Barefoot Shoe Brands on Amazon AKA Free Shipping/Returns

Below is a list of barefoot shoe brands that can be found on Amazon, for both kids and adults. While I love supporting businesses directly, trying and return shoes over and over in search of something that fits gets pretty costly. Since we all know how to navigate Amazon (and a lot of us have Prime), it’s a good landing place for trying barefoot shoes without incurring expensive shipping costs. Especially if you are new to the whole “barefoot” approach and are just looking for one pair to test drive.

In terms of prices, sometimes you find cheaper prices on Amazon than on brand websites, and sometimes the opposite is true! I always check both places, and am on e-mail lists to be notified of sales.

Let me know if you find any other great barefoot Amazon finds!

Adult Brands

Xero Shoes
Water Shoes – There are several different brands, but they all look to be about the same, and only about $10!
Merrell – Not all Merrell shoes are minimal but the Minimus and Mimix lines are.
Bare Treks – There are a few minimal running shoes available on Amazon for quite cheap (around $25), though sizing is limited.
Velho Movement Shoes – These are an affordable, minimal sneaker, only $35
Camper Peu and Camper Right Nina – Peu and Right Nina are Camper’s only minimal lines. They come with an insole that must be removed, but once taken out they are very flexible and the toe box is generous.
Otz Shoes– Otz boots come with in an insole you’ll want to remove. Their flats are already zero drop, but on the stiffer side.

Kids Brands

Bobux Shoes – I am a fan of Bobux shoes. See my review here
Robeez – Great soft soled shoes that go up to 4 & 5T.
Soft Soled Baby Shoes – There are lots of shoes similar to Robeez you can find on Amazon, all with a similar look.
Plae Shoes
IFME Shoes – Not all styles are minimal, but their Playa line is really great.
Livie and Luca Shoes – I haven’t tried this brand myself, it looks like some styles are not zero drop

4 thoughts on “Barefoot Shoe Brands on Amazon AKA Free Shipping/Returns

  1. Casey Reply

    Have you ever tried Ollio ballet flats? They seem to have a few flexible versions that at least don’t have the tiny step heel that so many ballet flats have, although they are not totally flat (0.1″ heel, per the website description). But, prime-eligible and $25, so potentially worth trying!

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Those are cute, and affordable, but too far outside the “minimal” parameters for me to want to try them (tiny heel, and a tight and tapered toe box). However they might be a good option for someone who needs something dressier for a specific event and doesn’t want to break the bank with something expensive they’ll only wear for a few hours.

  2. Allison Reply

    We have found the Plae shoes to be a good compromise (price wise) for kids. A friend told me that she has found pairs below retail at a local Nordstrom Rack.

    The insoles do not have the stink issue that the Vivo kids shoes do and they’re rarely out of stock, also unlike the Vivo kids shoes.

    With the Plae shoes I usually order at least a half size up and remove the insole after it starts to get a bit tight. This lengthens the amount of time my child can wear one pair and makes them closer to zero drop.

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