.4cm long and 9.3cm wide. Which size do you recommend me please?

    Thank you ❀️

    1. Hi Ainhoa, we’ve found the size chart to be pretty accurate and the recommendation of adding only 3-8 mm to your foot length to be good advice. So my guess is you’d be a 36 wide!

  10. Dear Anya,
    I just found your review and it looks like I won’t have to wear heels ever again πŸ₯³
    I’m unsure about the sizing:
    My feet are 25,5 cm long and I wear a 41 in vivos and groundies, but the size chart for the poppys recommends a 39 I think… Wouldn’t that be too small?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Michelle, It’s definitely possible you could be two sizes down in the Poppy’s! I’ve seen it a few times, and I myself think I’d probably fit best in a 35 Wide if that size was available (I wear a 37 in Vivo and Groundies).

  11. Hi Anya, do you know anything about the “Second Chance” option from Shapen? I.e. slight cosmetic defects. They don’t show any pics with examples on their site. I am interested because of the discount but not sure if cosmetic defects include just scratches/scuffs or manufacturing defects that would affect fit/comfort. If you happen to have any insider info or could poll your connections for people who may have purchased that option, it would be helpful to know! Thanks for your awesome reviews!

    1. Hey Kellie! I did a search in my Barefoot Style community group on Facebook and saw that several people posted about them saying that they either couldn’t find the flaw or it was really minor. It does say on the Shapen website that they’re cosmetic defects, which to me means aesthetic only. I did see one person post a picture of flats she got that had a prominent mark in the leather on the top of the shoe. πŸ™ That would be disappointing to get. She ended up using leather paint on it, but it’s a bit of a risk.

  12. Hello Anya,
    I really need help with ordering my poppy once they are available. I wear 38 in my groundies bella flats. My foot length is 24.5. Would you recommend a size 37?

  13. Hi Anya, thanks for this article. I found it really useful in choosing the right size for my shapen sandels, without it I would probably have ordered the wrong size and lost a lot of money as can’t return from the UK. I now have beautiful sandals for the weddings ahead in 2023! Your website is full of really useful and relevant information. Keep up the good work!

  14. Have you tried out the Jasmine sandal Shapen makes now? I’m wondering whether they are also best for high-volume feet. They look gorgeous!

    1. Yes I do have a pair! They work well for high volume, but I also didn’t have a problem with them on my feet. When a sandal is that open and only covers part of your foot, it tends to be more versatile (as long as the ankle strap has adjustability). Samantha fits well into Shapen Sandals with her extra wide, high volume feet.

  15. Dahlia Abraham-Klein

    Hi Anya

    So appreciate your reviews. They are so helpful. I’m liking the shapen fleur but the pic you posted looks duck shaped wide and beaten. I’d love to see you Wearing them or your input on them since they don’t accept returns.

    1. We got an updated pair of the Fleur recently, we’ll be updating the photo soon and sharing info about them in my newsletter. They are a similar width though, widest at the toes. I haven’t worn them long enough to see how the new ones will crease though.

  16. Hello Anya,
    First of all thank you for your reviews they have helped immensely! I am looking into purchasing the Shapen Poppy flats. My foot length is 26.5 cm and 10cm wide. I believe i would be a EU size 40 wide, could you please help me? Thank you πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Anya! New to the barefoot world and finding your content and reviews so helpful. I’m going to purchase the tulip ballerinas but worried about sizing as I can’t return from the UK. my feet are 27.5cm long and 10cm wide. I was thinking the 43 wide, would would give me .9cm of space at the toe. Do you think this would be enough? I think the 44 may be too long with 1.5cm extra space.
    Thank you!

    1. The Poppy feels long because of how open the design in, that’s why they recommend only 3-7mm of space beyond your toes. So 9mm seems like they would be quite long. It’s always good to get a second opinion from their customer service, since it’s a riskier purchase not being able to return.

  18. Do you have any plans to offer the Fleur in your shop? I’d love to try these, but I’m afraid to order directly from Shapen and risk having them not fit properly.

    1. Not in the immediate future. We are currently sticking with the Poppy, the Calla, and several of their coming boot styles. We may in the future, but it won’t be soon.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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