Affordable Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes

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Have you been curious about the health benefits of barefoot shoes, but scared by the hefty price tags? Many barefoot shoes are expensive, it’s true. But you don’t need money to reap the benefits of going barefoot. Below is a list of affordable minimalist shoes to get you started!

Even one pair in your closet will greatly increase the time you spend using those foot muscles, and you can work up from there. Don’t forget, it doesn’t cost a thing to be barefoot.

If you’re interested in minimalist footwear and not sure where to begin, be sure to check out my list of the Best Barefoot Shoes for Beginners for more brands and what to look for in a shoe.

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Under $25

Walmart and Target are both known for having cheap sneakers that are thin and flexible. I always check under the insole in case there’s a hidden wedge to take out, and the toe boxes can be tapered. But Faded Glory, Time and Tru, and Mad Love all make minimal sneakers that are very soft, flexible and really cheap.

$50 or less


  • Xero Shoes Sandals– The Jessie, Cloud and DIY Sandals are all under $50
  • Kionas Sandals (Etsy, Women’s) – Leather sandals all around $50 (Must request no heel)
  • Grecian Sandals (Etsy, Women’s) -Leather sandals all around $45 (Must request no heel). See my review here.
  • Unshoes – Wokova and Keota sandals are $50


  • Zeazoo Kiwi – ($48) These simple shoes can be customized and look like a loafer. Code ANYASREVIEWS gets you 5% off.
  • Velho – ($33) Simple sneakers that are lightweight and flexible, but with a slightly tapered toe box. Have not tried these myself, but look like a good affordable option.
  • Sockwa – I’m not sure if these count as shoes, they’re more like socks with a sole. But the Playa line is $30!
  • Whitin – The running shoes from this brand are around $35
  • Saguaro Barefoot – ($33)
  • Splay Shoes – Albeit a kid’s brand, if you wear a size EU 39 or smaller you can fit into these $44 sneakers, and get 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWS.
  • Xero shoes – Most of their shoes are priced above $50 normally, but this company has frequent sales and their shoes are often $20-$50. This is a great first barefoot shoe company.

$75 or less



Dress shoes (women)


  • Minnetonka has soft soled leather boots at about $45 and can also be found on Amazon for the same price. They come in men’s as well, but are a little more expensive.

$100 or less


  • Belenka Women’s Sandals – $80 Several beautiful styles all around $80. Code ANYASREVIEWS gets you 5% off.
  • Crupon (Esty, Women’s) – Sandals are around $80. Must request flat sole, and no returns/exchanges. My review here.
  • UnshoesSaffron, Uinta are all less than $100. See all my Unshoes reviews here.
  • Luna Sandals – Several styles are under $100 – get 10% off your first order with code ANYA10
  • Earth Runners – Circadian and Alpha Sandals $80 + 10% off with code ANYASREVIEWSER
  • Softstar – Solstice sandal $95


Dress Shoes


  • Zeazoo Dingo – $90 See review here. ANYASREVIEWS gets you 5% off
  • Xero Shoes – (Women’s) Vienna boot $90
  • Xero Toronto– $100 This high top sneaker boot looks pretty rad.
  • Paperkrane is releasing a rainbow Chelsea boot in adult sizes for $89

More ways to save

Buying used is a great way to save money, as long as you know what to look for. I don’t recommend buying expensive used shoes in a brand you haven’t tried before, but if you’re getting a good deal and can resell/return if they don’t fit, go for it!

Great places to buy/sell used barefoot shoes:

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2 thoughts on “Affordable Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes”

  1. Catherine Freemantle

    This is so helpful, thanks Anya. Do you think the Yemeni shoes would be barefoot friendly? There are a couple on Etsy that make them to fit your foot, they appear to be zero drop…. but I’m not sure how flexible the soles would be. I’ve asked… fingers crossed! They’d be perfect with trousers for work.

    1. I looked into this, and they look like they have a lot of potential. I would verify with each seller that they are zero drop and that the entire shoe is leather. If that’s the case, they should stretch well to accommodate your foot, since they look narrow to begin with.

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