Vivobarefoot Jing Jing II

***4/11/19 I’ve been informed these are not coming back to Vivobarefoot and the stock that was left is now available on Amazon and Zappos. So if you’ve been waiting for these to come back, you can still purchase them! I’ve heard from readers that they light blue/grey color is narrower and a closer fit. Supposedly Vivobarefoot is going to introduce a new flat in the next 6 months or so.***

**2/22/19 These flats have mysteriously disappeared from Vivobarefoot’s site! Based on feedback from my readers (thank you!) these are currently out of stock but will be returning in March. I’m leaving this up for your perusal, but currently none of these links will take you to the correct shoes.** *Vivobarefoot does have a similar sophisticated Juttee flat linked here, but there is only one size left (Hopefully they will be restocked as well). There are also a few sizes in the original Jing Jing here *

Vivobarefoot Jing Jing II

These classic black flats are the best barefoot flats I have seen yet! They are a game changer for professional women who are conscious about their foot health. There are some important things to know about the fit of these beauties, so read on to see if these will be right for you.

A few months ago I was on Vivobarefoot‘s site to get links for my Dress Shoe roundup, and these adorable flats caught my eye! I was not a big fan of the first iteration of the Jing Jings, but these looked like a significant improvement. Thanks to Vivobarefoot‘s free shipping/returns I snatched up a pair right away to try out.


I ordered my normal size for flats (Size 6, or Eur 36), and was shocked to find that they were HUGE.

I never wear anything smaller than a 6 (I often wear a 6.5 or 7 in shoes and boots), but after hopping on to the FB Minimalist Shoe group I discovered others were finding they ran big for them too. As opposed to the first Jing Jing, where people were buying 2 whole sizes up, almost everyone reported sizing down in these. So, I immediately sent the size 6 back and reordered them in a size 5.5 (or Eur 35).

The size 5.5 fit in length and the toe box is perfect, but the heel is wide and I’ve been having some problem with slippage.

See how the sides gape when I press up on the ball of my foot?
The heel slips off easily

I’ve put in some temporary heel grips on either side of my heel to secure it, and it helps a lot. I’ll be wearing them around the house for a bit to make sure I am not gripping the shoe to keep it from flopping off. If I am, I will have to send them back. Much to my dismay. But, foot health.

If you have narrow, skinny heels, you might have the same problem. These will be excellent for people with wider feet (or maybe normal feet? As you can see, my feet are mostly bones). I’d love to hear more feedback from those of you who have purchased about how these are fitting your feet.

Barefoot Qualities

All Vivobarefoot shoes are zero drop, with an untapered big toe, and very flexible sole. Personally, I find the width of Vivobarefoot to be hit or miss with me, as sometimes the outside of the shoe tapers in too quickly and squishes my pinky toes. Not so with these. The toe box is spacious and foot shaped, but cut to give the illusion of a narrower toe.


These are made of Pittards Wild Hide leather inside and out. The Wild Hide is very soft and doesn’t feel like it will require any breaking in (which is unusual for leather insoles!). I love shoes with leather interior, in fact I wish more of Vivobarefoot’s shoes were made like this. The leather helps with sweat and odor control and makes them much more pleasant to wear barefoot.

Vivobarefoot’s honeycomb grippy sole
These are structured so they maintain their shape, and yet are still soft and supple.
Understated branding
Pittard’s Wild Hide!


Before I transitioned to minimal footwear I had shoes I reserved for occasions I wanted to look “nice.” But if, on those occasions, I ended up having to do unanticipated walking I was usually miserable. I was always weighing how cute I wanted to look with how comfortable I wanted to be. I never even considered it a possibility to have both at the same time. Ever since I discovered minimalist shoes (and unsquished toes), I’ve been on a mission to bring that comfort and mobility to every area of my life, including the times I want to look smokin’ hot. So when a shoe like this lands, I get very excited!

These are a cinch to style. Unlike the first Jing Jings (and many other “comfy” flats) which look sort of like bags on your feet, these have clean lines and sophisticated details. The pointed vamp provides angles while still having a wide and untapered toe box. The structure and high quality leather make for a very professional looking shoe.

Pointed vamp

But don’t think these flats are just for the office. They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, faux leather leggings, yoga pants, you name it. This shoe ticks ALL my boxes: healthy for your feet, comfortable enough you can walk in them all day, and a style so versatile you can take it into almost every area of your life (ok, I wouldn’t hike in these, but you get the idea). You can kill it in a business meeting, step out for a hot date afterward and STILL come home feeling great. No compromises to be had.

So, even though I *may* be returning mine, I am so excited to see footwear like this being made available to women. Minimalist footwear is beginning to enter the mainstream culture, and forward thinking designs like this one will help it get there.

Have you tried these new flats? If so, drop a comment and let me know how they’re working for you!

13 thoughts on “Vivobarefoot Jing Jing II

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  2. Jenny Reply

    I also have a narrow heel, so I’m wondering — did you end up returning them?

    • Anya Post authorReply

      I kept them, but I had to put padding in on either side of my heel to hold it in place. It works, but the sides gape. If you have narrow heels you’ll probably have to do something like that. They still aren’t in stock though 🙁

  3. Megan Reply

    I called the company and they said they were having sizing and quality issues so they took them off the market to make those changes. They said maybe August when they will be back in stock on their website. I have recently found them on Zappos (see link below) but they may be the old style. May be worth waiting so they can fix the issues they had with them. I have been very impressed with this company and their quality!

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  5. Lesley Reply

    I just bought 2 pairs from Zappos, 1 pair black and the other blue. The black is a little loose, but I have a wide foot and they’re so incredibly comfortable that I decided to keep them. The blue pair are tighter than the black and they have a thick pad at the back that grips the heel so they stay on much better. It’s a really pale blueish gray that should work well for summer. Overall I’m really happy with both pairs.

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Thank you for sharing this! I haven’t tried the blue ones, I had no idea they were narrower.

  6. Justine Reply

    I just managed to snag a pair of these in store in London and decided to go down a size and also asked for a thin in-sole – otherwise they are massive with pretty bad slippage. Fingers crossed they work! They were also on sale for £40 so I guess it was a pretty sweet price too 🙂

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Getting the slim sized sole will probably really help! Also, adding more buckle holes to tighten them might solve the problem too. If you have a low instep (like me) these probably don’t go small enough as is.

  7. Khamille Sarmiento Reply

    Hi Anya, I really appreciate your informative reviews! I agree with the heel being wide and easy to slip off. I ordered size 38 on Zappos but they still feel big for me, and I still have about .5 inch in the back if i push my toes to the front of the shoe.

    Do you think this kind of shoe would stretch over time, especially since it’s made out of leather?

    • Anya Post authorReply

      Yes, I think they will stretch for you! Mine did, and I ended up sending them back because they only got looser over time. So, if you’re already feeling like they’re big I wouldn’t risk it. Though, I did hear the blue color is narrower!

  8. Megan Reply

    I will try to keep you posted on when the new and approved pair comes out on the vivobarefoot website. I ended up returning mine at zappos because of the sizing issue as well but was worth a try because they are super cute and comfortable. They were too loose so I hope when they have the new revamped version those issues will be fixed.

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