The 10 Best Barefoot Boots for Everyday Fall & Winter

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I’ve tried hundreds of barefoot boots in all different styles – but which ones do I reach for over and over? In this article I share my top ten favorites that I wear all season long. So read on to see the best barefoot boots for every day wear!

Updated August 2022

Why Are Barefoot Boots Important?

4 photo collage of a woman in the same outfit but different bots. The Drifter Leather, Shapen Ivy, DaVinci, and Luks.

Do you free your feet in the summer by going barefoot, but then stuff those toesies back into clunky boots when it gets cold? It doesn’t need to be so! There are barefoot boot options that let the feet move naturally, and still protect you from the elements – your feet and body will thank you!

You can learn more here about how shoes affect the body and why barefoot shoes might be right for you.

This list is my personal tried-and-true favorite barefoot boots for everyday wear in fall and winter. Keep in mind that these are the ones that work best for my particular foot type (learn more about your foot type and how to measure here) and my personal style. I’ve included information to help you determine if they’ll also be right for you. For even more barefoot boot options, check my other lists below.

Now let’s get to it! Here are my top ten favorite barefoot boots in order of my most worn to least worn.

1. Zeazoo Dingo

Zeazoo Dingo | Sheepskin | $125 | Sizes EU 35-42 (+ custom sizes) | Available at:

Get 5% off your purchase with code ANYASREVIEWS
Also at Anya’s Shop (full restock expected late September).

What I Love About Them: Hands down my most worn barefoot boot each year is the Zeazoo Dingo – They feel like slippers and look like Ugg boots! I like that they are so light but still dang warm and slip on easily. And it’s not just me who loves them, they have been extremely popular at Anya’s Shop and around the world for people in all climates. They’re a dream!

Sizing & Fit Type: The Zeazoo Dingo has a wide fit and a plateau shaped toe box. They are generous around the ankle and arch, so work well for high volume feet – but I did fine in them with my low volume feet and skinny ankles after sizing down one from my normal size. I also wear thick socks in them to bunch up around the ankle for a little more security. If you need bigger than a size 42 you can request a custom size from Zeazoo.

Top down and Outsole for Zeazoo Dingo, super practical and warm barefoot Ugg dupes.

For more details, read my review of the Zeazoo Dingo here!

2. Be Lenka Winter Boots

Be Lenka Winter | Leather | $180-$240 | Sizes 33-47 | Available at:

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off at Be Lenka Barefoot (returns only accepted from within the EU and USA)
Several models also available at Anya’s Shop.

Fall/Winter models will be released throughout August & September

What I love About Them: I have sensitive heels and it’s hard to find barefoot boots that looks structured but are still soft – enter Be Lenka Barefoot! I wear my Be Lenka barefoot boots a LOT during the cold season because they look fancier than my Dingo boots and I still feel totally comfortable and pain free. Be Lenka has so many different barefoot boot styles, and I love all of them – the quality is always top notch. This year they have added snow and hiking boots with an extra rugged outsole and I am stoked!!

Sizing & Fit Type: Be Lenka barefoot boots are excellent for people with wide feet, and come in two different shapes. The original Be Lenka boots are sloped and bean-shaped, whereas the new shape is straighter and more square at the toes (make sure you read the product listings to know which shape you’re looking at!). The models with wool lining tend to fit snug and people often size up.

You can read my in-depth Be Lenka Barefoot reviews here!

3. Wildling Shoes

Wildling Shoes | Vegan and Wool Options | $100-$150 | Sizes EU 18-48 | Available from:

Fall collection launches in September!

What I Love About Them: Wilding Shoes is another brand that makes me giddy. All of their models are fabric with an extremely flexible sole and hands down the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn! You wouldn’t expect it because of how lightweight they are, but the winter models from Wilding are fairly warm and my kids and I always end up wearing them as often as possible. The reason Wildling’s barefoot boots are 3rd on this list and not first is because the laces take a little extra time to do and they are very casual looking (But my husband will be wearing his North Wolf boots to work this winter!).

Sizing & Fit Type: Wildling Shoes all have a square toe box and a flexible outsole to accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes. Each model comes with a specific sizing recommendation, so make sure you read the product descriptions when ordering. Typically they cater to an average width foot, but many models this fall/winter fit even extra wide feet. They also work well for high volume feet – if you have shallow feet I would recommend getting the wool insole to take up some space. Some people are surprised by how long their Wildings fit – this is intentional, and as long as the shoe is secure and not flopping 1-2cm of extra length is just fine. *I normally wear an EU 37 in Wildling, which they list as a Women’s 5.5 on the US site. This is not a typical EU to US conversion, so make sure you consult their size guide to ensure you’re ordering the size you intend.*

Top down and Outsole shape for Wildling Barefoot lace up boots

Read my in-depth Wildling Shoes Reviews here!

4. Mukishoes

Mukishoes | Leather, Wool & Vegan Options | $100-$175 | Sizes EU 36-48 | Available from

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off adults and 5% off kids.

Will be restocked early September

What I Love About Them: Mukishoes is another extremely flexible and lightweight barefoot shoe brand with real ground feel. Not quite as flexible or “second-skin like” as Wildling shoes, but they are a close second in fit and comfort. I end up reaching for my Mukishoes often because they feel so great but also look fashionable. They have high top sneakers, wool lined combat boots, chelsea boots and I love all of them! They do an excellent job of making popular shoe styles that are still truly barefoot.

Sizing & Fit Type: Mukishoes has an average width toe box, but the flexible outsole and soft upper accommodates wider feet. I typically wear a size 37 in them and my toes fill up the whole toe box (wide feet here!). In the winter lined models I wear a size 38 to fit thick socks and a wool insole. This is a brand that works great for high volume feet that are wide in the midfoot and heel, so I wear an insole in all of mine because I have low arches and skinny ankles.

Top down and outsole on Mukishoes barefoot stylish chelsea boots

Read my in-depth Mukishoes reviews here!

5. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot | Leather | $210 | Sizes US W 5.5- M 15 | Available at:

Use code VIVOANYA for 10% off your purchase.
Check here for your nearest Vivobarefoot retailer.

Boots will be restocked early fall

What I Love About Them: The Vivobarefoot Gobi Hi were my very first barefoot winter boot and I wore the heck out of them. I learned the hard way that ALL Vivobarefoot boots aren’t very warm unless you swap out the insole for a better one (I use sheepskin), but once I learned that trick I was happy as a clam. They look classy and are super durable and long lasting. This year the Fulham chelsea boot is finally going to be available in men’s sizes too!

My husband and I both wear the Trackers for cold weather hiking and snow, The Fulhams are one of my favorite dressy boot styles, and the Gobi Hi is a combat boot dupe I love.

*The Gobi Hi IV is super creaky, I solved that problem by rubbing leather balsam on the shoe tongue where the leather rubs together.*

Sizing & Fit Type: In general Vivobarefoot boots fit an average width and are low volume. I size up in the boots with lining for extra space (Gobi Hi & Tracker), otherwise I wear my typical size. For model specific sizing, check out my in-depth Vivobarefoot Reviews.

Top down and Outsole view of Vivobarefoot Fulham boots in black leather.

6. Peerko Boots

Peerko Empire & Go Boots | Leather | $225-$265 | Sizes EU 37-45 | Available At:

Use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off directly from Peerko! Also available at Anya’s Shop in the US with worldwide shipping also available.

What I Love About Them: Peerko Boots are new to me this year because they didn’t come in my size before. But they were instant love as soon as I laid eyes on them. They are one of the most stylish barefoot boots I’ve ever seen, not to mention that they’re lightweight and have a wide forefoot. The side zipper on the tall Empire and shorter Go boots make them so easy to put on and I am having so much fun styling them. They are lined with microfiber, so are good for cool temps but I have not yet had a chance to wear them in winter. I plan to protect the leather with Otter Wax to keep them sleek and shiny through the season.

Sizing & Fit Type: Peerko boots are wider than your average barefoot shoe brand and allow for plenty of toe space. This is a good brand for lots of different foot shapes, and they fit true to size (I have a 37 in both the Empire & the Go, but you might want to size up if you get the Frost which is lined with wool). They fit my low volume feet well without any accommodations, but high volume feet would be able to undo the laces for more space.

Peerko Barefoot Sneakers Top Down and Sole Shape
This is a Peerko sneaker, but the shape is the exact same across all their styles.

7. Angles Fashion

Angles Fashion | Leather | $175 | Sizes EU 37-46 | Available at:

Use code ANYA for 5% off your purchase.

You can now find Angles Fashion at Anya’s Shop!

What I Love About Them: These barefoot boots from Angles Fashion were an unexpected favorite of mine. But they have a nice wide toe box, soft wool lining, and that perfect classic chelsea boot look. I wear them often in the fall and winter, because they’re so comfortable and match all my outfits.

Sizing & Fit Type: The wool lined models from Angles fit snug, and I sized up to a 38 in them which worked perfectly. They fit like a glove, and I wear medium weight socks with them. They are great for wide and extra wide feet and fit a medium volume height. The non-wool models are more true to size, but consult their size chart to double check.

Read my Angles Fashion review here!

Top down and Outsole shape on Angles Fashion barefoot shoes

7. Zaqq Barefoot

Zaqq Barefoot | Leather & Vegan Options | $200 | Sizes EU 37-48 | Available at:

You can find select styles at Anya’s Shop in the US with worldwide shipping available!

What I Love About Them: Zaqq barefoot boots look amazing (they honestly have the widest selection of barefoot boots I’ve ever seen) and they are still soft and comfortable on foot. My personal favorites are the Riquet boots (shown above right). They are a wonderful blend of mainstream style with really soft, flexible soles.

Sizing & Fit Type: Zaqq shoes are pretty much smack in the middle in terms of fit. Slightly wider than Vivobarefoot, they fit an average to wide feet, medium volume. The main thing to be aware of is that some of their dress models have a more tapered toe box, so you need to be careful about that: ballet flats, men’s dress shoes, and the Qlance boot for example.

Read my in-depth review of the Zaqq Barefoot brand for more info, including how to place an order if you’re in the US.

Top down and Outsole view for Zaqq Barefoot shoes

9. Softstar Phoenix

Softstar Phoenix | Sheepskin | $265 | Sizes 5U-15U | Available at:

Use code ANYA for 15% off your first purchase (must be logged in to use)

What I Love About Them: The Softstar Phoenix is a super high quality sheepskin boot, the best I’ve ever seen, and they keep my feet toasty warm. The side zip makes them easy to take on and off, and I reach for them frequently on cold days. They are heavier than the other boots I’ve listed so far because of the thickness of the fur, but they will last forever.

Sizing & Fit Type: Phoenix boots are narrow to average in width, but can stretch to fit wide feet. The sheepskin fluff is thick and so they feel really snug at first and I would recommend sizing up one. I have a size 7U, or women’s 8, and my feet hang over the edge slightly.

Top down and Outsole on Softstar Phoenix barefoot boots

For in-depth sizing information, check out my other Softstar Shoes Reviews!

10. Groundies Barefootwear

A close up of a person's feet wearing the Groundies Liverpool GX1 barefoot boot in beige leather with thick socks standing on snow side view

Groundies Boots | Leather & Vegan | $150 | Sizes EU 36-48 | Available At:

You can also find several models on Groundies Amazon!

What I Love About Them: Groundies has an impressive line up of stylish barefoot boots for men and women, and honestly I can’t get enough of them. From their Timberlands dupe, to combat boots, to knee high slouchy boots, I can blow a LOT of cash at Groundies if I’m not careful. They have two different outsole materials – the original and the GS1. I really prefer the original (shown here), it is super flexible and has a more barefoot feel than the GS1. Beware that Groundies now has many styles in what they call “Regular Toe Box” that has a tapered toe box, so only look for styles labeled “Anatomic Toe Box”.

Sizing & Fit Type: Groundies have an average toe box width, so I sometimes feel a little tight in them these days (barefoot problems!). Sizing is true and consistent for the most part, not too many surprises between models. The boots fit medium volume, but can often work for both high and low volume.

Top down and Outsole for Groundies Barefoot shoes

For more in-depth info on Groundies check out my other reviews!

Runner Ups

The above are my top ten most worn barefoot boots for every day, but there are some other really great barefoot shoe brands that deserve a mention. And depending on your foot type and preferences, they might be perfect for you!

11. Ahinsa

Ahinsa Boots | Vegan | $160 | Sizes EU 36-48 (+ custom sizes) | Available At:

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off. The Jaya can be purchased through Anya’s Shop

What I Love About Them: Ahinsa boots really light, flexible, and have a wide forefoot – just what I like in a boot. They are also all 100% vegan. The uppers are naturally water resistant, and they wear really well. I have yet to see any scuffs or fading of the material even after lots of winter use. I wish the Jaya had a side zipper, I’d wear them a lot more often if they did. But overall I am happy with them.

Sizing & Fit Type: Ahinsa shoes run a teensy bit shorter than most other barefoot boots, so I am kind of in between a 37 & 38. Both my Ahinsa barefoot boots are a size 37, but I wish I had gotten a 38 in the Winter model that has a fleece lining. The “Comfort” models from Ahinsa are all the same as the Barefoot ones, they just come with an insole that add a small heel lift and arch support (wouldn’t be truly barefoot with this).

Top down and Outsole for Ahinsa barefoot shoes

12. Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes makes some nice barefoot boots for fall and winter, but they cater to an average to narrow foot width. So unfortunately I don’t get much use out of the ones I have because of my wide toes. Xero’s barefoot boots also tend to have a firmer heel, and this is an issue for me because I have a bone spur on my heel that gets aggravated easily. Hence, they are in the runner up category here! They are a favorite for people who are new to barefoot shoes because they tend to have a lower price point than other brands and a wide range of options.

Top down and Outsole shape for Xero Shoes

Read my in-depth Xero Shoes reviews here!

13. Freet Barefoot

Freet Barefoot is my husband’s current favorite barefoot shoe brand – they work well for wide, thick feet. I like the Richmond boot, which looks like a simple desert boot. The only reason Freet is here in the runner up section is that the styles are very utilitarian and I don’t end up reaching for them very often because they don’t always match my wardrobe. But they have some very practical boots for wide feet, including some great vegan options! You can read my thoughts on the Mudee boot here.

Use code ANYASREVIEWS-10 for 10% off

Top down and Outsole shape on Freet Barefoot shoes

Read my Freet review here!

14. Magical Shoes

Magical Shoes is a Polish brand that makes super flexible barefoot shoes. The Alaskan boot, shown here, is super comfortable and lined with warm wool. The only reason I didn’t end up wearing them more often is because the style didn’t work well with my wardrobe. But they’re releasing more boots this year that look really awesome! I find their sneakers and boots run small, so I now size up to a 38 in them.

Use code ANYA for 10% off

Top down and Outsole shape for Magical Shoes barefoot boots

15. Luks Barefoot

Luks Barefoot makes supremely soft, flexible, and wide barefoot boots that many people absolutely adore. Comfort-wise, my Primavera boots are fabulous and I’m always feeling great in them. But I don’t end up wearing them as often because the height of them hits me at an awkward place. I wish they were either shorter or taller! They also have a really long wait time because every pair is handmade to high standards. Overall they’re an excellent brand, and if they match your foot shape and style then don’t hesitate!

Top down and Outsole shape on Luks Barefoot shoes

Read my in-depth Luks reviews here.

16. Shapen Barefoot

Shapen Barefoot makes gorgeous barefoot dress shoes for women, including the Ivy, which is the widest dressy barefoot boot I’ve ever tried. They’re a godsend for people who need to get fancy but can’t fit into other barefoot shoe brands! I love mine, but the ankle opening is stiff and definitely required breaking in and some moleskin. Otherwise, thumbs up all around! You can read more in-depth information about these boots in my Shapen Barefoot review.

Use code ANYA5 for 5% off

Top down and Outsole shape on Shapen Barefoot Ivy Boots

17. Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes makes a really popular minimalist boot called the Boulder. It comes in a waterproof, leather, and vegan version. They have a nice wide toe box and fit a wide range of foot types, and they look really awesome. But I don’t wear mine very often for one reason – the soles are 10-14mm thick, which is about double what I usually wear. Some people love the extra cushion, but I really prefer thin soles.

Top Down and Outsole shape on Lems Boulder boots

For more details you can watch my YouTube review of them here!

18. The Drifter Leather

The Drifter Leather is quite a process to order from – they accept orders only once a month or so and fulfillment can take months, but my barefoot boots from them are to die for. Extremely light, flexible, and perfectly formed to my foot BUT STILL A MAINSTREAM BOOT STYLE. Can you tell I’m excited? If you’re considering a pair, make sure you check out my Guide to Ordering from the Drifter Leather for a full run down of the process, and then head to their website to subscribe for updates.

Click here for a full list of barefoot shoe brands that do custom work.

Top down and Outsole shape for custom boots from The drifter Leather

The Best Barefoot Boots In Summary!

As you can see, there are so many options in different styles and shapes that you’re sure to find a healthy barefoot boot that works for you! And don’t forget, I have tons of other resources here to help you find the barefoot shoe of your dreams, so stick around!

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53 thoughts on “The 10 Best Barefoot Boots for Everyday Fall & Winter”

    1. Yep, still my top pick for extreme cold! But they’re too much for me to wear daily or for errands and outings. I only wear them for walks, hikes, and playing in the snow.

  1. I would like to put in a vote for Peerko Go boots and Peerko Empire boots. They are my favorite barefoot shoes ever! I wore the Go boots every day last fall/winter/spring!

    1. I did not love their Patrol boot from last season. Too stiff for me! But they are redesigning it this year so I am anxious to see how it turns out

  2. Don’t think they ship to the US, but for European buyers Jenon Leather may be interesting as well: They’ve got some great looking leather boots. I’ve been hunting for an ankle boot for a while now and am probably going to buy the Yeans, in black or perhaps in a colour of my choice (you can buy customized styles, which is great). Speaking of colour: I just ordered the new green ones from Wildling.

  3. Do you have any information; on the new Be~Belenka (they made their boots with a more anatomical toebox biomechanically correct foot bed. trail Walkers looks like a rock climbing shoe but with a very generous toebox and the Ranger barefoot boot-Army green” Made from Newbuck suede”

    1. I have a pair of the Trail Walkers that I reviewed in this article:
      But haven’t seen the new Be Lenka boots yet, but I got to experience the new shape in the Trail Walker. I also know that on the winter models they increased the traction and durability of the sole, so that’s pretty exciting. I am carrying them in my shop this fall so will become familiar with all of them pretty soon.

  4. hi anya!

    love, love, love your site–it’s my bible. i just started barefoot shoes with summer shoes–i have earth runners, xero, and an amazon brand. i’m making the jump into some shoes/boots/winter boots. i love the belenka styles but am hesistant to order from europe. i see you’re getting some in–i am interested in the City and Stellar. Are you getting either of those?

    Second question is, do you give you foot measurements anywhere on your site or would you share them? I have my measurements, I know how the shoes I have feel but we have a similiar size foot so comparison would really help.

    Thanks for all you’re doing for fashion and foothealth!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the kind words. We currently have the City in two colors at Anya’s Shop, but we’re actually clearancing them out. We are not getting the Stellar. We are getting all of the boot models this fall, so if you’re interested in any of the boots you can have your pick. We also have Be Lenka sandals and several other sneaker styles.
      My foot measures 23.3cm long and 9.3cm wide from a foot tracing, or at least the last time I measured.
      Hope that helps!!

  5. Outstanding looking forward to them(Be-Lenka~ Rangers & trail walkers:) I was emailing them, About making a purchase of the boots, (Ranger green) and
    Trail hikers Looks like rock climbing shoes. but I was hesitant to make the purchase because the way the mail has been flowing(🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌-and real time inventory-availability,& supply chain:) So it looks like I will be ordering from your shop, Thanks for putting them on the list, And I like the new biomechanically correct forefoot toebox ergonomically-oblique(for a normal human healthy foot:) Zero-drop= Level with the magnetic field of the earth’s gravitational-pull; and no spring toe.

  6. Hi Anya!

    I can’t find any info on their website about calf measurements for the Softstar Phoenix. Do you think they would be ok for larger calfs?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Anya! I’m so happy to have found your site. I run in zero drop/wide toe box shoes (Altras) and have worn barefoot sandals all summer. Now that autumn is here, it’s time to invest in some boots! Would you mind sharing which boots you are wearing in the three side by side full length photos above? Thanks so much in advance and thank you for all of the great information that makes shopping for barefoot shoes so much easier!

    1. Hey there! In the second photo in the post I am wearing (in order from left to right) The Drifter Leather Chelsea, Shapen Ivy, Da Vinci Talmage, and Luks Primavera. Hope that helps!! Good luck finding yourself some barefoot boots.

  8. Hi Anya! I’ve found so many great barefoot shoes through you! Now here’s a kind of weird question: which winter boot do you think would be best for bicycle commuting? The wind really cuts through my current options and freezes me out, but high ankles aren’t great for peddling so I’m feeling a little stuck!

    1. Hey! Hmmm, Luks Barefoot has a lined shoe that is ankle height. Zaqq has a couple low cut shoes that are lined with warm fleecy stuff, and tadeevo also has a thermal sneaker. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope it helps!

  9. I have a question I’m sure you can answer. I had a barefoot pair of boots years ago, and the sole was so thin my feet were cold in the winter. Ok it was a bad pair of shoes overall… Also are all these brands water resistant?

  10. This is a great article! I’ve been living in my Topo Athletic shoes this summer, and now I’m looking for some comfy, zero-drop boots. My issue is that I have extremely narrow heels. Whenever I’ve tried on boots in the past two years, once they fit my toes, my heel comes right out of them, and I can’t keep them on my feet. This was ok when we lived in FL, but now that we’re in NC, I can’t wear flip-flops all year! Which brand of boots has the best shape for narrow heels?

    1. Good question. One hack that might help whatever shoes you already have is leg warmers, or yoga socks. They fill in space in the heel without compromising toe space. The Vivobarefoot Gobi Hi is one boot that fits securely around the ankle. Also the Angles Fashion wool lined boots work well for narrow heels as well.

  11. Hi Anya,

    Thanks for the hard work you put into making barefoot shoes make sense to such a complete novice! Your site is so helpful, but now I want all the beautiful shoes…

    I have a question about Angles. You said you sized up in the wool lined ones as they were a bit snug. Do you have any experience of the sizing of the classic boots from them? I have wide feet (9.4cm wide, 22.5cm long) I find that Wildlings and Freet fit me in size 37 but brands like Vivobarefoot and Groundies have been far too narrow for me, so I’m not sure what would be best for the classic Angles boots.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey! I don’t have any myself, but my assistant Samantha has a pair of the unlined Dafne. She has a bit longer feet then you but is also proportionally extra wide and got a 38 – they were true to size and fit her perfectly. Each model has their own size chart, but Angles shoes are all extra wide across the toes.

  12. Are Ahinsa boots available anywhere in the US? I mean besides the one you carry? I didn’t see them on Amazon or anywhere.

  13. Hi Anya,
    Great info here thanks, which boots are you wearing on the third photo in the picture where you are wearing the same outfit but in each of the four photos you are wearing different boots. The ones in the third photo look like something I have been looking for. They look a bit neater, I have been wearing barefoot shoes for years now but I actually have narrow feet but still need the barefoot shaped toe box as I ruined one of my feet from wearing badly shaped runners and other shoes. Can you let me know which type those are and also if you have come across brands that are good for narrow feet?
    Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Brigh! Those are the DaVinci Talmage boot. Unfortunately DaVinci is going out of business and I don’t think they’re available anymore. Conker shoes has some narrower boot options with a similar look! PaperKrane also. I would check out and filter by narrow options to see what you find for more options.

    2. I love the look of the Peerko go! They also seem to go with everything. Unfortunately they don’t work for me: in the correct size, the volume around the mid-foot is too high. The lace are as tight as can be, and I still have space. If I put a thick wool insole (which I would do in the winter anyways), they are still too high volume, but now my toes get squished from the top. I think my toes need comparatively much space compared to my mid foot.
      Are there any other ankle boots – lace up or Chelsea that fit low volume feet but leave a lot of space for toes? And go up to a size 45. I used the barefoot shoe finder and the only ones that might work seem to be Zaqq. (Vivo doesn’t make women’s shoes in that size).

      1. Oooh, yes the chelsea boots I am thinking of that fit lower volume stop at a 43. You could try a tongue pad, that works really well for me to fill in extra space over the arch without pushing my entire foot up. I agree with you, I like to keep that toe box space as open as possible, but still have low volume feet. Otherwise I think Zaqq might be it. If you include lace up boots, the Angles Fashion Zeus is one you might want to look at. It’s only available in the winter and is lined with wool.

        1. Thank you!
          The vivobarefoot chelsea boots look amazing – I hope they’ll extend sizes one day. I will get some zaqq when I’m in Europe again. They have several designs that look great.

  14. Thank you for all the information!
    Which shoes are your absolute favorites that you end up going outside with? Summer, fall, winter, autumn?

  15. Hi Anya,
    Thank you so much for your great reviews!
    Can you recommend boots for someone who needs more vertical clearance in the toe box? My big toes are slightly curled/pointing up and it is so hard to find boots, ballet flats, loafers, which will not squish my big toes.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi! Magical Shoes Lupino boots, Tadeevo winter boots, and Lems Boulder all have a nice 3 dimensional toe box. Those are what I recommend for upward pointing toes!

  16. Can you recommend a leather mid-calf boot that is not suede? I live on a farm and need something for everyday. Ankle boots do not work here. And below knee boots get too hot. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  17. Hi!

    Can you recommend a winter 2022 boot that is mid-calf (so it won’t allow the snow in), is insulated (comfortable to -10 F for NE winters), has good traction to walk on compressed snow or ice, is waterproof and has a zipper rather than laces (to put on and off faster)?


    1. Steger Mukluks is probably the best for that! Softstar Phoenix is good, but the zipper makes the boot not fully waterproof even if you treated in. Manitobah Mukluks also has pull on warm waterproof boots, but I find they are not as warm as the Phoenix or Steger.

  18. Thank you for your terrific blog and shop, Anya!
    Do you know if the Shapen Ivy will be available again this coming fall/winter, at Shapen and/or in your shop? I think they would work well for me, and I like the burgundy (?) color I’ve seen in photos. Thanks!

    1. Yes, it should be! They’ve had production issues for a long time now, so we never really know when. But they are working on producins more Ivy’s and we’ve placed an order for them so we should get some once they become available.

  19. Hello Anya,

    Thank you for your review.
    I have a question for my daughter who is 8. She woud like boots like the black Peerko. Can I find something for her? We leave in France.
    Thanking you in advance for your answer,


    1. Mukishoes will have a kids version of their Igneous boot (a black zip up combat boot style). Otherwise you might check Bundgaard (they have several zero drop, wide toe box boot options) and Froddo for some more options.

  20. The trouble with almost all the boots listed here is that the lackluster soles make them virtually useless in real life winter conditions. To be functional for wearing in winter they should be made with deep thread patterns (for traction on loose surfaces aka snow and mud) and a sticky type of rubber outsole (for traction on hard surfaces aka ice, wet rock, wet pavement, etc).

    For some strange reason they line them with so much wool that they are warm enough for far-north climates, but without a correspondingly functional sole. In effect they are nothing but a fashionable, way-too-warm slipper type thing to slip on when going to the shop etc. For actual walking around the countryside (or even town), they have all let me down.

    1. Have you read this article?

      I live in a cold, snowy climate and so had do to a lot of research on practical options. I will say that as long as they are warm and waterproof I don’t worry too much about traction because I’m able to use my feet so much better in the thin soles that I rarely have trouble with slipping. But I do rate each option for traction on snow and ice, and I use Yaktrax whenever conditions are extremely slick and icy.

  21. Hi! Thank you for this amazing list! Could you by chance tell me what the brand is in the third full length photo of yourself at the top? Looked through all the links and couldn’t find one that matched. Thanks so much!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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