Are There Barefoot Cycling Shoes?

Currently there are two cycling shoe options that are wider and more foot friendly than most. Lake Cycling shoes come in widths, and you can search for Wide or Extra Wide options. And Bont Cycling shoes also have a wider and more natural foot shape to them.

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9 thoughts on “Are There Barefoot Cycling Shoes?”

  1. Thank you for compiling these options! I’d love to hear if there are more options for flat-pedals. Shoes made for mountain biking on flat pedals (not “clipped in”) need to have TOUGH soles. If I wore my Splays on my spikey pedals, the soles would be shredded to ribbons. I tolerate Ride Concepts sneakers because they are durable, but the toebox is quite narrow. I tried on some Five Ten (aka Addidas) Freeriders the other day and they are so narrow that I could not even wear them for a moment.

    1. Hm, this isn’t something I haven’t experience with nor have I heard from others who use barefoot shoes this way. But my inclination is Altra Running would be a good one to look at. Or maybe even Barebarics? At first glance they appear to be a fashion sneaker, but the sole has a very high abrasion resistance rating.

    2. Ive been using my lems primal pursuit for mtb flats and am quite impressed. Far grippier than other more minimialist options but not as good as ride conceptw or fiveten rubber.
      I put in a northsole insole to help with impact.

      1. I’d like to try this as well. I’ve owned Lems Primals and they were comfy for everyday use. But considering how quickly grippy, flat pedals tear through shoes, I’d hesitate to use them with my Spank Spike pedals. I think that would quickly become expensive buying new sneakers every few weeks as I tear through them.

    3. Did you have any luck finding flat pedal shoes? I saw the other suggestions for lems and I have lems but no way they will last at all with flat pedals that have the spikes for gripping and mountain biking.

  2. Thank you all! I’ll look into these options. I’ve been biking in toe shoes but they do get holes in them after several months. I also bike in old rain boots (non-barefoot) to the community garden. In summer I bike in yoga slings. But I don’t bike far and I’m always looking for different options that might work better. Also it would be cool to have something nice but sturdy I could bike to work in and then maybe wear all day.

  3. OK I biked in my Anatomics yesterday a couple miles. Their soles are on the thicker side for minimalist shoes so I suspect they’ll last longer than the toe shoes with my spikey peddles. I also found a photo/blog post of someone biking to work in pretty purple Softstars back in 2015. She had flat pedals.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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