All Time Warmest Barefoot Winter Boots – Zero Drop, Snow, & Waterproof

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A woman laying down in the snow wearing manitobah mukluks, some of the warmest barefoot winter boots review
Warm Barefoot Winter Boots To Keep You Moving in the Cold

My first winter in barefoot shoes was a rough one. My barefoot boots had a super thin sole and my little toesies FROZE in the snow. If zero drop barefoot shoes are preventing you from going outdoors, that’s a problem. Barefoot shoes are meant to inspire movement, not have you running inside to avoid frostbite!

It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve since found the best barefoot winter boot options that combine the important features of barefoot shoes along with serious functionality (aka warmth, waterproofness, and traction). This post is the ultimate guide to warm barefoot boots for winter.

Read on for the best warm barefoot winter boots including, snow options, extra wide boots, vegan options, and some great tips for keeping warm!

The All Time Warmest Barefoot Winter Boots

I’ve been testing barefoot shoes for years in extreme Midwestern temps. Here are the absolute warmest barefoot winter boots that are zero drop, flexible and even have ground feel to keep your feet healthy AND protected. Because snow boots can also be comfortable boots.

Close up collage of a pair of conventional stiff soled heeled snow boots with the caption "Functional for Snow" and a pair of Xero Alpine barefoot show boots with the caption "Functional for FEET and snow"

Before we get started, here are a few of my best tips for getting the most versatility out of your barefoot snow boots:

And a few more barefoot boot resources that might be useful for you:

And finally, in this post I talk about what type of feet these boots are best for to help you avoid costly mistakes. Find Your Foot Type Here.

a woman standing in a wintry snowy forest wearing a coat, scarf, hat, and barefoot snow boots from Be lenka

Alright, let’s dig in to the best barefoot winter boots. First we’ll cover the best warm boots for snow and traction, and then the best for comfort & ground feel.

The Best Barefoot Winter Boots for Snow

Good barefoot snow boots are warm, waterproof (or can be waterproofed), and have good traction. Here are what I consider to be the best options for wintry weather conditions!

Be Lenka Winter Boots

Leather | Wool or Fleece Lined | Rated to -25F/-32C | Ships from EU or US

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Good

Code ANYASREVIEWS gives you 5% off when you shop with them (but they only accept returns from within the EU and USA). We also carry lots of Be Lenka models at Anya’s Shop!

Be Lenka Barefoot has super functional winter boots that are perfect for snow, cold, and even dressing up in the winter! They come fully lined and in varying degrees of water resistance, and you can easily waterproof them yourself for extra protection.

I love Be Lenka because they fit most people due to their extra wide toe box and adjustability (on most models, the Polaris shown above is not adjustable). The outsoles on Be Lenka boots are also more durable/slip resistant than a lot of other barefoot brands. While a little bit heavier than I prefer on my everyday shoes, when it’s snowy, icy, and frigid outside I really appreciate it.

A close up of the soles of a pair of Be Lenka barefoot winter boots to show the lugs and foot shape

I have been wearing my Be Lenka boots for 5 years now and they continue to be some of my most worn! They’re a beautiful blend of comfort, style, & function.

Note that the warmest Be Lenka boots come with a wool lining, so check the product listings for details. Many also have a fleece lining which is cozy but not quite as warm.

Sizing & Fit Type

Be Lenka’s best boots for winter are on their DeepGrip outsole (learn about their different outsoles here). They fit as follows:

  • Extra wide
  • Square shaped
  • Medium volume (but pretty versatile for all volumes with laces and insoles)
  • Runs short

If you are in between sizes I recommend going with the larger size. Especially if choosing a wool lined model, you want to wear warm socks, and/or you have extra thick/high volume feet. I wear a size 38 in all my Be Lenka boots, but would need a 39 if I planned to wear extra warm socks. *The current Winter 3.0 doesn’t run as small as the 2.0!*

Vivobarefoot Tracker

Leather | Waterproof | Rated to 0F / -15C | Ships from EU or UK

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Good

Use code ANYA20 for 20% off

The Vivobarefoot Tracker is one of the most versatile barefoot boots around. The Tracker Snow is the best option for winter, but we’ve had a great experience using the Tracker FG as well.

They are thick and padded (to keep you warm), waterproof, and have good traction. I use a sheepskin insole in place of the one Vivobarefoot provides and I am comfortable in temps down to 0 F / -14 C. These boots are my top pick for snowy hikes when I need to have a firm grip on the ground.

For fit info, read my full review of the Vivobarefoot Tracker.

Sizing & Fit

The Tracker FG and Snow is:

  • Medium width
  • Sloped, so might not fit square shaped feet
  • Low to medium volume
  • Runs slightly small

Vivobarefoot shoes have a lot of big toe space, but can be a little squishy on people whose outer toes splay out wide. Justin and I both size up one in the Tracker FG & Snow (not in other Vivo models) because the waterproof lining makes the boot fit snugly.

Softstar Phoenix

Leather | Sheepskin Lined | Rated to -25F/-32C | Ships from USA

Traction Rating: Snow – Good | Ice – Good

The Softstar Phoenix is a fully lined high quality sheepskin boot with a side zipper for easy on and off. The fur is super thick, warm, and close fitting so you don’t feel like you’re going to walk out of the boot. They can be worn with or without socks because of the breathable, moisture wicking sheepskin. They keep my legs and feet super cozy in cold temps, and they’re so easy to put on and off! I find myself wearing them a ton on snowy winter walks.

The only downside is that because the leather upper comes all the way down to the flat sole they can take scuffs sooner than if that part was covered with outsole material. I would also recommend waterproofing them if you plan to use them in wet conditions.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Wide to Extra Wide Width
  • Low to Medium Volume (but can stretch to fit)
  • Runs Small

The Phoenix is made entirely of leather and so can stretch to fit a variety of foot types, but they might feel too snug on extra wide/high volume feet. I also recommend sizing up because of the thick lining unless you have quite slim, low volume feet. Mine are a 7U, or Women’s 8.

Xero Alpine

Waterproof | Vegan | Rated to 0F / -18C | Ships from USA

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Ok

Outside the US? Shop Xero EU here!

The Xero Alpine is an all around solid barefoot snow boot. It comes up higher on the leg for deep snow, and is easy to cinch tight to keep it out. They are waterproof and come with a removable insole, which I swap out for a warmer sheepskin insole. These are warm enough for me in subzero temps with thick wool socks, but note that the fluff is only in the top and not lined throughout. My two beefs with this boot are that the sole is pretty stiff for a barefoot boot and they are slippery on ice (but great on snow).

Sizing & Fit

  • Medium to wide width
  • Plateau shape (rounded toe box)
  • High volume
  • True to size

In the Alpine I have lots of space above my toes! But likely won’t be wide enough for extra wide feet.

Zaqq Quintic

Leather | Wool Lined | Waterproof | Rated to -5F/-20C | Ships from US or EU

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Great

The Zaqq Quintic is so soft, flexible, and yet warm and practical. The outsole is grippy so you’re not sliding everywhere, and the waterproof upper means your feet stay dry. Both Justin and I love these boots as a stylish barefoot winter boot that can be worn under dress pants, with jeans, or even leggings and skirts.

We carry them in the US as much as possible, but they sell out quickly so you can also find them in Germany from Zaqq Barefoot directly where they carry additional colors and a vegan version.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • Medium to wide width
  • Mountain shaped
  • Medium volume
  • Runs Small

The fur lining is quite thick and so they feel pretty snug in my normal size. I went up one and they still are quite cozy! If you have high volume feet you might need to go up twice.

Manitobah Mukluks

Leather | Faux Fur Lined | Rated to -25F/-32C | Ships from Canada

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Good

Manitobah is an Aboriginal-owned Canadian brand that makes faux fur and sheepskin lined mukluks. The original mukluks are built on a super flexible Vibram outsole (but not all models are zero drop, so look for the flat ones!). They are thick and warm inside and yet you still feel grounded. One bonus to Manitobah is that they have waterproof options!

Manitobah tends to fit quite loose through the ankle so I chose this wrap tie version for adjustability. They are the softest, coziest boots! Since the Short Wrap is not waterproof, I used Nikwax spray on it, which seems to be working well.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Narrow to medium width toe box
  • High volume
  • Runs big/stretches a lot

Manitobah mukluks have a fairly tapered toe box when brand new, but there is a lot of vertical space and the leather stretches out a lot as you wear them. They are quite loose in the ankle, so if you have thin heels and ankles I recommend a wrap style like the one I got so you can tighten it up.

Feelgrounds Patrol

Vegan Leather | Waterproof | Rated to 0F / -15C | Ships from EU

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Good

The Feelgrounds Patrol Winter boots have a robust outsole with good traction and a waterproof upper, while still retaining some flexibility. They are also vegan and insulated for warmth. I use them with their optional extra insole. For me the heel cup is a little stiff (I have a sensitive achilles), but Justin wears his frequently in the winter and they are very practical. For someone who wants a durable waterproof barefoot winter boot they are a great option.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Wide to extra wide fit
  • Mountain shaped
  • Medium to high volume
  • Slightly small

In this shoe I recommend sizing up because they run a little bit short in our experience.

Saguaro Rise

Textile, Suede, & Faux Fur | Waterproof | Rated to 0F / -15C | Ships from Asia

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – OK

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off

The Saguaro Rise is the cheapest practical barefoot snow boot to date! They are waterproof, lightly insulated, and cinch up nicely to fit different foot types or different socks.

They do run small, especially if you have wide feet (and I would skip entirely if you have extra wide feet). And shipping can be a bit slow from Saguaro. But if you are in need of an affordable waterproof snow boot this is the best there is!

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Medium wide fit
  • Mountain shaped toe box
  • Runs small – size up one

Jenon Leather Snowflake

Leather | Sheepskin Lining | Rated to -5F/-20C | Ships from EU

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Good

These Snowflake boots from Czech brand Jenon Leather were a surprise hit for me. They are very cozy warm with a wide toe box and slim heel (which means they don’t slide around my narrow heels). The leather upper is smooth and quite water resistant so I didn’t bother treating it. I also appreciated that the sole is a bit thicker than many barefoot boots for more warmth while still being flexible.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Extra wide fit
  • Plateau shaped toe box
  • Medium to low volume
  • Runs small

The lining is very thick so I am glad I sized up one. I found that the volume was on the lower side, but I know that many people with high volume feet enjoy these boots after sizing up. These can also be customized for shape/fit or just choosing whatever leather color you’d like! Read the full Jenon Leather review for more details.

Steger Mukluks

Leather | Wool Lined | Rated to -30F/-34.5C | Ships from USA

Traction Rating: Snow – Great | Ice – Great

These boots are no longer 100% barefoot, read for details

Steger Mukluks are hands down the warmest almost-barefoot snow boots I’ve ever put my feet into. The insole and body of the boots are lined with 9mm thick felted wool that is moisture wicking and built for extreme temps. The outsole is rubber and surprisingly grippy on ice and show. The exterior is high quality moose hide (both soft and super durable). This boot beats out all the others for both warmth and traction, and yet they are still flexible.

But unfortunately a new update to the outsole makes them no longer zero drop (roughly 5mm heel lift) and not as flexible as before. However I’ve decided to keep Steger on this list because because for some climates none of the others on this list will cut it and these are the closest to barefoot you’ll find at this warmth. (Also I sincerely hope they’ll consider moving back to their flat sole in the future). You might be able to find the older flat version on eBay or in their Garage Sale section.

None of the Steger models come waterproof, so I also bought their waterproof spray and treated my boots before wearing them. It has worked great for me, whenever my boots get wet the water beads up and rolls off the leather instead of soaking in. I reapply it each fall and they look almost brand new even after three winters! And I hear repeatedly from readers who have owned Stegers for 5, 10, even 20 years and they are still going strong.

To be as close to a barefoot winter boot as possible, use them with the felted wool insole instead of the supportive insole (boots ship with both). And if you have low volume feet like me you might even want to order an extra felt insole and layer both inside the shoe.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • 3 widths fit average to extra wide feet
  • Square toe box fits most foot shapes
  • High volume
  • True to size

Note that the felted lining tamps down with use! So they might feel pretty snug at first, but you will get more room as you wear them. I ordered a Women’s 7 Wide for my wide feet and they are very spacious after a few years. You can also call in to Steger’s shop and ask for internal measurements.

If you have low volume, narrow heels, and/or thin ankles, expect to need an extra insole, thick socks, or leg warmers to make these a secure fit. You also might want to order a model with ties so you can tighten them on your leg. If you have thicker ankles and calves and don’t need the ties, Steger also has models that are just pull-on.

The Best Barefoot Winter Boots for Comfort

The following warm barefoot winter boots are cozy and comfortable, but not as functional for lots of time outdoors in wintery conditions. They are your lifestyle boots, but made warmer than most other barefoot boots!

Shapen Cozy

Leather | Wool Lining | Rated to 5F/-15C | Ships from EU or US

Traction Rating: Snow – Ok | Ice – Ok

Use code ANYA5 for 5% of Shapen in the EU. We also have this model at Anya’s Shop in the US.

The Shapen Cozy is so light and soft, they are perfect for someone who has sensitive feet that get irritated by stiff heel cups. I wore mine frequently last winter and thoroughly enjoyed them every time. They are an excellent cozy barefoot boot for cold winter days, especially if you are someone who wants a true barefoot feel.

However I wouldn’t recommend them for walking in lots of snow/weather because the outsole is more of a lifestyle outsole and the upper isn’t waterproof. They are good alternative to Be Lenka if you like that width but want something lighter.

Sizing & Fit

  • Extra wide fit
  • Square shaped toe box
  • Medium to high volume
  • Runs slightly bit

Unlike many lined boots, the Shapen Cozy does not run small. I am still wearing a size 38, but I have more room than I do in most of my other size 38 barefoot boots (they fit almost like a 39). I still don’t recommend sizing down in most cases because you’ll likely want to be able to wear socks.

Peerko Frost

Leather | Wool Lining | Rated to 5F/-15C | Ships from EU or US

Traction Rating: Snow – Ok | Ice – Ok

Code ANYASREVIEWS10 gives you 10% off your order. Peerko doesn’t accept returns outside the EU, but we carry the Frost in the US at Anya’s Shop.

The Peerko Frost is probably the most stylish barefoot winter boot in the bunch! The smooth leather is naturally water resistant, and you can waterproof them yourself for extra protection. The outsole isn’t the best for winter terrain, so I prefer to use them for warmth as I go around town as opposed to playing in the snow or hiking. But if you’re someone who needs to look nice in the winter AND spend time walking around outside they are phenomenal.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Wide toe box
  • Medium volume
  • Runs slightly small because of wool lining

Peerko boot have a pretty universal fit and are well loved across the board. They probably won’t suite someone with an extra wide toe splay, and you might want to size up one because of the thick lining. I wear mine in a 38.

Zeazoo Dingo

Leather | Sheepskin lined | Rated to -20F / -29C | Ships from EU

Traction Rating: Snow – Good | Ice – Good

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off your order at Or you can find them in the US at Anya’s Shop.

The Zeazoo Dingo is a personal favorite of mine. They are the perfect barefoot Uggs dupe and so easy to slip on for quick jaunts outside when it’s freezing. I wear mine often as school-run, coffee-run, and mail-run shoes. The sheepskin lining wicks sweat so they’re comfortable barefoot and they are just so warm but lighter than all the above options (and nice and wide). You can also roll the top down to get a furry cuff and a shorter height.

While they are a home run for warmth, they don’t have a robust outsole so the bottom edges of the boot can start wearing quickly if you use them roughly. And the upper is not water resistant. They’re more of a warm lifestyle boot than an active outdoor snow boot. Still, a total lifesaver if you live in a cold climate.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Wide width
  • Plateau shaped
  • High volume
  • Runs big

I size down in the Dingo and still have plenty of space! The cozy fur lining also tamps down with use so it’s ok if they feel snug when brand new. Once worn in they can be a little loose on thin ankles and narrow heels, so leg warmers are a great way to make the Dingo work for low volume feet.

Wildling Shoes

Textile & Wool | Water Resistant | Rated to 10F/-12C | Ships from Germany

Traction Rating: Snow – Good | Ice – Ok

Use code AWN_ANYA for a one-time free shipping offer. If you are outside the US/Canada, use this Wildling Shoes link.

Wildling Shoes hold a special place in my heart. They literally feel like wearing nothing, combining innovation, quality materials, and a gorgeous aesthetic. Besides being adorable, Wildling has somehow managed to create an ultra thin outsole that bends in all directions effortlessly. The uppers of Wildling winter shoes have an integrated waterproof membrane and are topped with either wool or cotton. The models change annually, but for the best warmth I recommend the ones made of a wool upper with a wool lining.

I also wear a felt insole inside my Wildling winter boots, which I consider essential (my cold rating above includes the insoles). If I wear wool socks and leg warmers I can even get by in 15 F/ -10 C for short periods of time! Though I am most comfortable in Wildling boots in temps of about 25 F+. While these are not sufficient to keep me outside for long during the harsh Midwest winters, I wear mine frequently for short jaunts and feel like I’m in slippers the whole time.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Medium to wide width
  • Plateau/Square shaped
  • High volume
  • True to size

While all Wildlings have the same squared off toe box, some models fit roomier than others so I always recommend checking the fit guide on the shoe listing. And if you have low volume feet I highly recommend adding one of Wilding’s wool insoles to your order. Wildling’s do intentionally fit long so you have plenty of toe space!

Mukishoes Igneous

Leather | Wool Lined | Rated to 10F/-12C | Ships from EU

Traction Rating: Snow – Good | Ice – Good

Use code ANYAMUKI for 10% off.

The Mukishoes Igneous is a soft boot that looks stylish and on trend while still being delightfully light and flexible. They’re one of my faves! A similar feel to the Shapen Cozy, but with a slimmer toe box and a felted wool lining. I wear mine with an additional wool insole for warmth (and it helps them fit better on my low arches too).

Mukishoes has a few other really nice barefoot boots, but the Igneous is the warmest and best for wintry weather!

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Medium width
  • Mountain shaped
  • Medium to high volume
  • True to size, maybe slightly small

Because Mukishoes are not extra wide fitting many people size up for a little extra space. They do fit pretty high volume, so insoles are your friend if you’re low volume.

Magical Shoes Alaskan

Leather | Wool Lined | Rated to 25F/-4C | Ships from Poland

Traction Rating: Snow – Good | Ice – Great

Use code ANYA for 10% off

The Magical Shoes Alaskan is an ultra flexible, ultra lightweight wool-lined barefoot winter boot. The outsole is very grippy on snow and ice, and the side zipper makes them easy to put on and off. For being so light, they are surprisingly practical. But I do find the material on the thinner side so my feet got cold faster than in the other boots I tested. I put in an extra insole and warm socks, but still felt the cold through the top fairly quickly in my climate.

While the upper material is water resistant, the stitching, zipper and the tongue is not waterproof so water can come through pretty easily if soaked.

Sizing & Fit Type

  • Medium to wide width
  • Plateau shaped toe box
  • Medium to high volume
  • Runs small

I definitely recommend sizing up in these, especially if you have wide feet!

Barefoot Winter Boots for Extra Wide Feet

Got extra wide feet? Have trouble fitting in many barefoot shoes? Here are the widest barefoot winter boots out there, with the most room for toe splay.

Top down view of a pair of feet wearing Ahinsa Jaya Black Vegan Barefoot Combat Boots

Ahinsa – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on red rock wearing Be Lenka Bliss barefoot winter boots in brown

Be Lenka DeepGrip Boots – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off, or shop lots of styles at Anya’s Shop!

a top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete with the left foot bare and the right foot showing the Groundies Camden Barefoot+ chelsea boot in a wide fit and a natural foot shape

Groundies Barefoot+ – This only applies to the Barefoot+ models! Learn more about how they fit in my Groundies review. They have some lined options, but they are not as warm as the others on this list.

Top down view of Jenon Leather handmade winter warm boots being worn on snowy grass

Jenon Leather Snowflake – Can be made custom to your specs! Read the full Jenon Leather review here

Extra wide fan shaped fleece lined winter barefoot boots from Realfoot worn on snow ground. Black leather lace up barefoot boots with speed hooks, the model has the back foot flexed to show the flexible zero drop outsole

Realfoot Farmer Boots – Super wide toe box! Read our Realfoot review here and get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS10

Close up front angled view of new Shapen Lynx stylish barefoot fashion boots in olive and black with cozy cream colored cuff visible around the ankle

Shapen Barefoot – Available at Anya’s Shop in the US, or get 5% off shoes and accessories with code ANYA5 directly from Shapen. Read our Shapen Review here!

Softstar Shoes Switchback, barefoot zero drop hiking boots with an extra wide toe box and rugged Vibram outsole

Softstar Switchback – Not as warm as the Phoenix, but still cozy and very wide (choose the Wide option).

Top Down view of Sole Runner Hati extra wide warm barefoot boots for wide straight feet

Sole Runner – Choose their models in Extra Wide. We like the Hati best!

A pair of legs wearing Steger Mukluks on the snowy ground. The boots lace up to the knees.

Steger Mukluks (double wide width) – Please note that these now come with a slight heel rise.

Check out this post for a full list of barefoot shoe brands for extra wide feet.

Warmest Vegan Barefoot Winter Boots

If you wear vegan shoes, it can be extra tough to find warm barefoot boot options. While we included a few options above, here are several more. The following are the warmest barefoot winter boots that are completely animal free. See my Best Vegan Barefoot Winter Boots Review for more detailed info on them.

And for a full list of options, check out my Complete List of Vegan Barefoot Shoes.

Complete List of Barefoot Boots for Winter

a row of barefoot boots for men and women lined up against a wall from different brands in black and brown.

Want more barefoot winter boot options? Here is a Complete List of Barefoot Boots for Men & Women

The Warmest Barefoot Winter Boots for Kids

For a review of my top kids picks for cold and snow, check out my Warm Barefoot Winter Boots for Kids post!

Tips for Staying Warm in Barefoot Shoes

Even if you don’t have the absolute warmest zero drop winter boots, there are things you can do to make them cozier. I use a combination of all these things through out the cold season.

Boot Liners

Depending on how much extra space you have inside your boots, liners can really increase their warmth. Put a warm liner inside a waterproof overshoe and you’ve got yourself warmth, traction, and waterproof-ness (just keep an eye out for the flat options).


My all time favorite trick is to use an insole. Here are a few of my favorite warm insoles that make my regular boots more practical for winter. For more, read this post on barefoot insoles.

  • Sheepskin – Takes up lots of space, you may want to size up in your shoes to fit
  • Wool – Cut to fit your shoe size!
  • Thermal (vegan) – I don’t find these to be very warm, but if you need vegan they are an option.


Waterproofing Techniques

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148 thoughts on “All Time Warmest Barefoot Winter Boots – Zero Drop, Snow, & Waterproof”

  1. Hi Anya. I’ve been going in circles trying to get my first winter barefoot shoes. I’ve read through all your posts but I’m still very undecided because I’m trying to get a warm chelsea boot that’s good on snow and ice. I live in the south of Germany and the temperatures go down to – 10c during the winter with snow. Do you have any recommendations for a grippy yet warm and waterproof chelsea? Thank you in advance!!

    1. Hi there, the Angles chelsea boots with a winter lining come to mind. They are very cozy and warm and the traction is pretty good. It’s not the best out there for traction, but the chelsea boot options that have better traction are not as warm. Another option that is a slip on boot but not a chelsea boot is the Be Lenka Polaris – they have a sheepskin lining and are the warmest boot they carry with a functional non slip outsole. Neither of these are waterproof though, but you would be able to waterproof them yourself with a spray protectant.

  2. Hi Anya, thanks for this great info. I purchased the Shapen COZY Black barefoot shoes. Should I use a protectant spray to protect them from rain/snow damage? Thanks!

  3. Wow thank you! I’m always looking for a foot-shaped shoe, a thicker (somewhat cushioned) sole would be appreciated, I don’t even mind a very slight drop. It should be water resistant, ideally leather, good traction (!), preferrably a chelsea, not toooo expensive (> 150) and available in EU. Any help appreciated haha. Thank you!

    1. Mugavik Barefoot is a EU retailer that carries Lems shoes – I would suggest looking at those! The Lems Chelsea and Boulder Boot Grip are waterproof and cushioned! The Grip has better traction than the Chelsea.

  4. Anya, thank you so much for your posts, such great information! I had purchased a pair of the Magical Shoes boots, but i found that the wool lining really irritated my skin so much even with socks. Can you recomend a warm lining that doesnt cause itching?

  5. Hi Anya! I’m an outdoors enthusiast slowly transitioning all my functional footwear to natural foot shaped/wide toe box and zero drop. I’d like warm winter boots (I live in New Hampshire, so single digits are very common in the winter) but ideally ones I can wear with snowshoes and microspikes for traction on snow and ice. Because “barefoot” brands design with thin, flexible soles for enhanced ground feel this can actually work against having any sort of harness system over your boot. I’d prefer a thicker sole for both insulation from cold and so as not to feel the metal spikes underfoot. Is there a boot you’d recommend with this in mind? Or any on your list that you’d particularly avoid for use with microspikes? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kari! The Xero Alpine and any of the Be Lenka boots work well with ice spikes because the soles are thicker and less flexible.

  6. Hi there! A couple Steger questions: their website and customer service claim says it is an 1/8” (3+mm) drop and they claim it’s actually more flexible than previous model.
    1. What is your experience in how they perform in actual wearing them. I’m thinking of getting a pair for both myself and my son who is a forest runner/jumper and I’d like him to be more agile than what traditional snow boots like bogs would give him. They claim more flexible but you find them less? Thank you!
    2. You mentioned you have the size 7 wide but at the end of the article you mention you have it in double wide. Do you mind sharing what it is to get a visual a bit from the photos.
    Thank you! Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Marie, mine are 7 Wide. The reference to the double wide is because that is the widest option for extra wide feet (and what Samantha, contributing author, wears in Stegers). About the heel, from what I understand Steger is referring to the heel lift in the molded insole that comes with the boots. Because I recommend swapping it out for the flat felt insoles that also come with your Steger order, the only heel lift I factored in is in the outsole itself. I did not find the new model to be more flexible, but it definitely wasn’t stiffer.

      1. The Steger’s look like Quetico Tall’s. Are they, and do you have a preference? My wife has “duck feet”, very low volume. I want to get her something that is warm and sure footed, can you help?

        1. Yes, they are Quetico tall. I wear them every year on the coldest days, total lifesavers. I would say for low volume feet the Quetico tall is a good one because of the wrap lace – I wrap it pretty tight around my ankles for extra security. I also wear them with leg warmers because they are wide in the heel and ankle area so my foot moves around a lot if I don’t (especially now that mine are very worn in). Even though they’re not perfect out of the box for low volume feet, they are by far my warmest boots and the best for deep snow.

  7. Thanks so much for all your reviews, Anya! You have become my best source of information as I make the transition to barefoot shoes. (And at 73, my feet feel better than they did in middle age. So I’m your demonstration that it’s never too late.)
    Both the Be Lenka winter boots and the Xero Alpine look good for our cold (sometimes subzero) and often snowy Chicago winters, but I’m wondering, what about waterproofing on the Alpines? (Because when we don’t have snow we’re apt to have near-freezing water everywhere.) They aren’t leather, so do you know if there are waterproofing treatments that work on them?

    1. I love hearing that! The Alpines come waterproof, but with lots of wear will likely start to get water seepage (it’s inevitable in waterproof shoes). But you can use waterproofing treatment on non-leather shoes, both sprays and waxes can be used on them!

      1. When I checked again the Be Lenka Winter boots were on sale, so I went with those. They arrived yesterday, and I think they will be great when the weather gets zero-ish again. I think I could have gone one more size up, but they are OK in the size I got. Thanks again!

  8. Hey Anya, I’m pretty new to barefoot, I recently bought a Mika Xero Shoes but I found out that they lack grip on rain and ice. I live in Northern Sweden, and we have long and cold winters (-30ºC sometimes), therefore lots of snow and ice, and rainy springs, so they feel pretty restricted to use.
    I’m an over thinker, and couldn’t decide what to try next, also because it will be an investment in terms of money. I’m looking for something that is warm but, most of all, that have great grip on ice, and wet floors, if they were vegan it would be the cherry on top of the cake. What would you recommend me? Thank you so much, I have learned a lot from your site.

    1. Hi there. Zaqq Barefoot is in the EU and they have a wide variety of winter boot options, including vegan. And the sole is one of the better ones I’ve found for grip in slippery conditions. The Quintic that I review here comes in vegan.

    2. I see that you list the Be Lenka boots as extra wide. I got the Snowfox and sized up to a 39 (I’m a 39 in entice neo and 38 in prime) but still found it too tight across the base of my toes / the midfoot. I’m afraid if I size up one more it will be too long and still not wide enough. Do you have a recommendation for an even wider brand of pretty heavy duty snow boot? Or do some of the other Be Lenka models fit a little wider? The Snowfox seems rigid enough that it wouldn’t stretch with time.

      1. The warmest Be Lenka winter models often are lower volume over the toes and can feel a little snug even though they are wide. I would suggest looking at Realfoot for a brand that should be soft and extra wide fitting from the beginning.

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