Are There Barefoot Shoes That Can Be Used for Grounding/Earthing?

a close up image of a person's feet with toes splayed upward, with one foot barefoot and the other in an earth runners elemental tribal print sandal

There are many barefoot shoes that have either conductive materials for grounding, or full leather soles. Here are a few options:

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6 thoughts on “Are There Barefoot Shoes That Can Be Used for Grounding/Earthing?”

  1. Oh this was my next question!! (Barefoot + Earthing). Thank you.

    What do you think about Moccasins Canada? Maybe not big enough of a toe box?

    1. Right now the Shoe Finder doesn’t like Chrome. We are working with a developer to get it figured out, but I would try opening it in another browser.

  2. Hi Anya,

    What would you suggest the main reasons are for most barefoot manufacturers not incorporating earthing/grounding plugs, (or similar solutions), into the design of their shoes?

    I’m struggling to understand why Vivobarefoot, Lems, Xero, and some of the other big players don’t seem to offer any such models to the community, while the handful of brands you mention above… do!

    I welcome your thoughts on this. Thanks.

    1. I think this concept is still fairly niche, even more niche than barefoot shoes. From the research I’ve seen I’m not seeing a clear connection between natural movement and grounding shoes, so I think that’s a big reason why. It may have other health benefits, but barefoot shoe brands currently focus a lot more on the movement part of it.

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