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Sneakers have really taken over the fashion scene in the last few years, which is just too good for those of us who want to be comfortable all the time. I love the little edge a sneaker can give, and I love that they’re easy to wear for an entire day. But even though most sneakers are far better for your feet than a pair of heels, I still can’t comfortably wear “regular” sneakers after going barefoot. Since there haven’t been many barefoot options that hit the sneaker trend on the nose, for a long time I missed out.

Unsurprisingly, that’s no longer necessary. Brands are catching on to what the people want and Vivobarefoot’s newest release is playing right into the sneaker craze.

Meet the Court

Before I transitioned I had these adorable white Sperry’s that were super uncomfortable and narrow. They didn’t last long in my closet, but I’ve always wanted something similar. The new Court is the PERFECT replacement and I am so stoked to have them (I played dress up with them for an entire afternoon…). They’re that exact blend of sporty and simple that makes it possible to pair them with everything.

These shoes also come in men’s, which might be a good option for ladies too if you want them wider.


I got a size 37 (US size 7) in these and they are just the right fit. I wear a 37 in all my Vivobarefoot shoes, and they’re comfortably wide with about a thumbs width of space in front. 36-37 is my normal size, and Vivobarefoot is known for running a little bit small. So if you’re in between, I’d size up. The US website shows US sizes, but European sizes are what’s printed on the shoes. So I recommend checking out their size chart to be sure.

There is a removable insole in these that gives you more space if you need, but because I have low volume feet and I normally wear my shoes barefoot I use the insole.

Barefoot qualities

The width of these is consistent with the other Vivobarefoot shoes I’ve tried recently (Thank you!! One of my old gripes about Vivo is inconsistent sizing but they have gotten so much better of late!). They are just right for my medium-width feet, but Vivobarefoot tends to be too narrow for my extra wide-footed friends. If you’re new to barefoot shoes, they are a great place to start.

The stack height is 3mm thick without the insole, and about 5mm with it.


The shoe uppers are made of leather, which makes them so much easier to keep bright and clean. Most of the time all you need to do is wipe them down and if they get scuffed you can use a rubber to erase marks. The interior is only partially lined with leather (the textured stuff on the sides isn’t). Not sure what that other material is.

The removable insole is made from algea and helps get air circulating around your foot, which can help with sweating. I like the feeling of it and can tell my feet stay cool while wearing them, but I still got sweaty in these shoes after a while. I think you’d have to wear socks to eliminate that completely. These no-show toe socks would go well with these!

Vivo developed a new sole for these shoes that is extra grippy. In comparison to their everyday soles, I can definitely tell the difference.

Rubber heel cap

The only complaint I have about these shoes is that the collar comes up high around my ankle and I can feel it right on the bone. The collar is padded which helps keeps things comfortable around there, but that pressure has been bothering my ankle a little bit. Swapping the insole out for a thicker one pushes my foot up higher which helps, and I’m hoping the leather softens over time, but I’ll have to update on that later.

Padding on the inside helps keep your ankle from slipping and getting rubbed raw


My feeling is that you really can wear the Court with almost anything. Of course, you’re not going to step into a boardroom meeting in white sneaks. But thanks to current fashion trends, this type of sneaker can look very put together and classy.

The lacing and stitching do a great job of disguising the width of the toe box and make these look pretty much like a normal shoe.

I like the new branding they’ve been using on the tongue of their shoes, and can even get behind the V on the sides. I think they’re going for an Adidas or Nike style where the brand symbol becomes a fashion statement in itself. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with the versatility of the shoe, and I think I like it. Wouldn’t it be cool if a barefoot brand got so big it’s symbol was recognizable to the masses?


I have to say, this is my favorite adult Vivobarefoot shoe by a long shot (2nd being the Gobi Hi Top). The cost of these is a bit steep ($150) but in keeping with the other major barefoot brands. And since Vivobarefoot has worn so well for our family I expect them to last forever. With such a classic design, they’ll be in style forever too. So if you want one sneaker that can do it all for you, this is it.

What are your thoughts on the new Court sneaker?

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