Will Barefoot Shoes Help With My Injury/Pain?

Conditioning your feet to be strong, mobile, and stable is a long term solution to foot pain and injury, and barefoot shoes are a factor in that. Because most modern day footwear restricts motion and offers artificial support, switching to barefoot shoes gives you an opportunity to use your feet more. That naturally results in more strength and coordination. The zero drop soles in barefoot shoes also allow you to stand with better alignment, which can alleviate back and neck pain. But for many people changing your footwear is not enough. Barefoot shoes should be a part of a bigger understanding that we can improve our foot health through lifestyle changes.

You can find a list of foot conditions and suggested treatments here.

Further Reading:
The Foot Core System – research article
Walking in Minimalist Shoes Strengthens Feet – research study

*For the entire searchable FAQ list, visit Barefoot Shoes FAQ

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