Groundies Felicia Review – Classic Flats But Made With Feet in Mind

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A pair of feet standing on concrete, the left foot is bare and the right is wearing a Groundies Felicia barefoot ballet flat in beige with a black toe cap

Groundies is one of the most fashion forward barefoot shoe brands out there, with a diverse range of stylish sneakers, boots, flats, and now athletic shoes. One of the more striking fall releases from Groundies this year is the Felicia, a classic ballet flat but with space for human toes.

Meet Felicia

A photo of a woman wearing all black with a camel coat and groundies felicia barefoot ballet flats in beige with a black toe cap

The Felicia comes in a Beige/Black or an All Black, sizes 36-43. They have a leather upper and a microfiber lining for a little extra warmth this fall. They are true to size, and fit a moderately wide foot best.

I’m a huge fan of the Groundies TruSense sole (GO1) used on the Felicia. It has extreme flexibility and ground feel, but doesn’t wear out in a minute. It also has the widest fit of all Groundies soles, which is good news for my wide feet.

Learn more about Groundies and their different sole types in this article.

My Felicia flats look beautiful, as Groundies shoes always do, and they fit my wide feet well. I opted for a size 37 (I am sort of in between a 36 & 37 for flats) so they fit a little loose but I’m glad I didn’t go down given my width. The warm lining is a nice touch, since it’s cool where I live most of the year. And they style beautifully!

You can now find select Groundies styles at Anya’s Shop!

In this review you get to hear from 4 other barefoot shoe wearers who tested out the Felicia on different foot types. Read on to hear their thoughts!

By Carol

I describe my style as mostly classic—with a twist, so I never thought ballet flats were for me, especially not one reminiscent of Chanel’s iconic cap toe flat. But this barefoot twist on a classic I like! My feet are medium volume, gently sloped 24.1 x 9.5cm, so I’m relatively easy to fit. I like this style to fit close so I chose size 38. The buttery soft leather upper with so soft lining offers plenty of space with no pinky pinching. A tall enough structured (yet soft) toe box accommodates my upturned big toe, which, on the longest foot does press its side against the front. I could have sized up, but I believe it will stretch. If not, I don’t find it intolerable. The elastic doesn’t extend around the heel which is built narrow enough to prevent flopping off, yet doesn’t irritate my sensitive Achilles tendons. They look a little bizarre off the feet, as both ends curve up considerably, but this is not true toe spring because the very flexible thin outsole easily flattens while you wear them. They are so comfy I nearly forget I have them on. I don’t think I’ll be saying “Bye, Felicia!” to these beauties.

By Tamara

Ballet flats have long been a staple in my wardrobe, moving seamlessly between the office and smart casual occasions. The new Felicia ballet flat is a timeless classic but good for your feet and super comfortable. The leather is lovely and soft, and the colour combination of beige and black make this an elegant and versatile shoe. 

Fit wise, barefoot ballet flats are notoriously hard for me to get a good fit on my low volume feet. I do find these slightly too voluminous for my feet and there is a little gapping across my forefoot and the elastic at my mid foot, however this is easily fixed by adding a thin insole. The toe box is quite roomy and the heel is narrow enough that my heels do not slip out of the shoe as I walk. Overall, I’m really impressed by the quality and style of these beautiful shoes, and I love how effortlessly they fit into both my corporate and casual wardrobe.

By Samantha

Ballet flats are my favorite category of footwear. They’re feminine, easy to put on, and incredibly versatile. You can’t go wrong with a basic black flat! These Felicia flats from Groundies are lovely. They have a cozy soft lining, a cute little leather bow with gold end caps. There’s flat elastic around the top but not the heel – this helps keep them secure but prevent the dreaded digging in or pushing forward sensation. I find the heel really comfortable and a much more secure fit than the previous Bella flat (I wear a heel grip in those). The toe box is lightly structured, but not stiff. These are comfortable right out of the box!

I have extra wide feet and sadly these aren’t the best fit for me. While the open design allows the ball of my foot to spread out over the soles and not feel squished, the toe box is too narrow and my toes are pinched together a little. I will still wear them, but only for short periods of time. I really need Groundies to make a wider width option because their styles are always so good!

By Heidi

The updated Felicia ballet flat from Groundies is a welcome fit for my foot low volume, skinny heeled, mountain shaped foot.  I also own the original Bella flats, and it required an additional wool insole and heel grip in order to fit properly without flopping off my foot.

It seems that this iteration of Groundies flats has a narrower heel and a soft elastic that holds the foot in much more securely.  Even though my foot doesn’t fill up the entire volume of the flat, it doesn’t feel floppy.  The ground feel is also great in this flat, and the outsole feels grippy enough to keep me from slipping on slick surfaces – a plus since I work primarily in a laboratory setting.  The leather is soft right out of the box and flexes well with the foot.  The width fits my 24.6cm x 9.8cm foot and doesn’t press on my bunion.  These flats are not wide enough to wear Correct Toes in, but I don’t plan on doing so anyway.   

Style wise, I love the classic cream and black combo with the Felicia flat.  It’s reminiscent to me of a Coco Chanel look – very upscale and fits in well for business as well as more formal settings.  It can also be styled with jeans and blouse and give a great casual cool vibe.  My only qualm with the design is the stitching along the elastic top sewn into the leather portion of the shoe.  I would have preferred a straight stitch versus the zig zag they chose for a more streamlined look.  Despite that, I can see myself reaching for these often.  They are a versatile color pairing that can go with any outfit!


Groundies Felicia is an excellent stylish barefoot shoe for corporate or casual wear. The lining brings them into the cooler season for longer, and the classic design makes for a chic look. Groundies is not the best brand for extra wide feet, but if you have an average or slightly wider-than-average shape you will likely have good luck.

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22 thoughts on “Groundies Felicia Review – Classic Flats But Made With Feet in Mind”

  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful reviews!! It helped me figure out that I definitely want this shoe, and helped me in determining my size given the different foot shapes, sizes, and needs. Also, it didn’t hurt to get the discount, which I often forget about. Your work is appreciated!

  2. I purchased these shoes last month and am so pleased with the fit, but I’m most excited to have a pair of barefoot shoes that actually look chic! As a recovering pointy toe and high heel girl, these are a welcome addition to my office staples. Please do a roundup of the chicest shoes on the market for those of us who want to look on pointe without sacrificing comfort!

    1. Very throughout review, Anya! Thank you so much. With out you we wouldn’t know anything. I am thinking of ordering them myself.
      They say size down. My feet are 24.5cm, and their 38 is a few mm longer. Do I stick to 38 or size down?
      Please help me.

      1. Are your feet wide? I don’t feel they run big, and neither did anyone who helped me review them. So sizing down doesn’t seem right to me based on that measurement.

  3. Simone from Germany

    Thanx for your wonderful homepage an reviews! I´m a follower from Germany an highly recommand your website for everyone who looks for real tips an informations on barefoot footwear. I’m wearing nothing but barefoot shoes since march 2020. This ballet flats are really chic an ideal to combine with an elegant/business outfit. Most Groundies models are unfortunatly not 100% wide enough for my forefoot, but i would like to give this nice shoes a try because of the real fashionable look.
    @hellabarefootheidi: What size did you choose? Your feet measure exactly like mine, whereas my left foot measures 25,1 cm in length.

  4. I purchased groundies from Groundies
    Nearly 6months later i am told they were lost in transit and offered a 40 percent refund because the company is also at a loss.
    Saying, not cool, i am offered a 50 percent refund.
    I thought business can claim losses?
    Not happy, groundies Australia located in Japan.

    1. I believe Groundies Australia is a scam, there is only one Groundies website. Unfortunately we’ve seen quite a lot of scammers that create websites like XeroShoesCanada or VivobarefootEurope with discounted shoes and then of course they never arrive. As a shop owner myself, we always take 100% of the loss whenever a package goes missing, so it sounds pretty suspicious.

  5. Hi Anya, I always read your reviews, that are very useful. At the moment I use only barefoot shoes, except for hiking and sport climbing!
    Could please suggest me a size for Groundies flats (like Belina)? I have Belissima of Belenka in size 41 and they are quite big (but 40 were too small). My feet are quite straight, surely not wide.
    Thank you very much!
    Your advices for the boots were perfect and now I am very happy with my Peerko Go!

    1. Hi Anna! For Belina they run a little big. Since you are in between, I would probably go with the 40. I wear a 36 in Belina. With Felicia you could probably do the same, since you don’t have wide feet.

      1. Thank you very much! I like Belissima, but being too long and wide they are not so elegant; I use them at work except in winter.

  6. I was hoping to get a pair this Spring! But it seems that the Felicia is no longer available on the Groundies website. Would you happen to know if they’ll have them back in stock in the fall?

          1. I found a similar look from Zaqq but I’ve read negative reviews about importing from them, so I’m a bit hesitant to order from them.

          2. Oh yes, those. I forgot about Zaqq because they are a hassle to order from. While I have successfully ordered it took a while because they were slow to respond to my emails.

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