Women’s Barefoot Dress Shoes – The Complete List

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The Complete List of Barefoot Dress Shoes for Women at Anya's Reviews dot com

One of the trickiest categories of barefoot shoes is the women’s dress shoe. As someone who doesn’t want to compromise on style OR foot health, this has been the area I’ve spent the most time researching. Here is my compilation of minimalist shoes you can wear to work or a night out, but are still completely flat, flexible and with a roomy toe box.

Barefoot Dress Boots

My personal favorites are from Zaqq, Angles Fashion, and Vivobarefoot!

Barefoot Oxfords/Chukkas

You can’t go wrong with this classy style, but with more space for your toes!

Barefoot Ballet Flats

I have a dedicated Ballet Flats post where I share my favorites!

Barefoot Mary Janes

Same ballet flat vibe, but with a strap for added security!

Barefoot Loafers

Check out this article for my list of 14 barefoot loafers

Barefoot Dressy Sandals

I have a dedicated list of all barefoot sandals here, and an Etsy finds list here with many dressy sandal options.

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51 thoughts on “Women’s Barefoot Dress Shoes – The Complete List”

  1. Hello, thank you for your reviews! I’m most interested in zero drop, anatomically correct, with cushion. I have had several foot surgeries and some health issues that make minimalist soles hard on my feet. After the bunion surgeries, I can’t have any inward pressure from the shoe on the big toe. What closed toe shoe do you recommend for the squarest toe with a cushion sole for work and casual?

    1. Hi Laura. I would highly recommend checking out NorthSole insoles, they are a great way to take a minimalist shoe and make them more cushioned. Sometimes that means you need to size up in order to have enough space for the insole, but they can be a total lifesaver. Of the shoes in this list, the Softstar Ballerine has the most cushion and feel soft and comfortable compared to other barefoot flats. For even more cushion you can check out Oesh Shoes. You might like this article on cushioned barefoot shoe options.

  2. Butterfly Your World does handmade loafers, sandals, and espadrilles for women. She offers them in three widths or she will do custom. They are made in the USA, too.

  3. Hi there, wondering if you can tell me which company sells the red T-strap Mary Janes you’re wearing in the bottom row, second from the left in the graphic at the top of the page? Been on the hunt for them!! thank you!

  4. Hi! Can you tell me where you got your mauve (rose?) colored mary janes in the first image under the Barefoot Mary Janes section? They have a pearl-looking button. They are so cute!

  5. Hello Anya, your reviews are helping me a lot, I am really gratefull they exist.
    What brand (or even model(s), if you have some in mind) would you tell have sandals (both open or closed toe are fine) with the most cushioned sole? Zero drop and anatomically correct of course 🙂 Similar to Laura from the top most comment, thin minimalist soles are hard on my feet. In case it’s relevant, I’ve got mountain shaped feet, and they are quite small (22.5 cm long and 8.5 cm wide, usually EU 36 size. I am often able to buy from kids collections – really loving my Reima Astelu sneakers, the most comfy shoes I own 🙂 ).

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