Cinderollies Ballet Flats Review

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Cinderollies Rollable Flats in Pretty Pewter

My two most popular blog posts are my Women’s Dress Shoe Roundup and my Affordable Barefoot Shoes Roundup. These cute little Cinderollies flats are on both lists!

At only $14, these are some of the cheapest women’s dress shoes out there. The shop owner was quick to respond to my questions and shipped these right away.

They are very minimal: the sole is extremely thin and the shoe is unstructured. My husband remarked when he saw them that why not just go barefoot if your shoes are that thin? I was like, exactly! These are shoes for people who would be barefoot if they could, but they’re at work or a wedding so they can’t!

They are made of a faux leather which has some stretch to it, and comes in a variety of colors and metallics. I am not sure they will hold up well to a lot of wear since they are so thin. And there is no cushion so they’d be difficult for me to do a lot of walking in, but they will be appropriate for people looking for an affordable shoe for dressy occasions.

I am a size 6 and ordered a small. They shoe is a little baggy on me and I find my foot wants to go forward into the front of the shoe. The stretchiness of the material helps, but my toes are a little crammed. They’d stay put better on a wider foot. Again, I wouldn’t want to do a lot of walking in these.

Because these are so thin and rolly they are great for carrying around in your purse or pocket in case you need a shoe change. They come with a little carrying case too.

One of my flats came with a deformed bottom and it doesn’t seem to be flattening out. It bubbles up underneath my little toe and I can feel it while wearing the shoes. Not a huge deal for me.

In conclusion, these little pretties will be an excellent choice for those of you with occasional dressy events that you don’t want to fork over a lot of money for. They stay true to most minimalist standards and are cute and trendy to boot.

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5 thoughts on “Cinderollies Ballet Flats Review”

  1. Curious, how do you find the traction of the soles? Asking because I have a different brand that’s appears similar but the traction was so poor that I slipped on grass (yes, seriously— there was a slight incline) and am afraid to wear them now! ?

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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