Barefoot Approved Slippers & Socks to Keep your Feet Cozy

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A top down view of a woman's legs in Softstar Fireside slippers, an incredibly soft and warm barefoot sheepskin slipper.
Barefoot slippers don’t squish your toes, like these Softstar Fireside slippers

With holidays and cold weather around the corner (and nowhere to go) I am ready to cozy up with warm toesies. But after switching to barefoot shoes I found my old slippers insufferably tight and uncomfortable. Fortunately, switching to healthier slipper options is a lot easier than you’d think. As long as you know what to look for in a shoe you’ll be able to find barefoot slippers lots of places!

For your convenience, here is a list of barefoot approved minimalist slippers & socks that are completely flat, spacious, and still super warm.

Barefoot Slippers

a top down view of a pair of feet with soles touching wearing wool socks and wool Wildling shoes barefoot slippers Lotus in a cream color and a rubber outsole
Wildling Lotus

If you’re looking for slippers with more substance to them than socks, here is a list of barefoot approved options. I’ve heard reports of great finds at Wal-mart and other big box stores, so don’t feel limited to these! If you are searching for barefoot slippers on your own be wary of hidden heel wedges underneath the insole (you can often rip them out) and backless slippers that aren’t secure.

  • Softstar Shoes – The Fireside slipper is my personal favorite. I wear mine every day in the winter. They also have the Merino Zen which my son wears and is a nice house shoe.
  • Kingdom of Wow – So soft and cozy! I like the high top version because they fit more securely.
  • Wildling Lotus – I adore these slippers, my second favorite after the Softstar Fireside. I added an extra Wildling insole for warmth and to fill up some space. The toe box is medium width, but it has molded to my foot and the rubber bottom is good for slippery floors. It can also be found in a low cut version called the Nelus.
  • Xero Pagosa – These fleecy slippers have a rubber bottom and a collapsible heel. They’re super light and flexible and are perfect for Justin who has a Xero-shaped foot.
  • Lems Drifter Fur – Cozy lined slip-ons with rubber outsole for either indoor or outdoor use and optional collapsible heel. Justin loves them! They also look cool. Find Men’s Drifter Fur here
  • Be Lenka – Made from recycled polyester felt. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off
  • Kyrgies – The Wovens are my favorite. The Slides are also zero drop (others are not)
  • High Plains – These are a good alternative to Softstar Fireside but with a rubber outsole. Best for high volume feet because the ankle opening is wide.
  • Zeazoo Dingo – These have a rubber outsole and I wear mine as outdoor shoes, but they also can be used as very warm slippers. Customers outside the US/Canada can get them from Zeazoo Kids and get 5% off with code ANYASREVIEWS
  • Baa Lamb Slippers (New Zealand) – You can also order via their Instagram
  • Manitobah -This indigenous owned brand makes slippers with a good square toe box shape. Best for high volume feet.
  • Feelmax – Koli slippers made with wool
  • Glerups – These are zero drop, but have a narrower toe box than I prefer. Best for slim feet.
  • Padraig Cottage
  • Falke Cosyshoes
  • Baabuk Yves
  • The Leather Works
  • Smartwool Hudson Trail Slipper
  • Verloop (vegan) – Samantha has these and loves them! A bit more cushion to the sole when brand new, but it compresses with wear. Sustainably made with deadstock yarn.
  • Walmart – Joyspun brand slippers

Barefoot House Shoes

Don’t want something warm? Here’s some unlined options!

Barefoot Slipper Socks

These are my jam. I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible, so these are perfect for a real barefoot feel but plenty of cozy warmth. I like the kind that have grippy sticky things on the bottom so I feel secure on my hard floors, but they’re still essentially socks and in no way restrictive. This list is far from exhaustive, you can find this type of slipper many places, but here are a few good options.

two pairs of feet standing side by side. One is wearing barefoot manitobah mukluk moccasin slippers, and the other is wearing slipper socks

Barefoot Socks that Don’t Pinch Your Toes

I am a huge fan of cozy socks both for lounging around and to wear with my boots. But I do not like socks that pinch my toes. Here is a list of toe socks and anatomical socks that allow for full toe splay so you can keep warm this cold season. These are socks you can wear with Correct Toes (inside the regular socks, outside the toe socks).

a top down view of a pair of feet wearing Correct Toes. One foot is bear and the other is wearing a barefoot socks
  • Knitido Plus – Use code ANYA20 for 20% off
  • Knitido DE – Lots of different option than at the first shop! Use code ANYA10 for 10%
  • Injinji – I love my wool toe socks from Injinji. They have both toe socks and anatomical socks and they are my personal favorite sock brand.
  • ToeToe (UK) – This is the only brand I haven’t tried personally, but they look great and I’ve heard good things.
  • Leg Warmers – Leg warmers are awesome for keeping you warm but leaving your toes free! I often use leg warmers with a pair of thinner toe socks in my boots.
  • Chunky Boot Socks – I wear these all the time in Instagram posts (you guys love ’em!), they are one of my favorite finds for spacious socks that have that perfect chunky look. They are so cozy, so cute, and allow for all the toe movement. Fun fact, they were a gift from my BFF two years ago (shown in photo above).
  • People Socks – I stole these from my husband and now use them as house slippers. Sizing up in thick wool socks is a great option if you are having trouble finding cozy socks that don’t squish your toes. Wool also molds to your foot shape!

And there you have it! You can keep your feet toasty warm and still maintain full range of motion and barefoot comfort throughout the cold season. And while you’re at it, throw in some of the foot exercises below!

If you’re looking to actually leave your house this winter, there are loads of great barefoot boots options that will keep you warm and still meet all the barefoot criteria. Check out this huge list of barefoot winter boots for plenty of choices for men and women. Let the barefoot-ing continue even when it’s frigid outside!

Got kids? This Barefoot Shoes for Kids post has my favorites kids winter boots listed. Happy Holidays all!

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46 thoughts on “Barefoot Approved Slippers & Socks to Keep your Feet Cozy”

  1. Interesting. I’m just getting into barefoot shoes but I’ve been wearing Glerups almost exclusively for seven years (I only wear shoes for an hour a day or less) and I seem to have worsening bunions (not terrible, but I certainly don’t have wide naturally shaped feet). I wonder whether I unconsciously grip the Glerups with my toes as one would flip flops, although mine aren’t overly wide. They seemed so perfect to me, and they’re definitely comfortable, but I now wonder how good they are for my feet.

    1. It definitely is possible that you’re gripping if the Glerups aren’t secure on your foot. In general, slippers (even barefoot friendly ones) aren’t ideal for movement. They’re meant for lounging, so if you walk around a lot in the Glerups it might be causing some issues. But bunions can be caused by more than ill-fitting shoes. Fundamentally, instability in the foot is what leads to the joint moving out, so strength and stability is key. How you roll over the big toe when you walk also can impact it. Gait Happens (check out their Instagram account) and Petra Fisher Movement (also on social media) are great resources to dig deeper into this.

  2. Thanks for your reply! I rarely lounge, I walk around in the Glerups the whole day. Not a great idea, then ;).

      1. Thanks! Shame the UK is a bit behind the US! I realised the other day (as the weather is getting cooler and I can’t walk around the house barefoot anymore) I actually spend most of the time inside in slippers that don’t fit the barefoot ethic (Birkenstocks). It seems brands are missing a trick in this post-covid work-from-home era…

  3. Hello there Anya!

    I’m looking for some barefoot indoor sandals or slippers that I can use when I work.
    Do you have any recommendation?

    Best regards

  4. Yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Two great options it seems. Did you try any of them or do you have any discount code available?

  5. Hi Anya. Thank you for all of your reviews! Do you know which slippers/moccasins are wide enough to wear with toe socks and correcttoes? I’m wanting an indoor warm shoe that I can wear my spacers with . Thanks!

    1. Hi there! The Softstar Fireside slipper in wide width is plenty wide enough for me to wear toe socks and correct toes with! They start out a little snugger but stretch over time and are the roomiest pair I own.

  6. Hi Anya! Thank you so much for all the energy you put into these reviews and educational posts! I’ve found your ideas so helpful as I buy shoes for my toddler (he ADORES his newest ones), and now of course I’m wondering about my own feet (narrow heel, crazy high arch, been told my whole life I need wild orthotics for pain and support). I’ve started by just trying to go barefoot inside as much as possible. But WOW do I stub my stupid pinky toe ALL THE DANG TIME. OW! Might you have any suggestions for barefoot slippers/house sandals/tiny spacer doohickies that will solidly protect my sad little pinky toes from this constant abuse?

    1. Hi, Anya, Quick question.I was wondering of the brands mentioned in th barefoot house shoe section which would Fit best for a high-medium mountain foot type? Thanks!

  7. People should consider Padraig Cottage slippers. I love these slippers so much that I also wear them outside as shoes when the weather and ground aren’t wet. I recommend adding shoelaces to snug up the fit at the instep and below the ankle (the womens sizes already come with laces installed).

  8. Thanks as always for your very helpful and informative reviews!

    I might add LL Bean to your list of companies who make slippers that are not strictly barefoot, but can come close. We always wear slippers inside in our house, and I have some particular requirements for them; because I’m older, and even more because I do some heavy physical caretaking for a disabled family member, I need slippers that will stay securely on my feet and offer some structured support and that will not slip on polished wood floors. Budget is a consideration too; I’m sure the barefoot slippers you review are worth the cost, but I can’t always manage it. When I needed new slippers last fall, I found Bean’s Mountain Slippers were just about perfect: almost zero-drop with minimal arch support and a wide toe box (I ordered a size over my usual to accommodate the fleece lining) and a flexible but sturdy non-slip sole. Only problem is, with spring well underway they are way too warm! So I’m on the hunt again for something for late spring and summer. I will check out some of your recommendations along with Bean’s unlined or leather-lined slippers.

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