Affordable Barefoot shoes

Transitioning to barefoot shoes can be pretty costly, and it will take time to build up a solid wardrobe. Below are some more affordable options to get you started! Unless otherwise stated, these links are for both Men’s and Women’s shoes. I do my best to include everything, but it’s worthwhile to check out my other Shoe Lists to see the full range of options out there.

Under $25

Water Shoes – $10 There are several different brands on Amazon, but they all look to be about the same, and all in the same price range. Not sure how they hold up.
Cinderollies – $14 These are cute flats, made with stretchy faux leather. Very minimal, but won’t last forever. See my mini review here
Fitkicks – $20 I’ve heard these are nice!
Bare Treks – $25 There are a few minimal running shoes available on Amazon for quite cheap, though sizing is limited.

$50 or less


Xero Shoes Sandals– The Jessie, Cloud and DIY Sandals are all under $50
Kionas Sandals (Etsy, Women’s) – Leather sandals all around $50 (Must request no heel)
Grecian Sandals (Etsy, Women’s) -Leather sandals all around $45 (Must request no heel). See my review here.
Unshoes – Wokova and Keota sandals are $50


Sockwa – I’m not sure if these count as shoes, they’re more like socks with a sole. But the Playa line is $30!
Xero shoes – Most of their shoes are prices above $50 normally, but this company has frequent sales and their shoes are often $20-$50. This is a great first barefoot shoe company.

$75 or less


Unshoes – Pah Tempe are $75
Luk Shoes (Women’s) – Barefoot sandals $75
Tikki Sandals – $67
Earth Runner Sandals – Elemental Sandals $70
Savopoulos Grecian Sandals (Etsy) $60
Greek Sandals Penelope (Etsy) $55
Xero Z Trek and Z Trail – See my Z Trek review here


Unshoes – Terra Vida $74 (My review here)
Xero Shoes – Boaty and Lena are $70
Sockwa Minimal Shoes – $70

Dress shoes (women)

The Storehouse Flats
Yosi Samra Samara flats (Black is $50-$75) – See my Women’s Dress Shoe Roundup for details on these
Xero Shoes – Cassie Flat $75

$100 or less


Crupon (Esty, Women’s) – Sandals are around $80. Must request flat sole, and no returns/exchanges. My review here.
UnshoesSaffron, Uinta are all less than $100. See my Saffron review here.
Luna Sandals – Venado, Mono and Leadville Pacer are under $100
Earth Runners – Circadian and Alpha Sandals $80


Luk Shoes (Women’s)- Fuego Moccasins $87
Unshoes Forager – $90
Hoss Handmade Oxfords $86 With insoles removed (My review here)
Tadeevo Minimalist shoes $95 (My review here)
Tikki Roots Oxfords $96
Xero Shoes – Terraflex, Pacifica, and Prio are all $90-$100
Astra Loyak water shoes – $85

Dress Shoes

Oesh Dream flats (Women’s) – $90 See my review here.
Yosi Samra Samara – (Women’s) flats in other colors (besides black) $75-$90
Crupon (Etsy, Women’s) – Flats are around $100 Must request flat sole, and no returns/exchanges. See my review here.


Tikki Nanook $87
Xero Shoes – (Women’s) Vienna boot $90

More ways to save

Buying used is a great way to save money, as long as you know what to look for. I don’t recommend buying expensive used shoes in a brand you haven’t tried before, but if you’re getting a good deal and can resell/return if they don’t fit, go for it!

Great places to buy/sell used barefoot shoes:

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