Why Uggs Aren’t Good For Your Feet and What to Wear Instead

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A woman in a winter hat holding 1 boot in each hand. She is looking at Zeazoo Kids Dingo boot and is turned away from the pair of Uggs.

Move over Uggs! If you like the cozy warmth of Ugg boots but not the thick, stiff sole that doesn’t bend when you walk, you need this barefoot alternative.

I don’t fancy walking with planks strapped to my feet, do you? Feet bend on purpose, shoes should too! Enter the Zeazoo Dingo boot, a fully lined sheepskin boot with a flexible outsole. I love my Dingo boots and they have been super popular this year among foot nerds. Another huge bonus, they are handmade by a small business. So let’s talk about why the Dingo is a better choice than the Uggs.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Wear This, Not That!

A close up review of the Zeazoo Kids Dingo Barefoot sheepskin boots for adults.

Why are Dingos better than Uggs?

Considering how much time our feet spend in shoes, we should all be considering how it affects our bodies. Certain commonplace shoe characteristics (such as a stiff sole) might not seem like a big deal at first glance. But I’ve learned from painful experience that it does matter, very much in fact. So let’s find out why I consider the Dingo boot, by Zeazoo Kids, to be much better for your body than Uggs.

Thin Flexible Sole

A side by side of the Zeazoo Kids Dingo barefoot boot next to an Uggs classic boot to show the difference in sole thickness.

Ugg boots are made with an outsole that is nearly an inch thick and does not bend. On top of that, there is a slight heel rise (the sole under your heel is thicker than it is under your toes). All of these features are problematic.

If you take a stroll around your house barefoot you will notice that your foot bends and moves quite a lot. Your joints, bones, and muscles are doing an intricate dance to keep you balanced and stable while you walk. But throw a rigid sole under there and suddenly your toes can’t speak to your arch, which in turn can’t speak to your knees and hips. You see our foot function is critical to our whole body function, and when you get in between that you are setting the stage for future dysfunction.

For more in-depth info, read this post on Why I Only Wear Barefoot Shoes.

The Zeazoo Dingo, on the other hand has a flexible, zero drop sole that keeps you grounded and doesn’t interfere with the necessary motion of your feet. You might think that such thin soles would wear out a lot faster than thicker soles, but the Dingo uses a Vibram outsole. Vibram soles are made of superior technology that doesn’t wear away as quickly as the cheap foam-like material used on Uggs. I have been wearing shoes with Vibram outsoles for years and have yet to wear through a pair.

Natural Foot Shape

A top down view of the zeazoo kids dingo barefoot boot next to an Uggls classic boot to show the wide toe box in the Zeazoo Dingo

Another bonus you get from choosing Dingo boots is that they have a natural foot shape. While Uggs are certainly not as bad for your toes as pointy heels, you can see above that they taper in and come to a subtle point. The Dingos on the other hand leave space for your toes to lay flat. This is so critical to prevent bunions and foot deformities, but also to allow your toes to stabilize you while you walk.

Both Are Soft and Fuzzy!

A side by side of the Zeazoo Kids Dingo barefoot boot next to the Uggs classic boot to show that both are fully lined with fuzzy warm sheepskin
Zeazoo Kids Dingo boot (left) and Uggs Classic boot (right)

Both the Dingo Boots and Uggs are fully lined with sheepskin, and so soft and cozy. You’re sacrificing nothing with the Dingo, but gaining so much!

Where to Order

I got my first pair of Dingo boots a year ago and wore them so much that I decided to carry them over at Anya’s Shop. You can get them in brown and black for both kids and adults, with shipping to US/Canada. The rest of the world can order directly from Zeazoo Kids (Bulgaria) and get a discount with my code ANYASREVIEWS. If you fancy purple, you can get it from those retailers as well.

Like Discount Codes? Make sure you bookmark my Current Sales and Codes page for all available discounts in one place.

Sizing & Fit

If you’re familiar with Uggs sizing, the Dingo boots run the same. Compared to other shoe brands, they run big. I normally wear a size EU 37 (or US 6.5) in boots, but I’m wearing a EU 36 (US 6) in the Dingo. Here you can find a size chart with internal length measurements, and if you need help understanding how to use the chart make sure you read this post all about measuring and finding your size.

These boots also stretch out a little and should be snug to start (lots of cozy goodness inside!). Both the Uggs and the Dingos shown in this post are a size US 6 or EU 36.

Fit Type: The Dingo boot has a Roman shaped toe box, so will be good for people with square- shaped toes. It works well for high volume feet and thick ankles, but can also work for low volume feet if you wear socks (yoga socks are great for this). For more information on foot type, read the post below.

The Best Barefoot Shoe Brands for Your Foot Type

How To Style

The Zeazoo Kids Dingo boot comes in black, brown and purple. The purple was a little much for me, which is why we’re only carrying brown and black. I wear them just like I would Uggs! Most frequently with leggings and baggy sweatshirts for a quick trip to the store (I love easy pull on boots!), but you can also make them cute with jeans and a nicer sweater or coat.


Dingo boots are suede, that means they are not waterproof and more prone to damage than finished leathers. If you want to protect them without changing the way they look, I recommend using a waterproofing spray such as from Nikwax. I wore mine a full year without protecting them at all and the leather is starting to fade and show color damage. To prevent this, you want to regularly brush off dirt and reapply the spray a few times throughout the season!

Another option is Sno Seal. That is a heavy duty, very effective waterproofer, but it does change the look and feel of the suede. In this video you can see a Sno Seal tutorial I created waterproofing my son’s Dingos.


An Image of a woman holding the Zeazoo Kids Dingo boot in one hand and an Uggs classic boot in the other with the text "Wear This! Not That! Why Uggs aren't good for your feet and what to wear instead"

Cozy feet? Check! Healthy feet? Check! I am a firm believer that taking care of your body can coexist with great style and functionality. Don’t damage your feet because you want them to stay warm! If you’re on the lookout for barefoot shoes to get you through the winter, check out this list of lots of barefoot winter boot options. And then make sure you subscribe below to stay in the loop on all things healthy feet, functional movement, and cute shoes!

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16 thoughts on “Why Uggs Aren’t Good For Your Feet and What to Wear Instead”

  1. Question re: Black color. I had a pair of black Ugg’s once, with black shearling fur inside. The dye tended to rub off on my feet or socks. Have you noticed this with the Dingos? Thank you!

  2. I’m surprised to see this because I saw the Ugg Classic Short II Boot on the list of Correct Toes Approved Shoes so I put them on my list, too. I guess like you said the Uggs have some good qualities but is sounds like the Dingos are better so now I’m thinking of getting the Dingos instead…

    1. Something can be “Correct Toes Approved” in that you can wear correct toes inside them, but still not be barefoot approved. That might be what was meant. It’s true the toe box in Uggs is wider and healthier for you than most other regular boots out there, but I maintain that the stiff sole isn’t the best choice. However, it’s all about the baby steps!

  3. I am in the beginning stages of doing barefoot exercises and switching to barefoot shoes. I have knee and hip pain and have always relied on orthotics. I currently am no longer needing any orthotics (yay!) but sometimes I still need a thicker sole to give my joints a break. Can you recommend the best zero drop shoes or shoe brands that have ticker shoes for the transitioning period?

    1. These are among my warmest winter boots, I wear them daily in below freezing temps. And they’re soft enough to be used as slippers as well. So I think they would do well on cold floors.

  4. Hi
    I love your work and your useful advice.
    I am looking for barefoot vegan ugg alternatives, can you give me any advice?

    1. The best one is from Zapato Feroz – they have a microfiber Alcoy. We carried them at Anya’s Shop last year and have just a few left you can browse here (because the main Zapato Feroz shop doesn’t ship outside the EU). Otherwise I would check out Ahinsa’s boots. None of them look exactly like Uggs, but they are all vegan and they have some warm lined boots. You can also use code ANYASREVIEWS to get a 10% discount off their e-shop.

  5. Christine Fernandez

    Have you noticed pebbles in your shoes after wearing them? I’ve had two pairs and somehow little pebbles always end up inside even though I have checked and find no holes on the sole.

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever had that with my Dingos. I’ve had 3 pairs. And I’ve not heard that from any Anya’s Shop customers. Very strange!

  6. Hi Anya,
    I’ve been eyeing the UGG moccasins (like the Ansley and Dakota) and I was wondering if you think they might be barefoot friendly. If not, are you able to recommend something similar that ships to Australia? My feet are quite narrow and low volume and they get cold VERY easily. Thanks.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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