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Unshoes Saffron in Platinum

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I’ve been doing a lot of posts recently on cute, affordable shoes for women, and it’s great to find minimalist-friendly options made by “normal” shoe brands. But it’s even better when you can find uncompromising style in a brand that is specifically geared toward minimalism.

The Unshoes Saffron is exactly that. They are one of the most fashion forward sandals at the best price ($80) currently being sold by barefoot brands.


The design is based off of Unshoes Wokova sport sandal ($55) but elevated to a dressy sandal with a metallic leather strap and cork insole.

The strap comes in 3 different colors: turquoise, platinum, and metallic black. All are adorable, but platinum is my favorite for its versatility and neutrality. The platinum can be worn as a bridal sandal and not look out of place one bit!

The style is simple but elegant, and does not cross over the toes at all, so there is zero movement restriction. The strap going up the foot has a lengthening effect, and when combined with the neutral color of platinum you’ve got legs for days.

It’s all in the details!

The insole (which has a pretty floral design lasered on it) is made of cork foam and the outsole is Unshoes signature flexible sole. I like cork on shoes as it is shock absorbent and the natural material doesn’t get smelly or sweaty. Total stack height is 8mm.

The straps are a soft leather that is comfortable on the foot from the beginning. I did find it to stretch some, which was a problem as I was already on the smallest buckle hole. I had to carefully nail a hole farther up after wearing them a while. Having more buckle holes to begin with would be great for low volume folks like myself.

The strap was also really long on me. This I wouldn’t change however, as it means that the shoe can fit a wide variety of foot volumes. If the strap is too long for you it can be snipped to a comfortable length or tucked underneath the foot. I tucked my strap for a while until I was confident about where I wanted it cut.


As advised on Unshoes site, these are not made for rigorous outdoor activity due to the delicate nature of the strap. The thin strap is feminine, but not super secure. I feel good walking in them, but if I were to suddenly bust a move or do cartwheels my feet would slide around. Save your Keotas for that.

There are two sole sizes offered for the Saffron, regular and slim (pictured above). The printable templates on their website are based off the regular sole shape. The graphic below shows how the slim sole differs from that shape. Unless otherwise specified, all pictures of me wearing these are the slim sole.

Slim sole on left, Regular sole on right
Slim sole

I prefer the slim sole in my Saffrons as the regular sole has a lot of space around the edge of my foot. The slim sole is only just wide enough for my feet and from above you can’t see much of the sole, but this isn’t a problem for me. I prefer the sleek look of it and I find it easier to walk when there’s less sole to carry around with me.

Another reason the slim is a better choice for me is the straps are placed closer to the foot. This helps keep my thin foot more secure to the sole.

Using the printable size templates on the website to see how much space you have around your feet will be the best way to determine which sole size you need. Unshoes also has a free size exchange policy (which includes sole size) so if you get it wrong the first time, don’t fret!


The sleek design of the Saffron is effortless to style. They’re perfect for casual looks, dressy casual looks, or even with fancy dresses for a wedding or prom!

I love a cute, versatile shoe that can take me almost anywhere. If you invest in only one pretty sandal this year, let this be it!

Do you own these? I’d love to see how you’re styling them! Share a photo on Instagram and tag me!

Unshoes is one of my favorite barefoot shoe brands because of their truly barefoot shoes, good service, and innovative style. Check out my other Unshoes reviews: the Traverse boot and Terra Vida shoe.

142 thoughts on “Unshoes Saffron + GIVEAWAY

  1. Barbara Reply

    I love Unshoes! This is like the only style I don’t own! I would totally get them in black. Thanks food the write up and details!

  2. Hannah Reply

    I love how youve styled these!! It’s so nice seeing barefoot shoes being used in cute/easy ways!!!

  3. Hannah B (greengirlhj on IG) Reply

    I would absolutely choose the platinum color! They are so beautiful. I’ve been keeping my eye on them for a while but haven’t gotten around to purchasing as I just bought some other barefoot shoes.

  4. Laura Reply

    These are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! I love following and learning from you as I am currently transitioning to barefoot and minimalist shoes. That platinum color is absolutely amazing! Thanks again for all that you share. I know so much behind the scenes work and time go into every photo and post and it is so appreciated!

  5. Aerin Reply

    Love that you review all these awesome shoes. These are so so cute. Platinum plz

  6. Alex Reply

    I would definitely go for the Platinum! I already have the regular Wakova feathers and love them but they don’t dress up very well.

  7. Becca Triplett Reply

    So cute! I think I would grab the turquoise! I feel like these would go with just about everything!

  8. Erin Reply

    They look awesome! I’d get the turquoise just because it’s different and fun!

  9. Meri Reply

    I love these, I love the color you have and that they come in a wider width!

  10. Danielle Reply

    Love these and if I won would probably go with platinum as they go with everything!

  11. Shauna Reply

    I have several Unshoes styles but I haven’t bought the Saffron yet. I loved your review…and the platinum colour is 😍!

  12. Veronica Reply

    I love these! I can now have a dressier barefoot sandal! I would chose the platinum color.

  13. Asami Yokoyama Reply

    I love that you’re doing a giveaway for these! I’ve had my eye on the platinum ones all winter! Im dying to try them on!

  14. Lauralee Altice Reply

    These are so cute! I love that you can wear them for any occasion. I would probably get black because I usually wear gold.

  15. Devon Reply

    I am imagining wearing these to my sister’s wedding this summer. I like the platinum, too!

  16. Eve McGee Reply

    You clearly put a LOT of thought into this review and covered every question I had about these sandals. Well done!

    Platinum would be my choice for sure!

  17. Kassie McKay Reply

    I am a minimalist who is constantly traveling and who prefers ethically made products that are comfortable. I am in need of sandals and these would be so perfect. It would be a blessing to be chosen to receive these Saffron beauties! I think I would also go for the platinum, though I would accept any of the colour options 🙂

  18. Giba Reply

    I’ve had my eye on these in platinum forever! I think this year will be the one!

  19. Joelle Reply

    Hey! I came over from instagram! If I win *fx* I would choose the platinum saffron sandal! Thanks for the chance!!

  20. Britt McKeen Reply

    Love love love platinum! They’ve been on my wishlist for a while lol Great review!!

  21. Symone Maruyama Reply

    These shoes are so cute!! I would love any color but probably the turquoise for that pop of color.

  22. Britny Reply

    I have been wanting to get these for a while now! I’d go for black!

  23. Shannon Reply

    I haven’t owned a pair of unshoes yet. I love my black Earth Runners for everyday but have been eyeing these in Platinum as a dressier option for quite some time. Thank you for the thoughtful write up!!

  24. Kim Reply

    I love love love my Keotas and I really want these for dressier occasions. Im torn between the Platinum and the Turquoise. Both are so pretty!

  25. Kim N. Reply

    I have been eyeing the Saffrons since they came out. I would love a brown leather but since they don’t have that I think I would choose platinum or black.

  26. Kristen Reply

    These are amazing! I have been looking for minimalist dress shoes for women for forever it feels like (7+years)! I love the diversity of the platinum but turquoise sounds like so much fun! I may just need 2 pairs!! 😁

  27. Kristen Reply

    Love the blog and all your reviews! I would definitely get the platinum color for that extra bit of sparkle!

  28. Nikki Reply

    I’ve had my eye on Saffron for months but since it’s been too cold for sandals I haven’t purchased yet. I’m leaning towards platinum too.

  29. Dina Reply

    Great post with lots of info and inspiration. I’m going to a wedding at the end of May and have been considering what barefoot options I have. If I don’t win the giveaway I may still have to buy these shoes!

  30. Elin Reply

    I was raving about these shoes to my friends on Friday. I don’t own a pair yet but would love to have a pair for the summer. My favorite color is also the platinum color. So versatile.

  31. Laura Reply

    I really like my unshoes. It’s all I wear in the summer (unless I’m actually barefoot, or going on a long run). I would probably choose the Platinum, though it would be a tough choice. I like the black and turquoise also!

  32. Natalie Reply

    I’ve been considering these in platinum but I wasn’t sure how they’d look for more formal occasions. Thanks for all of the styling ideas. These are definitely on my to-buy list now!

  33. Maryanne Reply

    I’d probably choose the platinum so they go with everything ❤️

  34. Jessica weiss Reply

    I love my Primrose, have been dying to try these. I would choose the metallic black.

  35. Alex Reply

    I love the plantinun!!! Thank you for all the information!! You are so helpful!!!

  36. Bethany Cann Reply

    I’ve been eyeing these all winter! I think I’d choose platinum.

  37. Eryn Reply

    I am feeling the platinum and would definitely wear them with everything.

  38. Lindsay Snyder Reply

    The platinum is my fave! Much as I love turquoise, platinum looks like it would go with absolutely everything.

  39. Sara Ward Reply

    These sandals look great, I really appreciate that they’re actually super cute along with being functional. I think the silver are really classy, probably could pair with anything, which (in my experience) is quite a rare thing for barefoot shoes!

  40. Sarah Reply

    Platinum! I have so many weddings this summer and the color would go with anything.

  41. Julia Irvin Reply

    I have had my eye on these for a while! I love all three colors. I would probably chose platinum for the versatility, but my favorite would be the turquoise. 😍 This is a very helpful review and I am thankful to have found your site/IG.

  42. Amy S Reply

    Great review! Love that you showed the floral design on the footbed. Platinum for me, as well! <3

  43. Anita Harkess Reply

    Ooh! I love the turquoise color best! It’s nice to see minimalist sandals in dressier materials.

  44. Courtney Reply

    The platinum color!!! This is the shoes I have been looking for! Im in love!! 😍😍😍😍

  45. Rena Reply

    It would be hard to choose between platinum and turquoise. These are beautiful sandals.
    I love this review. Thanks for the information!

  46. Heather Reply

    These are way cute, I agree with you that the platinum is the way to go!

  47. Amber Reply

    Ahh the gold goes with everything perfectly! Need some gold in my life 🙂

  48. Jennifer wettstein Reply

    Thanks for the review. I’m ready to purchase my first pair of barefoot sandals and this has definitely helped. I would get the black!

  49. Nicole Reply

    I’d love these!! I love my Unshoes but don’t have these ones. I’d love the platinum ones

  50. Jamie Reply

    SO cute! I am loving the versatility of the platinum color! They go with everything! I love them!

  51. Vanessa Reply

    So great to discover your blog and see you style all these amazing good for you Shoes. Thank you for providing so much great info.
    Many thanks.

  52. Lindsey Reply

    Wow! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Most sandals that are even remotely similar in style have a small heel… These are PERFECT! I’d do Platinum.

  53. Michelle Reply

    I just got the Wokova Feathers and am really liking them. The Saffron’s do look super cute and stylish. I’d pick the platinum too for the versatility.

  54. JoAnn Reply

    I have one pair of Unshoes and wear them ALL the time. I would love this pair in Platinum, unless they have it in a metallic pink.

  55. Becky Reply

    Thanks for the review! Love how versatile these platinum sandals are. It’s so nice to see a barefoot brand design a cute sandal that you can wear with dresses and other nicer outfits without sacrificing style or comfort.

  56. Leah Reply

    I LOVE Unshoes and have had my eye on these in platinum. Such an amazing company and the best shoes I’ve ever owned!

  57. Stephanie Kleven Reply

    I love the look of these for summer. If I win the giveaway I’d totally be down for a pair in platinum. You have a great blog, I’m hoping this leads to more collabs for you in the future!

  58. Peppi Reply

    Thanks for the review! These look great on you 🙂 I would like to have them in platinum as well.

  59. Sasha Reply

    Love these! Such a great thorough post too 🙂 I think I’d go with turquoise if I got some.

  60. Victoria Reply

    These are so cute I’d love win a pair of these the platinum is perfect for when you need something a little more dressy!

  61. Rachel Reply

    Unshoes were about my 2nd pair of barefoot shoes se vfer a l years ago and my wokova sand a la are a favourite, but they are too sporty looking for my taste, especially since they stopped doing the cork sole option. I LOVE LOVE this new option!!@

  62. Cate Reply

    I’d have to say I’d go with platinum as well, I’ve been looking for a good dressy sandal too. All your looks are great!

  63. Jessica Reply

    I’d be torn between black and platinum……because I’d get a lot of use with both. I think I’d go for black…going for classic feels good.

  64. Arietta HM Reply

    Thanks for all the pics and the thoughtful variety of outfits with these sandals. I love the way they look with a dress even though so often I want to hide my bunion these sandals make me want to accept and flaunt it and I’d love to win the platinum ones with the thin sole too!!

  65. Jenni Reply

    Love these! If cross-border shipping wasn’t such a pain, I would definitely already own them. The platinum is pleasantly neutral, but I’d go with turquoise.

  66. Darlene Reply

    I think I’d love the versatility if the Platinum sandle. I’d love to see a picture of of how the straps cross the arch area 😉 I commented on Instagram as @Keto_Bandito I’d love to win as this is my birthday month! 😍😎

  67. Dixie Hatch Reply

    I.love.unshoes! I’ve been wearing them for years! I’ll take platinum or turquoise! Thank you. For your thorough reviews.

  68. Jennifer Davis Reply

    I don’t own any but love your review and very intrigued! I would choose black since it goes with my summer wardrobe! I wear a lot of Black & Gray with Jean capris. Thank you for this awesome chance!

  69. Miranda Clements Reply

    Dang I had to scroll for days to leave a comment here 😀 awesome. You’re making me love the platinum. You’re so cute.

  70. Darcy Reply

    Wow, love your review and adorable outfits! Unshoes are my favorite, especially in platinum ❤️

  71. Megan Reply

    I would love the platinum or black! Such a cute minimal footwear sandal option.

  72. Christina Sorensen Reply

    I am loving unshoes, I just got my first pair this week!
    I would choose these sandals in black for sure!!! ❤️

  73. Alexandra Reply

    I really like the platinum color. Seems to match with everything. Your style is so effortless yet put together and fun!

  74. Kyra Reply

    Oooh the turquoise is pretty, and black is always tempting but I think I’d do platinum for a nice neutral color.

  75. Cheryl Stewart Reply

    Love me some Unshoes! I would definitely get the platinum color. Beautiful!

  76. Chiara Reply

    I would love these in the Platinum! Such beautiful shoes ❤️❤️

  77. Brittanee Reply

    These shoes look so amazing. I am drawn to the turquoise color, but would probably get black for versatility.

  78. Gwen Reply

    I love Unshoes and have been eyeing these in Platinum! Great review.

  79. Laura Reply

    I would rock any color! Having a neutral is nice for versatility, but I love having a pop of color in my outfits with my shoes 🙂

  80. Cassandra A Reply

    Been dying to try this brand! I would love them in black or turquoise, agh too many beautiful choices! @cassayndra_a

  81. Suz Reply

    These are just so pretty! I’d love to get some in turquoise. I’m in an air cast for a busted ankle at the moment and these sandales are now on my wish list for when I can wear pretty shoes again!

  82. Pam Reply

    Definitely Platinum- it would go with everything. Just discovering all these minimal shoes and it’s life changing.

  83. Lisa Anderson Reply

    Miranda has hooked me up with your Instagram. You both are educating me on minimal footwear! I’m loving your posts.

  84. Alexis Johnson Reply

    The platinum is my favorite color of Saffron sandal. I LOVE how it is so versatile. Thanks for sharing your outfit ideas & for offering such a detailed review. Loving your IG & blog.

  85. Liene Reply

    Thank you Anya, for the chance. I’d love a pair of platinum sandals. They look beautiful with your styling.

  86. Jenn h Reply

    These look amazing! The black or platinum would match everything! Commented on ig as polinarysoup

  87. Brandi Powell Reply

    I would choose the platinum!! These would be perfect for the wedding I’m in this summer!!! Thanks for the review and an amazing giveaway 😃

  88. Miranda Reply

    Nice and comprehensive review, thank you! I would love to win the platinum 😉

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  90. Katy Reply

    Platinum! I actually ordered in black and returned b/c the didn’t like the silver buckle — but I am loving your platinum pictures! That really us a great “neutral” color!

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