What If I’m a Senior/Older Adult?

Seniors can wear barefoot shoes too! In modern western society an idea has taken root that advancing years means declining abilities. But we have learned from observation of non-western cultures and scientific research that this is not necessarily so – seniors can maintain and increase strength by exercising and/or not decreasing activity. This applies to feet in the same way – a young age is not a requirement to adapt to barefoot shoes. In fact, the flat and flexible soles of barefoot shoes might be especially helpful for older people who are at a higher risk of falling because they allow for more sensory feedback to the proprioceptive system. As with other medical considerations, you should consult with a medical professional for your unique needs.

Further Reading:
Exercised – by Daniel Lieberman
Falls Are Leading Cause of Death in Seniors – CDC article
Specific whole-body shifts induced by frequency-modulated vibrations of human plantar soles – research article

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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