New Xero Shoes for Spring 2024

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Xero Shoes Spring Review for 2024 showing a collage of 6 new barefoot shoe models for spring and summer

It’s that time again – Xero Shoes released their new models for spring and they are 20% off for the first two weeks (until March 27th)! I’ve tested and reviewed all 6 of the new barefoot shoe models ahead of time so you can shop with confidence.

Xero Shoes Spring 2024 Review

This is usually a good time to shop with Xero, because the 20% off makes for good prices. So if you are looking for some staple barefoot shoes to add to your wardrobe this spring, there are some nice ones to choose from.

You can read my earlier Xero Shoes reviews for more context on this brand and reviews of other models.

Dillon Canvas Slip-on

Top down view of 2 people wearing the same casual gray canvas slip on from Xero Shoes. The wide toe boxed shoes are toe to toe and the bottom pair of larger than the top

This is the new Xero model I’m most excited about! The Dillon slip-on looks cool, is affordable compared to many other barefoot shoes (especially during the launch sale), and the fit is pretty darn good. I have enough space for my toes, but the shoe isn’t flopping all over!

I think they’re a great entry point barefoot shoe, for people who don’t want to stick out but want to give wide toe box shoes a go. I’ve been reaching for mine often because they match almost everything in my closet and of course are easy to slip on and go.

Front and side view of Xero Shoes casual canvas slip ons being worn on green grass with straight leg light colored jeans.

Justin has also been enjoying his for the same reasons. Both of us love the style and the fit.

Sizing & Fit:

  • True to size
  • Medium to wide width (not suited for extra wide feet)
  • Medium volume w/ removable insole for more space

The lace up version of the Dillon was released last year with a similar fit and they were an instant favorite for me and many of you as well. Seeing Xero make shoes with more width in the toe box and a closer fit through the midfoot and heel is super exciting to me, because it makes for a more universal fit.

Kona Slip-Ons

The Kona was first released in men’s sizes last year, but now is available in women’s. As you know, I love a good slip-on and these ones are also a good price.

They fit me well, but are higher volume than the Dillon Slip-ons so I needed to tie a knot into the elastic to tighten them. If you like Hey Dudes, they have a similar look but with a barefoot sole.

Even though they are comfortable, the style isn’t my favorite (not vibing with the orange accents). They’re perfect as a house shoe or mail-run-school-drop-off-take-out-the-trash shoe, but I much prefer the aesthetic of my Dillon Slip-Ons so wear those more often.

Sizing & Fit:

  • True to Size
  • Medium to wide width
  • Medium to high volume

H-Trail Sandals

The H-Trail is a great flip flop replacement with multiple adjustment points. I like this style of all-purpose summer sandal. You can slip them on for walks and errands, take them to the beach or lake, wear them in the gym locker room.

My only issue with them is that there is only a little bit of velcro on the outside and heel straps. I have low volume feet and I’m not able to tighten them enough to fit securely, because there just isn’t enough strap. In general they seem to better suited for higher volume feet and weren’t a great fit for me. This has been true for every thong strap Xero sandal I’ve tried! So I stick with the Z Trek and Z Trail from Xero.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • True to size
  • Medium width
  • Medium to high volume

Scrambler Mid II Hiking Boot

The Scrambler Mid II is a light hiking boot that works well for casual hikes and longer more intense hikes. The Michelin outsole is grippy and flexible (it gets more and more so over time) and the lacing pattern is really easy to tighten and adjust to a perfect fit.

I find Xero’s hiking shoes to be a bit hit or miss when it comes to the toe box width – sometimes they are narrow fitting and don’t work for me other times they are perfect. And I LOVE the original Scrambler Mid and Scrambler Low, so I was a little hesitant to hear they were coming out with a second version.

Close up of the Michelin outsole on new for 2024 Xero Shoes spring and summer hiking boots with a zero drop flexible sole. Wooded scenery is blurry in the back ground.

The outsole is the same as before, but the upper on the new version is no longer meshy. This is good if you are concerned about water coming in, but I love the breathable stretchy feel of the original upper! And it does take away a little bit of the width that I loved in the original.

While the Scrambler Mid II still has a generous fit, they are just a little less roomy in the toe box and I miss that space. The good news is that there is still a lot of original Scrambler Mid inventory, so if you don’t mind the airy mesh upper you can purchase that one for a while yet.

Ultimately both are good, comfortable shoes that perform well.

Sizing & Fit:

  • True to size
  • Medium to wide width
  • Medium to high volume

Scrambler Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is the waterproof version of the Scrambler Mid. Whenever you make a shoe with a waterproof lining you lose some flexibility, so this model fits a little snugger overall than the non-waterproof version. Otherwise, it’s very similar with the same outsole and overall design.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • Runs slightly snug
  • Medium width
  • Medium volume

Ridgeway Mesh Low Hiking Shoe

Last fall Xero came out with the Ridgeway Mid, which I really enjoyed. And I am liking the Ridgeway Mesh Low even more. The sole is fairly cushioned, so barefoot purists might not want to go for this one.

But the uppers are more flexible than the Ridgeway Mid and if you are doing ultra hiking or want a little bit more padding under foot these will do the job. I also found the width to be generous and my toes had plenty of space!

Close up of the outsole on Xero Shoes barefoot hiking boots with zero drop rugged outsole

I found last fall that the Ridgeway outsole is not as grippy on slick surfaces as the Scrambler’s Michelin sole. I didn’t get a chance to confirm that again this spring, because it’s been dry with only one really rainy day (and the earth sucked it right up so it wasn’t slick). All I can say this time is that the soles have been performing great for me this spring in dry weather!

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • True to size
  • Wide to extra wide fit
  • All foot volumes
Top down line up of 3 different hiking shoe and boots models from Xero Shoes, new for 2024. A person is wearing the middle pair

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20 thoughts on “New Xero Shoes for Spring 2024”

  1. Did you notice sweaty feet with your Konas? day 1, its 68-70F out, and they stink! don’t have this problem in other shoes. was really stoked for a foot-shaped slip on but if i need to wear socks with them…

    1. My sister told me this great tip for people who want to skip the socks: Put your socks over the insole. Take a pair of thin, no-show socks and put them opening down over the insole, so the soles face you. Change the socks as needed. And your toes stay free!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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