Spring Fashion But Make it Barefoot Shoes – Easy Shoe Swaps for Happier Feet

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Collage Cover photo showing many barefoot stylish shoes with the text "Fashion, But Make It Barefoot Shoes"
Stylish Barefoot Shoes for Spring

For me, being comfortable and mobile in my shoes is a non-negotiable. Sure, you might want to wear heeled, pointy shoes occasionally. But if you’re like me and don’t tolerate pinchy shoes, here are some swaps you can make that will have you dancing the night away with comfy feet! It’s Fashion, But Make it Barefoot Shoes.

Crave Glasgow

Side by side collage comparison conventional heeled stiff Timberland work boots to Crave Glasgow barefoot boots with flexible outsole and anatomical toe box. The text has an arrow pointing to Timberland that reads Swap This and an arrow pointing to Crave boots that reads For That

Leather | Sizes EU 37-42

The Crave Glasgow is very wide in the toe box and so soft and comfortable from the first wear. I’m really enjoying these boots. They have a fabric lining that is good for temperamental spring weather, but I can also wear warm socks in the winter.

They are unisex and true to size. I am wearing size 38, typical for me in boots. The lacing makes them adjustable for all foot volumes.

Unfortunately Barefoot Naboso (Crave retailer) no longer ships to the USA.

Spring Fashion inspiration with Crave Glasgow in Cognac leather and yellow laces. The right photo shows a full length fashion pic of a woman in cuffed jeans, a black sweater, and work boot style barefoot Crave Glasgow. The left shows a close up side view of Crave Glasgow work boot alternative with flat zero drop flexible outsole

Grecian Sandals

Side by side comparison collage of fancy gold sandals. The left image shows squished toe gold high heels and Swap This text with an arrow. The right image shows Grecian Sandals in gold leather with leaf detail and For That with an arrow. Grecian Sandals have a wide shape zero drop flexible outsole for all day comfort and bunion prevention

Leather | Sizes US Womens 4-12

I love these for formal wear! I wore a silver pair last year for a wedding, they are beautiful. This strapping style let’s the toes be totally free, so they are both dressy and comfortable.

I recommend sticking with the Vibram sole options from this shop, as they are much more flexible than their standard soles. Read my Grecian Sandals review for more details.

Spring 2023 Sandal Fashion inspiration collage. On the right is a full length photo of a woman with her hands in the pockets of her linen pockets and a high necked brown tank top. She is wearing gold leafy detailed Grecian handmade barefoot strappy sandals. On the left is a top down close up of the toe loop and other details on Grecian Sandals barefoot zero drop footwear

Xero Glenn

Comparison collage - On the left the text reads Swap This and points to a pair of Dr Scholl's black lace up men's dress shoes with white outsole They have a pointed toe box and lifted heel. On the right it says For That and points to Xero Shoes Men's Glenn black barefoot dress shoes with white flat outsole and wide toe box

Leather | US Mens 6.5-15

These are Justin’s current favorite shoe, they are stylish enough for business casual but are so much more comfortable than his old work shoes. Read my recent Xero Spring ’23 review for more deets on fit and sizing.

Spring Men's Fashion inspiration collage showing a top down view of Xero Shoes Glenn lace up barefoot dress shoes on the left, and on the right a tall man in grey jeans and green button down paired with Xero Shoes Barefoot Glenn lace ups

Shapen Poppy

Side by side collage with Swap This text with an arrow pointing to a close up of a person's feet in very high heels

Leather | Sizes EU 36-43 Regular & Wide Width

These are one of the most loved shoes we sell at Anya’s Shop! They are perfect for people who want to dress up but don’t want to wear heels. I wear mine every time I need formal, close toed shoes. 

Shapen Barefoot is in the EU, you can use code ANYA5 for a 5% discount if you shop there (but they don’t accept returns outside the EU). We also have them at Anya’s Shop in the US.

Read more about these shoes in my Shapen Poppy review.

Spring Fashion inspiration photo featuring Shapen Poppy in light petal pink, a very dress barefoot women's shoe that won't cause bunions. The left is a close up top down view of the wide toe box on Shapen Poppy, and the right is a full length fashion photo of a woman with long brown hair wearing green joggers, Shapen Poppy in pink, and a white button up blouse knotted at her waist

Origo Derby

Side by side collage comparing pointed toe heeled oxfords to Origo Derby barefoot oxfords in a similar color with a wide toe box and flat outsole. Swap This text with an arrow points to the conventional choice, For That with an arrow points to the healthy footwear from Origo, The Derby Oxford barefoot dress shoe for women

Leather | Sizes US Womens 6-11

Again, a nice wide toe box that fits my Correct Toes & a thin, flexible sole. I love the simplicity of this shoe! The leather does take a little breaking in, I felt it rubbing a little bit on my bare feet the first time I wore them

Origo Derby is true to size, but if between sizes I recommend going up. Code ANYA for 10% off!

Spring Women's Oxford Fashion Inspiration collage showing a full length photo on the right of a woman in a white button down blouse and grey plaid mini skirt. Her feet are wearing Origo Derby women's barefoot oxfords with wide toe box for bunion prevention. on the left is a top down close up of The Derby barefoot shoes by Origo
I don’t really know what’s going on here, do I have to pee?

Like fashion, but won’t compromise on your foot health? You’re in the right place! Check out all my previous Fashion, But Make it Barefoot shoe swaps here. What other shoes do you want to see barefoot alternatives for?

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