FAQ Category: 6. Shoe Care and Fit Hacks

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Are There Barefoot Boots With A Wide Calf?

Currently there are just a handful of tall barefoot boots available, and they cater to an average calf width. Unfortunately that means you can’t currently

Do Barefoot Shoes Wear Out Quickly?

Barefoot shoes have thin soles, so it stands to reason that they would wear out more quickly than other shoes. I have found this to

Fit Hacks For Narrow Heels?

Heels slipping out of your barefoot shoes? This can affect your gait and should be addressed for maximum comfort. Fortunately a few fit hacks can

Fit Hacks For Low Volume Feet?

If you have a floppy shoe situation but it fits your length and width, here are a few things to try: This is a common

Fit Hacks For High Volume Feet?

If you have high volume feet and your shoes are too tight over the top of your foot but fit everywhere else you can try

Can I Stretch My Barefoot Shoes?

Many shoes made of natural materials can stretch and conform to your foot over time. My rule of thumb is that if the shoe generally

How Do I Waterproof & Protect My Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are meant to be functional, and for many people that means they need to withstand wet conditions. While you can buy waterproof and

How Do I Clean My Barefoot Shoes?

Shoes that are worn get dirty – here are some tips for cleaning them. If the shoes are extra delicate, colorful, or made of wool

How Do I take Care of My Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes can last a long time if you care for them. Cleaning and conditioning leather shoes will keep them durable and nice for years,

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