The Best Foot Friendly Socks That Don’t Squish Your Toes

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A close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete - one is wearing a pink barefoot shoe, the other is shoeless but wearing thick toe socks

Looking for socks you can comfortably wear with barefoot shoes? Here is a list of all the sock brands I love that support a natural toe splay, including regular socks, toe socks, and leg warmers.

Why Do Socks Matter?

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on wood floor - the left foot is wearing a traditional black sock with the toes squished together. The right foot is wearing a black toe sock with the toes splayed out
Regular socks tend to inhibit your natural toe splay. Foot friendly socks don’t!

Socks can restrict your toes just like shoes can! Many people who have experienced the freedom of barefoot shoes start to question their socks. And many find themselves more comfortable once they transition to either toe socks or anatomical socks. I myself prefer to be fully barefoot in my shoes (I wash them if they get stinky), but sometimes I need socks for either comfort or warmth. The following are the socks I recommend for comfort and foot health.

Want to hear more about barefoot shoes? Get started here.

Toe Socks

A close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing dark grey toe socks with the toes lifted up and splayed

Over the years I have completely transitioned to toe socks – I just need that toe mobility! And nothing else gives it to you like a toe sock (except being barefoot of course).

  • Injinji $10-$20 – I love the wool hikers best of all!
  • Knitido Plus $20-$30. Use code ANYA20 for 20% off
  • Knitido – They have a more classic selection of socks than Knitido Plus, and we carry them at Anya’s Shop for easier North American access. Use code ANYA10 for 10% off if ordering directly
  • ToeToe (UK)
  • SeraSox – These are really soft and comfy!
  • SoxSense – Ankle height cotton
  • Tabio USA
  • Vibram Toe Sock
  • Creepers (NZ & USA)
  • XoToes
  • ToeSox – Most of these socks have grippy bottoms, which is good for indoor use. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off
  • Amazon – There are lots of options! I have a cheap set to fill in the gaps so I always have clean socks to wear.

No Show Toe Socks

A close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete. The right foot is wearing a Xero Shoes Zelen barefoot sneaker, the left foot is wearing an Injinji hidden toe sock

Want toe socks that won’t show when wearing low cut shoes? Here are some invisible toe sock options. If you have a stinky feet problem, these can help keep your shoes fresher.

5 Toe Tights

Need to wear nylons? There are tights with 5 toes! Find them at ToeToe.

Tall Boot Socks

Tabi Socks

Tabi socks have a separate spot for the big toe only, and are often used by people who just don’t want to give up their sandals when the weather turns cold.

Anatomical Socks

A top down view of a person's feet with rainbow socks. The left foot is shoeless, the right is wearing Splay Freestyle zero drop affordable lace up sneakers.

These socks have a natural foot shape to them, with a left and right. This just makes sense, since feet aren’t symmetrical! So they allow your big toes to splay out more than traditional socks. While these are far more comfortable, I still prefer my toe socks – sometimes these socks get bunched up in my shoes and I still feel slightly restricted. But if you can’t stand the thought of toe socks, these are the next best thing.

  • Be Lenka $12.50 – These are thinner socks, so work well in warm weather or with shoes that don’t have a lot of extra space. Customers in Europe can get them directly from Be Lenka proper and get 5% off with code ANYASREVIEWS. Those within North American can purchase them directly from Anya’s Shop for easier shipping (both ship worldwide as well!)
  • Injinji – The Runner and Hiker are the only two that aren’t toe socks
  • Plus12
  • IceBreaker
  • Feetures
  • Babaruda Knits – These are custom made socks to match your foot shape!

Another option is non-constricting socks, such as these Loose Fit socks, or these Extra Wide socks.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers (or stirrup socks) are another great option for preserving toe space. I love that they keep me warm, fill in space around the arch and heel, but still let my toes be free.

You can find leg warmers lots of places, and they’re really easy to knit yourself (or so I’ve been told), but here are a few that I have experience with and can vouch for!

Extra Warm Foot Friendly Socks

a top down view of a pair of feet wearing Correct Toes. One foot is bear and the other is wearing a barefoot socks

Did you know that wool can take the shape of your body like leather can? Quality socks with a high wool content will become softer and conform to your foot over time. Sizing up is also a great option if you are having trouble finding cozy socks that don’t squish your toes.

  • Be Lenka Merino Wool Socks
  • Injinji Wool
  • Icelandic Socks – These are 85% wool so are able to mold to your foot over time. They fit generously and are very thick and warm.
  • Chunky Boot Socks $15/5 pack – I wear these all the time in Instagram posts (you guys love ’em!), they are one of my favorite finds for spacious socks that have that perfect chunky look. They are so cozy, so cute, and allow for all the toe movement. Fun fact, they were a gift from my BFF two years ago.
  • People Socks – I stole these from my husband and now use them as house slippers.

I live in a cold climate and have put a lot of energy into finding the best warm gear that doesn’t restrict your feet. Check out my All Time Warmest Barefoot Winter boots article for more details!

Compression Socks

I often get asked about foot friendly compression socks – here are 3 toe sock options that will let your feet spread out.

There are also many compression sleeves that have no toes.

Kids Foot Friendly Socks

It’s not easy to find foot friendly socks for kids. My two boys refuse to wear socks most of the time and won’t even touch toe socks, so we keep just a few pairs in one size larger than their shoe size for cold weather.

  • Amazon – This is one of the only places I’ve found toe socks for kids
  • Plus12 – My boys don’t like toe socks, but they love these anatomical socks! You can also order Plus12 from Wildling Shoes
  • Magical Shoes – 99% Merino wool socks with a wide toe box and non-skid bottom. Use code ANYA for 10% off
  • Foot Buddy – Tube socks with no heel cup and relaxed toe box. Use code ANYAS15 for 20% off
  • Joe Nimble International – A couple toe socks options for kids. Use code AFFANY10 for 10% off your first purchase


Anything you put your feet into will affect how they function – that means it’s worthwhile to look at both your socks and your shoes. Fortunately there are tons of healthy sock options in a full range of prices and materials. Find what works for you and experience the foot freedom!

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35 thoughts on “The Best Foot Friendly Socks That Don’t Squish Your Toes”

  1. Marleen Murphy

    Love your reviews for shoes and now the socks. My husband ordered several pairs of ininiji socks, and he found the big toe wore out very quickly. Lol, no sharp toenails ! Just wondering in your reviews if you can include durability . So many socks wear out either in the heel or I am wondering with the socks with toes.
    Thanks kindly.

    1. Good point! Justin and I have each had a pair of Injinjis that wore out really fast for no good reason, but all the rest we’ve had have been really durable. Xotoes are a good option for durability if wearing out the socks is a concern. Also, Injinji has a warranty program and they replaced the socks that wore out because it happened so fast.

      1. Marleen Murphy

        Thanks Anya, we were very disappointed when they wore out so quickly. We like the idea of using them, but we are on Vancouver Island in Canada and often will have to pay for customs making it more expensive. I never knew about the warranty program, so thanks for letting us know. I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Great topic, Anya! Are you aware of any 5-toe-socks that are made out of (organic) cotton only? I prefer cotton over all other materials to avoid any potential health concerns from articial material

    1. Hi! Knitido has some with organic cotton, that is the only one I am currently aware of… You might like Serasox too, they are made out of bamboo and are pretty nice.

    2. Hi Tobias, the Toesox casual crew sock is 77% organic cotton, and the Toetoe essential crew sock is 90% conventional cotton. No 100% organic cotton socks from any of these brands that I could find.

  3. The injini runner and hiker are toe socks. The web site says their inner layer is a toe sock and the outer layer is not, but it’ll still feel like a toe sock.

  4. Decathlon sell toe socks for running, they’re much tougher than the injinjis I’ve had and more hard wearing around the toenails

  5. Thank you so much for all the sock recommendations!

    I had been wearing Bombas running socks. I had thought it was because they don’t have an across the toe seam like most socks do. Of course the are designated R and L. Now I know why I liked them better than other socks! I am currently trying tabio toe socks (with and without compression)and toesox athletic type socks. I had sticky bottom toe sox years ago for yoga and never thought to wear them with shoes.

    My other favorite and “prescribed” socks are sockwells for compression. They don’t have a “toe” option however I have felt they are not as tight as other compression type socks across the toes. I have yet to try them with correct toes.

    My favorite spin/cycling socks are swiftwick. No toe option. They are a wide stretchy sock. There is plenty of room in there for correct toes! Work well together and fit into my Lake spin shoes with the stretchy top.

    Thanks for showing me the compression toe socks! Just got the Toe sox tall compression socks linked above and I think they are a good fit, so far for a couple hours!

    Waiting for the tabio hallux valgus specialty sock, can’t wait to try that one!

  6. Thanks for this overview!
    Do you have any idea whether there’s toe socks out there for people with long toes? The injinji socks I have don’t go all the way to the base of my toes, making them feel like when you’re wearing gloves with too short fingers (weird and restrictive), so I’d love to find something that’s a better fit!!

  7. Takes me back to my middle school Days! Toe socks were such a fun trend and now I know they are better for my feet! Looking foreword to rocking a colorful pair again!

  8. Hi Anya,

    In the Anatomical socks section it says that those in Canada can get free shipping from Anya’s shop but on checkout there was a shipping fee.

    any help with this matter?

    thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Anya,
    Could you tell me what the shoe is in the first picture with the no show toe sock. It looks just like what I am looking for. Thanks.

      1. I find that the knitido track and trail no shows worked well this summer. This was the first time that I had tried toe socks. Always without a sock in barefoot shoes and sandals. I also tried the Ininiji socks also. The Ininiji socks work well also. I just prefer the fit of the knitido socks. I think I will start wearing the toe socks more often. Mainly do to relocating to humid climate. The closed toe footwear that I wore at my last location tends to be not as comfortable here, do to the increased sweat.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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