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Top down view of Xero Shoes Ridgeway hiking Shoes being worn in water. You can see the speed hooks, golden laces against navy uppers, and the wide anatomical toe box

Xero Shoes just released their fall 2023 collection, and it will be 20% off until September 5th! Check out all the new models here.

Xero Shoes Fit Type

Top down view of a person with 1 bare foot and the other wearing Xero Shoes Nexus casual barefoot sneakers in white knit with a wide comfortable toe box

In general we find Xero Shoes to be:

  • True to size, but I usually size up in boots & waterproof models
  • Medium to high volume
  • Wide and Straight cut

A couple other Xero sizing notes:

  • Men’s come in sizes US 6.5-15
  • Women’s come in sizes US 5-12
  • Men’s are wider than Women’s, so if you have extra wide feet that might be a better option.

Xero Shoes is a great brand for people whose feet are thick throughout the entire length of the foot. You might call them brick-shaped or sausage feet. πŸ˜› However you want to describe your tootsies, getting to know your particular foot shape can make shoe shopping a lot easier!

A collage of two women wearing Xero Shoes barefoot hiking boots and shoes out in nature

Oh and if you are located in the EU, you can shop at XeroShoes.EU! No other domains are official Xero websites, and are likely scams. So only shop directly with Xero or at authorized retail stores.

Ok let’s dig into the new models, starting with our favorites.


The retro vibes on this hiker is enough for me to love them! They are also waterproof and have a fairly thick, robust sole. As far as their functionality, I wore them on a rainy, slippery, muddy hike with multiple streams to give them a proper test. The waterproof seal was effective, no moisture came in even after wading through water.

As far as the traction, I found it decent but not the best. They worked perfectly fine on dirt, gravel, leaves, and anything not smooth. But I didn’t feel like there was enough grip on slick surfaces, like wet rocks. The Michelin sole on the Scrambler line in my opinion is more effective for any terrain you might find hiking – but the Ridgeway is fully waterproof and better for fall/winter weather. I wish you could get the Ridgeway with the Michelin outsole on it!

Sizing & Fit: I sized up in these per the usual – waterproof hikers tend to be less forgiving in general, and feet swell when you hike. I found them to be wide enough for my toe splay, but I had to tighten them a lot on my low volume feet. They felt a little stiff around my ankle and heel, but still softer than your traditional hiker. Overall they were comfortable for me but I wouldn’t recommend them to someone who likes a soft, flexible, barefoot feel in their hikers.


This knit shoe is as comfy as a sock! They pull on easily if you’re a slip-on type of person and can be worn both casually and for exercise because the outsole is grippy. The ankle opening is soft and knitted, so you get no rubbing anywhere.

You get a little less stability in the Nexus than some of Xero’s other gym shoes because of the stretchy upper, so might not be a great option if you do a lot of cutting and dynamic movements. But for many types of gym exercise they will be great.

Overall I love the look and feel of this shoe. The white will get dirty pretty quickly (these are already a little dingy after several wears), but you can hand wash them or put them in the machine on gentle to refresh them. Just be careful, some washing machines cycles are too rough – use COLD water.

Sizing & Fit: True to size with a forgiving stretchy upper. That means they will work better for people with a wide toe splay than other Xero sneakers that are more structured. If you have low volume feet you can easily cinch the laces, but it will cause the material to fold up and doesn’t look as nice.

Mesa Trail WP

Front Angled close up of Barefoot Hiking Xero Shoes Mesa Trail WP being worn on a dirt path
11mm Stack Height

Another waterproof hiker available this fall is the Mesa Trail WP. I have this shoe in the non waterproof version and find it lovely and lightweight for warm weather hiking. The new waterproof version is similarly lightweight, but a little stiffer (this always seems to happen when you make a shoe fully waterproof) and a little less give in the upper material.

Like the Ridgeway, the tread on the Mesa Trail WP is most functional on soft ground. I don’t love it on slick and/or icy rock, because it’s not super grippy. But for most trail hiking they are more than adequate.

Sizing & Fit: These are pretty true to size, but a teensy bit snug so you might want to size up. You do trade some of the barefoot feel for more security while hiking, but these will be more protective than an ultra thin barefoot shoe.

Top down view of two people standing toe to toe wearing Xero Shoes hiking shoes with wide toe boxes. Xero Scrambler Low and Mesa Trail WP with zero drop flexible outsoles are both being worn on a dirt path
Scrambler Low (left) and Mesa Trail WP (right)

Scrambler Low

The final barefoot hiking shoe from Xero this fall! I tested the Scrambler Mid last spring and fell in love with it! It’s still one of my fave hikers, so I was really excited to try out the Low. The outsole is nice and grippy, great for both soft ground and slippery rocks. The mesh upper is really soft and breathable, but for some reason I found them just a little bit slimmer than the Scrambler Mid (maybe they are more broken in).

Sizing & Fit: Sizing is true and the upper is soft and flexible, but I still would recommend sizing up if you want to wear socks and if you plan to use for long hikes (feet swell, remember?). The width is medium to wide.


This slip-on shoe immediately caught Justin’s eye. His foot shape is perfect for Xero, and he loves a slip-on house shoe. They’re soft, light and he is super happy with them. They are made of a faux wool, which won’t be as warm or temperature regulating as real wool. But they are still a nice comfy shoe at a low price for a barefoot shoe.

Sizing & Fit: They are true to size for Justin. He has low volume feet, and these fit him well with the insole in. Higher volume feet can remove the insole, but my guess is they will be snug on people with high arches.


Stock photo of Xero Shoes Kona casual sneaker for men with a barefoot sole
8.5mm Stack Height

This is a moccasin style slip on available in men’s sizing only. We weren’t able to test them out beforehand, so I can’t speak about their sizing and fit. But they look cool and the elasticized opening will keep them secure on the foot. Again, it’s a pretty solid price for a shoe made on a Xero outsole which has a 5,000 mile warranty on it.

Speed Force II

The Speed Force has been around for a long time, but the updated version is even lighter and more flexible than before. They are a bare minimum shoe, just enough protection and grip while still feeling like being barefoot. While designed to be a racing flat, anyone can wear them who likes an ultra minimalist feel.

Sizing & Fit: We find the Speed Force to run small. Justin needs a half size up from what he wears in other Xero models.


Stock photo for Xero Shoes updated HFS II running barefoot shoe in cool green and blue colorway
9mm Stack Height

The HFS is a road running shoe with a slightly thicker rubber sole than is on the Speed Force for more longevity and traction. While still really light and thin, the HFS II is grippier than before. And the mesh upper is breathable and airy!

Those are all the new barefoot shoes for Fall 2023 from Xero Shoes! If you’d like to learn about other Xero models, check out my previous Xero Shoes Reviews.

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15 thoughts on “See The New Xero Shoes for Fall 2023 Here!”

  1. I found that other than the original PRIO (women, size 10), none of the other XERO’s is wide enough when using Correctoes. My foot is normal width and medium/low volume, with somewhat narrow heel, and I wish I could find happiness with these other delightful Xero designs.

    Anya, coud you please slip in a comment about Correctoes when reviewing shoes?

    1. I often don’t wear Correct Toes inside shoes because I don’t like the bulk of the rubber (even if the shoe is wide enough, it feels funny to me). But of these Xero shoes I would be most comfortable wearing them in the Nexus Knit because of how stretchy the upper is. I will try to remember to try the shoes on with Correct Toes in future reviews πŸ™‚

    2. Hi! Fellow correct toe wearer here. I can wear unmodified correct toes in most Xero shoes. I also have medium to low volume feet. The Zelen accommodates the correct toes well. I find that the Zelen accommodates correct toes better than the Prio. I get bunion pain when wearing the Prios for 10-12 hours per day, where I do not have any pain in the Zelen. The toe box is more generous than the Prio. For me, the drawback of the Zelen is the durability of the mesh upper. The sole will far outlast the mesh upper.

      Anya, do any of the new models have a toe box similar to the Zelen that can easily accommodate an unmodified pair of correct toes?

  2. Do you know the stack heights of the newly released Xero shoes? I can’t find that info on their website, nor for their spring 2023 releases. For their older shoes, the sole and insole measurements are on their “product description” tabs. Thanks!

  3. Loved this review! I’ve been eying Xero for both hiking and workout shoes. One thing that has prevented me from ordering them is that they don’t have a size chart on their website that shows how long the insole is for each size. I contacted them and asked if they can share one, but they said they don’t have one. They recommended just to order my usual size and exchange if needed. I found that really annoying- I learnt from anaysreviews how to properly measure my feet and it has helped me to order the right size multiple times – but I need the show brand to share the sizing table.
    Anya, if you have any influence on this it would be great if you could suggest that they publish a sizing table – ideally in cm because that’s much more accurate than inches.

    1. This is a great suggestion! Many of their customers have been wanting a size chart, but they don’t seem to want to provide that. I’m not sure if it’s because it can vary between models, or if it’s because many customers don’t know how to use size charts. But I’ll remind them that it’s wanted!

  4. I’m eyeing the Ridgeway to replace my LLBean duck boots, which are now too narrow for me after years of barefoot shoes! Looking for ankle height, waterproof, warm boots I can wear on cold, wet days, and icy but not snowy days, and for hiking. Do you think these would work, or would you recommend something else? I already have rain boots and winter boots, but need something in between. (New England weather….) I have a pair of Neo Prios that I love and based on your reviews my feet are pretty similar to yours in size and shape – I have low volume mountain feet and narrow heels. Thank you!

    1. Yes I do think they would work for that! I also like the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG, and if you plan on wearing them on pavement/city conditions I think I prefer the Tracker FG. Another good option would be the Be Lenka Ranger. Have you seen my article on the best hiking boots? A lot of them are waterproof and have insulation.

  5. Hi Anya,
    Love, love, love your reviews. I do have to put a plug in form my Freet Tundra’s. I tried many other brands that I wanted to love, but these are so comfortable, keep my feet dry and cause no pain in my small toes, right from the first wearing, I can’t recommend them enough. I have a high volume foot with a narrow heel and wide toes. The muddee was cute but no where near as comfortable. Give them a try if you are looking at boots!

  6. I just got my Ridgeways in the mail and I really wanted to love them but they definitely don’t fit a wide mountain foot correctly. My foot fit in the shoe but I guess Xero shoes use a weird foot shape that is completely incompatible with my foot. The heel dug into the side of my heel and I could see these becoming uncomfortable if I started using them.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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